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Monday, December 27, 2010

Butt Dial!

It is 4 AM and I am wide awake. Part of me could not sleep because I was selfish yesterday and was thinking of myself. If night time does not bring you sleep it certainly can open your eyes to what really matters.
Yesterday morning my cell phone woke me at 7:15 AM. I was sleeping in my grand daughter’s twin bed with her on the trundle bed attached to it and my grandson next to her on his sleeping bag. We had somehow managed to stop talking to each other and fall to sleep after a wonderful Christmas day.

I had no idea what time it was when the phone woke me but I could tell that it was still very early by the little light coming through the windows. Of course, with my brother going through Cancer treatments I immediately thought something had happened to him. Carefully slipping out of the room with my phone I had to see who was calling at that early hour. \

It was Gary’s number showing under missed calls so I hurried and returned his call. Much to my surprise and annoyance it went to voice mail. Doesn’t that just make you want to throw the darn phone when that happens to you! I mean they just called you and then not 5 minutes later you call them back and their phone is turned off. What’s with that especially when the call is at an early hour and you have reason to worry? So I dialed his fiancée number and same thing. By now all kinds of scenarios are racing through my brain.

My grandson woke up a short time later so we spent some alone time making each other laugh in between me trying to get hold of Gary. Finally his girlfriend Sherry answered and I asked what was wrong. She wanted to know what time I was coming back home that Gary wanted to see me. I gathered what information I could get out of her before she hung up because I thought it strange they would call me so early in the morning for that reason. All I knew at that time was for some reason or another Gary wanted me there with him.

All I could think of was myself and how I had just got there at noon the day before to see my family and now I was needed at my brothers but with no real reason as to why. You know how we get when we are being pulled in two different directions and we want the one that is fun. I finally realized if I stayed there with my grandbabies I would not enjoy it fully for thinking of Gary and so I tearfully left for home.

It turns out Gary was having anxiety attaches because his tongue was swelling up and he was afraid of not being able to breath. He was scared which I of course now I can see clearly why.

What this long story is leading to is after I left Gary’s and came home exhausted I went to sleep for a few hours. Of course something woke me up and I laid in bed for hours thinking of how selfish I was for not wanting to leave my kids and come back to the problems of home.

Then I thought of the things that had made me feel better while driving back home. I thought of the sweet comments, cards, emails, phone calls and surprises you guys have left for me over the last weeks and months. There is no way I can explain to you without writing another three pages of how these things have lifted me this year.

So when I woke this morning and could not go back to sleep I started thinking and laughing about the words you leave for me and what just a few words means to someone. I thought of how selfish I was for not wanting to leave when now I realize Gary just needed a hug and some words from his only sister. I kept thinking what can I do for him why am I going home but it was simple just words of kindness was what he needed.

I realized this morning words can change everything for someone. If you think it’s no big deal about leaving someone a comment think again. It could be just what that person needed that day even if you think they have it made in life. You never know what one word from you will do for them. Like me they may think of it one day when their down and out and then smile because of you and your words.

Even if it is just a butt dial it could still bring a smile to someone’s face. In case you are like this ole grandma and wondering what a butt dial is well don’t feel bad I had no clue what my grandson was talking about when he used those words. Turns out that can happen when you carry your phone in your tight fitting jeans and your butt dials someone’s number with out you knowing it. Lol

Thanks for being you and being there for me! I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and I am looking forward to catching up with you!

This week when I take Gary for treatments I will try to say the right words and be a little less selfish.
Love to all


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas To You!

Just had to stop a few minutes and wish YOU and your family a Very Merry Christmas!

The other night I was talking to sweet Susan from Georgia who writes the site Art of Mine and I was telling her that I only put up two small trees this year and one was my girly tree. She ask if I would put it on my site so here it is.
Just look at this flowering ornament. It is shades of pink with little pearls and sequins.

Here is one of my butterfly ornaments that I just love.

Since it is the girly tree I put it in the sitting room of the master bedroom.

Maybe in a day or two I can show you my other small tree. I did manage to decorate two of three mantles and will try to take pictures of them.

Thank you so much for all the beautiful Christmas wishes you have sent my way and of course for your prayers too. My brother Gary and I appreciate you so much. Treatments for Gary are everyday now so it is sad now watching how he seems to be going down more every day. Hopefully when this is over he will be back to his ole self and can enjoy life again.

This is the first time in my life that I can ever remember having more than a day or two off to prepare for Christmas. We celebrated Thanksgiving at the ole farm house so off to Austin to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my children and of course grand babies. It is so much fun being Grandma Yellow Hair! I can not wait to see everyone and enjoy their excitement of the day.

Christi's Birthday was yesterday and she was sick. We both suffer from Fibromyalgia and her doctors seem to think that her muscles are so inflamed they are causing her a lot of trouble with a sore throat and ear troubles. Hard to believe that this disease causes so many pains.

Love the Christmas cards I have been getting from you! Their lovely and I have enjoyed each and every one.

There was so much I wanted to do for you this year and time just got away with me. Hopefully not next year.

Trying my best to get by your sites and catching up with you but if I don't make it before Christmas Day just know that I am thinking of you and wishing for you the very best Christmas ever.

May God Bless Each of You and Keep you Safe!

Merry Christmas to You,

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

One of A Kind Christmas Gift!

Just had to share with you some slippers that our sweet Donna at Brynwood Needleworks has offered to make me for Christmas! I have bragged on Donna many times about how creative she is but I did not realize just how creative.
The problem is choosing the right style for me! Which one would you want? I am leaning toward the star but any of these would be great!

Donna being the sweetheart she is also included the instructions to these cuties. So if any of you want me to email you the step by step instructions just let me know and I will forward them to you.

I do know the first thing you need is pictured below!

Wow I am so looking forward to my pair!
What about you?

So missed talking with you this week. Hopefully you are finished with your shopping and can enjoy the rest of the week without too much stress. I do need to pick up one or two things then my shopping is complete.  Like I mentioned in an earlier post. Sometime at the end of the summer I am adding a page on my site for early Christmas shopping. Next year we will all be finished before Thanksgiving.  We are off to a great start with Donna's Slippers.

Hard week for me with my pain level plus Gary is now having both radiation and Chemo everyday in Houston so it is very hard on him and taking a toll on all of us. This has been a hard year for a lot of you too and I am looking forward to a New Year for all of us. One full of Joy and getting to know each of you even better!

Sweet Dreams,

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Visit From Santa!

Let's hope you have not been Naughty this year would not want Rudolph to ruin your beautiful stocking.

I mentioned on my last post that I had found a site that you can go to and send someone a video of Santa talking to them. Of course, I sent it to Kaci and Bailey. I hope they enjoyed their visit from Santa.

If you would like to do this for someone special just go to  and you can even download their picture to be in Santa's Book. It shows their picture while he is talking to you. The ones you do for children are a whole lot cutier than grown up videos. So get busy and make one.

Click this site on to hear and watch my visit from Santa.

Hope all of you are well! I am totally nuts at this point because of not being finished. I searched and searched yesterday for a gift I wanted to find for Bailey but no such lucky. So my DL has offered to hunt in Austin for it so that is a big help. I have to tell you though while shopping for this gift I had two strangers and different times try their best to help me find what I was looking for. One was a man and the other a woman. Both probably in their 30's but I was so touched that they stopped their shopping to help me do mine. I can honestly say this year might have been a hard one for me but it has been the best for meeting new friends.
You are the best ever!

Next year I am starting a page on my site for everyone that wants to start Christmas 6 months early.

What have you asked for Santa to bring you?

Sweet Dreams

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fuuny You Tube!

That darn Black cat caught me off guard again this morning but soon he is mine. haha....I hate to tell you what I chased him off with this morning. He was actually trying to pick a fight with one of the other Tom Cats who are twice his size so I should of left him alone but I threw open the front door and the only thing I could grab were the bells hanging on the door knob so brave Ms. Pearl throws them at him.  I have to say all I saw was a flying black furry butt running for cover. In the morning I am getting up early getting dressed before breakfast and fur will be flying around this ole farm house. Just hope its not mine.....

This morning I found this very funny You Tube in my email box. You will enjoy it I promise!

It was sent to me by my sweet friend Dulcy from Dulcys Doorstep . If you have not met Dulcy please click on her site for a lovely surprise visit. She is another one of my friends that is so very gifted. You would think some of these gifted friends would rub off on me.

Off now to play catch up! Not with the cat I hope but with Christmas! Tomorrow I need to share a Santa site with you that you will love to send your grandbabies.

Love to all


Monday, December 13, 2010

Ms. Pearl Again!

You must visualize this story I am about to share with you because there was not time for pictures and lets pray together that no one from the road got any shots of Pearl either. I am sorry but I had to share some more Walmartian pictures. Sad Wal Mart is the only place to shop in this small town.

Last night after Gretchen and I volunteered for the arrival of Santa at the local library we went back to my house for a big bowl of homemade chicken soup and of course cornbread. Well while I was making the cornbread Gretchen ran over to her house to put her PJ’s on because we decided it was going to be one of those girly nights with pajamas and a girly movie. I decided instead of my regular pajamas I would give my mother’s old granny gown a try and to make Gretchen laugh when she returned back to the house. Well laugh she did but how cozy that gown was since it dipped into the 20’s last night. lol

Anyway the closer to the end of the year I always realize how unhealthy I have ate over the year so I change my ways for a few months. This morning I actually was enjoying a healthy breakfast of oatmeal still dressed in my granny gown. Before I could take my second bite I heard this heart wrenching scream from a cat underneath my house. I ran to the front door and there were my two Tom cats Pretty Boy and Casanova waiting to be fed so I was glad it was not one of them. I knew then it had to be the little new stray female that had wondered to the ole farm house a month ago. Pretty little thing and I have tried finding her a home because two Tom cats are enough for me outside.

The way she was screaming I just had to help her if I could so forgetting about being in my granny gown I ran outside and found the opening going underneath the house and a dang Black cat that belongs to the cowboy next door to me was yes raping that poor baby. Made me sooooooo mad Ms Pearl came out. She tried everything with her big mouth to help but the stupid black cat knew I guess she was safe under the house. Considered getting my gun but knowing that the chances of not just hitting the black cat was one in a million so after screaming her fool head off Ms. Pearl grabbed the water hose with the sprayer on the end and turned it on high.

It helped scare the black cat home but left me just furious. The poor female came out later and I fed her. Of course she had scratches on her face. I have never killed a animal or man but it will be tempting the next time I see the black cat.

Also after it was all over with I realized how stupid I must have looked outside for the world to see an ole lady running around with a granny gown on. Just hope all the people driving by knew it was Ms. Pearl and not Maggie.  Never have I worn the thing before but when I do I parade around the yard screaming like the cat underneath the house. Back into hidding again for the granny gown and Ms. Pearl.

Hope your breakfast was quieter than mine and you are having a good day.

Love to all


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Has It Started For You?

The Christmas Crunch that is starting for me has it hit you yet! Well it is freaking 3:00 in the morning and I have yet to close my eyes. Yep it finally hit me that Christmas is in two weeks and I am 6 weeks behind. Why on Why is it this way every year. I was laying in bed trying to figure out if there is 52 weeks in a year then why are the last 4 of them so crazy for me.

No outside lights this year because of my back so that upsets me and now I have my small little girly white tree up instead of my huge one because of my back and no one to help lift the big boxes. I did manage to decorate one mantle and the stairway but not pleased at how they turned out.

Gretchen actually told me the other night when we were sharing a frozen pizza that I was the most organized person she knew. Good gosh I must of looked at her like she had totally lost her mind. NO one and I mean No one has ever ever considered me organized. If so they sure durn kept it to their selves and we all know why.

One reason I can not sleep is I made the mistake and went to Wal Mart to pick up cat food and dog food. OMG was that a circus. I actually almost forgot the cat food and dog food. I spent three hours in that store because I thought I would shop for some things on Kaci's list. She wanted some new Barbie clothes and doll clothes.  After who knows how long I make up my mind between whether she would like the Cheerleading outfit, nurses outfit or out on the town outfits. hahaha Then I see the movies of New Moon and Eclipse and I stand there trying to remember if that is something Christi wants for her birthday coming up.

Now after those three hours everything on my body hurts and I am wide awake. Hard to believe this is what time I got up to go to work at the Sheriff's Department. Workers Comp gave me a man the other day to replace the woman. No not to keep but to be my whatever the heck they call it. Let's hope he does something to help me. I wonder if he could go Christmas Shopping for me.

I guess I should try to lay back down and see if I can sleep. If not I will get up and make Sue her fudge that she won from my giveaway. That was another reason I went to Wal Mart because she ask if I put nuts in it. I don't usually but since she said her grandmother put Wal Nuts in hers I thought I could do that little tiny thing for her. So don't tell her if you go by her site.

Enjoy some Wal Martians while I go back to bed ....wish me luck

Sweet Dreams

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Two Winners!

You all know me and I love love having giveaways. Giving to people is best feeling in the whole world. Right up there with visiting grandbabies. lol....The only bad thing about giveaways you have to pick a winner and I am always excited to see who the winners are but wish I could send each of you a gift.  You know without me saying YOU are all winners with me.

Okay enough with the suspense. I signed into Random Generator this morning and the first number that came up was for LuLu's generous gift certificate for $25.00 was a nice surprise. It was Kathy at Creative Home Expressions.  Yes you WON the gift certificate. I am so happy for you! Wow you will love whatever you pick out over at LuLu's. So Kathy email me at and I will get the ball rolling with LuLu.

My next winning number for my Chocolate was Sue at Sue's News, Views an Muse. Sue I was so surprised when I counted down and your name came up. haha... So you WON chocolate and all you have to do is figure out if you want fudge or peanut clusters. haha Sue email me honey with your choice and address.

I love all of you for entering this giveaway. Don't give up your name will come up soon. Also if you have not visited Kathy or Sue's blogs you must do so they are both wonderful ladies to get to know. I always enjoy my visits to their sites and you will too.

Hope you are having a wonderful week. Stay calm everything will get done in time I promise. This comes from a nutty grandma who is sooooo far behind. lol

Love to all

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Oh What A Night!


As I mentioned in my last post a friend of mine had an extra ticket to the Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly show last Saturday night and I joined her mainly to keep her from going to Dallas alone.

I do not follow Fox News but do turn it on now and then. I am familar with Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly but never had the desire to see them in person but it was quite the experience. Not following them like my friend I really did not know what to expect. The first part of the show Beck talked maybe 45 minutes and then O'Reilly came out for about the same length of time and after a short break they both came back together for another hour.

It seems when they were together they really got crazy and did not hold back on their views. Especially when it came to Obama and the women on the View. I knew their views about Obama and they assured the audience that even a jackass could run against him in the next election and win. They gave their views on who they thought would be the next President and then they started on the ladies of the View. I mentioned in my last post one of the things O'Reilly said about Joy Behar. Well that was bad but not near as bad as this. He said, " It's Saturday night and I guarantee Joy is at home with a drink in one hand and a cigarette in the other talking to her cats. One day they will find her dead and eaten by her cats!"

Isn't that horrible to say about someone. Yet he got the laughs he was after. Then he had a few things to say about Whoopi which for some reason I can't remember but then he started on Barbara Walters. He talked about how old she was and that she should of retired 40 years ago. According to him no one her age should be in front of the cameras. He then said, "Everyday they hang Barbara upside down on a hook in a closet for at least four hours before she goes on the air." I gather he was saying they do this to get her blood flowing to her brain. I don't know but once again he brought the house down with laughs.

He also talked about Joy Behar and Whoopi walking off the stage when he was a guest on The View the last time and he said he loved it and he only wish the other three had disappeared so he could of promoted his book for the last 45 minutes of the show. I doubt very seriously he will be a guest on the View ever again. lol

Some of the program was interesting listening to their views but when they started pooping on people I was stunned and surprised that people paid what they did to see these two.

My friend loves loves Fox news. She goes to sleep listening to it. That night in the Hotel room I all but begged her to turn it off so I could sleep but she can't sleep without it. So it stayed on all night. lol

I have to tell you something really crazy about the two of us after the show ended we are sitting in the parking lot with a thousand other cars trying to get out of the parking lot. Barbara realizes that we have no gas. I look over and YEP we are past empty. Here we are stuck in traffic and on empty. We finally get out of the parking lot and instead of going back the way we came she decides to go a different route to find a gas station. I told her not too because I know little about driving in Dallas especially downtown and I know how easy it is to get lost in that city. Well she kept driving and soon we were in a part of town that no one wants to be in during daylight much less dark. Finally we see a station and we Praise God that we did not run out of gas. I made her stay in the car while I put enough in to get us to the hotel.

Would you believe that after we got the gas neither one of us had no glue clue how to find our hotel. Neither one of us knew the street it was on. All we knew it was the Marriott. We discovered this when I ask Barbara about her having a GPS in her car. She said she did but never had used it and then I ask her the name of the street and she did not know so I realized we were in the bad part of Dallas with no clue where to go to and what address. So we turn around try to go back the way we came and ended up really mixed up.

I hate to admit to you how long this went on. Poor Barabara was getting really upset so I made her pull over and let me drive. Not that I knew I could do better I just felt so bad for her. So while I am in the drivers seat I notice a ON Star thing on the rear view mirror. I asked her if she had On Star and she said Yes and I was like OMG we have been lost all this time in the ghetto and she has On Star. You just want to bang your head on the steering wheel. I pushed the button and explain to the young man our problem and he can tell we are both beside ourselves by this time and he tries to calm Barbara down. Finally he gets the addresses of the Marriotts for us and we realize the one we are at and he talks me street by street up to their driveway. I wanted to kiss the young man.

The way we were acting while he was on the phone with us I am really surprised that he did not call the police and have them pull us over. He had to have thought we were both drunk. I mean it was totally two ole women freaking out because this had been going on way too long.

I still can not believe that help was just a button away. Lord help me! Of course we could laugh about it the next day but boy was it not funny that night. hahaha

Then back at the hotel I am putting my Jammies on and realize that my diamond tennis bracelet was no longer on my wrist. I hardly ever wear it because I am always afraid of loosing it well I did loose it and whoever finds it will have a early Christmas present. I don't have a lot of diamonds so I really hate that I lost this.

Don't forget to enter mine and LuLu's giveaway. It ends today at midnight! Good luck to all of you that enter.

Hope your having a good week. I am trying my best not to panic wtih the holidays being so close. I have been known to do that. Been busy the last few days making candy. Take care and Love to All


Monday, December 6, 2010

There Is A Name For It BUT What Is It!

How are YOU! Boy it is cold this morning so I going to write this post really fast so I can warm my brain and hands up.

This past weekend was a wild ride in more ways than one. My friend and boss had tickets to see Glen Beck and Bill O' Reilly for their Fresh and Bold tour around the country so after debating about it for several days I agreed to go. It was a roller coaster ride from the time we left the house until I landed at my door last night. If you can picture two ole women who function pretty good on their own mentally day to day but when you mix the two it is like an that oil spill in the gulf.

I know YOU call me a tease but I promise in a few days to write some of those spills we had on our adventure. This morning I have to tell you my experience on the way home from her house. First of all before you read this and judge too harshly remember I had just experienced more things in two days than I had in a lifetime. So with that said here goes my hopefully not too long story.

I left my friend safe and sound at her gorgeous Victorian home and started for my trip home.  My neighbor Gretchen had been waiting to hear about my trip so I phoned her while driving home. Well the two of us laughed and talked almost all the way home. In all honesty it was me talking and her laughing.....about 40 minutes later I can not for the life of me figure out my lights. It was turning dark and I had my lights on already but I could not see very well. I told Gretchen that something was not right. You know how your use to seeing everything a certain way when your driving and I was just not seeing it. Everything looked so different. Even the inside dash lights were barely noticeable. I kept fooling with my lights thinking this ole fool had forgot to turn them on but no they were in the on position and no one seemed to be having a problem with me and I could see the road but just not that well. I hate to admit this to you but this went on for a lot of miles and I even told Gretchen several times I just can't figure out these lights.

Well about 5 miles before I get to the ole farm house I feel something on my face. Yep I had glasses on. I reached up telling Gretchen why would I have my glasses on because I only wear glasses to read. I jerk them off and immediately I can see. It was like someone had turned the lights on. YOU guessed it! I had my sunglasses on the whole time. It seems I was so excited to tell her my adventures that when the sun went down this ole woman did not remove her sunglasses.

Is that not scary? Hope my kids don't read this it might get them busy choosing my rest home a lot sooner.
Of course, that just gave Gretchen another reason to laugh out loud but for me it was like OH GOD what is wrong with me!

About the Glen Beck show. I am not a Fox News junkie but my friend is and I know from the crowd that was there she is not the only one. I do have to tell you one thing he said that blew my mind. He was talking about the President and how he did not handle the oil spill in the Gulf and then he says," If they would have just used Joy Behar  mouth to cover the leak it would of solved two problems. ''
He of course got a lot of hoorays for that remark.  Joy Behar is the red head on The View. I don't keep up with that show either. In fact I am wasting my money by paying for Dish TV. 
Of course when Bill O'Reilly appeared on stage he joked about the women on the View and how they walked out on him while he was there on their show. He loved it that they did that just more publicity for him. Wait til I tell you what he said about Barbara Walters. WOW

Keep in touch for my continued coverage of my trip. But right now I want to remind you of my giveaway that ends on the 8th. Have not a clue what day the 8th is on this week but I am sure it is soon. So if you have not entered please go to that post and sign up to win a very generous gift certificate from our friend LuLu Kellogg.

Off to clean my bedroom and find something warm to put on I am freezing. lol....I need to make candy and decorate too. Christmas was so much more fun when I was a kid and all I did was search the house for hidden gifts and wait on Santa. Now it is run here, buy that, do this, don't forget that, make this, order that, decorate everything even the cat. hahahaha
Love to all

Thursday, December 2, 2010

One of A Kind Giveaway with Two Winners!

If only you could see the smile that I have on my face right this minute while doing this post. You know by reading my site that I think that the friends I have on here are the best in the whole world. Every single one of you that follow me are truly one of a kind and that is exactly what this giveaway is ONE Of A Kind! 

One of my dearest friends on here who most of you know from her site LuLu Kellogg  has offered a generous gift certificate to her Etsy Shop. How sweet is that to do for me and you.

 If you are familar with LuLu's work then you know how gifted and creative she is with her pieces. Her work is truly one of a kind and I am lucky enough to have one of her neclaces that she created just for me. Now if your the lucky winner you can own one of her signature pieces.

Don't miss out on your chance to win this generous giveaway! LuLu will also be adding pieces to her Etsy Shop so click HERE  to keep checking in with her site. The first winner will be selected from the Random Generator for LuLu's Gift Certificate by leaving a comment on this post only.

Second winner will win my famous Ms. Ruby's Chocolate Fudge or Peanut Clusters.

 Extra chance to win put this giveaway on your sidebar or post about it.  Be sure and come back and let me know that you have put this giveaway on your sidebar.

Good luck to all of you in winning LuLu's $25.00 Gift Certificate or Ms. Ruby's Chocolate. Giveaway ends midnight central standard time at midnight on December 8th.

I can not thank Lu Lu enough for giving me the chance to offer this special giveaway.  Also thank you for entering.

Love to all