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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Gut Wrenching Sobs!

Look at this sweetheart in the picture. Back in the summer of 1965 I like to think he was my sweetheart but in the spring of 1968 he gave his life for our country.

This morning before starting my chores out here on the North Forty I checked my emails. I am always thrilled when I see one from my long time friend from my college days. Maxine and I have such a bond that we can go years without seeing each other and then when we do it is like we were back in college talking and laughing until our sides hurt.

In the subject line of her email it said I thought you might want this. Well I figured since I have been talking vegan diets she had sent me a recipe. I tell you I was not prepared for what I found. It was this picture of Ronnie.

Max  had read my Memorial Day post about Ronnie so she was curious and went on the internet and found this picture and a write up of how he was killed in Viet Nam war.

You know how sometimes your first reactions are so funny. I knew I was looking at a picture of Ronnie but I just could not imagine how that was possible since my friend Max never met him. I did not meet Max until college and I dated Ronnie the summer before my Senior year. There was no note just this picture.

The tears slowing found their way down my cheeks and then within minutes it was gut wrenching sobs. I got up to get away from the computer but then I just set back down and cried my heart out.

After a while the tears stopped and I realized I was crying for not only Ronnie but for all the men and women who like him have given their life for us. Young soldiers that are still giving their lives for us.

I was crying because like him they never had the chance to live. Sobbing because I was alive and he died so young. I even cried because maybe I did not live the life I was given the way Ronnie would of been proud of me.

Tears flowed and my heart ached because I thought of how sweet and kind he had been to me. How I told him my dreams and he shared his with me. I cried because I felt he would of made his dreams come true but I had let him down and myself because the only part of my dreams that I fulfilled were my three babies.

Of course thank God I did fulfill those dreams of having children. But the others never came through and I did not fight hard enough for them. I always thought of myself as strong but seeing Ronnie's picture made me look at my life so different. Like I have wasted most of it.

Ronnie and myself  talked of the nightmare going on in another world from us and young men dying everyday but we would not let ourselves think of him going over there. I had brothers too old enough to fight and I prayed for them not to go.

My prayers were answered for my brothers but Ronnie did go over there but only for three months. I went to the site where Max found this picture and again the tears flowed reading about the last battle of his life.

Thank you Max from the bottom of my heart for sending me this picture. I can't help but think this might be the last picture taken of Ronnie. Maybe I needed this for some kind of closure. But I doubt that will happen.

There are just some people that come into your lives and you know right away whether or not their in your heart forever. Ronnie is one of those in my heart forever.

Love to all

Monday, May 28, 2012

Looking Back for Memory Lane Monday!

Like most of you today my thoughts and prayers today are with our women and men who are in the Armed Forces serving our country and for all those who served in the past.

My heart aches when I think of all the lives that have been lost while defending our country. I still miss my friend Ronnie Slay who gave his life at such a young age while fighting in Viet Nam. Lot's of day's I can still see his wonderful smile and beautiful eyes.

Saying thank you to our hero's just does not seem like enough but when I see someone in uniform I always tell them Thank You for serving. Try it you will get a wonderful response from them.

Today it is already the last Monday of the month which is when I try to link up with Donna at Brynwood Needleworks for Memory Lane Monday's.

Usually I tell a long story of something in my past but today I wanted to write about my past memories of when I first started blogging.

On my previous post I wrote about how appreciative I am of having blogging friends and how lucky I am to have you in my life. Well that got me to looking back on my very first month of blogging and I found that I actually had a comment on I think it was my second post. Of course, it was a while before I had another friend comment but I still remember the excitement of finding out that someone had actually read my blog. lol

Do you remember those memories of your first few months of blogging?

Who was my first comment-er well it was  Vicki at Operation You. I then clicked on her site and was excited to find that she is still blogging. I also found that she still has a lovely site and hated I had lost contact with her.  If you click on her site you will enjoy meeting a new friend. You know I am all about meeting new friends and enjoying the ones I am blessed to have found on here.

After reading a few of Vicki's post I checked to see if I followed her. Well blogger showed I was but I was following her anomalously. The only reason I can figure out why it showed that way is because being a  new blogger back then I did not even know how to follow some one correctly. So after all this time I corrected that and now it makes me wonder who else am I following the same way. I will have to try and figure it out.

It's fun to go back and reread you old post and see what you were writing about in that time of your life.
Also I found my old Temptation Monday's post where I posted about some of my blogging buddies art work. Gosh I really miss doing those post. I think it was after my injury that I discovered I could not keep up with doing these Temptation Mondays because of how many friends sell their art. That is when I came up with the idea of my Temptations site.

Now I regret I have neglected it. The last few months I have been trying to figure out how to showcase these artist again like before. My purpose of Temptations was to introduce my friends to exceptional group of bloggers who are artist.  Hopefully in the near future I can once again work on that site and be a better friend to these gifted bloggers. Any ideas on how to do this just let me know I am open to suggestions.

Well friends I need to get off here but I do hope you are enjoying your special day and remembering our troops. Add them to your prayers and Thank them for serving our country.

Also wishing you a beautiful week ahead. Let me know how your doing and try to stay cool. The heat index is already way to high. Incredible for only May.

If you have any vegan recipes you want to share please send them to me at
This coming Friday is when Christi and I are starting the Eat to Live diet.

Love to all

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Just Needed To Look Up!

Good morning and what a glorious morning this has been for me. So I am sending you my good wishes that you too find the peace and serenity I found just by soaking in my old claw foot tub this morning.

A few weeks ago a friend of mine here in my little country town took me to the big city and she wanted to stop by Bath and Body Works. Her son had given her a gift of some Eucalyptus Stress Free bath soak from there and wanted to buy another bottle. Well I smelled the stuff and thought I guess I can spare twelve dollars for some stress relief.

This morning I thought hey give that stuff another try who knows it might help you. So I fill the old tub up with it crawl inside without looking at myself in the old mirror attached to the antique dresser and I lay back and relax.

Up above my tub and as high as the ceilings are five small windows. Very odd for this ole farmhouse but maybe today I found out why their there. Don't ask me how long I have lived in this house.

Okay back to lying back and relaxing. I now can see the top of the magnificent oak trees that surround this ole house and I start talking out loud to God. I tell him how grateful I am for everything he has given me these 64 years of my life. I then am apologetic to him for not being the Christian person that he deserves from me. Soon I am telling him about you. It seems you always come out along with my family when I talk to God. I explained to him that when he nudged me into starting a blog to journal my thoughts that he knew exactly what he was doing.

He was bringing Christians into my small life left and right. I told him how much I enjoyed reading about you and praying for you. I noticed then the clouds started moving. All of sudden I had a slide show of the most awesome cloud movement right in front of me.

I laughed at how the clouds were preforming just for me. I then thanked God for waving back at me and telling me I did not need to spend money for stress relief. All I needed was to look up and remember how Blessed I am for my life with you.

Hope you have a very safe and Happy Holiday weekend.

Love to all

I almost forgot to share this picture of me when I got out of the tub and dressed for my day! Just in case the cowboy rides by I wanted to show him my new shorts.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Artful Blogger June!

How are you doing this week? I hope so far that you have had a delightful week full of nice surprises like the one I had yesterday while browsing the magazine section of Barnes and Nobles. I was given a gift certificate for my Birthday to one my favorite places so I while in College Station for the pain doctor I went by the book store.

After finding the book I was looking for I browsed the magazine section and happily discovered a copy of Artful Blogging. I have bought a few of these magazines before so I thought I would look through it and see if this would be a copy I might want to buy. The very first article I came upon I knew I was going to spend the money on it. Turning the pages and  mostly looking at the gorgeous flowers I thought to myself how strange this blog featured is just like my sweet friend Junes site. Well by golly it was her and I almost jumped up and down in the store. Thank goodness I controlled myself and did not. Who wants to see an ole woman make a fool of herself in public. Plus if I had jumped up and down I would seriously be taking the chance of peeing on myself. In case no one has shared that with you it happens to a lot of older women and I am finding it to be true.

I love beautiful surprises and I love June at Laughing With Angels!  Isn't she just so beautiful. I find her beauty is not only on the surface but inside as well. To see for yourself just click on her name above and it will take you to her site. I would appreciate though you visit her after you finish my lovely post. lol

So I then thought I need two copies so I can have a giveaway and share this amazing article by June. I tore the magazine rack up looking for other copies. I feel sure the reason I could not find another one is because everyone else fell in love with June too .

If I find another copy I will do the giveaway. I know it is selfish not to give mine away but I plan on meeting June one day and I want her to autograph it for me. lol  If you have not visited June be sure and do so because your in for a touch of glamour when it comes to blogs. She has gardens that will leave you speechless and peonies that have me wanting some out here on the North Forty so bad. I have been told they don't grow well in Texas but if I can find them I am going to give them a try. Besides I have the prefect mentor to help me with them right? Look at these peonies from her garden. Have you ever seen such beauty.

Congratulations June for being published in such a popular magazine. I appreciate this magazine even more now that they have showed me how smart they are for having you in their magazine. You know I have always wanted you in my Blogazine Magazine myself. No pressure honey I know how busy you are.

Which reminds me no one has come forth lately and volunteered for my Blogazine. Don't make me have to come out and harass and beg for the next guest. You just need to send me an email with your story and I will gladly share it on here.  Who knows Artful Blogging might be reading my site and discover you!

The book I was looking for yesterday was Eat to Live. My daughter Christi and both suffer from Fibromyalgia and her doctor changed her pain medication and told her it does make you gain weight. We both have gained weight from this disease and we both will only suffer more if we keep gaining so her doctor told her about this book and suggested the diet.

When I here the word diet I usually take two steps backwards and then run like heck. Diets and me just don't mix very well. In fact I have gained weight from trying to diet. Don't even ask me how just take my word for it.

So why bother with this one you say. Well it's my daughter and I want her to succeed in doing this because it seems to be a healthy diet but very very strict. The first six weeks are the really extreme being that you can only eat veggies, salads, and fruit. No caffeine, sugar, flour or milk products. The very first thing you know that came to my mind was no Diet Dr. Pepper. Gee z  Louise how can I do this with no Dr. Peppers and no cookies. That is my breakfast for how many years now. lol

Well after reading this I told Christi if we do this I will have to start on June 1st because I have too many six packs around here waiting to be drank and cookies to be ate. Also I cannot go cold turkey from both I have to be weened like a person with an addiction. Yes I am addicted and not proud of it. We all have bad habits and mine is sweets, Dr. Pepper and letting Ms. Pearl make an appearance now and then. Even though knock on wood she has behaved pretty well lately. Of course she may come out sometime around June 2nd or the end of June 1st. lol

The reason I went through this long story about this diet is to ask have any of you read this book Eat to Live and have you tried the diet. If so please share your thoughts on it of course share your thoughts regardless you know I love hearing from you and finding out what your up to.

The weather channel is predicting nothing but the mid 90's for us this week so we could be in trouble this summer with temps this high in May.

Oh I almost forgot while mowing inside my yard I saw a movement and Yep it was a snake and a very venomous one at that. If I wasn't mistaken it was a Copperhead. I ran as fast as my little short legs would move to find the shovel. Remind me to sharpen it or buy a better one because I like to never cut the darn thing head off. You would of been proud of me because a year ago I would of run down the road screaming for someone to come to my aid but I did the sensible thing and killed it.

Strange the snake away I bought to spread out was sitting ten yards away ready to be spread after I mowed. I have been very lucky with not having snakes in the yard surrounding my house but this is the second one I have seen in almost the same spot.

Christi are you sure you want us to do this diet I might be to weak to handle another situation like this.

Well friend I need to go and find a picture to post with this and then get my day started. I need to mow but unless I get out there early I will wait until late evening.

Be sure and laugh today and maybe even dance like no one is watching. You know I do that quite often and I find that it is almost as good as eating something really sinful like that black berry cobbler I made last week. Sounds like maybe I need to remember this myself on June lst. lol

Love to all,

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Last Sunday!

How are all my sweethearts this  hot but beautiful Sunday. We are in the 90's here right now so I have excuse to be inside with my feet propped up writing you.

So tell me if you tried the cobbler from the previous post and if it was not soooo good! I can not make this again unless I have several people to help me eat it. OMGosh I have gained five pounds in a weeks time.

Look at this beautiful table setting that greeted me last Sunday for Mother's Day and my Birthday when I came down the stairs in Chad's home. Talk about being pampered the whole weekend was that way.
He made the most delicious french toast, quiche, sausage and in the big bowls were the berries we picked the day before. I felt like I was in a nice hotel having brunch. 

Chad's home is beautiful and decorated out of this world. Here he and Christi are in the kitchen. We were waiting on my surprise guest for the day. So without further a due I will show and tell you who came to spend the marvelous day with us.

Remember my sweet adorable Gretchen? She lived in the pink house for a year while she wrote her screen plays. Then she went to Kentucky for 9 months to help her mother through Breast Cancer and now she lives in Austin. Still as precious as ever and the little actor she is I could not take a picture of her without some really weird faces as you can see from the one above. I warned her I was going to post them anyway! This was taken before she even drank her Mimosa that Chad served us for brunch.

Isn't this a cute picture of her and Christi. We teased her about being even taller than she was the last time we saw her so she is bending down to Christi's height. 

After the best brunch ever they all took me to the movies. Since I had read all the Hunger Game books we saw the movie. I was actually surprised at how good they did the movie. Usually the movies are no where near as good as the books.

Of course besides visiting I opened up more gifts for my special day. As always my babies always give me way way too much. One gift that Chad and Christi gave me that I find myself wanting to put them on early every night is a new pair of pj's. Talk about comfy. I could live in these. They also gave me a beautiful pair of   ear rings and bracelet to match along with a gift certificates.

Gretchen also brought me a sweet gift. She got the funnest cup that says Your Never to Old to do something Stupid! How well this girl knows me. While in England last month for graduate school she brought me back a gorgeous card to frame. I love it.

One of the funnest gifts I opened that day was a pretty pink bag that was wrapped so pretty and really heavy. Christi told me it was from her best friend Andrea. Well sweet Andrea had just had a baby that I have been wanting to do a post about so for her to take the time to get me a gift was really sweet.  I opened it up and died laughing. It was a six pack of my favorite Drink Diet Dr. Pepper and would you believe more lotto tickets. hahahaha

While we are on presents I received the loveliest bottle for my dressing table from Marydon. I tell you Marydon as you all know is the best friend in the world. She has been going through so much but takes the time to send me several Birthday cards and a gift. What a lovely friend to have found out here in this huge friendly world of Blogging. Thank you honey I love the gift. Every time I try to take a picture of the bottle you can't see anything but a bright light where the bottle is sitting. I will keep trying and put it on here one day.

I had to take a few pictures of Chad's home while he was cleaning the kitchen. I know it's bad to go around and snap pictures but he gave me the okay. Here is the walls going upstairs.

I fell in love with these pictures. He had changed his walls since the last time I visited.

My favorite were these two!

One day I will have to take pictures of the guest room I stayed in. It was so lovely and comfy I wanted to move in. lol

Gretchen wanted me to follow her to a coffee shop for an hour before I headed back home so we could have some Gretchen and Maggie time. Of course I went and had the best time catching up with her.
We of course talked writing and about her classes she is taking just out of London.

She wants to move back into the pink house so badly because she loved it out here but as I mentioned last year when she was taking acting classes in Austin she fell in love with one of the other actors. He is drop dead gorgeous and I call him hottie. Well not to his face. So since she is in love she moved to Austin to be closer to him and her acting classes.

We planned a weekend real soon for her to come out and spend the weekend. So that I am very much looking forward too.

If you read all my post about my Mother's Day and Birthday then you do love me. lol I think I am through posting about the fab weekend but I could just go on and on at how much trouble the kids went to to entertain their mom.  I feel like I am leaving something out about my stay at Chad's but can't think just now what it is. lol Remember now I am a whole year older so expect even stranger things this year.

I liked that my birthday fell on Mother's Day because it helped with not thinking of me getting old. But then I still have my mirrors that greet me every morning when I brush my teeth and put on make up. Maybe I should learn how to do those things with out mirrors. Especially take out that huge one in the bathroom that is toooooo close to the claw foot tub. I had to laugh at this friend of my brothers when we had his big birthday party out here everyone had to come to my house to use the restrooms because no one wanted to use the out houses except for a few men. His one friend that we went to high school ask me if the tub was just for decoration. I looked at her kind of funny and told her I hope not because I have been using it every  day. lol

Okay  let me get off here. I am waiting on the temps to drop to the 80's so I can mow my little yard inside the picket fence. It doesn't take long but while I am out there I need to blow off the porch and spread some Snake Away around and some stuff to repel gofers, moles or armadillo's that are digging bucket size holes in the yard. I am figuring it is a dumb armadillo and this stuff probably won't work on him. I need a trap but don't have one and yes I am probably the only person living in the country without one.

Take care dear friends and know that there is an ole lady somewhere in the state of Texas who loves you!

Love to all

Whole time I was typing this post I would find while typing all of sudden the word I was typing would be
in another part of my post messing up what I had already typed. I sure hope this is blogger and not my keyboard. Can't have my keyboard messing up on me I love it.
So if you see some sentences that don't make sense other than normal you will know what happened.

Oh and Sorry Gretchen if you see this pic of you at the table but girlfriend you just don't behave when the camera is on you. lol

Friday, May 18, 2012

My MaMa's Blackberry Cobbler!

How are you today? I promised I would share this scrumptious cobbler recipe I learned years ago from the best cook in the world. Well maybe in Texas!

My Mama could turn out some of the best meals and desserts that would make you slap your momma. Til this day I have never accomplished the roast gravy that she would serve with her roast. Oh my gosh I still can taste her gravy. lol

Lucky you though I can share her Blackberry Cobbler recipe. It is so easy but trust me you won't regret serving this to your family. That is if you can share it.

Okay lets get started! First gather up these few ingredients along with your favorite mixing bowl and baking dish.

1 stick of Butter
1 cup of Self Rising Flour
1 cup of Sugar
1 cup of Milk
2 cups of Black Berries or any fruit

While you melt the stick of butter you need to mix your sugar and flour in mixing bowl. Then whisk in your cup of milk mixing well and then add your melted butter. Whisk until smooth like a baby's rear end.

After you finish this mixture pour it into the baking dish but first spread butter completely covering the inside of your dish . Now my mama always said don't be stingy on covering the dish with butter. Sometimes though I just spray my dish with baking spray but the butter is what Mama used.

Now take your two cups of black berries (washed good if fresh picked) and spread evenly over the milk,flour and sugar mixture.

Sprinkle the other 1/4 cup of sugar over your pie and bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour.  Some of you may want more than a 1/4 cup spread over but I find this plenty sweet for my cobblers.

While this is baking clean up your kitchen and check the freezer to see if you have some ice cream or cool whip for your wonderful cobbler. If not no need to worry this cobbler doesn't need anything to go with it but some friends and family to share it with you.

Be sure and come back after you have filled your tummy with this and let me know what you think.
I have to warn you it's hard not to make just one cause it is soooooo delicious.

Mama use to make this using peaches and I boy was that good too. My dad's father had a peach orchard and I loved picking his peaches and taking them to my other set of grand parents so I could have one of her peach cobblers. You can use canned peaches too works just as good or frozen berries.

I just found out a small town not far from here is having a dewberry festival tomorrow. I am thinking it would be fun to go buy some dewberries and try them in this recipe.

I had planned on continuing my stories of the weekend and have lots more to tell about my Sunday but I knew with the weekend coming up you might want this post first. lol

Sending you the best wishes for a beautiful weekend. I must now get off here and see if I can finish mowing one pasture I started this morning.

Love to all

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Best Saturday In A Long Time!

Hope you don't mind that I am doing a continuation of my wonderful weekend with my children in Austin for my Birthday and Mother's Day
. WARNING Lots of pictures in this post. 
They planned an outing to Marble Falls for Saturday where our first stop was the famous Bluebonnet Cafe.
It serves hundreds of lucky patrons every day and I was excited they chose this cafe for our lunch.
Here I captured Christi standing in line waiting to be seated. I thought we were in for a long wait but turns out we were seated pretty fast.

While standing in line you can see the pies this cafe is famous for and the top half of the kitchen door was open so I snapped a couple of pictures. As we all know bloggers have to snap pics when given a chance.
There was a good looking older man in line behind me and I was accused by my kids of flirting with him.
All I was doing was talking to him because hey we were waiting in line and I was at the very end so why not.
Believe me I don't know how to flirt anymore so it was just small talk. lol

It was hard trying to decide what to order but Bailey ordered the pancakes. Would you look at the size of these pancakes. He was one happy fella. After the pancakes he had peanut butter pie. I took a bite of his pie and it was soooooooo yummy!  We all dug into our pies so fast I could not get any pictures. 
Christi and I shared a fudge pie with ice cream on top. Bailey saw that and wished he had ordered it. But he did manage to get a few bites of ours.

After the cafe we drove to a farm where we picked strawberries and blackberries. 
Here Bailey and his dad Clint are picking strawberries.

I  walked up on Kaci and Christi picking black berries.

Clint was on the next row over from me so I managed to get this shot of him picking black berries.

Aunt Christi with her favorite niece Kaci!

Kaci and Bailey having a sweet sister and brother moment. 

Kaci over by the goats. My little girl is growing up fast.

 Love this picture of Clint and Andrea.
Kaci, Andrea and Bailey

Andrea, Bailey and Kaci feeding the goats.

 Love my Chad. It's not that I am short it's just he is 6ft 2 or 3.
Bailey spent as much time with the goats as he did picking berries.

Kaci and Mom picking strawberries.

My beautiful Christi posing for her picture in the strawberries.
I did not even realize Chad was taking this picture. lol

Can u believe after all the picking of berries Bailey still had energy to jump on one of their big jumping bags.

Christi in the strawberries!

 Our baskets are full and we are getting ready to leave for home.

You could even dig potatoes and onions. Look at the size of this onion Bailey pulled.

My babies with me at the goats.

Yah come back now ya hear!

I have to tell you I baked a Black Berry Cobbler with my berries yesterday and OMGosh it turned out really good. I will share the recipe one day soon. It was my MaMa's and so easy to make. You can use other fruit  
to make it too. 
Only one more post about my weekend. It is of my day Sunday spent with Chad, Christi and a surprise guest. Can you guess who came to see me at Chad's Sunday. Well you have to come back in a few days and find out.
Sorry about all the pics .....I should of used Ipiccy. Right
I just had to share the best Saturday I have had in a long long time.
Love to all

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Big Lottery Win!

My Big Weekend started Friday night at my grandson Bailey's last baseball game. 

I love watching Bailey play. 

His grandma yellow hair could not have been prouder of how he played the game.

It was the umpire that brought out Ms. Pearl in her. He made several really bad calls that caused Ms Pearl to rear her ugly head. Thank goodness she realized before causing to much of a scene that it was not good to set a bad example for the children that were playing. The umpire actually admitted after one bad call that he did not see the play very well. So big mouth me said,"Obviously not, so why did you call it!" 
I then overheard Bailey's grandpa my DL father that I might get thrown out of the game. That of course woke me up and calmed Ms Pearl down.
Absolutely would never live that down if I had been thrown out of my grandsons game.

 Bailey's sister Kaci always attends his games but rarely watches the game. lol
After the game Bailey and I posed for a picture.

Later that night Bailey and Kaci could not wait for me to open my Birthday and Mother's Day presents. So instead of waiting for Sunday I too was ready. lol
In the picture above Kaci decorated a box for the stepping stone that they made for me. Look how much trouble she went to with my box. I love it. Could not capture how pretty the stepping stone turned out. If I understood them right I believe Bailey did the decorating and making of this piece. It says  2012 Sprout. So now I have to find the prefect spot for it in the garden.

In  my bag along with all my nice gifts was a can of nuts. Of course they wanted me to try one right away and so being the good grandma I open the can and out pops this huge long thing. You know how jumpy I can be so they got a real good laugh out of this gift.
Along with the gag gift I was given  a beautiful pink cover for my Nook Color along with some Scentsy candles refills that I love using. One scent is even Birthday Cake. Cool right. A little advertisement here if you ever need any great Scentsy products my sweet DL Andrea sells them.

Last but not least in the bag  I found scratch off tickets they gave me.
Wish you could of been there for the lucky scratch off.
Lot's of screaming and jumping up and down. 
On the last ticket they gave me I scratched off three numbers that matched. Would you believe it was for $5000.00 big ones. I scratched off the first one and second one and thought nothing of it because that happens a lot but when I scratched off the third $5000.00 I thought No Way. So I moved closer to the lamp near by and put it under the light. Yep three of them. I then ask Bailey and Kaci was there three of the $5,000 and they both shook their heads while jumping up and down. 
I guess the excitement lasted about five minutes when finally my son ask me where will I cash in the amount and I told him the lottery place so he told me to read the back of the ticket.
I turned it over and YEP you probably guessed it already. They bought me a  fake lottery ticket. 
Each of them blamed the other one for buying it and putting it with my other tickets. 
I of course am pretty sure whose idea it ones but will not say. lol
What's that saying paybacks are hell!
That was only the first night of my big weekend! 
Will do another post of Saturday and Sunday later!
 Hope you had a special weekend too because you sweethearts deserve the best.
Thanks again for stopping by and for all the Happy Birthday and Mothers Day Wishes

Love to all