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Friday, September 20, 2013

Always Something!

Lot's of things have been happening since my last post.
 Linda and I are still busy with our projects for our sale and hope you don't mind but I am sharing more of our pillows with you tonight. First I wanted to show you some branches I gathered around the North Forty and painted in bright colors. I am sorry the picture is blurry. 

 I got this fabulous idea from our sweet blogging friend Jennifer at Ripplespeak. She posted hers in April and for months I kept thinking I have to do this because I loved how they looked.  I want to paint some orange and black ones for Halloween but with my pillow projects these will probably have to wait.

If you haven't met Jennifer be sure and click on her site above and meet a very gifted creative artist. Her words will warm your soul and her gorgeous art will make you smile.

A lot of you have been praying for my son Clint since his bicycle accident four weeks ago. He is having a lot of problems healing and had a surgery Tuesday on his chin. Hopefully that will heal and no more problems with it. He hasn't been able to start his dental work yet but hopefully in the near future. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers.

Well on Friday the 13th, his daughter Kaci, wanted to take a short spin on her bicycle in front of their house  and she hit the edge of the curb and fell over. She broke her ankle in two places and scratches on her face. Now she has a bright pink cast all the way up her leg. 
Needless to say I was devastated when I received the phone call from her mom. Kaci like her Dad was in a lot of pain for the first three days until they could put it in a cast. So Dad and Daughter are recovering together from two separate bike accidents. Of course I told them they need to bring those bikes here and sell them at our sale next weekend. haha

Tuesday while Clint was at the hospital having his procedure done I stayed with my Grand kids which doesn't happen for me so it was great being with them. We played board games since Kaci is in a cast. I hated to leave that night for home but I had several early morning appointments I had to keep out here.

My work on the North Forty never ends. Yesterday I finally got caught up with all my mowing. Then today it is raining cats and dogs so as I look out the windows I can see the grass growing at a very fast rate. 

How can I complain about much needed rain? It is a Blessing so over look my feeling sorry for myself. haha
Last Saturday I enjoyed spending the day at Billy and Linda's where I took this picture of some of the pillows that Linda and I have made for our sale. 

This pillow is one Linda came up with from some of our scraps. She is so creative and loving our sewing projects. 

What do you think of this pillow. It is from a piece of vintage fabric I bought several years ago from a vendor out at the Round Top/Warrenton Antique Show. I thought it turned out cute.
This pillow has found a place in my antique wicker rocker. If it doesn't sell it has a home. 

I told Linda I wanted to see if I could sew tote bags out of some of our pretty pieces so of course I have to share them with you. I should of hung these up instead of laying flat but you can get a peek of how they turned out.

 They turned out pretty good. Not master pieces but Linda is the seamstress I just like playing with fabric.
This one as you can see still has pins in it. I will finish it tomorrow and since I think this is the 11th bag I will quit and not go overboard like we have done on the pillows.

Linda and I kept telling each other we needed to do something creative in our lives so we started doing a few pillows. haha We went overboard and have made over eighty. Mostly from fabrics I had from Warrenton and we have had fun at a local Seniors Resale shop searching for cute material. Cheap prices too were a big plus.

Have any of you been watching Big Brother these past three months? I started watching it a few summers ago because my kids watched it and I wanted to watch something they were keeping up with. Well the whole summer I fussed at myself for watching it because the contestants on there were not only obnoxious but horribly mean to each other. Three of them were from Texas and I have to say they did not represent our state in nice way. I was ashamed of the young lady Arhen who made several racist remarks that should of got her kicked off the show a lot sooner than she did leave. She made national headlines about her remarks and lost her job because of her mouth.  Thank goodness she did not win the game and walk out the door with the $500,000.00. I hope the producers of this show pick a better group of young people next summer to play their game. It would be a shame to repeat the looser types that played the game this summer. 

Sorry I hate prejudices of any kind so her behavior along with some of the others on the show really got this old Grandma Yellow Hair hot. haha

Hope you had a great week and sending you wishes for a awesome weekend. As always I love it when you stop by and encourage me to keep going. If it weren't for all of you my life would really be dull. I love you and hope to visit you soon.

Sweet Dreams and Love to All

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Making Pillows!

Since my last post I have been trying to keep up with my chores out here on the North Forty and to make pillows with my sister-in-law Linda. 

Tonight I am sharing two of our pillows that were made with unique ink illustrations we purchased from
artist Michelle Palmer. I just love Michelle's art and it was fun making these two pillows.

The first pillow was made from two soft pink  lace hanker chefs. 

This one we put on blue ticking. It says Therefore do not Worry about Tomorrow. I need to keep this pillow for myself since I find myself to be a constant worrier these days.

Linda and I are making these pillows for an upcoming show. At last count we have about 80 pillows which is why I find myself coming and going around here.

Since we have been getting rain again I have been busy mowing too. The rain is nice but the storms are making an old woman out of me fast. It seems sometimes I have more branches on the ground than on the trees.  

A few post back I told you about my son Clint's bicycle accident. I appreciate all your prayers and sweet comments concerning his accident. He has been having a rough recovery and now he is dealing with a staph infection from all the lacerations in his mouth and face. This new crisis has me worried sick but I am doing my best to leave it in God's hands. Once again I still need your prayers for Clint. I can't tell you how much your friendship and prayers mean to me. 

My brother Gary is still having a hard time with his cancer treatments but he is hanging in there and being strong. I am glad you enjoyed seeing pictures of Gary's cottage. He has really worked hard on it to get it this way. 

As you know blogging has been very slow on my part. I am going to have to break down and buy a new computer if I keep on blogging. This one has been good to me for almost five years but now it takes me hours just to do a small post. One of the problems besides the money to invest in one is learning a new computer. Oh how I keep putting that off. 

I often wonder how all of you manage to keep up with your blogging. It is really hard on me and I don't have children at home or a husband. So my many hats are off to you for doing everything you manage to do.

Sending you much love and sweet dreams,

Love to all