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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Life Is Too Short Not To Have Adventures!

Oh my so long between visiting with you! Hopefully you are doing well and enjoyed your summer time. Every day I look at my calendar I say to myself or sometimes I find myself muttering out loud, " Where did this summer go?" Have you been doing the same?

It was blistering HOT here in Texas. You realize I say this every September. I truly believe I feel the heat more now than other years so I am  ready for cooler temps. Not Winter but Fall. Of course, we don't have Fall here like all my friends farther North do.  Sometimes I believe we go straight from Summer to Winter. I am praying that will not be the case this year.

Every year I say I am going to just throw a few necessities in my car and head toward Vermont. All my life I have dreamed of seeing the foliage season in Vermont, New Hampshire or Maine.

A few years back when I did finally make it to Maine I was three weeks early for their foliage spectacular showings. My daughter could not get off work during those weeks so we went on with our plans and I still find myself day dreaming about our days spent in such a beautiful state.

Will I carry out my plans this year and see how far I can go in this grand old USA without turning around and heading back home. Just getting out of Texas will take me a half a day. haha Would I be crazy to do it or crazy not too.

The delight of of seeing the pure gold, orange and red hues is maybe too hard not to give into at this time of my life. We all know the saying Life is Too Short! But I think it's too short not to have some adventures!

So many of you have wrote me emails asking about my health and when was I ever going to post again. I love you all for your concerns and prayers. In all honesty these emails and prayers have gotten me to a good place in my life right now.

The past six months have been difficult and lot's of doctor visits. I have seen doctors from just about every field known to man. I have though managed to keep my job out here thanks to two very kind understanding boss ladies. They encouraged me to not over do it and so have my children and you.

Rest easy on that I am taking care of myself. I eat better than I probably have since I was pregnant many years ago. Lot's of fruits and veggies and very little to no processed foods. Hard when my friends want to eat out but I try to watch it even then.

Like most diseases I have the bad days but then I really think they just make me appreciate the good ones even more. Corny I know but oh so true.

I wanted so often to write you on here but most of my days I have been either off to Austin to see a doctor or I was sick. I am praying the next few months will be different and I can relax more and enjoy blogging at least part time. Though I think you have heard this before.

Another reason I am not on my computer is I have my internet through my Dish Network for my television and I believe I could mow the North Forty by the time this service down loads a sentence. And Dish calls it High Speed Internet. My contract is up in October and I am searching for something better and cheaper if that is possible.

Let me share a quick little story with you before I say goodnight. After Thanksgiving last year I threw out three big pumpkins I had sitting on my porch steps. I decided to throw them out in a pasture not to far from my house and let the deer enjoy them. Well much to my surprise and delight I have a small pumpkin patch. You would of thought when I found it that I was a kid finding the gifts Santa had left me. I was like I always say "Tickled Pink!"  I have about ten blooms on it but so far no pumpkins. I think it may be getting to late now for them to give me pumpkins but I haven't given up hope. I bought some bird netting yesterday to maybe keep out critters from getting them in case I get lucky.

Sending you love and gorgeous fall weather! May you marvel at God's plethora of incredible colors this season. Maybe just maybe you might see me leaf-peeping at some SPECTACULAR FOLIAGE!

Love to all,