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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Remembering Our Vets!

August 11, 1947 - April 28, 1968

PFC - E3 - Army - Selective Service

101st Airborne Division

Length of service 0 years

His tour began on Mar 3, 1968

Casualty was on Apr 28, 1968




Body was recovered

Panel 52E - Line 44

Ronnie I only had you in my life a short while but still over fourty years later I think of you! Your smile sometimes still gets me through some hard days.

How can I thank you for giving the ultimate scarifice for our country? Rest in Peace honey and know your still loved and missed by all that knew you!

A huge big Thank You for all that serve our county now and in the past.  The sacrifices you suffer everyday to protect us is beyond anything most of can imagine. Also let us thank all the men and women Police Officers, Correction Officers, Firemen , Border Patrols and  Coast Guard who keep our streets safe here in America.  I pray for you everyday but do not thank you enough!

My brother Tommy sent me this today it is a must see! Please take it for your site too...


Friday, May 28, 2010

Roy Not Brad!

You are not gong to believe this story but it happened I guess two days after the toilet paper accident.

Roy (one of the Grumpier Ole Men) came by to tell me goodbye and to ask if I needed anything. He was returning home after mowing out here for about three days.
We were sitting at my round table near the front door and all of sudden he yells well maybe not yells but it sounded like a yell. OMG I forgot to zip my pants and then he reaches down and zips up real fast. Disgusting! I of course did not know what to say but Ms. Pearl said, “Well Roy it seems we are even now! You don’t tell anyone about the toilet paper trail and I won’t tell anyone about you walking around unzipped!” The look on his face was price less but hey when you have a chance to half way save your reputation you take it Right? Hahaha I can not tell you how thank ful I was that I did not see anything. Oh Good Lord ....later I told Christi you read these novels about women starting their lives over and the prefect man moves in next door and so on and so on but NO I get Roy not Brad!

Christi was so thankful that she was at the local Coffee Shop catching up on some work on the internet and was not here to answer the door. Then she had the nerve to say, “You too sound like a good match!” I told her when I am back to normal she will regret putting that out in the universe.

My long lost world traveler of a friend Sharon returned Monday and took me to another Neurosurgeon in College Station. (Remember the one that bought Warrenton out)

Well wish you could have seen us. She was dressed like she stepped out of some New York magazine shoot and I was not even good enough to pose for Good Will shoots. But at least when the doc came in the exam room he knew who to go to…hahaha

He did not have too much to add from the other doctor. He is going to send me to Physical Therapy when I can move around more and to a Pain Management Doctor.

I was hoping he was going to have a miracle cure for me but he was fresh out of those.

Bed rest and different pain pills! I am starting to have a pharmacy over at my house with pain pills. He wants me on Vacodin not sure how you spell it and Valium …not happy about these two but told him I would try it. Actually it is what I turned down from the other Neurosurgeon. (Sharon punched me when I tried to turn down the Valium)

So that is pretty well where I am now. I did manage to ride over to CS which is 45 minutes without passing out on Sharon which is something I feared. She’s lost so much weight running from country to country she would of broke something trying to catch me.

He did tell me that I could prop myself up more than 7 minutes at a time on here…he too thought Christi was a nurse from some Third World Country.
Clint was a sweetheart while he was my nurse. Could not talk him into blogging but when he arrived he was loaded down with soups, crackers, tuna fish, Vienna sausage (lol) and of course cookies and Diet Dr. Pepper. Oh and would you believe Toilet Paper. I guess he heard about how I waste it. He also worked on my house in town that I have not been able to work on since the renters from Hell moved out…we are putting it up with a realtor this next week and giving it away to the lowest bidder. So if you need a nice home in Texas just email me.

I guess I was hoping for him to tell me no nothing is broken just get back up go to work and mow til you drop. But soon that will be in my schedule.

Just wanted to let you know that Maggie is here and moving back and forth to the bed and bathroom but slowly. Also I have not forgotten about my giveaway that ends soon. If I can get someone to take pictures of what I have put in your box then I will post it before then.

I was very excited last night because I slept for the first time in days. I guess the trip wore me out.

Ok back to bed and the ice pack and my view of the ceiling....I hate this ceiling fan does not go with my bedroom ...any suggestions about what I could do with it...besides clean needs a poofy touch right

Love to all


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wiping Your Dooper!

There are 35 boards in my bedroom ceiling. One board where the ceiling fan hangs looks like a web is being spun by a spider and another looks like a spot was missed the last time it was painted. They all could use the swifter duster. Wonder what the ceiling would look like painted pink. Three walls are soft green and one pink so maybe the ceiling should be pink or what goes with pink and green.

Yep in between pain pills I count and recount the boards on the ceiling. No sleep for three days now. Whoever told me these pain pills would knock me out has no knowledge of meds.
Remember Roy one of the Grumpy Old Men who likes to follow me when I mow…well he showed up thank goodness to mow. Yesterday about noon he rings the door bell to see if I need anything from town and I creep to the door thinking I would have another birthday before I get there. Anyway he stepped in and I turned around to turn on the light so it would not be to romantic looking and him get any ideas and when I turned around he just starts laughing and snorting really hard so I flip on the light and ask him what’s so funny and he says, Well Maggie you have something hanging from your pants. I figured I sat on some cat hair or something so not too worried well low and behold when I ran my hand back there a large stream of toilet paper was in my hand. OMG Maggie turned beet red and Ms. Pearl said, “Who in the heck was trying to wrap me while I was sleeping?” Grabbed all of it tried to act like it was no big deal and then hurried Roy out the door. Good gosh it is hell getting old. Now how in the world do you suppose I wiped my dooper and instead of flushing it I was wearing it? I guess while I am recounting the boards today I can try to figure that one out. Thank God it was just Roy at the door and not some good looking man wanting directions to town. Lol

Love to all



Dictated to Christi and submitted by Christi…(mom is not getting better so we are trying to get her into another neurosurgeon that might do something besides just telling her to lay in bed for 4 weeks until the bones heel. Even as much pain as this crazy women is in she stills wants to talk to you guys on here. I guess when this is all over I am going to have to join the world of blogland….lets see what would I name it…Growing up with Lucille Ball!)

Clint has her now so lets see how that works for her posting…lol…Christi

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ms. Pearl On Drugs!

She's not as ugly as I thought!
Uglier than Fido’s ass skinned over a fence post is what I used to say about her!
In the last few weeks I have experimented with every pain pill legally marketed in the US and needless to say it has opened up every imaginable or unimaginable brain activity in my pea brain. What else is there to do while lying in bed flat on your back looking at the ceiling? Sometimes I am awake when these thoughts come to mind but the most bizarre come to me when I am sleeping. At least I think they do!

Now you ask why would I think of the saying Uglier than Fido’s ass skinned over a fence post. Well you guessed it I was thinking about ugly Sally (the sk---k) who ran off with my husband. Jeezzzz why would I think of her! I guess the drugs maybe, I don’t know I would like to blame it on them. Maybe because she and I have birthdays one day apart  in May and their anniversary was May 10th …. Who knows? Anyway on the 10th, Christi had gone to town to run some errands and I sneaked over to the computer. Or should I say Ms. Pearl sneaked over to the computer and decided she was going to wish them a Happy Anniversary!

About two months ago I had found this picture of her on Face book and was actually surprised because the few times I had talked to her I got the impression she was not smart enough to use a computer. No seriously I am not joking.
Christi tore this house up looking for the picture of her that I took when I first met her and when I stepped back and said Whoa! I wanted you to see what a big difference in that pixture and this one. Where in the heck is that picture? My girlfriend Max in Houston has the orginals but she is in Colorado at her cabin and want be back until June 13th so I can't use her to send me the pictures.

But the thing that surprised me even more was her picture she had displayed for the world to see of herself. She was not near as ugly as I remember her or the picture I have of her before this. How could that be possible? When I first met her, she looked like she had been rode hard and put up wet. Also the picture I have of her is her chin stuck out just like a witches does. I mean real far out and pointed. Also her cheek bones were sunken in like she had false teeth or no teeth.  Did she have a face lift or what? Needless to say yes that bothered me her not being as ugly as I remember her because the one satisfaction of her being with my ex was she was very ugly and he deserved ugly.

Once again I drifted off my story. Ms Pearl wanted to wish them a Happy Anniversary so she sent her a message on her Face book account. It has been several pain pills away so not sure exactly what I wrote to her. I think the opening sentence was something like Hey Beautiful just wanted to wish you and Handsome a Happy Anniversary! No I am joking. I do remember saying something about how could she look at herself in a mirror every day! Also I said something about her sitting over there on her big butt all day watching soap operas and doing nothing while I worked two full time jobs. Stupid right but Ms Pearl will get going sometimes and does not know when to stop. What really angered Ms. Pearl was the comment section was not very big so she was very limited on how long she could type what she wanted to say? Like the person she was writing she was not smart enough to hit send and start over on another comment. Hahahaha

Actually Ms. Pearl was smart enough to block her from responding back to her on face book. I kind of hate I did that though it might have been an interesting read. Of course when I confessed to Christi about what I did she said, “OH no Momma their going to kick you off face book!” Like I am worried about that, I don’t even know how to navigate around face book and yet I was surprised the dummy did….talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

I still can’t figure out what the woman did to herself to take a good picture. I need to know because I can not take a good picture.

Also while lying in bed looking at the ceiling swallowing one pill after another I started adding to the list of 100 ways to torture the ex. I know crazy right but I think Donna from Brynwood Needlework’s put it in my head with her comment. Got to blame someone right?

Anyway this is bizarre so I might have been dreaming it but I had tied a come along rope thing around the ex’s brain (well what he uses for a brain now) and then tied it to a trailer hitch on the back of his truck. Then I made Sally drive off….I know is that not crazy…. It has to be all the pain killers their giving me. You know I would never think of anything like that on my own.

Now you’re wondering what the other bizarre ways I have tortured him in my mind. Well that’s for another post.

This post has taken me several days to write because I can not sit up very long and as you all know Christi has limited my use on the computer. But she is going back to Austin on Sunday and my son will be taking care of me and maybe he will not be as strict. Of course if he reads this he will take away my pain meds and computer usage. Thank goodness he does not read my blog. I hope not but maybe the DL does. haha

After today there may be no one reading my blog…lol…sorry you know how I share everything that Ms. Pearl does with you.

The Sheriff’s secretary Ms. Peggy knows all about Ms. Pearl so she has been fighting with workman’s comp everyday trying to get me some help. She did manage to get a Neurosurgeon to see me last Friday and he told me I have two broken vertebrae’s and he did not think a back brace would work for me and he did not want to do surgery so back to bed for another 4 weeks.  If I am up more than 15 minutes I get sick...I am guessing from the pain...who knows.

OMG can you imagine me lying in bed another 4 weeks. No telling how many wild thoughts will come to Ms. Pearl’s pea brain

Can not tell you how much I appreciate your get well wishes and sweet comments. Also Christi if by chance you get on here I wanted to thank you for giving up all your time to stay with me and to wait on me hand and foot. She talked to a sweet friend of hers yesterday Andrea Berry who I totally love and admire and while they were talking Andrea confessed to Christi that she had went to a new theatre that is supposed to be awesome even for Austin,Tx while she was here with me. It seems that they had made plans to go the first time together but I guess Andrea could not wait and so I heard Christi tell her I am thru with you…hahaha …of course she was just kidding but I do realize Christi has given up a lot of things to be here with me so thank you baby for everything.

Hope all of you are doing well and please remember this post was written by a woman on pain killers called Ms. Pearl.
Love to all
PS: If that picture of her shows up I will post it. Night and day difference.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nichola's Story on Blogazine

Hi everyone this is Christi again! I came back to help Mom and would you believe that she  insisted she was getting behind on her Blogazine stories. Since I am here to keep her in bed and happy I am trying to do the next Blogazine post while she is lying her on the ice pack with a new pain med I am learning how to blog.
 Update on Mom...she is still waiting for the Workman's Comp to authorize her to see the Neurosurgeon and she did not sleep well last night because she has difficulty finding a comfortable way to lay.

I think not being on here visiting with her friends is harder on her than the pain! Being a strict caregiver I have limted her usage of the computer to seven minutes morning and then again in the evening. No I am not paying her back for all the times she sent me to my room but that is a thought....

Thanks for all your sweet comments and wishing her well. 

Here is Nichola's and  her can find her at

 I'm a child of the 70's, born and bred in Belfast in the height of the 'Troubles'. My mum and dad met when they were very young - mum got pregnant, dad got shot. Shocking, I know - and it happened two weeks before I was born. As a result, dad has been in a wheelchair, paralysed from the waist down ever since.

Now , there's a number of things about this that amazes me:

*Dad is still alive - he was only given a few days, then weeks, then months to live. It's 36 years later and we still have him (thank the Lord!).

*Mum and dad are still happily married - of course they have an incredibly difficult life (mum cares for dad full time) but they love each other and have gotten through an amazing amount of 'near death' situations.

*They never display any bitterness - in fact they have taught me the important of tolerance and respect for others (regardless of religion, race, class).

*They sacrificed their life to make mine the best it could be - and it has been great! I was the first in my family to go to university and get an Honours Degree - I did it because they believed and empowered me to do so.

*My childhood was happy, safe, secure, loving, fun - and I could (and still can) talk to them about anything.

*They adore my daughter and still find energy, finance, and passion to invest themselves in her development.
Oh, I could go on and on (I've huge tears running down my face). My parents have helped to make me who I am today (of course there are other factors - God especially) but they made me believe anything is possible, from a very early age.
When my school teacher advised them not to let me sit the Transfer Test (because I would never amount to anything, due to where I came from) my parents insisted that I should reach for the highest of goals and dream big! They are so proud of me - a primary teacher and assistant pastor - and tell me regularly. I secretly guess that they would say the same, regardless of my job or what I do. They are proud of ME (the person I am). It makes you stop and consider how much more God feels about us.
I have wonderful childhood memories - it wasn't a bed of roses by any means, but it helped to craft a character within me that's not easily moved by circumstances. I love my mum and dad with my whole heart and am truly grateful for everything they've done for me.

I’m married to a wonderful man who I’ve known from I was 16 years old. We have a beautiful daughter, Emily (11 years). I’ve suffered a few bouts of really dark depression and battled an eating disorder. I’m still recovering in so many ways. I’ve watched my church split and then saw God rebuild it stronger and more dynamic. I’ve been deeply hurt by ‘friends’ in the past but I’m still willing to reach out to others and connect with them. I’m seeing God do greater things with me now that I’m ‘broken’ and yielded to Him.

I love painting (anything creative), writing and talking (lol). I adore teaching – kids always open your eyes to the ‘new’. I’m beginning to trust God as He uses me as a mouthpiece for His Kingdom…as assistant pastor I’ve got to do my fair share of preaching.

I’m beginning to learn to enjoy the journey to where I’m going, dropping the insecurities, comparisons, fears along the way…step by step. I’m at a fresh new chapter of my life and so excited to see what’s next.

p.s. and it’s amazing to know that I’m not alone on this journey – chin up fellow traveller!!!

Some of my art!
Thanks for sharing your story with us. I know I enjoyed reading it very much as did Mom.
PS Mom said did you tell everyone Hi for me!  heehee I told her if she did not go to sleep I would take a picture of her without her make up and post it on here. ....Quiet now!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Gosh I sure miss all of you!....Just had to do a short post to thank you all for coming by here and checking on me and leaving me encouraging get well wishes. As always you are the best.

Thank goodness I made it through the three MRI’s on Monday. My doctor finally got back with me on the results and she mentioned me having to see a neurosurgeon as soon as she could get an appointment set up. It seems that I have really done it this time. I have a Compression Fracture between the 3rd and 4th vertebrae and several bulging disc.

So now it is waiting again for another appointment to see what the neurosurgeon suggest for my relief.

Miss you very much and hope you are doing well! Let me know how each of you are and what you have been doing. Take care and Sweet Dreams

Love to all


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Just Shoot Me!

Before my drugged up mind wanders off to something else I want to thank you for all the Happy B-Day wishes and sweet comments. Can not believe another year has passed so fast. The best thing about this year is finding all of you! I forgot to tell you how many candles were on my cake!

Thank goodness I don’t have web cam because if you could see me now you would hit the off button faster than Steve Martin did in the movie It’s Complicated.
My daughter, Christi bought the movie for me when she came here to take care of me. Little did she know that it hurts for me to laugh….and laugh you will when you watch this crazy movie. It’s after 3 in the afternoon and I look like the girl in the bed of the movie Exorcist remember the one where her head spins around….yep that’s how bad I look. Hurting so bad today I have not bothered to comb my hair or put on make up and for me that just does not happen but maybe every 30 years ….hahaha

Thursday afternoon Ms. Pearl came out and called my Doctor, Human Resources and my Sgt to tell them if they did not get me some help with this pain I was coming after them….well I did not quite say that but they got the idea because Friday morning the clinic finally called me and they scheduled me for three MRI’s on Monday. One for the brain (lets hope they can find it) and two for different areas of the spine. How I can manage three of these test one after another will be another story. Just so relieved that at least they might be able to find out what is going on. What got Ms. Pearl going is I called the clinic to see if they had scheduled my MRI yet and they said NO that workman’s comp had not approved it yet. When you think your dying you do not want to hear those words.

What has our world turned into that we are so insensitive to someone in pain that they won’t do anything unless it has been approved. Boy I tell you we need to all stand up (well maybe in a week or two) and fight for our rights….our country is sliding off into a heap of crap that we may never climb out of.

Anyway what was I saying before I got carried away with insurance and doctors. Oh yeah I was telling you how stinky and ugly I am today. Hahaha… I have done a number on this ole bod of mine and my mind sometimes gets carried away while I am lying there trying to figure out what have I done to myself. All I know is not being able to get up and do anything for more than ten minutes at a time is for the birds….as always I say be careful what you wish for because I had been wanting some rest.

Oh the two grumpy ole men did show up Friday and mow for me….they found out what happened at work and drove from Livingston to make the place look better. I felt bad them mowing and me lying in bed but it did take a big load off knowing the place looks better. I know your thinking ok Mags your going to have to make it up to them when you get better. lol

In the last few days I have gotten the nicest and sweetest cards and gifts from friends and when Christi gets here.  I will get her to take pictures of them so I can show you. I can not thank you enough for all your get well wishes. This too shall pass and I can get back to enjoying all of your sites. I miss all of you more than anything.

You know I can truly relate to this!

Now off to the bathtub before Tinkerbell refuses to even sleep with me!
Oh if you have not signed up for my B-Day giveaway be sure and do so. It ends at the end of May.

Love to all

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Birthday Giveaway!

Happy Birthday to Grandmayellowhair! Happy Birthday to Maggie! Happy Birthday to Ms. Pearl! Yep today is my birthday and what better way to celebrate than to have a giveaway for the best friends in the whole world. So grab a cupcake and let's get the birthday party started.

Remember my trip to Warrenton/Round Top Festival well I collected a few things out there that I thought would be great to give away to you on my birthday. At first I thought I would take pictures of the goodies and show them to you today but now I have decided it should be a surprise gift! I know that’s not very nice of me but you have to play along because whose birthday is it anyway…lol
I will show you one gift that I am giving the winner but just one. Who knows as weak as I am before the giveaway is over with I might show other gifts in the future post.  If you win I think you will like whats in the box besides the perfume.

This is a Vintage Bottle of Evening in Paris still in its orginal box! Actually I think this bottle came out the year I was born. Very very old ...!

Let’s make this simple because I need simple in my life right now. All you need to do to win is leave me a comment on this post before midnight May 31, 2010 central standard time and be a follower. I will use the Random Generator to pick the winner.

As all of you know I have been having a pity party for myself for two weeks now and so while resting today I thought I should go through some of my mothers things in a couple of boxes that I have not had the heart to open since she passed away. She had some old pictures of me and what better day to show you than on my birthday! So laugh like I did as you view my pictures.

Not sure how old I am here but don't you love my boots with a dress. And that's the way everybody dressed at Warrenton. Who would of thought that Maggie started the fad. lol  I have this lamp of my grandmothers so I was thrilled when I saw me in a picture with it. Guess what the lamp is pink...

On the back of this my mom wrote that I was 9 years old and 4th grade.  I can not tell you how I hated the way she kept my hair short and permed.

I skipped about 8 years and lots of curly hair to show you my graduation picture.  I am 17 here.

Fast forward again four years where I would be 21 years old in a few days...I got married two days before my 21st birthday. Maybe I should put this wedding dress in my gift box for the giveaway. lol ...I loved pink back then too...notice the pink roses. We were actually married on Mother's Day! I should do a post about me trying on this dress a few years back. OMG what a hoot that turned out to be. Espcially since this was a size 3 or 5 and we want talk about the size I was when I tried to put it on.

Not sure what year this is I am guessing I was probably 31 or 32...(not much older now) lol
Hope my kids don't see this post.  The boys hated how I dressed them a like. How I wish I could go back to these days. They just grow up way too fast.

And here we are all grown up!

Thanks for joining me down memory lane! 

Also wanted to share a early birthday gift from Annie! She sent me two autographed copies of Good Housekeeping where they did a whole page about her in their June Issue.  She signed one for me and one for Kaci.
 Annie thank you for doing this for us. I can not tell you how much this meant to me to get this in the mail and I adore how you put it to Grandmayellowhair. You are just a precious angel honey and I love you.
Check my earlier post I wrote about her being in Good Housekeeping! It is one you will really enjoy reading.

Is this not precious how she did these. I am thrilled and I know Kaci will be too.

Thanks for spending my birthday with me and good luck winning my surprise box giveaway!

Love to all


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Jo from My Grammas Soul on Blogazine!

Good morning everyone. First off, I want to thank Maggie for allowing me to share her space today. Some of my story is more on the serious side and I was a little hesitant to share it.....but Maggie gave me the green light -- so here goes.

My name is Josette, Jo for short, and my blog is My Grama's Soul, dedicated to my maternal grandmother.

I started blogging in the fall of last year because I wanted to learn how to use the computer. That was what I told myself....but I think there was another reason. It was because of all he beauty and positive energy being spread around. I wanted to be part of that.

You see, I'm the daughter of alcoholics and the mother of chemically addicted adult children. I, myself, have been in recovery for 27 years and am grateful for everyday; but I have watched this disease destroy my family.
I recently read a quote that said "A mother is only as happy as her happiest child". Well I want to prove them wrong. Some days I'm sad, but most days I soar with the eagles.

I have my loving husband, my beautiful dog "Sophie" and a 6 year old grandson that I simply adore.

Life is difficult, and in my book, anyone who survives it is a "HERO"

With my grama's wisdom and God's guidance I hope my blog spreads beauty and joy where it is needed.



Blessings dear friends,
My Grammas Soul

As always I appreciate my wonderful friends for doing their stories. I know it took a lot of courage for Jo to tell us her story! Jo has a wonderful site and I have just recently been lucky enough to be able to enjoy her writings.

Everyone has a story to tell and that is why I do these post for those of you who want to share your story. Remember just send your story to and I will be honered to post it for you.

I hope you had a wonderful day Sunday for Mothers Day. My weekend was really nice and will post pictures later this week. If I wasn't hurting so bad I would of done a post on my Mother's Day and also one about  Ms.Pearl coming out for a short time Monday morning. Once again I am not proud of it but I was hurting so bad and depressed over missing so much work that I did something I am not proud of and will of course have to share it with you. I hate it when I do something that I regret and it involves the my idiot ex's wife. Yep Ms Pearl reared her angry butt opps I mean dooper.

I had to return to the doctor today and she said my back was swollen twice the size it should be and she needed to schedule me for a MRI. So that is where I am now. She of course would not release me for work but I could not go even if she had because of the pain. Boy am I mad at myself for whatever the heck I have done to my body. Hopefully they will call me tomorrow and I can get the MRI over with an see what is going on with me.

Miss you and visiting your sites. I am not on here very much but will make it up to you soon.  Don't forget I have a giveaway coming up soon.

Now where is that pain medicine....
Sweet Dreams

Friday, May 7, 2010

A Lot to Share Today!

Let me start this post by thanking you for being my friend. When I made the decision last May to start Just Between Me and You it was because I needed to keep a journal. Like most things I do it started very slowly only doing a post now and then. It was around October when I realized that since no one was reading these post I could really cut loose and be more myself. Then one day there was a comment and then another day there was a follower. In the next six months I found all of you and my whole life changed in a way that honestly I thought was over in my life. I found love again. You have made be feel extra special, beautiful and loved.

As I struggled with my latest accident you stepped up and responded to me in way that brought me closer to you and to God. I have always believed everything happens for a reason and my reason for connecting with you was to bring me to where I am now which is closer to our Lord Savior than I have been since my divorce. I feel in my heart that without you I would not be at the point of my life I am now. You have given me a peace that I have been searching for a long time now. Thank you for being you!

You truly deserve all the peace and happiness you have given me and I pray that you find it. Just click on my friends on the side bar and find some of the coolest beautiful people in blogland you will ever find.

I have good news and bad news to write about and could not decide which I should mention first. I decided on the bad so I could end on a happy note.

My incredible daughter, Christi phoned me yesterday afternoon and told me that she had just left her doctors office and had been diagnosed with Celiacs Disease. This was a shock to me and seriously it has still not soaked in. I was familiar with this disease only because a few weeks after my granddaughter Kaci, was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes the doctors thought she had this disease too. Thank God her test was negative on Celiacs but of course she will be a diabetic the rest of her life or until we are all blessed with a cure.
Celiacs is the disease where you have to live on a gluten free diet. It will be an enormous challenge for Christi but she told me if Kaci could live with 5 shots a day and all the blood testing each day then she could do it.

As a mother, I would give anything that they were wrong and she would not have to live this way but of course it could be worse diagnoses. Christi and I both have the muscle disease Fibromyalgia and from what I have read this Celiacs disease is common with people suffering with Fibromyalgia. I told Christi this morning that I would do my best to go Gluten free too. It is overwhelming not knowing where to start but get started she must and I think it would be the healthy way for me to go also. She has to be in shock herself because this is a very very strict diet.
If any of you live Gluten free or know anyone that does please ask them to email me. As always I know that you will pray for Christi as you have prayed for me these last six months. What a true blessing you are to me.

Now for the good news. This is a super story that I am too excited to share with you. Yesterday Libbie at The Middlest Sister left me a comment telling me that Annie, her precious daughter was in the magazine Good Housekeeping. Wow!!! Can you imagine being written about in such an amazing popular magazine. If you remember I did a story about sweet Annie saving Haiti one bead at a time with making and selling her bracelets for the children of Haiti. It’s amazing what one can do to make a difference in our world but what is really amazing is Annie is in kindergarten. She and her family including her Aunt Kate have been busy making these bracelets and generously donating the money to that devastated country.

Annie congratulations to you and your mom for such a wonderful fantastic article in Good Housekeeping. I had to of course buy my copy and loved reading all about you. Actually I am in awe of you!

Libbie wrote a great post about it so be sure and check it out. Just think in the last few months we have had two blogging friends in popular magazines. Dan at Yesterday Once More home was listed in Country Sampler and now Libbie, Annie and Kate. Way to go!

It has been a pain staking two weeks but being able to lie down often has been a big help. Some times the pain takes my breath away but when I think about how I could be laying in a hospital with a broken neck then the pain is bearable. I go back to the doctor next Tues on the 11th and hopefully they will release me for work even though I have concerns of working the 12 hour shifts. Reading your cards and comments has been the greatest relief and looking at these gorgeous flowers that precious Susan at Art of Mine sent to me has been such a blessing.

My plans were to have a giveaway for Mothers Day but after the accident I decided to wait. My birthday is next week so I think I will announce it that day. I had wanted to share something from Warrenton with you!

Also thank you Angie for doing your story! I know that everyone enjoyed it as I did. While resting this past week I thought of how I missed doing the Temptation Mondays post. So if any of you want to list your lovely items on a Temptation Monday just email them to me.

All of you are everything I want me to be inside and out. I love you all and pray for each of you a very Happy Mother’s Day!
Now back to bed so I can be ready for my sons Chad and Clint to visit tomorrow!

Love to all!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Say Hello to Angie!


Maggie at JUST BETWEEN ME AND YOU asked me if I would willing to share a bit about myself.

ummmmmmmmmm...a bit?

Anyone that knows me knows I can ramble on and on and on and on! lol

I'll try to keep this short and sweet.

Not promising though.

Of course if I was walking in these shoes I definitely wouldn't be strolling very long!


Well let's get started shall we and let me do some shakin up!
I'm 46 years old.

Don't mind sharing my age.

I'm married.

A miracle I'm still married.

I'm serious when I say this too!


Wasn't the blushing bride~!

Met hubby when I was 18.

Moved him in 6 months later.

Ya..I did,lol.

Married when I was 23 years of age.


Have two toy poodles.
Tigger Tobias.

Winnie Emmanual.

I'm not always smiling at my dogs like she does.

Mine have a terrible habit of peeing EVERYWHERE in my house.

Let's get off this topic now or like Maggie's visitor that comes to her place "Ms Pearl", a quite close relative of her's visits me quite often also.


We have three children.

Randan, Asher and Shaneah.
Oldest going on 21.
Youngest son 17.
The baby girl, going to be 14.
You do understand don't you what this means?
Thank God He helps us!


I run a home daycare.

Free Spirit Home Daycare.
Been doing this now for 20 years.
I love it!

People keep asking me how can I be around children all the time.
This is my answer:
What job will you have that every day your told:

Oh Miss Angie, your so beautiful. (even when I have curlers in my hair).
Oh Miss Angie, your my best friend.
Miss Angie, your doing a great job!
A job where I am smothered in more love, kisses and hugs, than boogies, poop and food particles.

awards,Free Spirit Haven

I've started to blog on October 20, 2008.
The name came about from an msn group I had for close to 8 years.

Free Spirit Haven.
There was about 256 members at one time.
Msn closed all the groups down in February 2009.
Before opening up my own blog I was a 'lurker', 'drooler', 'stalker?' of blogs. I adored visiting blogs and envisioning one day having my own.
It's been such a blessing.
The relationships that have been formed.
Friendships that have grown.


As I have 'sat' with each of you while visiting your blogs, I've found encouragement, inspiration, love, joy, tears, laughter and so much more!
I'm a blessed woman by our paths touching one another.
So thank you dear Maggie for allowing me to share a bit of me with your follwers.
Please know your always...


to come and stop on by!  Free Spirit Haven

Blessings dear ones!


Thank you so much Angie for doing such a wonderful story for all us to enjoy. Also I can not thank all of you enough for all the wonderful lovely get well wishesand prayers  that you have been sending my way. It really has made a difference to this ole grandma.getting well faster...God truly blessed me the day I found all of you! Thank goodness I have all of you in my life....and I love you all dearly.

I promise I am not over doing it. The doctors will not release me for work until I go back on the 11th so that gives me plenty of rest time. Slowly but surely I will catch up with all of you.

Love to all

Monday, May 3, 2010

Sometimes You Need to Ask for Help!

and Sometimes a Picture tells it all!

How can I ever thank you all for the prayers, emails, comments, cards and flowers. Each of you have given me a much needed peace this past week. Christi has been an angel and is still by my side.
She has laughed and cried with me this week! Of course waited on me hand and foot.
Since this happened at work I can not go into full detail as they are still doing their investigations but I can say that I fell from about three or four feet and coming down I hit the back of my head on something very very hard and then landed face down on the floor. I remember when I hit my head and thinking oh my gosh did someone move a safe in here! As far as hitting the floor I must of been out by then because I don't have any memory of landing. My partner found me and called EMS. I remember them asking me a dozen questions and when they put the neck brace and board on my back that is when I realized the pain.
After they get me in the ER, I laid there praying that I did not break my neck. The partner that found me had broke his neck the year before and my mom before she passed away had broke hers in a car accident.
I also had other crazy thoughts that only I could have.....I remember thinking OH NO they can't undress me I  am harrier than the Sasquatch guy! Then I remembered the night before I had started doing a pedicure and only managed to do one foot when the phone rang and never went back to finish.  Along with the hairy legs and half pedicure I thought of the granny panties that I had put on that morning and my socks did not match my uniform and my boots were not polished the way they should be......then on top of all of these thoughts the nurse ask me when was the last time I had a bowel movenment and I thought OH NO did I crap in my pants during the fall. I am telling you guys all kinds of thoughts were going through this pea brain of mine while laying under the bright lights of ER and not being able to move anything. They had taped me to the board and I thought I was paralized because I could not move anything. 
Then I had thoughts of you guys and wondered if I would ever get to enjoy your sites again or write a post myself. Of course I thought I wish my kids were here....
Finally they do a Cat Scan and nothing was broken but I did have the concussion which is my second in less than two years but I know how lucky I am.
Work had called my brother Billy and he and my sister-in-law Linda picked me up and took me to their home until Christi arrived from Austin.
The next day my partner called me to check on me and being the crazy guy he is ask me if I remembered the questions they had asked me while I was lying on the floor. It seems I had told them my age and this was a no no because all the Officers especially him have wondered and asked my age but never would I tell them the truth. Well they all know it now.....hahahaha  They are working with a ole woman!
So other than hurting like heck I am alright. The headaches and back aches are the worse and I was told I would have the headaches for at least 4 to 6 months. I go back to my doctor in College Station tomorrow morning and hopefully he will release me for work......  I of course lay here worried about how far behind I am now with my ranch chores but it will work out.
Need to close because Christi is standing over me telling me back to bed.  I really need to proof read this but guess it is back to bed also I can't see the screen that good so no telling what this post will read. hahahah
Just had to let you know that I think of all of you often and love you!
Thanks so much for loving me the way you do.
The comments have eased my worries and pain so thank you my dear friends...
Love to all,