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Wednesday, September 30, 2009



I am fairly new at blogging but thought hey maybe I could use this site to get ideas on ways to help our soldiers and their families. So guys if you have any ideas on how to help please leave me a comment. Also on the her site she mentions not having names or addresses to soldiers who might want cards or packages so if you know of any one please leave their names and addresses on my comment or email them to me at

Also if you want the soldiers address listed on my site for others to see please let me know.

Hope to hear from you soon

Warrenton/Round Top Shows

These two antique/flea market shows are only 14 miles from my little farm house and let me tell you it takes a lot of will power not to go look around every single day. Since the vendors set up from all around the USA they are out there over two weeks each fall and spring. I tell myself if those thousands of vendors take the time and effort to come all the way to our small communities then hey isn't it only the right thing to do is go out there and support them. So being the good person that I am I have totally showed my support even on the rainy ugly days. This time around I have not bought a whole lot but of course a few things did catch my eye. I got a great bargain on some old wicker that I thought would go great with my already wicker room and then of course I had to have a new outfit to wear and there was the nicest lady from Miss. that sold me a darling outfit which you would never find in one of our dress shops. Every show I have to buy at least one hat because this show is where I always get to wear my hats. Monday I went out with my girlfriend, Janie that I use to work with at the prison and we always set aside one day for us to walk around. Poor Janie she was burning up out there and I finally talked her into putting a sleeve less blouse on which did help her a little. Since I mow almost every other day I held up a lot better walking and browsing in the heat. She was the one that got the bargains and loves what she bought. There was a darling old angel fountain just waiting for some one to take it home and thats exactly what my friend did. The best part is she only had to pay 45.00dollars for it. Beautiful piece. All the way back home I hinted if for some reason she did not like it to be sure and let me buy it from her. Very lovely garden piece. She also found a cheap plant stand for only 3 dollars and a pretty old hand mirror for a dollar. Way to go Janie! My wicker chair was only $15 and my wicker end table was $20 so I did pretty good too. Yesterday I went out with my friend Alan to browse and we walked and talked looking for some good deals. He found some really cute cabinet knobs that were very unique and bought six for only $3.00 so what a bargain he got. I bought a pig with wings for my bird bath and being only $10 who could pass it up. Today I went alone looking for s screen door. Found one I fell in love with but the silly vendor wanted $350.00 for it. Geezzzzzzzzzzzzz she was proud of that door. I thought for sure it was marked wrong but no it was that hefty of a price. My farm house has a very small kitchen with no door so I thought a old pretty screen door would look cute there. Turns out finding the perfect one is going to be a challenge. Looks like I will have to just give in and go at least another day. Another favorite thing to do out there is of course the food places and one in particular I love because of their homemade pies. The lady that sells these comes from Iowa I believe and boy can she sale the pies. My ex and I use to go there and have one of her huge cinnamon rolls and then look around for hours and go back for lunch and of course later the big piece of pie. Hate to admit it but this is the one of the times I miss having him around. We both could walk for hours without getting tired or bored. Oh well I will just have to eat that pie all alone this year. If you love antiques and junk you will love this show. Click on my previous post for show info. See you there

Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Prayers Were Answered Praise God!

Thank you so much everyone for all your prayers for my little granddaughter, Kaci. In a earlier post I had talked of her being diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes at only seven years old and then a month later the doctors tested her for two other diseases both would have been devastating to go along with already her diabetes but God answered all of our prayers and both test were negative for now. I can not tell you how relieved and happy that all of us are and so thankful for all of your prayers and helpful talks and emails. What a blessing! Thank you Jesus. So if any of you out there need me to list someone on here to be prayed for just let me know because I am a witness that prayers do work and they are answered. We will just keep praying that each day brings her closer to them finding a cure for this disease. Please click on my Juvenile Diabetes button and for every click money is donated. May God Bless all of you today and everyday.

Monday, September 14, 2009


I get upset when I read the newspapers and listen to the news and its about some famous athlete showing their bad side again. Who cares about these people anyway. The news should be on what our men and women in the arm forces are doing not what someone like Serena is doing with her life. Wake up America and talk about whats important and not garbage. Talk about our soldiers fighting for us everyday to keep us safe and our families. Write about the soldier who is doing a great job and not about some tennis player who has the mouth of a inmate.

Cooking for Love and Life

This is a wonderful recipe from a diabetic cookbook Cooking For Love and Life written by Pauline Jamison. I love everything I have tried from this book and believe me if you like meatballs you will love these even if your not a diabetic. We can all gain a lot from nutrition conscious cookbooks like this one. Meatballs 2tsp low fat oleo 1/2 cup chopped bell pepper 1 cup chopped onion 10 1/2 oz can chicken with rice soup 10 1/2 oz can tomato soup 1 egg 1 1/4 lbs ground beef 2 slices of soft bread 1/4 cup evaporated milk 1 tsp salt melt oleo in skillet. Add bell pepper, onions, and saute until tender. Stir in both cans of soup Heat to boiling, then turn down heat and allow sauce to simmer, stirring occasionally. While sauce cooks, make meatballs as follows; In bowl, slightly beat egg. Add ground beef, bread, milk and salt. Mix well. Shape into meatballs about the size of pingpong balls. Drop meatballs in simmering sauce, and cook slowly about 1 hour or until sauce thickens. Total servings 4 Per serving 403 calories Exchange per serving = 4 meats 2 1/2 fats, 1 bread 15 g carb, 30g protein, 24 1/2 g. fat Let me know if you try it. I cooked these for my children when they were growing up and they loved them. My oldest son Chad has Juvenile Diabetes and now my granddaughter Kaci so if you would like to support her on Walk for a Cure 09 in Austin Texas click on this site I have shared in a previous post titled My Heart is Breaking. Eat healthy and share this great meatball recipe and the donations site. Thanks for stopping by today. Also enjoy the blog site in a post I posted today. Great blog.

So Many Creative Blogs

Look what a creative fun site I found today. Enjoy her blog and while your there check out the sites that she follows. Fun Fun Fun.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lots Of Prayers Needed

Isn't this the cutest picture of my two grandbabies, Kaci and Bailey. This was taken last year at Halloween. This year for Halloween they will not be trick or treating but will be walking for the cure 09 in Austin,Texas for the Juvenile Diabetes Association. As I mentioned in my last post my heart is breaking for Kaci because of her being diagnosed with diabetes at the age of seven. She will be insulin dependent the rest of her life. On top of this, I found out yesterday that she may have another disease and will be tested for it tomorrow. Her doctor is checking her for the celiac disease. I have never heard of it and was shocked when my son wrote me. He and his wife are both having a very hard time coping with the diabetes but now if the doctors are right, my poor Kaci will be dealing with another disease. She will not only be on a strict diet for diabetes but she will be on a glutin free diet. My heart is really hurting tonight thinking what they might find. So please join me praying for my Kaci that they will not find this too wrong with her. What a sweet darling little girl she is and how terrible for her if she does have to deal with this other along with the diabetes.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Heart is Breaking

These two pictures are of my darling grandchildren on their first day of school.
In July, my granddaughter Kaci, who is only seven was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes. My heart is breaking for her and my son because as most of know what a devastating diagnosis this is especially for a child. She is being so much braver than myself but does ask her mom and dad when will her diabetes go away and of course Juvenile Diabetes is for the rest of ones life once they have it. She is on four shots a day and that many or more finger pricks. Not only do they have to monitor her blood sugars but her nutrition. This is the second time in my life that Juvenile Diabetes has broke my heart. My oldest son, her Uncle was diagnosed when he was 14 and soon he will be 39. He has lived with this disease for 25 years. Out of those 25 years I don't think I ever heard my son complain about his having to do the shots or do without the sweets that we all enjoy especially around the holidays. He is a awesome man and I know that he will be of great help to his darling neice.
I myself am doing my best to turn this over to the Lord and try to cope better with it than I have been this past month. Kaci lives about 90 miles from me and I don't get to see her like I would like to. I love being around her and her brother Bailey but now that this has happened I don't see me being able to keep them over night anymore until she is a lot older. I have to learn all over again how to take care of a child with diabetes.
The other night I was reading a book by Beverly Lewis called The Missing. Very good book about an amish family. Anyway in the book there is a page about relinquishing control. She says "Coming before God with hands filled and leaving with them empty....that's relinquishing control." How I need to do this with several things in my life right now and especially with Kaci's illness. So my plans are to turn this situation over to the Lord and trust him.
Kaci is already active with the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and is recruiting people to walk with her on October 31, 2009 in Austin. She is raising money for this great cause and if I can I will post her site for signing up and helping with this fund raiser. I will be one of the walkers to join her and hope to see you there.
I have never been very good about volunteering for things like this because I have always worked two or three jobs but now that I am in the third stage or final stage of life I have to do these things now there is no more putting it off until I have time. If enough people raise money for Juvenile Diabetes then maybe there is hope for a cure and one less darling child like Kaci can live a normal childhood instead of the one she is now destined to have.
I am still staying busy in law enforcement and my part time ranch job. Lord I have been mowing so much here lately that I actually feel like I am still on the tractor even hours after I quit. Lots of things to do around here but what a special beautiful place it is to live and work. God really blessed me with finding this place to live.
Working in law enforcement is getting harder every day. Right now we are dealing with a senseless murder of a doctor. I have trouble every time I have to deal with murders it never gets easier. Especially when the ones that did it show no remorse for their crimes. How very sad.
So until next time I get a moment to write. Take care of yourself and remember Life is Way to Short get out there and make a difference and join the Walk for Cure 2009 in Austin Texas you will not regret it.
Please visit my Walk Web page if you would like to donate online or see how close I am to reaching my personal goal: Follow this link to make a donation: