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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Missing You!

Gosh I have missed all you! I don't really know where to start since it's been such a long dry run of not keeping up with my blog but mostly not being able to keep up with all of  you my dear sweet friends.

My main reason for not blogging is my faithful computer for almost six years is just too darn slow to do the least little thing on and to try and look up your sites or even leave a comment is now next to impossible.

This afternoon I decided to take a few hours off and visit my favorite library and confirm that it is my computer and not my internet service that is giving me fits. It only took a few minutes here at the library to confirm what I have known but wanted to deny for months. My computer needs to be buried in a deep hole on the North Forty!

Now I have to start the process of what to buy to replace it and when. I hate to spend the money but I do miss blogging and reading your wonderful post.

Another reason for my lack of blogging is the work out here on the North Forty has more than doubled in the past six months. It is a seven day a week job with not much time for anything else in my life.

My boss did take me to see another Loretta Lynn concert at her ranch in Hurricane Mills. TN,  this month. We did this trip about three years ago and to be able to see Loretta again and her ranch was awesome. She is 82 years old now and still has an amazing voice. Also performing that night was her sister Chrystal Gayle and Sheryl Crow.

It was a good trip but we froze the night of the concert. It was outside and the temps dropped to around 40 degrees a big change from two days before at the ranch with temps in the 90's. I thought I might freeze before she quit singing. I actually felt sorry for her because you could tell she was shivering and ready to get inside.

Barbara wanted to continue the trip a week longer visiting plantations in Mississippi and LA but I knew I had to get back to work. Once I fall behind out here there seems to be no catching up.

Summer is over and we are trying to have fall here but most days it is still in high 80's. I am still dealing with snakes too so I will be glad when a cold front finally sends them into hibernation.

Wish I had time to keep posting but I am on a public computer. I must not be greedy.

Just wanted to check in an explain my absence and to let you know I am still around. Still getting into messes out here on the North Forty but nothing serious.

Hopefully I can find a way to get a computer and maybe start visiting with all of you again soon.

You bring out the better person in me so not blogging has deepened my depression.

Please let me know how your doing. I can pull up my site on my phone so would love to hear how you are.

Love to all