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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Posing in the Bluebonnets!

Hope you are having a lovely weekend! It is raining and windy here today but look at how pretty it was last weekend. Here I am in a Bluebonnet Field with my two terrific grand kids. Blue Bonnets are everywhere this time of the year and like all other Texans we had to put our boots on and pose among these beauties.

Kaci  showing off her gorgeous smile and cowboy boots!

Bailey giving us one of his handsome smiles.

Can you believe my Kaci is such the young lady now. 

Bailey is such a darling. Never complained while his mom and I moved him from one area to another for the perfect photo.

Here is a close up of our State Flower. Aren't they just beautiful?

These pictures were taken around the Austin area. The fields where I live are  gorgeous too but they have the red paint brush mixed in and I will share those pictures with you soon. 

I went to Austin to check on Clint after another one of his surgeries from his bicycle accident. If you read the post about the accident you know that he was riding his bicycle with Bailey and Kaci when his front tire came off. He has been struggling since then with complications from landing on his face and the severe concussion he suffered and loss of a tooth. Clint has had several surgeries trying to have a implant for the tooth and we are hoping this is the last one. He has really been through it but unlike his Mom he doesn't complain of how bad it is. I do hope he gets well soon and these headaches will stop coming back to remind him of that horrific fall.

Things on the North Forty have been better since Spring weather has been blessing us with some really pretty sunshiny days. I have been mowing from sun up to sun down most days but remember I said I would not complain if I lived through this cold winter that our country has suffered through. What is amazing that some of you are still suffering. Oh how I wish I could send you some warm temps.

We are going to have two mornings this week in the 30's again but hopefully that will be the last of it. The winds are blowing about 40 mph right now so I had to move my potted plants away from the North part of the yard. 

About two weeks ago I bent down to clean out the litter box and that was how I spent two weeks. Bent over like one of these old oak trees out here. I had forgotten how bad a back ache could be but thank goodness it worked its way out with the help of lots of warm baths and a back massage. Two weeks off the tractors though made for a hard week catching up out here. 

What really upset me besides the pain was the timing of the pulled muscle. I was suppose to meet a friend out at the Round Top/Warrenton Antique Show. Good thing the show last for three weeks are I would of missed it completely. Hopefully this week while it is raining here and I am not mowing I can show you a few pictures from my trip out there.

I am looking forward to celebrating Easter this coming Saturday with my sons, Chad and Clint. Their coming for the day and hopefully the bad weather we are having now will not ruin the gorgeous wildflowers where I can get some more pictures of them in the fields by my house. 

Let me share a funny with you before I say good night. You know only you I could share this kind of story with. Earlier this week I was in a hurry to get on the tractor and start my day. While moving around the house before going outside I kept thinking something just didn't feel right. Well I looked at my boots and they were both on the right foot so I head out the door. 

Climbing up on the big Blue Holland I still feel like something is not right. I mow for a while and then take a water break. I am walking back inside and I glance down at the front of my pants. I thought why are there pockets like this in the front of my pants. Low and behold I had put my pants on backwards. Yep I had bought a pair of cheap jeans to mow in that you just pull up no buttons you know the granny kind. Well dear friend you better be careful if and when you get my age and wear these pants because you can put them on backwards. Thank goodness no one was around to see this because it was bad enough me seeing it. lol

Thank you for coming by and visiting with me. I miss all of you! Sending you Blessings for a beautiful week! 

Love to all