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Saturday, January 10, 2015

My Selfie!

It's been all the rage of 2014 to post your Selfie on every site you think someone might enjoy seeing a picture of you. Never have I mastered the art of holding up my phone and taking one I would care to share until today. I finally captured how I have been looking for most of  this past year.

Honestly you might laugh but this was taken on a good day!

The weather here has me hibernating more that usual. A year ago even while hibernating my hair was always fixed, make-up on and legs shaved but sadly this winter my selfie tells it all. If someone were to knock on the door I would have to hide.

It seems though these lazy days are not to last. Every month I seem to dip into savings 
to make ends meet and I knew for a long time I had to do something different. Even cutting back on everything has not worked so I have been job searching.

I have my application in several places and then Tuesday I went for an interview at a hotel where I had worked as a night auditor before I went to work for the Sheriff's Office. They were glad to have me back and I started the next day. 

I only wanted part time so I could keep my job here but for now they need me full time so I am going to do my best to work both places. I should be okay until all the mowing starts. Even though just three days of training kicked my rear end. I was exhausted every day and so glad to have the weekend off.

I should be able to do it when my body adjust to being up all night. I worked here and twelve hours at the Sheriff's Office so if my health holds out I can do it.

After a few months of nights my next selfie may be a lot worse than this. haha

I wanted to share this picture of my Kaci taken after her dance team performed their Christmas Dance. Wish I could of seen her because she gives a 100 percent to the performances.

Yes! This is the little girl I have shared with you since I started my blog. Where oh where have the years gone.

Hope you are staying warm. It never got above 35 today which is cold for us but not like some of you are having to deal with.

Looking forward to catching up with you and visiting your sites. Thanks for always coming by and checking on me and leaving me such delightful comments. You are the best!

Love to all

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!

Even though 2014 was not a good year for keeping up with my blogging I do want you to remember that your never far from my thoughts and prayers.

"Good resolutions are simply cheques that men draw on a bank where they have no account." --Oscar Wilde
That being said I am not making New Year Resolutions because I never can keep them,  If I were to make just one it would be that I start blogging again full time. I feel like my life is missing something and I have let myself be depressed. Honestly I believe that a lot of it is that I haven't been writing and visiting with all of you. When I do find the time for it I notice such an improvement of how I am feeling. So with all my heart I do want to be a part of this wonderful world of blogging again because you mean the world to me.

Thank you for all the joy you have brought into my life and for being my friend.

My prayers and wishes for you will never fall short because the love you have shown me over these past years are blessings I keep close to my heart every day.

May God pour out his love and blessings on you as you have shown to me. 

Let this New Year be the year where all your hopes and dreams come true. Where we live again in a Nation where we are all brothers and sisters no matter what the color of our skin. One Nation Under God. 

One thing I remember my grandmother always reminded me that when you start a new year you have a blank book before you. She would say so be sure and write a beautiful story for yourself.  Let's all do that this year.

Happy New Year!

Love to all,