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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Thinking of You!

Hello my Sweet Friends! Where do the weeks go,  I hope you are all well and enjoying the warmer weather. Hard to believe it's already June. I am still wondering where April and May went.

Wanted to share this crazy picture of my son Chad's cat Chester with you. I laugh every time I look at it. I have never seen any of my cats sit up like this. haha

I have been spending a lot of time in Austin at the Heart Doctor but last week he told me I did not have to return until July.  I am doing pretty good. As always I love each of you for the kind words of encouragement through your comments here and emails. Your the Best!

My big problem is trying to eat right and keep my sodium level to 1500 mg a day or under. As you know that is a challenge because everything has sodium. If I am lucky enough to find a product without it I do a Happy Dance right there in the grocery aisle.

If you have any suggestions for me or recipes to share with low sodium I would forever be grateful to you. I haven't joined a gym yet for heart rehab which I promise to do this week. Not sure how much I can use any of the machines but will find out if I get myself going.

I am mowing again which I did not think I would be doing. My bosses are the best and have been very understanding where my health is concerned. I do know I have to watch myself because our temperatures are already in the 90's on most days.

For six weeks we had nothing but rain here and one storm after another. I promised if it ever stopped raining I would never complain about mowing again. Well we have had one week of sunshine and the grass was so high out here that I had to mow everything at least twice. I am still mowing the back acres and noticed the front twenty already look like I never mowed. So much for my promise of not complaining.

I woke up one morning after high winds and lot's of heavy rain to most of my furniture blown off my
porch. Considering tornado's touching down in quite a few places I was very lucky. There are trees down in the back and I am still waiting on the tree man to remove them so I can get back there with the tractor.

This is the porch where everything blew off of. As you can see it was a mess.

The storm also brought inside creatures with way too many legs. As you can see by this picture I lost control of Spider Spray when I panic after finding a big hairy Tarantula on a chair near the front door.
This ole grandma lost it because my fear of  these big boys is close to my fear of snakes. Needless to say I killed him and my chair.  

That happened about 10pm one night and I did not sleep a wink that night because this is not the first one I had inside since all the rains. 

In between storms I did enjoy my life long friends Bonnie, Linda and Ruby for a girly weekend.
We try to do them whenever we can slip away. We were so busy laughing, playing cards, dominoes and talking that I didn't remember to take pictures. 

I have to say when I am with these three Sisters my problems are gone and all the laughter we share is a  Blessing to me. We call it our Sister weekends now because they are my sisters. I have known them since before I learned how to tie my shoes. haha..... As most of you know from other post Linda is married to my oldest Brother Billy.

So hope I haven't bored you too much. I mainly wanted to check in with you and please let me know how your doing. I think of you often and do Miss You.

I am grateful for your friendship and God has Blessed me many times with knowing you.

Love to all,

PS:  Thank you so much for your precious comments about Christ's wedding. She is over the moon happy which you know what that means to me. God Bless You!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Here Comes The Bride!

Hello my dear friends. I have a very special post for you tonight. I wanted to share with you my sweet daughter Christi's wedding pictures that were taken by guests and shared with us until the photographer develops all of hers. Some of these were also taken by my son Chad so please enjoy!
Not sure if I can put them all in the right order but will do my best.

On April 18th she married the man of her dreams and the man I have always prayed for her to spend the rest of her life with. Paul and Christi dated in high school and were reunited several years ago.
The love they share radiates in these pictures.

Texas weather is so unpredictable and on this day it was a 90 percent chance of rain and had rained every day that week. The storm clouds were moving in very fast and I was getting very nervous that her dream of an outside wedding would be ruined.

Much to all of our surprise though it rained all around the venue and we remained dry for the ceremony.

Their Pastor Scott Payne added very much to this prefect day. His words calmed me down many times during the ceremony when I thought I might burst into tears. Paul anxiously waiting with him for his Bride.

Paul has two children by a previous marriage and this is his darling Audrey who was the Junior Bridesmaid.

 Here I am being escorted down the isle by my grandson Bailey. Doesn't he look so handsome and grown up. He turned eleven in February and it meant the world to me that he walked me to my seat.

 Here comes the Bride.  My sons Clint (left) and Chad (right) walked their sister down the isle. I had to do everything not to let the tears flow.

Christi looked radiant and her brothers so handsome in their gray tuxedos. The closer to the alter all three of them were teary eyed and so was the groom.
Watching Paul at the alter waiting on them made me realize how lucky the happy couple were to be so in love and starting their lives together.

Look how happy Christi is here.

 And now their husband and wife! The joy I felt at this moment and still feel is unbelievable.

 After the ceremony somehow we ended up in the back yard where we posed for a number of pictures before moving inside for the dinner and dance.


 One of my favorite photo's of the day was this one of Clint, Andrea, Kaci and Bailey. I have so many pictures to frame now and we haven't even seen the photographers yet. haha

 Clint, Bailey and Chad.

 We moved inside for the reception. I loved the tablecloths Christi ordered for her tables. They were prefect with the flowers.

The florist was from Austin and she somehow had every flower that Christi wanted for her big day.

 The cake was really pretty and just as good as it looks.
After a delicious dinner the happy couple danced the first dance.
I have to tell you they would not stop kissing. haha

Bailey and Kaci sharing a moment together!
Kaci with Uncle Chad. My granddaughter is growing up!
I think Chad managed to walk around and take pictures for me of several of the guest. Here is Paul's lovely Mom Donna and Step Father Larry. I hate I don't have one to share of his Father and Step mom. Hopefully in another post.

You have seen these ladies before in previous post. I would of been so sad if they had not been there  to share this special time with me. I grew up with them in La Porte and we have our girly weekends about three times a year. Ruby, her husband Jeff and Bonnie. Great picture! 
My precious sister-in-law Linda (sister to Ruby and Bonnie) and my brother Billy.

My four brothers and myself. From left to right Doy, Gary, Billy and Tommy. So happy they all were there to celebrate this day.

Chad with his best friend Jimmy. Jimmy is like a son to me and I love him dearly.  
It was a day for great friends to be together. Janie and Sharon who I share lots of good times with.

My oldest son Chad. Another picture I love. 
Of course I had to pose with the beautiful bride.
I now have four wonderful grand kids. Paul's children Audrey and Bryan along with Kaci and Bailey.
How lucky Grandma Yellow Hair is to have these four in her life.

Of course there was a dance.  Bailey was kind enough to dance with his grandma. I have to say I spent hours watching Bailey and Kaci dance. They entertained everyone there. The moves those two had and of course I didn't have a camera to capture them but I am sure the photographer won't disappoint me there.

This is Kaci and her mom Andrea I believe doing a line dance.  I have a feeling Andrea has been teaching her babies to dance. haha

I have to end this with the Photo of the night! Clint was doing a dance off with Bailey and Chad captured the moment for me. I wish someone would of video this because it was priceless.

Sorry for such a long long post. I have never shared this many pictures in a post ever. It has taken me hours to do it and this ole grandma feels like she has participated in a dance off.

I have been taking good care of myself. I love all of your comments and appreciate your prayers. Some days are rough but I still have some good days and I enjoy them as much as I can.

You are so special to me and with out you this disease would be too hard to do but knowing I have such support has really been a true Blessing to me. 

God is so Good and he let me enjoy this special day one that I have waited on for years and now he has let me share it with you.

Love to all,