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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Maggie's Accident!

This is Christi, Maggies daughter writing a note on her behalf! Mom had a accident at work yesterday. She was taken by EMS to the ER and was there most of the morning but is home now. I will be staying with her for a few days until she is back on her feet. It was not a act of violence or involved a inmate but as mom is the story teller I will leave that to her to write to all of you.
Every time Mom and I talk she tells me about all of you so by knowing this I wanted to let all of you know about her accident. She is a strong person and does not let much keep her down so I am sure in a day or two you will get her story.
Meantime I am trying to keep her in bed but the cat scan showed no breaks but she has a goose egg knot on the back of her head and a cut. Poor thing is black and blue all over and can hardly move but she says she is okay.
Thanks everyone for always making her days brighter and I can see how much she loves all of you.
Oh if I don't add this I am in trouble....she is going to be fine and not to worry about her but to be sure and read her blogazine guest this week about Melanie ...thats my crazy Mom worrying about someone else!
Thanks everyone

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Please Welcome Melanie to Blogazine!

Hey everyone we are blessed this week to have another story. This is Melanie from Mels Coffee Break blog and you will love what she has to say about herself and family.

First, I just have to say a big "Thank you!" to sweet Ms. Maggie for inviting me to be a Blogazine guest. What a huge honor! I love reading her blog so much, and she's really been a huge inspiration to a newbie blogger like me.
I actually find it a little difficult to devote this post to talking about myself. I would much rather write about my faith, family, and two funny little boys. However, I would love to get to know you so I'll go first and tell a little about myself in hopes that you'll stop by my blog and introduce yourself as well! :-)
I live in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of east Tennessee. I find it a bit hard to describe myself, but I've been called both a "southern belle" and a "firecracker" so I'm not sure which is actually more accurate. My husband said he would describe me as "bubbly, warm, and enthusiatic". I love life. I love to laugh. I love God. I love my family. I strive to cherish each moment of every day, and to appreciate each of God's blessings. My husband is a pilot, and I work as a software developer. We are going to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary next month! We are the proud parents of two sweet (and very active!) little boys. Isaac is five years old and is a ball of energy! Jeremiah is our baby, and at 18 months, is an expert climber. Life is never dull at our house, and we wouldn't change a thing.

I have always loved to write, but in school chose a very technical field in order to find a "stable" career. So, I first started blogging in January, 2010 in order to have a creative outlet and a hobby. I have enjoyed meeting new people through my blog and realized that perhaps God opened this door for me in order to be able to share more about Him and to encourage others. Life is so hectic, and responsibilities are so demanding. Mel's Coffee Break is meant to be a place of refreshment and encouragement for others going through these daily challenges.
I want to share something new that I am starting on my blog, and I am so excited! I hope that all of Grandma Yellow Hair's readers will join me in this new challenge! It's called "Hide His Word Wednesday's". I am challenging myself to learn a new Bible verse each week, and then to continue to refresh the verse over several weeks and months in order to really commit it to my long-term memory. I would love to have you join me!

Thank you, Ms. Maggie for this opportunity. Keep up the wonderful work you do. I appreciate your sweet encouragement, and am very thankful for you.

Lots of love,


Thank you sweet Melanie for doing such a great inspiring story for all of us to enjoy. Love your family picture to that you shared with us. I do need to join your Hide His Words Wednesday. So I must get over to your site and see what to do next.

Also I appreciate everyone supporting all of these great Blogazine guest. Remember if you missed any you can catch up on the past post by clicking on the page at the top of my site. Everyone has a story to tell so be sure and send me yours so I can feature you next on here.

I survived another day on the north forty and sorry about the pity party on yesterdays post. lol ....Guess I was so tired I was as Susan said Punch Drunk...haha...If you have not read the comments from that post please do because as always they are some good ones. Sweet Susan's comment had me almost rolling on the floor but I knew if I did I would of never been able to get back up by myself.....

Love to all

Monday, April 26, 2010

Just Tired!

Good gosh I feel like a 18 wheeler ran over me this morning and then backed up and did it again and all I did was work three days at the Sheriffs Office. I did not play professional football in Dallas this weekend against my sister Kate who plays for the Minnesota Vixens. (Kate and sister Libbie adopted me as their sister) Good grief Kate you have to feel like me this morning. Let us know how the game went and are you girls allowed to come back to Texas anytime soon….lol…been trying my best to get Kate and Libbie to do a Blogazine post for me but so far they are acting like step sisters…hahahaha

I had so wanted to be off this past weekend and drive to Dallas to see her play but my Sgt felt like I needed to work more than have fun. Story of this ole grandma’s life. Who knows maybe I will win the lotto and fly in for one of her home games.

Today I am off from the Sheriffs office but not the ranch. I have so many chores out here to do that I honestly don’t have a clue which one to do first or where to start. So what do I do I start a blogging post. Every few days it rains here so the grass is growing faster than the hair on ole Harry Cheeks butt….remember him. Sorry should not bring up past gross post especially on a Monday morning. I also have to deal with the house in town that the renters left in a wreck. It’s a good thing I can’t afford to run away because today would be the day to do it.

I get an email from my friend Sharon who is in Mexico for 5 weeks vacationing and the poor thing is complaining about her apt is too small. Sharon if you are reading this honey  how many times have I told you DO YOU not know how lucky and blessed you are! So enjoy yourself and the little apt. I do love you honey but Geezzzz Louise you could be living my life. What am I going to do with her?

Now back to my problems. Over the three days at work they were pretty average. Praise God no one murdered anyone since we already are dealing with 6 murders already with five of them in our jail to watch for the next few years. Ms. Pearl only came out once when a drunk called her Baby. As you know from past experiences with Ms. Pearl the poor guy drunk or not will probably never ever use the word Baby again in a sentence the rest of his life. After I thought about it I started laughing and a bit ashamed of Ms. Pearl but once words are out of your mouth you can’t take them back. Right!

Then one of our trustees I was talking to him and I noticed that he had carved up his arm real bad with the name of his son. It is sad when someone like him gets so depressed that they choose to mutilate their own body. Can you believe he used a pencil to do this and he cut it deep too. The danger of him getting staff infection is what I was concerned about besides his mental issues as well... I talked to him for a long time about this and not being a therapist I was trying to choose my words carefully. I also kept Ms. Pearl at bay even though she was dying to jump out and have her say. I wanted to immediately put him up and take away his trustee status but I felt like being short handed over the weekend I needed him closer to me than farther away so I let him stay out. I did a report for the Sgt to get him MHMR services today and do something with him. Sad just Sad.

Then during visitation a woman comes to window dressed like well lets just say she did not have everything covered that needed covering so I would not let her visit. She got rather unraveled about it and it’s a good thing for her that Ms Pearl did not join her in the lobby because I have a feeling she would have been inside the bars instead of just visiting.

Anyway the day was finally over and I came home wanting to soak for hours in the tub but by the time I fed the animals around here and was taking my boots off the door bell rang. It was my baby brother Gary and his girlfriend Sherry. I always love seeing them but boy I was tired. I felt really bad because to tell you the truth I was not much company. I guess I was so boring that every once in a while they would give each other a little kiss or two and I was like alright already get a room but not here…..hahaha. No I was just tired but glad they stopped by even though it was 11 before I got to turn in. Maybe I was a tad jealous too because I was turning in with Tinkerbell the cat. Who knows!

So this morning I thought if I did a post maybe it would inspire me to get up off my lazy dooper as my grandbabies will not let me say butt and get my chores done. Wish me luck…not sure if I can force myself on the tractor or not but guess I have no choice.

Hope all of you have a wonderful week.

Love to all


The only difference
between a rut and a
grave is the depth.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Crazy Old Men!

Just wanted to spend a little time with you tonight before turning in early. As you have heard me say a hundred time’s 3:30am comes to dang early… tomorrow it is back to the good ole roll of Barney Fife at the Sheriff’s Dept.

Hope everyone has had a productive and joyous week. To me it flew by just like the rest of the April. I worked around the ranch the last two days and wanted to share some of that with you this evening.

The lady that owns this place has a relative of hers come out about once a month and service the equipment that I use mowing. He lives about two hours from here so usually stays a day or two when he comes to work. In no way is he like the young hunks that I show you from time to time that I need for ranch hands….hahaha….Roy’s wife died a few years ago and he enjoys coming to the ranch for a break from his normal routine. I am guessing he is around 69 years old. He is very nice and when he first started doing this he kept asking me out and I kept turning him down. Mainly because he is totally not my type and there is no attraction there. None what so ever! I am not totally cruel and on occasions’ we have gone to a local café for lunch but with the understanding that it is not a date. It was hardest thing explaining to him that I was not interested in dating him but I think it finally sunk in and we are just friends.

Yesterday when Roy showed up he brought a friend along with him by the name of Charles. Charles is a neighbor of Roy’s and loves to come here so he can fish. Well they got here about noon and I talked to them for a few minutes and then told them I had to get some mowing done.

I think that was the last normal meeting I had with those two all afternoon. If you have ever seen the crazy movie with Jack Lemon, Walter Mathhau and Ann Margaret then you can somewhat understand the kind of afternoon I had with these two idiots.

Every few minutes while I was mowing one of them would show up on the Mule or another tractor, either bringing me water or just stopping me to talk. Now the first two or three times within an hour I did not think too much about it. Lord knows I needed to mow so I would hurry them on their way and no sooner would one leave the other showed up. Finally after several hours of this nonsense Charles shows up for probably the sixth time and we are talking I am trying not to be mad and then here comes Roy in the farm truck. I thought geeze Marie this is too freaking much.

I have Roy on one side of my tractor and Charles on the other. I finally say look guys I give up! Do you two realize that thanks to you I have got very little mowing done? Of course this was funny to them. Ends up they are begging me to go have dinner with them at a nearby Mexican place. Realizing they were not going to leave me alone I quit and went and had dinner with the two nuts. Charles kept us both laughing through out the meal and then we came home and I tried to hide in the house but ended up down at the Gazebo and fishing for a little while….it was just a crazy day. Before I left them at the fishing hole I made them both promise not to bother me at all the rest of the night and tomorrow when I had to mow. It was like talking to two kids. I’m not kidding you it was just too darn funny.

Anyway thank goodness this morning I mowed with only two interruptions and then the nuts left at noon. Thank goodness they did so I could mow.

Isn’t it strange how funny people can act. I was thinking about that while I was mowing. If I had been attracted to either of them I hate to think that I would of acted as foolish as they did with me. hahaha

I have to say it was the strangest day of mowing in a very long time! Tonight I will pray that poor Roy meets a really nice sweet lady and they fall madly in love. He is ready for that in his life and deserves it.

The only time I think I acted that silly was over a Warden of mine. Funny thing his name was Roy too. When he put on his cowboy hat with his tight fitting jeans I swear every female for miles around knees would go weak…and his eyes oh boy what pretty eyes.

I guess it’s a good thing Roy was not Roy….lol

Also wanted to wish my older brother Billy, a very Happy Birthday today! He is 63 and I just can not believe it. wow It only seems like yesterday he and I were kids at home playing baseball or football. This is him the day before Easter with my Kaci and Bailey on my front porch swing. Boy they love their Uncle Billy!

This is my Bailey on the John Deere I mow with. He and Kaci named it

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! I will be dealing with Inmates instead of tractors but thats okay one day soon maybe I can retire and sit on the front porch swing...
Sweet Dreams,

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bad at 95 years old!

Howard is 95 and lives in a senior citizen home. Every night after dinner, Howard goes to a secluded garden behind the center to sit and ponder his accomplishments and long life.

One evening, Annabel, age 87, wanders into the garden. They begin to chat, and before they know it, several hours have passed. After a short lull in their conversation, Howard turns to Annabel and asks, "Do you know what I miss most of all?"
She asks "What?"
He replies "SEX!!!"

Annabel exclaims, "Why you old fart, you couldn't get it up if I held a gun to your head!"

"I know", Howard says, "but it would be nice if a woman just held it for a while".
"Well, I can oblige," says Annabel, who gently unzips his trousers and removes his manhood and proceeds to hold it. Afterward, they agree to meet secretly each night in the garden where they would sit and talk and Annabel would hold Howard's manhood.

Then, one night, Howard didn't show up at their usual meeting place. Alarmed, Annabel decided to find Howard and make sure that he was OK She walked around the home until she found him sitting by the pool with another female resident who was holding Howard's manhood!
Furious, Annabel yelled, "You two-timing creep! What does she have that I don't have?!?"

Howard smiled and replied..............."Parkinson's"

Sorry guys but I laughed so hard when I read this joke I had to share it with you all......I know I am bad but I can not be good every day of the week.

Love to all

Monday, April 19, 2010

Around Mumsys is our guest on Blogazine!

I have to be one of the luckest bloggers in the world to keep receiving such great stories from all of you! This story will be one you want soon forget and neither will you forget the sweet lady that was kind enough to share it with us. Would you believe we share the same name Maggie! So welcome lovely Maggie to Blogazine and into your hearts!

I am new to Blogger and by no means am I on the same level as the wonderful blog writers I have found here. I told my hubby the other day how much I love reading the blogs on Blogger, but since starting mine i feel like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. I am not a writer, I do not make and/or sell anything nor do I do any of the other things that I have found some of you do who blog here. I have seen the results of a lot of great talent on all the blogs I have visited.
I was surprised and a little nervous but I felt honored when Maggie asked me to write about myself for her Blogazine. Thank you, sweet Maggie.

My name is also Maggie. My oldest son began calling me “Mumsy” many years
ago so I use that name for all my online activities.

I knew at a very young age and dreamed of what I wanted to do when I grew up, most of which came to pass but not in the way I thought that it would. I wanted to have a wonderful, handsome husband, 12 children and be a nurse.
I started trying to fulfill that dream at a very young age. I married at 16 against my mother’s wishes and advice. That marriage ended after 10 years with the only good thing coming from it being a wonderful son. My ex took our son and left the state where we were living. With the help of a lady in our governor’s office I finally found him after 20 years. There is no way to describe the feeling I had when I held that man in my arms. He was 8 years old when he was taken from me and 28 when I saw him again. I only gave birth to the one son and after miscarrying and having to have a hysterectomy at the age of 29 I thought my dream of having 12 children had been crushed, but it hadn’t, my children were just going to come to me in a different way than I expected them to.

My first time to help a child was when I was about 11 years old, my sister was 9. There was a little girl who was probably between 2 and 3 years old that we would see on the street near our home now and then. We did not know where the little girl lived. She was always dirty and her hair was all in tangles. One day I told my sister that we were going to clean that little girl up. We took her inside our house, gave her a bath, washed and ironed her dress, shampooed and fixed her hair then put her back out on the street where we found her. We never saw the little girl again after that. Today I would never dare do anything like that for I am sure I would be accused of kidnapping or be sued for something. It was a summer day in 1950 when we cleaned that little girl up.

I moved back to Arkansas after my marriage ended and started a new life. A man I worked with kept telling me that I would get along well with his cousin and kept asking me to double date with him, his lady friend and his cousin. I was pretty much down on men coming out of an abusive marriage and kept refusing the invitation. He told me that his cousin looked like Kirk Douglas and he was the sweetest guy I would ever meet. After several months of him not giving up on asking me I finally told him if he would promise to leave me alone about dating for ever after I would go out one time with his cousin.

The four of us went out one Saturday night. The only thing about his cousin that looked like Kirk Douglas was the way he combed his hair, but he was right about the guy being the sweetest one I would ever meet. We saw each other every night and some days after that and married 6 months later. That was over 40 years ago and we are still together and enjoy life very much. My hubby and son were abandoned by his first wife. His son was a teenager when we married, he and I got along from the get go and have a wonderful relationship still.

After we had been married 3 years we became foster parents for the state of Arkansas and for our local humane society. We fostered children for a little over 18 years and adopted 5 of our foster children.

Most of the children we took in were special needs children. After the first few years we only parented and cared for drug babies, severely physically abused babies, sexually abused babies, aids babies, babies who were not expected to live long or had extreme disabilities and those that were failure to thrive. That brought about my wish to become a nurse. I do not have a degree in nursing but I have been taught many procedures and care tactics that are performed by nurses. I learned about disorders, diseases, machines and medical terms and issues that I never knew existed until we began caring for those precious little babies with little or no hope of living for long or at all.

We saw many children find loving adoptive parents, some reunited with biological parents and some went to live with grandparents or other relatives. We still see and hear from some of them once in awhile. I still remember every child well and miss them and think about them often.

We are now retired from fostering children and my hubby has retired from carrying the mail. We still take in animals we find in need of a home if we have the room and the means to care for them although we no longer foster for the humane society either. Enough of those sweet critters find their way to us without us being foster parents. We now have 3 dogs, 3 cats, 2 guinea pigs and a hamster that keep us entertained.
Hubby and I enjoy working in the yard and piddling around the house. We have 5 wonderful grands, 3 boys and 2 girls and 2 precious great grands a boy and a girl.

My cup of dreams is running over with much more than I could ever have hoped for, I have a terrific hubby, 7 children and those precious grands. I was blessed to have cared for 117 precious foster children and as many or more sweet critters. Then to find such wonderful people here at Blogger, the blessings just keep coming. I love life and I am so thankful for everyone and everything that I share it with.

Mumsy’s Place is my personal website where I have true stories about some of the children and critters if you would be interested in learning more about me and my life and then I also have my blog here on Blogger

Borrowing the words from a song…who could ask for anything more?

Wow what a genuine loving person to come into our lives. Aren't we lucky to have met this Maggie today? I can not thank you enough Maggie for writing this for all of us. You are a blessing!

Remember everyone has a story to tell and we would love to read yours on one of the Blogazine post. So don't be shy send in your story to  be sure and include a picture too.

Love to all

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Get Well Wishes for Karyn and Julie!

Hello everyone! Could not go to bed tonight without telling you about two of our dear friends on here that need our prayers. I feel really guilty about doing a  post about my problems that are so small compared to what others on here are dealing with.
 These two ladies are so sweet and gracious to all and both have been going through some rough weeks. Karyn over at French Charming is suffering horribly with her neck and back. A injury she received from work a while back and it has only gotten worse. Karyn is hurting and I thought if we would all lift her up in prayer she will soon recover and be back writing and creating for all of us to enjoy.

Also another friend we all love is Julie from The Harwards.  Julie was recovering from surgery when she had to be life flighted to a hospital many miles from where she lives only to have another surgery. Goodness Julie has really had a rough time of it and also needs our prayers. So with our prayers I just know that Julie too will be back entertaining us all with her sweet post and lovely comments.

Ladies I know everyone misses you and wishes you well soon. Just take care of yourselfs and know that we are all thinking about you and love you. Wish I could send you both some real flowers.
I will be tickled pink when you both are back to blogging again.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Tomorrow morning I will be posting a story from another blogger on here that shares the name of Maggie too. Can you guess what blog is hers? Well come back in the morning and check out her will love it!

Sweet Dreams

Friday, April 16, 2010

This Post is Rated X

Hello everyone….I have missed all of you and wanted to try and do a post tonight. Thank you Shell for your story and I appreciate all of you leaving us the sweet comments. I have another great lady lined up and will post her story in a few days.
It has been one of those weeks where I wanted to run away and be somebody else but as it turns out I am too chicken so here I am still here still trying to figure it all out. You know in a good novel or movie the main character runs off starts their life over, meets the most beautiful person in the world their first day in the new town and so on and so on…if it were only that easy I would be in that new town tonight. Hahaha

My week started with me meeting my former renter at my home to inspect it and get my keys back. We all have some kind of sixth sense in us and know that this is not going to be a good meeting. I asked my sister-in-law Linda to ride with me to be my witness since I did not feel good about this meeting.

Turns out my house was so bad that since this meeting I have thought of a 101 ways to torture bad people. Lol…or should I say Ms Pearl has thought of all these ways. After my divorce I have to confess to you all that I wrote a pretty good short story about torturing the ex and the girlfriend….actually I have to admit I would still like to try some of them but will save that for another post

I don’t like people that are idiots…Sorry I know that’s tough words coming out of my mouth but geezzzzz Marie this freaking family have really did a number on me where I was so depressed all week that I let them keep me from being me. Does that make sense to you? I let them ruin my whole week….and sink me into deep depression and awful thoughts.

Now I have to get my big butt up and quit the pity party and get busy doing whatever it takes to get this house back to some kind of half way shape so I can sale it. I am to the point where I am going to ask almost nothing for it just to be away from the stress of dealing with it.
Yes Ms. Pearl came out during the meeting but thank God she had sense enough to let Maggie do most of the screaming… I had a good talking to her on the drive over telling her that if she ended up in jail for assault then I was giving them the name of Pearl and Maggie was going home…it worked and no one during the meeting was hurt other than me being devastated over the house. When I saw that the bathtub, commodes and sinks had not been cleaned in six months I did tell the idiot that I could not believe that people really live like this. Honestly it was like a bad nightmare and would I ever wake up. I have never seen anything so disgusting and dirtier in all my life. And believe me I have seen some filth working for the Sheriffs Dept. Pigs just pigs is all I can say and you know what that idiot woman said to me and Linda, “Excuse me Maggie but this is just how it was when we moved in.!” She even had the stupid gall to say I have pictures to prove it. OMG she is crazier than Ms. Pearl ever dreamed of being.

Honestly I wish that someone would have been filming this meeting because it is right up there on the top of the ten stupidest times of my life.

So my friends now you know why I have not been around most of the week. I have missed all of you and will do my best to catch up with all of you in the near future. That is if I don’t carry out some of my 101 ways to torture idiots.

Thanks for always being here for me and love to all


Monday, April 12, 2010

Blogazine Guest Shelly!

It's such a great way to start my week introducing a new friend out here in our world of blogging.
Shelly is someone you will feel an instant connection with and will enjoy her lovely site. So say hello to Shelly from Bungalow Bling!

So Maggie asked me to tell you a bit about Me. I've been blogging for a little over a year. But "Bungalow Bling" came to be about 9 months ago when I started crafting things for friends. It started with a Wedding Cake Topper, then a Birthday Cake Topper,,,a crown, and well a few things for the darling girlie "Frou frou" shop I work in called "Joyworks." More crowns, more crafts, more Toppers,,,,,,yadda yadda!

Joyworks is a big part of my life, even though I've only worked on and off there part time for the last 10 years. We're located in cute little Historic Downtown Snohomish Washington, right on the River. I work, truly with the best group of women ever. They are my co-workers, yes, but also my dear friends and I consider them all family! We're all different,,have different strengths and weaknesses, but get along well! Joyworks is the vision of my dear boss Clarice, now 73, who still works Full time! I could go on and on, but suffice it to say you SHOULD check out the Joyworks blog too, where Clarice's talented and wonderful daughter Jana posts regularly. ( )

I'm active in the Chamber of Commerce. My "Baby" is the Easter Parade and Bonnet Contest, which actually takes place tomorrow! I'm also involved in the Historic Society and my home was on the Parlour Tour this year for Christmas,,,,,all "done up" in it's finery for the masses to peruse! I had fun decorating,,,,for say,,,,6 weeks prior to the Event!

That said, I've lived in the Historical district of this little town on the Snohomish River for over 30 years now. I live in a little 90 something Craftsman Bungalow with my "fur babies."

I have a Golden Retriever (Kodi) my love and "flunkie" whom I purchased from a school that trains guide and companion dogs. Kodi's abit ADD,,,and didn't past muster their program,,,,,so I got my "Mark down dog" from them them around the age of two. He's a love,,,but bull headed! I also have a Black Lab Mix,,,,Shadow, the runt of 8 who thinks she is boss,,I actually acquired her from a rental tenant that was neglecting her. I also have two "Tuxedo" kitties, Holly, "my special needs kitty, who is a "case"-she was adopted and returned twice before I got her. Holly doesn't say "meow" she says "ME NOW!" And, my last critter, "Tuxie" is a small but mighty hunter I inherited about a year and a half ago, when my mother passed away. They are a constant source of love and entertainment.
I also own a little cottage directly behind me where my son and former Marine, Andrew, 25 lives with his roomie,,,aka my other son, Frank. They're all "buff and stuff" and help me with things like opening jars and releasing the ocassional "prey" that Tuxie catches! ackk!

I've been creating most of my life. In my teen years, I made all my clothes, costumes for plays, ski clothes, and eventually wedding gowns and nursery items. Then, I ended up raising two little boys by myself for 13 years. The creativity kind of took a dive.

In 1994, I created a wedding gown and remarried. Three months later, I was widowed unexpectedly to say the least. My husband, Karl, was a pilot and aerial photographer, ironically, he died as the result of a car accident. One doesn't expect to be widowed at 37. Lots of pain, lots of tears, but I'd like to think that the grief taught me a lot about what IS important in life. Like, don't sweat the small stuff, USE the good dishes/towels. If you help others, your grief becomes more meaningful AND less. And always, always, always, tell people you love them.

I'd worked in Mgmt and Buying at Nordstrom and left there to work in Adverstising and eventually had my own company. When Karl died, I just needed a new direction and went back to College and got a degree. I've never used my Psychology degree, but I'm glad that I took time to learn new things and I think the College "kids" helped me be the best I could be and think towards the future. I'm an avid reader, I read various genre, on the average about 18 books a month. I LOVE to learn new things! My Kindle is my best electronic friend!

I also love "old stuff," vintage, antiques, repurposing, creating, collecting. I don't buy things because of Names,,,,,I buy things because they make me happy! I collect Angels and Cherubs, LOVE old pottery and dishes! Vintage postcard, for their graphics, but also for the fun old messages on the back side!

I've kind of gotten in "the Zone" the last year. I cannot wait to get in my studio and glitter/glue, create! It's a hunger, as many of you know! My cake toppers,,,,my recent Gallery Exhibit, gifts for friends, swaps, Loving it all! But mostly? Truly? Is all the wonderful friends I've met through blogging! My family is small, and some of you that I have met in this Venue, I truly consider part of my family. Thank you!

Oh Shoot, Maggie Dear, I hope I didn't go on too long, or put anyone to sleep!
Thanks for allowing me to share! I have SO loved meeting the folks that you have posted on your blog! Feel free to edit/cut/paste if I went overboard!

Hugs and Love you to "Pieces,"

Thank you Shell for doing this story for all of us and No you did not go overboard! Your story is in no way boring and I hated to read the part about your husband and loosing him so soon and suddenly after your marriage.. I am so sorry honey.
I love the way everyone has supported the Blogazine post. Being able to bring you all these lovely people does Tinkle me
Tonight I finally got on to my gmail for Blogazine and was surprised how many friends have sent me their stories for posting or publication. After all it is a Blogazine. So in all fairness to everyone I am posting your stories by the order I receive them in my email box. Just remember when you send me your story include a picture of yourself or of something you want with your story. Please don't be shy and wait for a invitation to be on here just send me your story.
Love to all

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I Was Just Wondering!

Hello everyone!
First Thanks so much for alll the kind encouraging comments left to me on my previous post. Hope all of you are having a great restful weekend. Mine has been semi-crazy but no more than usual at the Sheriffs Dept. One more day and I am off from there for two days. Only one crazy today and it was me! hahaha No Ms Pearl minded her manners and kept her mouth shut most of the day. I did have to fuss at one guy who kept showing the crack in his butt. I finally made him put on a larger uniform but not before asking him in front of all his cellmates...How would you like me to walk around like that all day ....showing my old wouldn't be pretty and neither is yours! I guess Ms Pearl did come out once maybe.....

The last few months, I have been wanting to do a post about Blog Titles and just have never taken the time to do it. I have questions that I have been wanting to ask all of you and since its easier this way than to send each of you a email.....I guess you just have to cater to me on this one.
First how did all of you come by your Blog Title? Was it a hard decision for you or one of those decisions that just right away you knew what you wanted for you name. Its been almost a year since I named my site and if I remember right it was relatively hard for me but I finally thought oh heck its just going to be me and maybe one other person reading it so Just Between Me and You was created. hahaha
Second question I have been pondering too is if you could change your name what would you change it too. I would probably have to name mine AKA Ms. Pearl or Grandmayellowhair or 365 Ways to Ride a John Deere!
No just kidding but there are some funny names out here in blogland and some are my followers and hope they don't mind me using their names as examples but you have to admit these are some funny titles....All Men Are Dumb,I Are One,... Anything Fits A Naked Man,..... A Full Time Housefly, ....Not the Good Scissors,..... Queen B, ......Chickens in the Basement, ......Musing of a Sea Witch and of course hootianni....the list could go on and on. Tell me some titles that you think are funny or unusual!
Do men gnerally have funnier names than women for their sites? Have you ever went to a site just because of the name?
I know your thinking geeez Maggie thats a lot of questions for us to answer. Its not like I expect you to answer all of them but I do want you to answer at least the first one.  Come on just play along and help me out here.....I am expecting no less than  317 comments .....hahahahaha  Like I said, I Was Just Wondering!

Sweet Dreams

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Life Is Good!

What a wonderful life I've had! I only wish I'd realized it sooner.
Do you see pictures and try to put words with them? This is one of those pictures you could easily put a lot of words together to describe what the poor kitty is thinking!
Have you ever felt like you have too much weighing you down or some body is always sticking their butt where it doesn't belong. (sorry couldn't resist that one) hahaha

I know I have but that was before I met all of you!
Now no matter how big the problem is in my life I know that you guys are out there for me. And I am so grateful for all of you! So thank you for stopping by and checking on me again.
Today started out cold and windy and I thought it was February again. I thought OH NO not cold weather again. But by noon this is what I saw
beautiful fields of blue bonnets our state flower of Texas! They are all over the fields now where I live. We were hoping for more of them Saturday so the kids could take pictures in them but it was too soon. They are here now.Along with fields of Indian Paint Brushes.

I don't have to tell you when it got warmer what I had to do....yes mow and mow....I mowed way in the back fields so I would not disturb these fields of wild flowers. The field I was mowing in had not been cut yet this Spring so the grass was high. I was using ole John Deere to mow with and I ran over a big stone and it bounced me so high that only by the grace of God did I manage to grab hold of something and not fall completely off the tractor. I did fall off the seat....but was able to get back on it pretty quick before I ran into a tree. I felt like an idiot but thats how quickly accidents happen. Thank goodness this story had a Happy Ending too. hahaha  Of course when 3:30 am comes in the morning I may not be able to get out of bed.
Its my weekend to work at the Sheriffs Office and I am praying that it is a slow weekend but I have a feeling that before its over I will feel like that poor kitty in the picture above.

The state of Georgia is known for its Georgia Peaches and one of them that I love is Susan at Art of Mine. She received this sweet award for her lovely site and has sent this to me for my blog. I am always surprised when someone gives me an award. Thank you Susan for thinking of me. Susan is fairly new in blogland but the short time she has been on here she has made a huge impact on my life. I have talked to Susan on the phone several times and each time I hang up with the biggest smile on my face. She is a sweetheart that you will instantly love. Please go by and say hello to Susan at Art of Mine.
If you accept this award you have to tell seven things about yourself that no one knows about yourself in blogland. Well since I am a open book on here that is a challenge.  You would not believe the seven things Susan shared on her site. Good grief they make mine look so small.. hahaha
1.  Growing up I was terribly shy. Actually did not come out of it until my late twenties.
2.  I once owned my own Ceramic Shop and loved it.
3.  I was lucky enough to spend a summer on Lake Michigan and flew there on a private jet!
4.  I worked for the prison system here in Texas for 15 years and guarded the worse serial killer in Texas history. (At the time we did not know he was a serial killer) 
5.  Growing up I have always dreamed of being a pilot like Amelia.
6. My dream when I got older was to write a novel. I still wish for this.
7. My daughter and I both suffer with the horrible painful muscle disease Fibromyalgia!

Our Lovely Donna of the blog Brynwood Needleworks, received this beautiful Sunshine award, and I'm one of the ladies she's passing it to.  Once again, I am shocked that someone does this for me. Thank you Donna!

Donna is one of those ladies that seem to pull it all together so effortlessly. She intrigues me how many projects she takes on and completes in a short time.  Her biggest project going on now is a wedding dress that is absolutely gorgeous and I am in awe of anyone that even sews a flower girls dress much less the brides gown...On top of all this she and Handsome (her hubby) ride Harleys.  I adore Donna and truly love her. If you have not met Donna please take the time to do so at Brynwood Needlworks.
I am very grateful for these two awards and as in the past there is no way I can pick a few bloggers to pass on these awards too. Please don't think bad of me but I have done this before and it is just too hard on me. So please all of you that are reading this now please take one of these for your site and enjoy it as much as I am enjoying them. Also if you take the Kreative one please tell us seven things we do not know about you.

I have another great Blogazine story for all of you so come back for that great story! Also I need to show you what I bought at Warrenton. I did find something that I would like to give in a giveaway sometime in the future.

Sweet dreams


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Welcome Lisa from the Davis Diaglogues

Hi everyone!
I pray you all had a wonderful Easter weekend.  Kaci and Bailey called last night and wanted to know how many eggs the Easter Bunny left hidden in my yard for me and Tinkerbell. hahahaha
I so loved reading all of your sweet comments about mine. As always my friends on here are no doubt the best in the world!

My next Blogazine story was written by Lisa. Her blog is called Davis Diaglogues. Lisa wants to tell you a love story and since it is spring we are all up for a love story especially one with a happy ending!

Disclaimer, *I am not a writer*. I am a crafter, I sew, I paint, I like to make stuff.I’d like to tell you about my love story. After 28 years… my x-husband left us. As weird as it sounds… I didn’t see it coming. Guess I just wouldn’t see that, not my family…..I didn’t believe in divorce.. and……denial is not just a river in Egypt.

So, my girls told me not to worry that I would find someone to love me, ha ha. What is it that they say? …that finding someone after 30 .. you were more likely to be hijacked? Well I was WAY past 30.

But … amazing enough it did happen.

I didn’t really think I’d find love at an old age. (ok older age) Basically I was just living day to day with my girls, keeping a smile on my face. After 3 months of physical exhaustion in fixing up our house, we sold it and were now living in an apartment. The three of us girls. I thought a vacation was the least I could do to cheer up our spirits.

I worked at an office where I called on stores to see if they needed any deliveries of our products. I had made lots of friends on the phone in the 4 different states I called. I had been doing this for almost 3 years. I had a couple of guys that I got along with and stayed on the phone with them just a little bit longer to exchange jokes and talk about our kids (who were the same age). One of the guys called me out of the blue (after a 9 month hiatus. he wasn’t on my list anymore). He told me that he had just gotten divorced. Well I certainly know how awful THAT is. He also wanted to know if I was ever going to come up to the Seattle area. Welllllll …just the day before …I had booked a vacation for my girls and we had a day and a half layover in Seattle. So we said that we would get together, oh… and exchange email addresses, oh …and exchange pictures too!

So, we did, and we talked thru email for a couple of days, and IM chat for a day, and then phone calls every night till our vacation (15 days later) when we actually met in person and went out to dinner. We laugh that there were fireworks (ok it was July 2nd a Friday night and someone was shooting off fireworks) But seriously, there were sparks. He then came down to San Francisco and visited and I went back to Seattle, and then he came to San Francisco and we got engaged and before you knew it (6 months after meeting face to face) we were married and “MOM” did the empty nest thing and moved 2 states away and left my college girls in CA.

Except for the leaving my girls, I’ve never been happier. 5 years later it is still like a dream and our cute love story will always bring back such warm fuzzy feelings. Finding love ‘later in life’ is like a very rich dark chocolate, totally worth savoring and hoping we can make it last a very long time. Yum yum
..· ´¨¨)) -:¦:-

¸.·´ ·´¨¨))                                                                  

((¸¸.·´ ..·´ -:¦:-

-:¦:- ((¸¸.·´*


checkout my blog:

Thank goodness for Happy Endings! I appreciate you for sharing your story with all us and I know that everyone will enjoy checking out your site.

Want to see your story in my Blogazine. Then just send it to me like Lisa did to

Looking forward to sharing the next story with all of you. As always I adore you for stopping by and visiting and hope your all having a great week.

Love to all

Sunday, April 4, 2010

This Day Was A Little Bit of Heaven!

Hello Everyone and a very Happy Easter to all of you my dear sweet friends. My babies came yesterday to the North Forty and what a time ole Grandmayellowhair had playing with these two.
Kaci spent a lot of time picking wild flowers and wanted me to give them to my friends I told her about that I had met on here!

Of course, we had to do some picture taking in between the flower picking!

One set she picked for all of you and other for her Grandmayellowhair. So please enjoy your pretty wild flowers picked on the North Forty!

Tinkerbell spent most of her day under my bed....Kaci found her treats and tempted her out  and managed somehow to get a hug or two for the treats......

Don't let this picture of Bailey fool you!

This was the first time he slowed down all day. His mom made him change into his Easter clothes so she could take a few was taken at the guest house ...or should I say Play House now. He and Kaci claimed it for their new playhouse this summer...
Bailey played one game after another all day....wore me out! After this game of Latter Ball we played baseball and then hunted more Easter Eggs and then more Easter Eggs....All in all it was a prefect day for being Grandmayellowhair!

Today I can barely walk but what a blessing to wake up on Easter Sunday tired from playing with you two grandbabies.  This morning I thought of all of you and prayed that your weekend was blessed with love like this and that God touched you like he has touched me.
I also realized last night when I was cleaning up the kitchen that if it had not been for all of you out here in my world of blogging I never would of appreciated and enjoyed the day I had yesterday as much as I did.
Not sure I can tell you exactly what I mean but these past six months with all of you has brought me to a place where I have been wanting to be for a long while now. You all are such a bright star to my days and have made me realize how lucky I am. So thanks to your kindness and the love you have all shown me I was able to totally let go yesterday and just love the moment.  I sincerely believe in all my heart that if I had not been communicating with all of you this day would not have meant near as much to me as it did.
From the bottom of my heart thank you all for being who you are and please know that I love all of you!
Happy Easter!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Ms Pearl Needs Your Prayers and The Winner Is!

Before I tell you the latest about Ms Pearl lets talk about something good like who
is the winner of the Paula Deen pans!
What a time I had figuring up the head count for this giveaway....five extra points was confusing will not do that me still bent over like a Willow Tree. No seriously my back is somewhat better today but will have to mow probably by tomorrow because yes it rained here again....

These giveaways are so much fun but I actually stress myself out waiting for the day to pick a winner...then I want everyone to win so that is stressful...but using the Random Generator thing is so much better than writing everyones name down.  I was so excited that yes I did the Random Generator thing at right after the deadline at midnight. lol

A very kind lady won this and if she will just email me her address to then CSN will mail her Paul Deen pans to her.

and the lucky winner is Diane of  Crafty Passions! I was reading Dianes comment and April Fools day was her birthday so Happy Birthday to you and this will be a nice belated birthday gift. Hope you enjoy it Diane and thanks for entering.

Thank you everyone for entering my first sponsored giveaway! I hope that they will ask me to do another one sometime. They do have lots of things on their website to drool over so it was nice to have them sponsor this for all of you. I wanted to enter

You guys are just so sweet to me because all through  this giveaway I had Paul Deen on my sidebar spelled Paula Dean and no one corrected me. I did not notice it until a few days ago and by then being so late I left it. Sorry Ms. Deen for not knowing how to spell your name. (Like she would be reading my site) hahahaha

I am ashamed to write this next part. Yes Ms. Pearl showed herself and she needs your prayers to keep her mouth shut! The only thing she did do that I am so thankful for is she did not hit the woman. Good gosh I could just see me on the other side of the bars trying to get out. Not good!

This story took place at my home in town that I have rented out. Please do not think I am proud of this I am not and it has made me loose two nights of sleep.
 You see as most of you know when my dirt bag hubby left me for his ska_ _, (theres Ms Pearl again) I had to move out of my lovely home in town to live in the country. Don't get me wrong I am blessed to live in this ole farm house but it is not mine.....Anyway I rented my home out in town to a very nice couple who were building their dream home. So the first year was fine having renters but OMG ever since as been like something out of a Steven King movie....pure horror. The renters I have now pay me I suppose by putting the numbers 1 thru 31 in the Random Generator and whatever day comes up they send me a check. Well if I could afford to do that I would live in the lovely home instead. So Ms Renter calls and says she will be paying me April 22 instead of April 1st and I told her that was totally unacceptable and she hung up on me. Well fine who wanted to talk to someone that dumb anyway. So I type up a letter telling her if she could not pay by the 5th she could move out by the 10th....please don't think bad of me but this couple have been doing this to me for 8 months and the last two checks they gave me bounced higher than my butt does on that darn tractor. Long story short I take her the letter by my house and she refused to take the letter so I explained to her what was in it and the reasons for it. I also explained to her if she paid on time for once she could stay but the house was going up for sale immediately.
Let me tell you for about thirty minutes I thought I was dealing with one of the crazy people in jail. She went completely left on me and I was thinking oh my gosh I rented to a real idiot.....This fool was waving her arms and hands like she was trying to learn some new wild native dance all the time screaming in my face and almost hitting me. I actually almost grabbed her one time out of my law enforcement training and slam her to the ground...thank God  I realized I was not a work.What caused Ms. Pearl to surface was when I turned to leave the woman said, "Well at least I still have a Husband!".....where in the world did that come from what in the devil did it have to do with our conversation....Whoa Ms. Pearl calm your big self down because God knows girlfriend Maggie can't go to jail for hitting this woman....don't get me wrong I have never hit anyone but boy Ms Pearl sure wanted to and it took a lot of will power to hold her down! What I said to her I am totally ashamed of Ms Pearl said, "You mean the looser your married too!" Totally uncalled for on my part and I am angry for saying such a horrible thing.
It bothered me all of last night thinking that I had words with this woman and that the reason in the first place that I rented to her was she went to my brothers church and I thought she was a good Christian woman but believe me the words she used yesterday were not coming from a Christian. I am no saint but thank goodness I did not react like her or use the lanuage that she used on me. Boy where is a bar of soap when you need it.

Anyway when I left there she told me that she knew the law and the system and she would live in my house for at least 45 days without paying me rent. Can you imagine! Yes there are people like that who are users.
Well praise God she phoned me this morning and told me they would be out by the 10th but did not know where they were moving too. She also said She was sorry that we exchanged words yesterday!.....I told my sister-in-law Linda about it soon after my renter called me and Linda said, "Oh my gosh I prayed just last night asking God to reach down and touch this woman and make her realize how wrong she was for acting like that and that I knew she went to a good church and to help her."  Linda just could not believe that God had answered her prayers so quickly. I then grabbed Linda hugged her and said, "Ok Linda now tonight when your down on your knees you pray that my home will sale super fast!"

One of the hardest things for me to do was ask a family to move out in such short notice but if I could afford those big house payments I would live there myself. Of course, I might have cut off my nose to spite my face because now there will not be help making payments but I do have the power of prayer.

I think giving up my home was almost as hard on me as giving up what I considered my best friend for 25 years. It was hard very hard packing up years of memories into boxes and moving into someone elses home. My home was full of antiques I had collected over the years and now they are scattered to I don't know how many different homes of family members because this ole farm house could not hold them all. I have learned though it took me several years to do so that God has a reason for me out here taking care of the North Forty....never in my life would I have thought at my age I would deal with inmates and run a ranch but here I am bouncing on a John Deere and trying my best to keep Ms. Pearl in lockdown. hahaha

As far as selling the home I love it is just a memory now and one that I know I can not have back so please pray that house sells and to someone that loved it like I did.

I hope all of you have a wonderful blessed Easter weekend. We are so lucky to have each other in blog land to wish a Happy Easter too. What a blessing all of you are! My son Clint is bringing my two grandbabies to see me Saturday so I have lots to do to get Kaci and Baileys Easter ready for them. They are just spending the day but thats okay my DL has her mom and dad who lives near her in Austin who I know she wants to get back and spend Sunday with them. I take what I time I can get with my little darlings.

Happy Easter everyone and love to all of you