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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Your Never Too Old!

Just a lazy day out here on the North Forty. Old Man Winter has a way of keeping this old grandma inside with the cold wet temps we have been experiencing since Christmas Day.

While catching up on a few things this after noon on the computer I found this lovely amazing woman.
I hope she does not mind me writing about her but after this past month being depressed over what cruelty in this world I just had to share a little about her.

                                   You can read more about Tao Porchon-Lynch 
                                 on this site   By Rick Schindler,    Listed below I copied from his article some of her life experiences.
·                 She marched with Gandhi — twice — in her native India.
·                 She fought in the French Resistance and underwent an emergency appendectomy during the Blitz after escaping France to London.
·                 She was a model for fashion house Lanvin and a contract player for MGM, appearing in such films as “Show Boat” (1951).
·                 When her friend Leslie Caron injured her foot, threatening to delay production of “An American in Paris,” Tao fixed it with a Coke bottle.
·                 To get a part in a western, she pretended to know how to ride a horse (after she took off the saddle and rode bareback, Tao told me, “the horse and I got along fine”).

    She is now 94 but at 93 she was awarded certification by the Guinness World Record for the oldest Yoga Teacher. Yep she is still teaching Yoga and Rick Schindler is one of her lucky students.

What I would give to know this lady and to be able to take her yoga classes. Knowing her would be such an inspiration. She teaches in New York so I will just have to admire her from afar.

This picture is from a dance competition with her 24 year old dance partner.
What a remarkable woman! I need to think of her often when I am complaining about working out here on the North Forty at my age. hahaha

I am though the luckiest Grandma in the world to live only a few hours from these two special cutie pies.
I celebrated with them Christmas Eve night and was lucky enough to see them get their Santa the next morning.

It was a great evening. My son Chad gave Kaci a WI game which was dancing competition. I snapped this picture of Kaci and Chad dancing to one of the songs.  I actually captured them and some others on Video from my camera but I promised I would not post the videos but oh how I wish I had not made that promise. lol

They would not give up until I got up an danced with Kaci to Jail House Rock. It was a scream! You see your suppose to follow the animated people on the game and do as they do. Well my family did not understand I can't follow anyone watching them. Believe me it just does not work for me. I have been thrown out of classes for not being able to follow their moves. hahaha

So knowing it was hopeless to do this I just started dancing like crazy to Jail House Rock. My grandson Bailey hollers from the balcony seating GRANDMA You Can't Just Go Crazy. You have to follow the people on the game. hahahaha

They didn't have to watch me too long I gave out right before the end of the song.  I did manage not to score too low. I even got some Prefects but not many.

If you want to loose weight I think this game on WI would be prefect for that.

The next morning after seeing what all Santa left Bailey and Kaci I drove over to Chad's home. He invited Christi and I for brunch.

As I have told you before Chad can cook. Oh my gosh. Christi and I never ate the rest of the day after his huge brunch.  I wanted to take pictures but after some of his friends arrived for the beautiful meal I was too  busy running my mouth to take any more pictures other than the one of Christi and Chad.

Chad served Mimosa's to drink with our meal and these drinks added to my mouth going non stop. I am sure if I had not partaken in these Mimosas I would of been a lot quieter.

One of Chad's guest was a friend Matthew from Australia. I loved meeting Matthew and fell in love with his accent. He was the sweetest young man and a delight to spend Christmas morning with.

I hope he enjoyed his visit here from Australia and comes back again soon.

Bailey and Kaci have been really sick since Christmas. Running a 102 fever and with Kaci being a Juvenile Diabetic her blood sugars have been running as crazy as my dancing to Jail House Rock. Only she is miserable and I wish that they would hurry and get well. I hate they spent their Christmas Vacation sick
in bed. Christi text me earlier and wrote she thought she was getting sick. I have been praying no one else would get this.

I hope you are well and not sick. Yesterday I went to the store and every where I turned someone was coughing or sneezing. I hurried out of the store as quick as I could.

Please tell me about your Christmas! I hope it was a special day for you.
Sending you much love

Friday, December 21, 2012

Texas Angel!

Texas Angel

This little Texas angel
is feeling mighty blessed,
Because she comes from Texas
Where everything is best.

There are cattle on the prairies,
and oil in the ground;
Bluebonnets on the hillsides,
And sunshine all around.

The folks are always friendly,
The skies the deepest blue.
They do the Texas Two Step,
And have a barbeque.

This little Texas angel knows,
No matter where you roam,
That when you are in Texas
You'll always be at home.

Merry Christmas Ya'll  from Texas! 

Christi joins me tonight to wish You a Very Merry Christmas!

Love to all

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Niece's Wedding!

On December 8th I attended the beautiful wedding of my niece Erin in Boerne, Texas. The wedding was held at a Wild Life Reserve and would you believe I captured no pictures of the wild animals.
Also very few pictures of the wedding. We were ask not to snap pictures while photographers were taking theirs.

Actually I was so busy catching up with family members that I only saw one animal when we first drove up there was a huge giraffe standing near where the wedding was fixing to start. lol

Erin grew up in New Braunsfel with her mother Roseanne and is the daughter of my younger Brother Tommy who lives in the Houston area. Tommy and Roseanne were divorced when Erin was just a baby but Tommy was a big part of her life. Roseanne did tell me at the wedding how much she appreciated Tommy being such a good Dad to Erin.  In the picture above it is Erin with her Mom's side of the family.

I have not seen the one of Keeton's posing with Erin.

Here is my daughter Christi posing with the mother of the Bride Rosanne. They are standing in front of a wall that my brother made for the reception. It was sitting at the gate where you went into the reception.
My brother Tommy grabbed my hand and led me over to it and I would have loved to have taken a picture of that moment. When we walked up to it there were to white gloved hands sticking out of two different openings with a glass of champagne to greet you. I don't know about you but I have never seen anything like this. It turned out it was the only glass of champagne I had all night and it was darn good.

Here is Rosanne posing in front of the wall. Tommy did a great job making this for Erin.
Turns out I was told he also hung all the lights in the enormous tent where the dinner was held. We are talking a lot of lights.
The tent was decorated with the most beautiful flower arrangements.

Let me tell you they spared no expense for this celebration After the sweet ceremony held under a oak tree the reception was held on a pretty rock patio where finger foods were served along with the open bar. 
Then we were invited into this huge tent where caterers served us a delicious fancy chicken meal. You know this ole country girl I did not even know what I was eating but it was really good.
In picture above is Father of the Bride my brother Tommy visiting our table. Here he is talking with my oldest Brother Billy and Sister-in-Law Linda.

Sitting next to me is my darling niece Connie with her precious daughter Leslie.

I laughed at this picture of Linda serving us some of the many desserts they had for us to enjoy.

Got lucky and snapped a picture of the Bride Erin with her Mom.

After dinner there was lots of dancing held in a barn.
I could not help but wonder what the wild animals thought of all the noise late into the night.

The next couple getting married in June is my Nephew Gary with his fiancee Elizabeth. She is from Lansing, Michigan where the wedding will be held. So I guess I need to start saving my money again for a trip. I love love Michigan and it would be so much fun to witness the wedding of these two.

It was a fun night and wanted to share some of it with you.

I know you are just as busy as I am trying to get everything done before next week. Time has a way of getting by us way to fast.

My life is really going to change in the next six months. It seems my landlady sold her Hotel/Casino in Laughlin, Nevada and she came by yesterday to give me the good news. Her plans are to make a lot of changes out here on the North Forty and not all of them I am wanting but I only work here.

Her biggest plan is to build five or more small houses out here that she calls Cassita's. She wants to rent them out to women who want to have a business in them and also for them to live there too. I can't imagine that happening but I do think she will build the houses. 

I am use to living by myself and when Spring gets here I have a feeling those days may come to an end. She is a hands on person when something big is going on out here so can you imagine how long it will take to build five or more houses. lol....OMG.....

She thought all my furniture that I have moved into my living room out here is way too much. Busy I believe is the word she used. haha....

Well it is late and I need to do a few things before turning in for the night. It was in the high 70's today but in the morning we are suppose to wake up to freezing temps. Too much of a difference. Texas weather is like that though so nothing new.

Take care and slow down everything will be done by Christmas Day. I promise!

Sweet Dreams

Saturday, December 15, 2012

And The Winner IS

Like all of you this morning my heart is absolutely breaking for the families and friends of all in Newtown, Ct.
I could not sleep last night thinking about those precious children taken so young and got so angry that I thought of things I was going to say this morning but have decided not to do so. It won't bring these angels back to their families and I may say things left better unsaid.

How do these families recover. They won't and it just is killing me this morning. May God Bless all of these families and heal their hearts.

Now for Happy news I do have a winner for my Candy Giveaway. I put in 1 thru 29 at the Random Generator site and Number 4 came up. Well I can tell you I was quite surprised and happy
that our very sweet friend Cathy over at Acorn Hollow won. Yep you won! So a big Congrats to you and  glad you came back again because it paid off. lol  Looking forward to hearing from you and finding out if you want the Fudge or the Peanut Clusters.

Thank you all for entering my giveaway. I would give anything to be able to send out candy to each and everyone of you that entered. Hopefully next year I can have more giveaways and you might be the next big winner.

Be safe this weekend and know this ole grandma thinks of you often and sends Love to All

Sunday, December 9, 2012

My Lucky Winner/Another Giveaway!

Hello to all of you! It has been a wonderful weekend at my neices wedding. I did manage to snap a few pictures. They had ask that no pictures be taken while the photographers were taking theirs so that left little time for me to take pictures. lol.....Hopefully I will share these pictures in a few days.

It was a beautiful wedding and I pray that Ross and Erin have a long and happy life together.

Returned home a little while  ago and could not wait to use the Random Generator to choose my lucky winner.

I put in 1-37 and the lucky number was 12. Came back over to my site and counted down to find that our darling friend Shirley of  Shirley Stiches has won my Candy Giveaway.  Congrats Shirley I am so excited you won and if you will send me your address I will make your candy and get it in the mail to you.

Since it is Christmas and I love you all dearly I am going to have another giveaway of  my chocolates.

Just leave a comment on this post and your entered for some of my famous Ms Ruby's Fudge or Chocolate Peanut Clusters. This giveaway will run through Friday, December 14th at midnight. Good luck to all of you and Love to All


Friday, December 7, 2012

Upstairs Bedroom!

Hello! How are You? Are you ready for Christmas? It sure is getting here fast.
As promised I am sharing with you my upstairs bedroom that is finally coming together.

Months ago I showed you how I papered the ceiling by buying just a big roll of rose colored paper from Home Depot and tearing the paper into whatever size I wanted to use and then smother it with wallpaper paste before placing it on the ceiling. This paper comes either in brown or rose. Since it was for the ceiling I chose the rose color.
My sister-in-law Linda did a bedroom in her home in the brown. I was amazed at how beautiful her room turned out so of course I had to try it. The reason I used it on this ceiling is because there was paper up already but it had been torn in a lot of different places and I had too much trouble trying to remove this old paper so I could not figure out what to do. Hiding it with this paper seemed the easiest and cheapest way to go.

It's not hard to do but time consuming if your doing it yourself. Especially in a room like this that is all ceilings.

My bed belonged to my Mama who I adored! Last year when Christi was living with me I painted it and the dresser to match black. We also did an antique bed of Christi's too. Her's turned out really pretty.

Not sure if I will keep mine black.

As you can see by this picture I am not near finished with decorating the room.
All my wicker up here is different colors. So my hold up now in painting the wicker is trying to decide what color I want to paint it. Of course you know I want your ideas.

I spent hours today trying out different materials for the wicker couch and chase but not sure what I will end up using to cover their cushions. Maybe I should wait til I pick the color of the wicker first.

I do love my new comforter. It is from Target and since it was pink and green it goes prefect with this room.

See how the ceiling comes down almost to the floor on this side of the wall. If I had a nickel for every time I have bumped my head I could buy some more wicker. lol
Excuse the big ladder. It is not part of my decor. Too heavy for me to move downstairs so when my son's come for the Holidays I will have them take it to the barn.
Here is an old pink chase that needs some tender loving care. Before the new roof I had problems with leaks and this poor piece was dripped on one night. So I am trying to figure out what to use on it to remove the stains.

I brought this bookcase upstairs from my closet. It has to be painted also. Again not sure what color.

The dresser fits between the two little windows and beside it I have a mini microwave for my hot chocolate and a small refrig for my drinks.
Behind the screen is Tinkerbell's litter box and my porta potty. Yep I share to much with you.
My granddaughter had a fit when she saw the porta potty. She told me Grandma Yellow Hair don't you dare use that thing. You go down those stairs take a left and walk down the hall and take a right. There you will find your bathroom.
I told her when she gets 64 years old and needs to potty during the night and has to stumble down a flight of stairs walk through two rooms and a hall then let me know if she makes it on time. lol
She told her Dad that I could not do this because there was no sink to wash my hands. I told her I will put a bottle of hand sanitizer up here by the potty.
She then remarked well then I know what I am getting you for Christmas A Years supply of hand sanitizer. lol  Love that girl!

When you walk into the room this corner is to the left. It is the only space in the room with a full wall. Sorry not sure how to explain it. I bought this closet from Wal Mart to use as a it is too big. Clint put it together for me when they came after Thanksgiving. It's a great piece for a room without a closet but I am not sure if I will keep it. Since it is so tall this is the only place it fits.

Everything seems to be pushed to one end of the room so that is one reason I might take this closet down and use this corner for a sitting area where I could read or write.

On the right side of the pink chair is where the bed is located.

This room is still a challenge to me but it is slowly falling in place. I chose to stick with the same colors through out the house my pinks and green. Yep I know too much pink.

Hopefully soon I can finish it and boy will that be a good feeling.

My Candy giveaway ends tomorrow at midnight. If you have not put your name in the hat be sure and scroll down to the post before this and leave a comment so you can be entered for your choice of Fudge or White or Milk Chocolate Peanut Clusters. Good luck to everyone.

I am leaving in the morning for my neice's wedding near San Antonio so I might be late announcing the winner but I am hoping my Sunday night.

Sorry these pictures are not that great. I hope by clicking them on you might can see the room better.
I hated showing it to you before the final touches but I wanted to show you what I have been doing in my spare time.

Enjoy your weekend! Don't over do it with shopping and getting things done for Christmas. As always I appreciate you visiting me and letting me know how you are doing. Cause you mean a lot to this old Grandma Yellow Hair.

Sweet Dreams

Saturday, December 1, 2012

My Living Room/Candy Giveaway!

Please come in and make yourself comfortable! I now have plenty of places for you to sit and prop your feet up.
As I mentioned in my earlier post I finally got my old living room furniture from my brother's house in town.
I was told when I moved out here that it was too big to go through these small doors on this farm house.
Turns out the movers did not know what they were talking about because the guys that moved it for me had no trouble at all.

In the picture above and below is my large sofa with a matching ottoman. The trouble is everything matches which makes for too many flowers in one room. lol

In the corner by the book case I put the over sized chase that I have longed for all these years. Talk about comfortable. I can remember many times falling asleep in this piece.

On the other side of the big room I put the love seat which I put the pink sofa I had in here already across from it. Before I had my dining room table and chairs. I moved them into the dining room which I will show you another time.

I took this picture while coming down the stairs from the bedroom that is finally finished. Soon you will see all the hard work I did in this room so I can finally sleep where it is warm.
Here is the pink sofa across from the love seat. Yep way too much furniture but maybe when I get the two Christmas trees out of this room and move a couple of pieces somewhere else it will look better.

Why I bought all the same matching pieces years ago is beyond me. I wish now I had went with some solid colors to match the sofa.

Never thought I would ever get my pieces back but now their here and I am happy.

Today I made some of my Ms Ruby's Chocolates and I thought of how long it has been since I had a giveaway of my candy so whoever leaves a comment on this post will be entered to win either the Fudge or the famous Peanut Clusters.

How about we end the giveaway on Sunday the 8th which will give me time to make Lot's more chocolate and time for everyone to have a chance to enter.

Whoever wins can tell me their preference of what kind of candy. Good luck to everyone!

Love to all