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Blogazine is a project I started several years ago where my blogging buddies could tell their story for all of us to enjoy.  I always wanted to own a magazine about REAL People!  Not movie stars but down to earth real this is a version of my dream magazine called Blogazine! Donna over at Brynwood Needleworks called it that one day in a comment so I have been using that name since that day. Thanks Donna for naming my magazine.

 I did not want my Blogazine guest stories to be lost in the other pages of my site so I thought they deserve their on little page after their story is posted. If you have missed any guest here's where you can catch up

I will do my best to keep this page updated and If you have been a guest and your not listed on this page please let me know so I can correct my error. 

Remember if you would love to tell a story just email me your story and your on the list to be published. Now how easy is that.....Please send your story to

If for some reason you send an email which does happen and you don't hear back from me then your email was lost in spam so mention it to me in a comment on my latest post.

Guest are listed from the first Guest Post which was February 2010 to the Present. Enjoy!

Nichola at Nic Nac


                                                 Kathy of Creative Home Expressions

                                                       Cathy from The Frazzled Homemaker

                                                             Julia of Petals and Wool
                                                                Debby at Cozy Blanket!