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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

God's Goodness!

Today I am sharing with you some of God's incredible blessings over my life. In this post you will see the greatness of God's favor in my life.

Saturday we attended my grandson Bailey's First Holy Communion at St. Thomas More Catholic Church in Austin, Texas. This is the church his mom Andrea and family attended while growing up in Austin.

After the service we took advantage of the beautiful church grounds and captured our memories of the day with a few photo's. In the picture above I am with my two grand children Bailey and Kaci. In the back row my three children Christi, Clint and Chad.

I have been wanting a picture to frame of my three kids now I have it. Chad on the left, Clint in the middle with Christi on the right. God has Blessed Me in so many ways but my biggest Blessing was being mother to these three.

Love this picture of Clint with his two Blessings!

Here I took a picture with my IPhone of Christi with her sweet guy Paul and his precious daughter Audrey.
I have to figure out how to fix pictures taken with my phone because this is too far off. lol

Kaci, Bailey and their Grandma Yellow Hair! Do you like my new hair cut. I decide to go short for summer.

Another picture of all of us together.  
Bailey with his pretty mom Andrea!

Ah my three again. I have to decide which picture I want to frame. lol

Afterwards we all gathered at Andrea's sisters house for lunch. Here Kaci is playing with Amber's puppy.

Bailey is such a joy to all of us and need I say we are very very proud of him.
This is an Ice Cream Cake he is posing with before we all devoured it. Wish I had a piece of it now because I have been mowing today and that would hit the spot right about now.

Back to the mowing but first I want to thank you for coming by today! I know how busy you are and that you have many other blogs to read so when you visit me I feel so Blessed.

Love to all,

Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Georgetown House!

Hello Sweet Friend! How are you? Hope you had the best of weekends.
Mine was great because I spent part of it in Austin with my family.

On Friday afternoon before going to Chad's house I visited the property in Georgetown.
I wanted to show you where I would live if and when my boss decides on moving me.

Here in the first picture is the little guest house I would be living in. Yes the pink and green is the same colors of the house next to me out here on the North Forty. As you can see from this photo the house is very small but cute as a button.

If you take the sidewalk just a skip away you are at the main house. It is a three story old Victorian home.
Also painted in the pink and green shade that Barbara loves. 

I tried to capture the wrap around porch on one side but it was starting to rain so since I am 90 percent sugar I had to take pictures fast.

As you drive the long driveway up to the houses there is this old buggy sitting in the front yard. Would you believe the spokes are pink and green.

In this picture you can see how close the main house is to the guest house.

This is part of the back yard. Way in the back yard is the pink game room.

Look at the old tires painted different colors and filled with dirt for flower pots.

Here is where they grill outdoors and have a small fire pit.

Back view of the main house. To the left you enter the den area. The stairs to the right is a sun room that is off of a gorgeous kitchen.

Her great grand children have lots of outside fun places to be entertained.

Every time I see these two swings I smile. Their plastic chairs with the legs sawed off to make tree swings.

She has two of these old cigar carts in the yard. One also sits in the front yard.

Another view of the back of the house.

This is a game room Barbara had built after she bought this place. It is so pretty inside. Attached to it is a garage that holds about four  antique cars .

Sorry for the photo over load but wanted to share with you where I may be moving one day.

After I left here I went to my son Chad's home and enjoyed spending the evening with him. Bless his heart after working hard all day he prepared the best dinner. I love how he spoils me when I come to see him.

On Saturday morning my grandson Bailey took his First Communion. I am so proud of him.
One day this week I will download the pictures we took after the church services. You will see how Bailey and Kaci are growing up way too fast for their Grandma Yellow Hair.

Since arriving home late last night Tinkerbell has totally ignored me. She did not even sleep in the same room with me. I actually got some sleep but did feel kind of bad that she is upset with me. I wonder if I will sleep alone again tonight. lol

Enjoy your week! Do something special for you. I downloaded Joel Osteen book I Declare  31 Promises to Speak Over Your Life
to my nook. So far I think it is the best five dollars I have spent in a long time.

Love to all,

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Donkey and a Goat!

How are you tonight? I just had to find a moment to catch you up on the latest out here on the North Forty.
As you know for over a month now I have been anticipating a move to Georgetown where my boss lady has other property. She had ask me to do it and I agreed since she offered it to me on a temporary trial basis.

WELL.....She along with her sister who manages all of her properties visited with me Thursday.  They explained to me that the maintenance man at her hotel she sold in Nevada is asking if she would relocate him to Texas. It seems he does not like the new owner of the hotel and wants to follow Barbara to Texas.
Since they get along well and he works cheap she agreed to let him. So her plans at the present time (of course we know how that could change) is to let him live in Georgetown and build a garage for her antique cars she is bringing in the move.

They think that after he builds that then he and I could trade places. I am not surprised at the change in plans because that's the way they operate.  Both of them have to many irons in the fire with all the properties they own.

I should of kept my mouth shut and not mentioned moving to my grand kids. It was exciting to think about living near enough to them to see them play their sports and other school functions but who knows it could still happen.

Naturally I have mixed feelings about this but as you know I was not sure if the move was the right thing for me since I would be around my boss daily. Things seem to have a way of working out in the end. The last six months or more I have not been happy but I honestly can not say it is because of where I live. Maybe I just need to work on my inner self  more than I have been and to make the most of what I have here at the present.

If you or not bored out of your mind by now let me tell you about the day I spent with those two on Thursday of last week. I promise you it has been a long time since I have had an adventure quite like this one.

We have a pond out here on the North Forty and Barbara has it in her head that it needs one of those fountains in the middle that spurts water to the heavens. I don't think she realizes in July there probably won't be water enough to keep the fish alive much less have water for a fountain.

She ask me who I thought could put one in for her and I told her about a guy who works on a ranch just down the rode and immediately we are in her car headed in that direction. I explained to her that the owner of the ranch was around her age and lost his wife a couple of years ago. I had never met him but others have told me he would be a good match for her.

In minutes we are there and I tell her to drive to the barn where we might find the guy about the fountain. We see his two trucks but no Alan. This does not discourage them and before I blink we were driving up to the main house and her sister Linda is at the man's back door.

I hear her holler anybody home and she opens the screen door. Then I hear her say Are you dressed? Do you have clothes on?

By this time Barbara is out of the back seat headed for the door. I could not decide whether to join those two or sit in the car.

After seeing they were not going to stop waving for me to come inside I reluctantly join them. Greeting me inside was an older gentlemen with the bluest eyes I have ever seen. They were such a bright blue I could not stop looking at them. ha ha

Linda starts introducing us all and trying to explain to him why we were there and bursting into his house. I bet from now own he keeps his doors locked.

When she tells him our names he says something like well I will try to remember your names and not mix them up. She then takes a note pad and pen out of his shirt pocket and writes our names on three separate sheets and tells us to wear these as name tags.

He ask us to sit down and for the next thirty minutes or more that poor old man listens to three old crazy women talking to him about anything and everything.

I explained to him who I was and he told me that his worker Alan had talked about me to him. I was somewhat relieved to know that at least he had some idea of who we three were and this was not a kidnapping.

Let me give you an example of how crazy our conversations were with this sweet man. Linda ask him if he knew how to keep snakes away. She told him that someone had told her to put a goat and a donkey on the property and no more snakes. I almost fell off the couch when she ask him that.

He looks at her even funnier than he had been looking at us and tells her he had never heard of such. We then start laughing about me dealing with a goat and a donkey. Before long it was something else just as silly.

Barbara mentioned to him something about age and he told her he was 85. Again I almost fell off the couch because the man looked no older than 70. No wrinkles on his face and did I mention his Blue eyes.

After a lot of laughing we get up to leave. They ask him to join us for lunch in town but he declines. I wonder why? Then out of no where while he is showing us to our car I turn to him and say, "I have to tell you that you have the prettiest blue eyes I have ever seen!" (OMGosh where did that come from me saying that to a man I just met). He gets right into my face with those eyes and says, "Yours or not so bad either and you had better be careful I am not as old as you think I am!"  Whoa I can honestly say it only took me a minute to get inside of the car.

Leaving there Barbara starts teasing me about how I told her I had found a man she might like but instead I was flirting with the man.  Then of course Linda joins in and they are both giving me a hard time.

I give it back to them telling them how crazy they were with some of the stories they were telling.
We laugh about the visit for the next half hour driving to a little cafe for lunch. Then while we were eating they tell me I was smitten. I just tried to explain to them I just like his eyes. ha ha  Would you believe they never noticed his blue eyes. Weird Right!

Then after lunch we go by a couple they know who live on a ranch I have been dying to see up close. I did not realize that this is where their friends lived. I knew the couple from one of Barbara's parties.

We are sitting with them and in minutes those two are telling this couple about our morning and we are all laughing at how crazy the little ole man must of thought we three were. Then Barbara starts not only telling this couple that I flirted with the man but she imitates me.  In my defense I try to tell them I don't know how to flirt but no one was buying it.

I think it is one of those stories you just have to be there to appreciate. In all honesty I can not begin to describe this visit. Just try to imagine three old women invading a nice old man one morning when he has no clue where they came from or why.

So now their back in Nevada and I am here wandering if my neighbor with the blue eyes has his doors locked.

By the way we never did find Alan to talk to him about the pond. Maybe I have to make another trip over there.

Seriously I am not that brave.

I started this post on Sunday and just now finishing it. I have been sitting on a tractor for three days and nights and still have not did a complete mowing of this place. By the time the rain starts tomorrow I will have to start right back over again.

Hope you are well! I do miss you and hope to visit your sites soon. Take care of you!

Love to all

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Our Hearts Are Breaking Again!

Like you my heart is breaking once again for all the victims and their families who are suffering from the cruel senseless, cowardly act in Boston.

I have not felt like blogging or being on the computer since this happened.
Then early this morning my friend Janie calls me and tells me about the horrific explosion in West, Texas.

It brought back memories of the explosion here in our small town around twenty years ago.
I still remember that day like it was yesterday.
The day of the Gas explosion I was in Huntsville, Texas attending In-Service Classes and walking into the college that morning the ground shook. Huntsville is close to eighty miles from here.
Being in class I had no idea there was an explosion in my area. The Warden where I worked phoned the college and had them send me home. I was a nervous wreck that long drive home because all the phone lines were down and I did not know if my children were ok. I knew my husband was out of town working but I had Clint and Christi at home. Chad was actually in college in Huntsville.
The explosion was in the country about ten miles from where we lived. Clint and Christi thought a tornado had happened because they told me the whole house shook.
Our area looked like a bomb had been dropped from the sky and I am sure that is what the town of West looks like tonight.

Sending prayers to heaven for the people of  Boston and the little town of West.

Tomorrow my boss/landlady will be here for the day. I am hoping that they are coming to discuss my future and the move to Georgetown. At first I was totally excited about it but after having over a month to bounce it back and forth in my head I am not sure it is the right thing to do.
Seems foolish of me to worry about something like a move when so many others have lost so much.

Sending you much love and Sweet Dreams!
Love to all,

Saturday, April 13, 2013

April 15th Deadline!

Every year around April 15th you can find me rolling on the floor mumbling words that have no meaning not even to me. This year was no exception.

In all honesty this floor rolling moment took longer than the other years. It lasted a good two days and when I hit submit to file my taxes by e-file I thought the discombobulation was at an end. Not meant to be! It was only the beginning.

My printer showed that I was out of ink. Jeez Marie all I need is just enough ink to print a few pages. I took the ink out shook it and whatever ink was left in it dripped tiny little ink spots on my jeans.

All right I guess I should of had enough sense to know better. I change clothes drive the ten miles to Wal Mart one way and buy the black ink only and drive back home.

You guessed it. After replacing the black ink the darn printer kept telling me that I was out of color ink. I kept going into properties and everything else on the computer trying to get the thing to accept just the black ink but no luck.

I am determined that I am going to print my copy of my return if it takes me all day. I make the decision to drive back to town and buy the color ink. Forty dollars later I am back home installing it and thinking thank goodness this is almost over with.

Would you believe I hit print and now the darn printer is telling me the printer head is missing or not installed. I came so close to loosing it. What the heck is the printer head? I go find my instructions for the printer. I follow their instructions not once but at least a dozen times but still get this irritating message.

By now I am totally ready to kick something. Anything! I felt like running through the pastures screaming my fool head off.

Three days later and I still don't have my return printed. It's stored in Adobe Reader and it won't let me transfer it to my email address so I could print it at the library or a friends house. I now have to see where I can find a printer head for the printer.

The next morning after two days of working on this mess I get out of bed and I bend down to feed Tinkerbell and I can't stand back up. Oh the pain! A box of Aleve later I am walking and bending but slower than usual. Stress and days on the computer has a way with my back. Days of mowing might have had something to do with it too.

This morning a friend phoned and ask me to go see the Jackie Robinson movie 42. I am not good at movie reviews but I do know that this a must see movie. The disrespect and cruelty that he endured while just wanting to play ball is unbelievable and sad beyond words.

Never in my life time will I ever understand the hate of another human being because of his color.
I hope if you have a chance to see this movie that you do and that you let me know how you liked it.

Sending you much love

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Round Top Festival Hill Institute!

How are you tonight? On my last post I wrote about my volunteering at the Round Top Festival Hall. I wish I was a writer and had the words to describe the magnificent beauty of this hall.
In the first picture is the smaller library where I stuffed the envelopes on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Here is how the bottom cabinets look in the library.

I have never seen a ceiling like they have through out the building.
After I finished with the envelopes I walked on stage of the concert hall and snapped a quick picture with my IPhone Never do I have my camera when I need it

This is a picture of the balcony seating.

Please click on these pictures where it will take you to a slide show and you can see the wood work. Look at the ceiling of the concert hall.
Have you ever seen anything like this? I feel like this is something you would see in New York not in a small town of 90 people in Texas. lol

One of the best things about volunteering is being invited to their lunches. Their lovely dining hall for staff is in the basement of one of the homes located on the grounds. This one is called The Menske House.

Can you see the stairs leading to the basement. There is a wreath hanging there on the wall. I would of given anything to have taken a picture inside this dining room. Incredibly beautiful and the food is prepared by two chef's and needless to say the best food I have ever eaten.

It amazes me that the staff eat like King's and Queen's everyday. I told them I would work there for food.
You would really have to watch yourself if you had food like this every day. Can you imagine the weight I would gain.

I will go back soon and take my camera and visit the herb garden and show you some of their gorgeous flowers.

My son Clint phoned me earlier today and ask if I were going to home tomorrow evening. He explained that he is going to be in Houston on business next week and wanted to stop by on his way and take me to dinner. I of course am excited to be able to spend some quality time with him. Just me and my son talking. Doesn't get any better than that! I have a roast I just bought so I think instead of going out I should just fix it and that way we can just relax more before he drives on to Houston.

Sending you much love and wishes for a fabulous week ahead. Enjoy your Sunday. I hope God Blesses You and Keeps You Safe.

Love to All

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sharing My Day!

The last two days I have been doing volunteer work at Round Top Festival Institute. In one of my first post several years ago I wrote about my convictions of volunteering at this remarkable place.

It was my escape while going through Breast Cancer and when you see some of the pictures I took today then you will understand why I love this place. I promised way back then that if I survived my cancer I would give back to the Institute so when I can I volunteer at the concerts or help in the office.

The main part of the Institute is the amazing concert hall that I will share with you soon. These pictures today are of the Edythe Bates Chapel Plaza that is one of many places to visit on the grounds.

The chapel was locked today but I have shared pictures with you in another post. I think the post was called Highway to Hell. You would have to read the post to understand the strange title. lol

I had trouble downloading pictures but I did manage to share about half of my walk today.

It is the most unusual beautiful place out in the middle of nowhere. Round Top Population is 90 and is known for the Round Top/Warrenton Antiques Fair which is going on there now.

I was so proud of myself for answering the call to help them out on stuffing envelopes these past two days when I could of been out at the antique show.

Truth be known I had just as much fun walking through these grounds after I finished the thousands of envelopes they need stuffed.

I wish I had my blog set up different where you could enjoy these pictures better.
If you want to see the pictures better try double clicking them and enlarge them.

Here is one of several waterfalls. Can you the lion heads in the wall.

One of several cub by holes in the plaza and this one is covered in sea shells. Even the ceiling is covered with shells.

I found myself just snapping away left and right. I wanted you to enjoy some of what I was enjoying today.

Behind this side entry into the plaza is the courtyard where they have receptions.

I will have to go back one day and take pictures just of their gardens.

This pot was attached to one of the walls with pretty little succulents. 

Hope you enjoyed seeing how I spent my afternoon.

Recently I made part of my blog into a couple of books. The main reason for doing this was for me to have a written copy of your beautiful, funny, outrageous, and  some times mind blowing comments  To my big disappointment when I opened up the books they did not have the comments at the end of the post.
I was very upset. I don't know what happened because the first book I had published did have your comments so I spent all this money on these two books and no comments. Any suggestions on how to fix this.

On the subject of comments I have to tell you that your comments about the cowboy catching me in my PJ's left on the previous post had me rolling. You guys crack me up. Laughing out loud is so healthy and I love you for taking the time to come by and especially letting me know how you feel about the post.

Oh before I leave tonight let me share with you a April Fool story. Sunday when Christi was here with her boyfriend Paul and his two children I was talking with the kids about April Fools. I shared with them a silly April Fools story that happened to me in High School and then I told them that tomorrow they should think of something to play on their dad. His little girl ask me what she could do and I told her to use her imagination and have fun with it.

Well Monday night Christi called me and said, "You are so Busted!" I ask her what I did and she told me that Audrey had called her Dad and told him that she was fighting in school and they expelled her.

She said Paul got really upset and told her to put her Mom on the phone. haha Well Audrey then told him that it was April Fools Day and that Christi's Mom told her to do this to him. 

OH MY Gosh I am already in trouble with my first meeting with Paul's children. It may be my last if he thinks I told her to tell him that. I only suggested she use her imagination. Boy does she have one.
My kind of girl. haha

We had another storm last night. Since it was still raining today I have not had the chance to see how much of a clean up that I will be doing again.

Hope you had a great day!

Sweet Dreams and Love to All,

PS: I must remember to share with you two ladies that also volunteer out at the Institute. Their both 83 years old look 65 and one actually built her on house from the ground up, She was not a spring chicken when she did this either. haha