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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Secret Guest!

Do you recognize this lovely lady?

How about now? Maybe if she had her pink hat on you would know her.
If you guessed Marydon at Blushing Rose you got it right!

This is Marydon and Harold Ford who surprised me with a visit while they were here in Texas. Needless to say when she told me they were coming to see me I was stunned and it actually did not sink in until they were here.
Marydon and Harold make quite the pair. They can actually finish each other sentences and are a joy to watch them together. It is comforting to know that there are happy loving couples still existing together and that is one thing I have enjoyed from all of you is reading about your happy marriages.

Marydon surprises her fellow blogging friends with visits. Mine was preplanned but she told me that all of her other visits are just a knock on their door. She then tells them they have a delivery and she gives them one of her beautiful Christmas Ornaments. Thank goodness I had a few days to pick up around my ole farm house because that girl took some pictures. lol  Being in law enforcement I don't show my pictures very often but hard to tell this Maryland girl No!

Since this was such a special visit I had to cut some roses and bring out the best China and Crystal.  Of course I had to use my pink china since I know Marydon is a pink lady too. Blogging friends deserve the extra attention. I even took off my patch work quilt that I use for a table cloth and put my favorite one that my Aunt Dorothy made for me years ago.

I changed the menu three or four times after talking to Marydon about what she could eat. Turns out I went simple with a Chicken Salad, cold cuts, different cheeses and crackers with lots of fruit. For dessert I made a cheesecake with cherries on the top.

We visited for several hours and got to know each other better. It was my very first time to meet a online friend and it is a day I will always look back on and smile. If you follow Marydon at Blushing Rose you know how sweet and kind she can be. Well let me tell you once you meet her you know instantly that she is a good good friend to keep.

What a blessing this visit was for me and it made me want to meet all of you. Two days and seven months ago my life changed forever when I hurt my neck and back at work. It was a horrible accident and I honestly think that I have ruined my back and may never be able to work again. Today proved my fears when I could barely get out of bed this morning.  What I am getting to is without you out here in this world of blogging I would of never made it through these 7 months but you have left me generous notes of encouragement and you even read my post that are just plain silly. hahahaha Believe me when I say I appreciate each and everyone of you. I am so very Thankful for my dear sweet friends out here and looking forward to being like Marydon one day and just knock on your door. lol

Gretchen invited me over for Taco's tonight and so I am looking forward to catching up on her writing and trip to London. She mentioned having Tommy Lee Jones as the main actor and director for one of her screen plays so I volunteered to be his wife. I mean someone has to do it. Right?

Love to all

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Offended by the book Simple Times!

Hello to all of you. I hope you had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed all the leftovers from Thanksgiving. Myself if I see a Turkey anywhere near me in the next few weeks I will have to run the other way. Too much eating for me in the last few days. Now I have a inner tube look about me around the middle of my body and I am truly upset with myself.

Been wanting to do a post about a book I had bought to giveaway on here but after getting the book home and taking a closer look at it I have decided it would be in bad taste to give it as a gift to my friends.  The book is Simple Times by Amy Sedaris(crafts for poor people). I bought this book thinking it was a book about crafts and that you might enjoy it. I was offended by the contents of this book not only with the pictures but the writing.

Yes Amy Sedaris is a well known comdedian but this grandma did not recognize the name when I bought the book and if I could get my money back on it I would. One Chapter is about the craft of Making Love. The pictures are way tacky for a craft book and while reading this chapter and others I could not believe that I was holding a CRAFT book in my hands. Very misleading to someone not familar with Amy Sedaris.

Here is a small paragraph from the book. Please note it is offensive so you might want to pass on reading further.

Sexual Missteps:

A healthy sexual encounter can be a frezied affair, an unrestrained flurry of senseless depravity. In the moment, gripped by a chaotic orgiastic euphoria, it's easy to cross the line of good judgment. This includes playing too rough, screaming out past lovers' names, or attempting to lodge an appendage or toy in an orifice where you have not been thoroughly invited.

CAN you believe this is from a Craft book. I am still in shock that I bought it and was going to have a giveaway with this as the gift.

Also through out the book there are inserts by two other people Jean and Gene Woodchuck and the language these too use will make you want to wash their mouths out with lye soap. In one insert their talking about U.S. grade-A humping except not with each other they believe in an open marriage, wide open; the swinging door has come off the hinges open. They say we found it is that the best way for us to share is by sharing ourselves with strangers. Do you believe this? Yes this is part of a book I thought was for crafters.

Sure there are some pages devoted to crafting but their nothing you would want to make. One chapter I found also offensive was the Crafting for Jesus.

I googled reviews on this book and this is one I found. Wish I could remember who wrote it:

Do not be fooled. Amy Sedaris' latest book, Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People (out November 2) isn't about crafting with a twist. It's just twisted. Sedaris says it best in the introduction: "It's often been said that ugly people craft and attractive people have sex. This book is not going to dispel that ridiculous fact." Indeed, notable Sedaris do-it-yourself-at-home crafting ideas include a Cut-Rate Sandwich Bag Condom made from Saran Wrap and Franco's Clothespin Jesus, a crucifix made entirely of — duh — clothespins.

What is particularly damning about this parody is the fine line it walks, interspersing its madness with recipes and crafting ideas that might actually be plausible to that special sock monkey doll enthusiast in your life. Gift buyers could run the risk of offending an authentic craft hobbyist if its pages hit too close to home. But Sedaris fans familiar with her last book I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence and nostalgic for the "hand-woven bread, homespun rocking chairs, oven-baked slippers, butter-churned pillow shams, and embroidered patchwork crisps" of their childhoods will not be disappointed.s.

Sorry Amy but I found your book totally offending and beyond anything I have ever wasted my money on. Now what to do with this book! Let me know if you have read this book and what do you think.

Sweet Dreams

Friday, November 26, 2010


Just got home from the movies with my daughter Christi and a friend of hers Tammy from her high school days.  We saw Burlesque with Cher and Christina Aquilar and with risking my reputation here in blog land I actually enjoyed the movie. I know it has received terrible reviews but the three of us really liked it.

Those two girls are in the living room laughing and catching up on old times. It is fun to hear them laughing just like the ole times.

It made me feel young and that I could get up out of that chair and swing my legs up and shake my boobs just like they were doing. Well you will be glad to know that because of my back I kept seated. lol

Cher has no wrinkles so I guess Botox does work. Chrsitina belted out some good songs and Cher preformed two long ones herself. The costumes were everything I always wanted to wear when I had a figure but never did. Now I would be shot if seen in one of them.

This short wig that Christina put on for several songs was too cute. I wore my hair similar to this at one time and have wanted to again. You can not see how cute a cut it is from this picture.

I am glad I did not read reviews of the movie before seeing it because it would of kept me at home. It reminded me of the movie Chicago but of course not as good.

So yes I liked it. Silly as it may have been it was fun watching to the three of us. Let me know if you have seen it and what you thought of Burlesque.

Hope you had as nice of a Thanksgiving holiday as I did with my family. Everything was good about the day especially Kaci and Bailey entertaining us. They played sherades and were too darn funny. I had them write our names for place settings on some cut out pumpkins. Then I let them decide how they wanted everyone to sit. It was great fun for them and turned out great how they had us setting. I loved it.

If I had not fixed a lot of things a head of time there is no way I could of enjoyed my day. Who wants to be in the kitchen cooking the whole time. I found the best ever corn recipe from a blog that Christi fixed for us and I thought it was better than any corn I had ever eaten. It was a big hit. I will have to find the site and give it to you.  My son Chad made the best Pumpkin Cheesecake too. Wow yummy. My dressing thank goodness was really tasty and yea for leftovers. lol

The best thing about this week is Christi came here for the whole week to help me so I would not over do it with my back. What a big help she was with everything. She will be leaving tomorrow evening and I will miss having her here. She even offered tommorrow to put up my Christmas tree and my take her up on the offer.

Well I am off to try a piece of that cheesecake again. haha  Starting in January my goal is to loose 36 pounds by October of next year. Gary and Sherry are getting married at her home place in Tennessee so Sherry and I have made up our minds to do it. Want to join in on the fun? It will be hard but I so want to do this.

Gretchen finally made it back from London and she loved it there. Can not wait to catch up on her trip.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend

Sweet Dreams

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Adults Only!

Good morning! My brain is still not working so thought I would share some pictures today instead of my long stories.

Hope you are having a wonderful day! I promise my brain can not stay scrambled forever or could it?
Still thinking of all of you and hoping your not in a fog like me. You don't think the pain pills have finally damaged the ole brain do you?

Like this morning I was putting my make-up on and talking to Christi in the other room ...double tasking or anyway whatever...I was telling her about not sleeping last night and I went on a site where a woman was talking about having a birthday and was really really old so I kept reading it and then she says she just turned 40. Of course, Ms Pearl came out and thought this woman thinks she is OLD! How then would she relate to me. What would she call ME! A freaking dinosaur! So I tell Christi about this post and then I say, "Just wait til that woman is a grandma getting out of her grandsons lower bunk bed after reading him a bed time story and farts so loud and long the guys next door call to check on their neighbor!" Seriously thats when she can complain Right!

Love to all

Monday, November 22, 2010

My Lucky CSN Winner!

Sorry I am just now posting about my winner for the $65.00 CSN gift certificate. I made it home good but now feel like a truck ran over me but a little rest will take care of that. Plus Christi came home with me to help with preparing Thanksgiving so life is good. Seeing my children and grandbabies was such a great blessing and one I so appreciate.

Now on to the winner.  Life is also good for Susan at Art of Mine . She was selected by the Random Generator widget and if you don't already know Susan you must because she is a lovely lady from Georgia. Susan could not believe your number came up but I am delighted you won honey and hope you have fun shopping with your gift certificate. Just shoot me an email  to and we will get your winnings to you.

I want to thank all of you that participated in this giveaway. CSN supports a lot of giveaways for bloggers and I am grateful that they give me a chance to have these giveaways for you.

Need to regroup my brain so I can do a post. So much has happened in the last few weeks that I have been wanting to write about and hopefully soon.

I do have to share a funny thing that Bailey (my grandson) said while we were eating lunch yesterday at Razoo's. It was where Kaci had picked to eat for her Birthday weekend and I ask her brother what was his favorite thing about Razoo's and he answered, "They fill me up." lol  Love it when they answer so honestly.

So much to do this week to prepare for Thanksgiving. Tell me some good side dishes that your having.

Love to all

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Grandma Heaven Tonight!

You will never guess where I am doing this post. I am sitting in my granddaughters Kaci's closet! Yep today was my precious Kaci's birthday and while she is catching a few hours of sleep before her big birthday party tomorrow with all her friends I thought I would catch up with my friends. What better place to hide but in your granddaughters closet full of all of her dolls (well not all of them), stuffed animals, books and of course the cutest little outfits in the world.

I am tonight in Grandma Heaven. Bailey my grandson and I played a few games of something with rabbits falling in a hole. Of course the trick is not to fall in the hole. Then I read him and book and he went right to sleep. Kaci and I laid in her bed whispering to each other until she fell a sleep. I of course was too excited to sleep so I thought hey free WiFi and so the closet seemed like the perfect place to play without waking anyone up.

Kaci ask for a doll for her Birthday so off to Target on Monday when I went to the pain doctort. I found the cutest doll that does everything but wet her diaper. She walks, talks, giggles, drinks her bottle and if she falls over on her face she tells you it is okay Mommy I can get up and that is just what she does too. Kind of creepy watching this doll fold herself up until she manages to stand and start walking again. lol

While watching Kaci laughing and playing with her I could not help but think about the dolls I had and none of them could do anything but lay there and look at me with their big blue eyes. I remember one doll I washed her hair so much that towards the end of her life she looked like she had stuck her finger in a plug and had been lit up. Her hair just stood straight out. hahaha I still have my Tiny Tears doll and she is wrapped in a baby quilt my grandmother made for her. One day I will have to part with her and the quilt and let Kaci add it to her collection.

I have missed visiting with you this week. I have lots to tell you about my week but will do it another night. Probably not in a closet though.

Gretchen finally returned to the North Forty last night and then I ran away today before she and I could really visit about her trip to London. So looking forward to visiting with her Sunday and hearing about what kept her away for three long weeks.

Before getting here tonight I stopped by my daughters Christi's  house and she had a date with a very handsome fellow and they insisted I go with them to dinner. If it had been a first date I would of got out of it some way but she has been seeing him for a little while and I enjoyed my chance to get to know him. I was hoping maybe he could spend Thanksgiving with us but he is going to Calif.

Tomorrow I will get to be with my oldest son for a while since he has moved back here to Austin again. I am so looking forward to our visit and then Sunday I think all of us are getting together for brunch to continue our big Birthday celebration.

Hope you are having a fun weekend too! These are the times that I just love to have with my family. Hard to believe that I am so blessed.

Do not forget to enter my CSN giveaway that ends Sunday night at midnight. I do wish I could send all of you a gift certificate to this wonderful store but someone will be the lucky winner.

Well I need to close I am starting to see double. Plus in the morning will come early and the party is at 10:30 and grandma yellow hair needs to get some rest.

Sweet dreams


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

CSN Giveaway!

Have you been naughty or nice? Yep you know me I have to ask. So one way we can find out is by having another CSN Giveaway.  If you have been nice most likely Santa will draw your name for this giveaway.

You all know that I truly love this company. Not only do they have everything you could possibly want for your bathroom they even sell  bathroom cabinets. Living in my ole farmhouse this will definetly be something I am going to have to check out on their site.

CSN has generiously given me the opportunity to offer to one of my friends out here in blog land a $65.00 gift certificate to be used in any of their 200 stores on line. I know can you imagine winning such a great gift right here during the holiday season.  What would you buy? Would you buy a Christmas gift for someone special or treat yourself to a gift. It is all up to you and all because you have been nice this year instead of naughty

So in order to win leave me a comment telling me how much you love Just Between Me and you    love CSN for taking care of us bloggers. Only comments left on this post will be put in the Random Generator. In fairness to my friends now you must be a follower of my site too.

Also for an extra entry you can add this giveaway to your sidebar. Just leave me an extra comment telling me you have it on your sidebar.  Please only leave these two comments to make it easier on me using the Random generator.

This giveaway willl end Sunday night November 21st at midnight central standard time. Sorry but this contest is open only to the US and Canada but in my upcoming giveaways I will be having everyone is invited to enter.

Show your support for CSN and enter this generous giveaway. Who knows you could be my next lucky winner.

Hope you are all having a wonderful week. I am excited to be asked to have this giveaway and wish you the best of luck on winning.

Love to all,

Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Blogazine Guest Kathy!

This is a special day for me because I have a new blogazine guest. It has been way too long since my last Blogazine Guest and I am excited that Kathy agreed to do this post for me.  Kathy is a very gifted artist and you can see more of her art at  The Artist blog site.

I am so honored that you would have me as a guest. I have always love art and through the years it has always been a part of me. My husband of 33 years and I came from Kentucky to Tennessee 21 years ago. I had painted a few things and did a few murals,till we came here and my art took off. The first mural I ever did was on my moms bathroom wall. She thought it was beautiful. Well,as I remember, it was not that special.

I am self taught so the old adage the more you do the better you get can apply to me. At one point I was painting murals so much they had to put my arm in a cast.

Three years after we came to Tennessee my mom passed away. I stopped painting until my hubby told me either use it or loose it. I picked up my brushes and haven't stopped since. In 1998 I was the Guest Artist at the Tennessee Valley Fair and was asked to display some canvases. I still do murals but now I do a lot of canvas work,that can be shipped out.

Four years ago my sister in law had a client at her kennel to ask if I would go to Vieques Puerto Rico to paint murals in her home. Along with my sister in law and my niece,we went,and have become such good friends with the lady we have gone back every year. It is 10 miles off the coast of Puerto Rico and is only 53 square miles. Horses run free,no traffic lights,no fast food,just a paradise. I have my work in two gift shops on the island.

Last year we went back to KY on a visit and stopped in at a state park near our home town. I now have my work in their gift shop. I once was shy about talking to people about selling my work, but now I find it easy.

A few years ago I found out about blogging. Now I have met so may people from places I could only dream about. People that create amazing things,so thanks for letting me tell my little tale of a girl with a paintbrush and paint on her face. Thanks

Thank you Kathy for writing such a wonderful story for us to all enjoy. If you would like to be my next blogazine guest be sure and email me with your story. I think there were two sisters from MN who were going to do a story for me but geezz what were their names .....something like Lib or Libbie and Kate or was it Katy ...I don't know but when I remember I will go after them.

Hope you are all having a great weekend. I am catching up on some things that need to be done. Nothing big but it feels good just to finish even little things. Since my kids are coming on Thanksgiving Day this year I am thinking about making my MaMa's delicious cornbread dressing tomorrow and freezing it . I have found that if you let this dressing set in the freezer for about a week or more it soaks up those seasoning and after tasting it you reach over and slap the one next to you!  lol Seriously my Mama made holidays special just by being there but boy did we all enjoy her dressing.

I have so much to be thankful for this year and of course you are top on that list and my kids all coming to see me for Thanksgiving is such a treat for me that I am already counting the days.

Don't forget the giveaway coming this week.

Love to all

Friday, November 12, 2010

Pat Searches!

barney fife Pictures, Images and Photos

The other day I came across ole Barney in one of his many bloopers with Andy Griffith. As Andy's sidekick deputy he could really do some crazy off the wall things. It brought back some funny memories of  my days as an Officer.

If you have ever did a Pat Search of someone you will know that the first few times are always the most intimidating. I thought of my first one ever and wanted to share it with you today.

It was a male about 6ft 1" tall and thin build. I ask him to put his hands up on the wall and spread his feet. I always did the neck first and work my way down hopefully not finding anything on the individual.
I got to his knees just fine and then I felt something really hard on the right leg. You might say my eyes lit up exactly like Barney's did when something was not quite right. I took a step backwards to get out of his way in case he tried to move his hands toward me and I grabbed my handcuffs. When he realized what I was going to do next he then explained to me that he had a wooden leg.

Now what are the chances the first time you do a pat search and the guy has a wooden leg that makes you think OH God what now. Anyway I then pulled up his pant leg to confirm that this was true. I honestly was so relieved to find sure enough a big wooden leg.

Turns out months later he tried to beat a guy to death with this leg and was charged with a new crime and shipped off to another unit. Can you see the headlines. Man beats man with his leg. Weird.

Another time I did a pat search I recognized a name on the guys tag of his waist band. It was a name you don't see or hear much and I immediately remembered the name from a fellow high school classmate. I thought no way could this be him but you know Ms Pearl is going to find out. So she ask the guy his first name which checked out to be the same name. Then next I ask where he was from and yep he was from the same place I grew up. Wow! This guy had been voted the Class Clown and was very popular. I had always liked him along with most of the kids I graduated with. By now of course he is curious about my questions and I tell him I thought for a minute he was someone I knew but was mistaken.

I of course had to report this to the Unit Warden that I knew someone locked up there and he called me in his office and drilled me about how I knew him. I explained to the Warden that I was positive the guy had no idea who I was and would do everything possible to keep it that way. After thinking it over he decided not to transfer the inmate and so for several years every time I saw this guy I could not help but think of how things must of went so far wrong with him. Turns out this was not his first time down and after he got out that time if he was arrested and sentenced again he would be classified as a Habitual and serve a long long time behind bars. Needless to say I never saw him at any class reunions.

Hope you have been having a great week! I have to tell you yesterday I had a visit from a very special lady and I loved every minute that she and her husband were at my home. Looking forward to telling you about the sweet lady in the near future. Right now I will just leave you in suspense. It was the most wonderful visit and I shall always cherish that time we spent together. When I can I will post pictures of  the special day.

I am now at the library trying to finish this post before they close. My bytes are driving this ole grandma up the wall. Take it from me limited Internet service should be banned from our country. lol

CSN contacted me also about having another giveaway for them so be sure and watch for this. You will not want to miss it. I love this company and how they let me give you such great gift certificates. I think this one will be the same amount as the last one $65.00. What a great time to win that around the holidays.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and do whatever it is that makes you happy.

Love to all

Monday, November 8, 2010

It Only Takes A Minute!

How are you? I am so behind here in our world of blogging. I call it my friends world but most people call it blogging. Not myself for a week now so have not been on here like I would love to be.

Even though I have been absent does not mean I have not been thinking of you! Actually when I think of you it makes me smile.

November is already here and that means Veterans Day. As I write this I am lucky enough to be sitting where I am looking at our American Flag and it is waving ever so proud as it hangs there to remind us of our freedom and those who have died for us giving us Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness.

This week I am asking you to go to this site  where you can pick out a card and Xerox will print it and it will be sent to a soldier that is currently serving in Iraq. You can't pick out who gets it, but it will go to a member of the armed services
How AMAZING it would be if we could get everyone we know to send one!!! It is FREE and it only takes a few seconds.  A few seconds or minutes to put a smile on one of our men and women who are fighting for us today.

Also as always please add these men and women to your prayer list as they certainly do need our love and prayers.

Went to the pain management doctor today and he poked around on my neck and back. I am not healing the way I should be which is very discouraging to say the least but I can still get around enough to take care of myself and drive so I am ok. I just get upset not having the strengh to get a lot of things done as I did in the past. I am use to working two jobs and now to tire out so easily is like I have advanced in age of twenty years in six months. Hard to believe that after 6 months my back and neck hurt some times like it just happened this week. Somethings not right but who do I turn to when your dealing with Workers Comp.
 Not good but I am not giving up just yet.

Also those darn Verizon bytes have got my goat again. I have really been doing good not getting close to my 5000 bytes each month and have not went over in a long time but today I am already at 4200 with 11 days yet to go. Now you know that being a blogger there is no way you can do less than 800 bytes in 11 days. lol
Whoa is me! I do know one thing this unlimited internet is not for the the free world. hahaha

So if I don't get to your site in the next week or so do not give up on me I will catch up with you!

Had the sweetest conversation with my Kaci the other day. She told me to Thank everyone for supporting her in her Juvenile Diabetes Walk. I ask her how it went and she said,"Good but very Hot!" Bless her heart walking in 80 plus weather to raise money for Diabetes. While she was talking to me all of sudden she had to get off the phone because her blood sugar had dropped to 32. Wow I of course hung up and a few minutes later she called me back to let me know she was okay. What a sweetheart! She was coloring a picture for me to hang in my bathroom. Bailey came in and was trying to mess with her but she held her cool and managed to not let him get her goat. haha I told her sometimes brothers just test us to see if they can get our goat. She agreed totally. hahaha

I wanted to say hello to Bailey but he was in and out just like a boy at his age does. lol He is his Dad inside and out and I say that with love for both of them.

Love to all

Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Cooking Class!

How are you? Things have been sort of out of balance here at the North Forty this week. You know the famous saying if it’s not one thing it is another.

At night I find myself waking up and the ole brain starts thinking about dozen different things and then I can not go back to sleep for hours. Mostly been thinking of you! Life for me changed when I started this online journal and never guessed I would end of with so many kind souls as friends. Now I hurt when you hurt and a lot of you are hurting and going through so many things in your lives right now and I so wish I could make things better for you. Just know my thoughts are with you and I am just an email or phone call away.
Last week I mentioned to you that I had gone to a cooking class at Festival Hill. The Chef John Reynolds was the former Executive Chef to Vice President Spiro Aqnew. This was their first time ever to have a cooking class at Festival Hill therefore with a couple of suggestions from the ladies that attended I am sure the future classes will be even more interesting and informative.

Before the chef gave his demonstration on cooking Stuffed Pork Loin he and his staff served a delicious lunch with of course the main dish being Pork Loin. My favorite side dish was a brown rice dish that had raisins, green onions, and pecans in it. It was so good that if I had been at home I would have had seconds or thirds of this. If I ever get the chance that recipe is going to be mine.

I have to admit to you that at times he totally lost me. There was a lot to this dish not anything like I imagined. I guess because he had so many different things going at one time. My hope was to leave with a hand out of this recipe but it was just everyone taking notes and to be honest I would have to borrow someone else’s notes to fix it exactly like he did. In truth while trying to write this post I can not make heads or tails of my notes. lol

Totally confusing what I am looking at to pass on to you. Sorry I had no idea my notes were so scattered.

What I do remember he started out by cutting the loin right down the center and then butter flying it where it would lay flat. His favorite knife in the kitchen is not the $300.00 one he showed us but a Dexter Knife that cost around $20.00.

He does not cook by recipes and therefore this meant no exact measurement of anything he used. A normal work day for him starts at 8am and does not plan menus ahead of time so when he gets to work then he makes the decision on what he will be serving. According to him his meals are always on time for over a hundred people, most often healthy as well as delicious. I had no idea that large group of people work, live and volunteer out there on a daily basis.

The stuffing consisted of a moose that he pureed consisting of the ends he cut from the loin, eggs, and thick cream. While this was being pureed, he sautéed onions, and mushrooms. To the onions and mushrooms he adds Sherry Wine (or you can use Brandy), tarragon, salt and pepper. If I remember correctly he mixes these two mixtures together to make the stuffing. Confused yet? After putting the stuffing on top of the loin he adds pistachios and sliced green and red peppers. Your now ready to close it up and bake at 325 for 1 ½ hours. He closes it up with wooden skewers and places in a deep pan with foil over the top.

Sorry this was a poor post about my cooking class. It was interesting to watch but with these notes I have are very confusing. If you still reading this your truly are a dear friend of mine because I would of probably left about 5 paragraphs ago. hahaha

The weather has changed in the last few days and I am already dreading ole man winter. Tonight the weather man predicted it will get down to 38 degrees tonight and I know to some of you that is nothing but to this sissy in this old house that is cold.

My plans for this winter was to have my room upstairs finished before it turned cold but it is a long way before I can sleep up there. Hopefully it will not be long. I am so wanting to hide up there this winter. lol

Before I go I encourage you to click on my friends on the side bar under followers. You will enjoy any of these sites.

I have missed doing my Temptation Mondays and was thinking I should do something like that with the holidays coming. Can you believe this is November?

Stay warm, snuggle up and sweet dreams


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Winner and My Great Winnings!

Thank you for participating in my latest giveaway. I so appreciate you! As always there could only be one winner even though of course you are all winners to me. I know you hate to hear just keep entering and you will win but it is true. Just ask this winner.

 Since finding the Random Generator site I have been using it to choose my winners.  My problem is trying to figure out how to copy and paste their winning number to my site. This time the number 36 came up which is Marydon at Blushing Rose!  Marydon I am so happy you won my giveaway and if you will send me your mailing address and phone number to I will get your information sent to our great sponsor Macaroni Grill. Hope you enjoy this gift.

Love having giveaways and now that the weather is cooling off I will have one for my candy any day now.  So stayed tuned. I also realized how many friends I have now following and looks like I am close to 500 which totally blows this ole grandmas mind so when that happens it will be a big giveaway. I have to figure out what to do for that one. lol

My girlfriend Max who stalks my blog and I am so glad she does. hahaha I wish we could talk her into doing one. She would just love it as we all do. Anyway Max wrote me this email yesterday about my talking in my sleep. It seems according to this email I have been doing it for ever and ever.

Here is what she sent me:

Hahahaha!  Do you remember coming home with me for the weekend from Blinn?  After we'd gone to bed and you were sound asleep, Mike E. called.  While I was talking to him, you joined in on the conversation -- while asleep.  I finally handed you the phone and you talked to Mike forever, never waking up.  You'd better be careful when you invite someone to sleep over!!  

Thanks Max for reminding me how dangerous my talking can be. What did Mike E and I talk about. He was probably prying answers out of me about you.

My mother use to tell me that my brother Doy and I use to carry on conversations during the night while we were sleeping and we were in two different bedrooms. Poor daddy had to get up every morning at 3:30 I bet he loved those nights.

I guess now Tinkerbell could write a book about me and my talking at night. Sometimes I wake myself up telling someone to put their hands behind their back so I can belt them up.

In September I won this beautiful necklace from Laura at White Spray Paint. I just love turquoise aything and this necklace is so much fun to wear. I just wish Laura knew how much I enjoyed wearing it to Round Top/Warrenton. Thank you Laura for drawing my name.

Another giveaway that I loved winning was from sweet Dulcy at Dulcys Doorstep. It is the greatest magazine about lovely hand designed purses and yes Dulcy is so gifted her purses and article are in the wonderful magazine. Thank you Dulcy for drawing my name love your purses in this magazine.

If you have not visited Laura or Dulcy please do. You will love them and their beautiful sites.

Hope all of you are having a wonderful peaceful week be sure and let me know how you are doing! Also I want to thank all my new friends that have joined my site. I so appreciate each and every friend that I have one here. Please know that I try my best to visit you when I can. Since my back injury in April I am limited on my computer usage but I do appreciate all of you and your comments. Keep them coming.

My part of Texas is suppose to get rain for today and tomorrow and boy how we do need some of that special water from the heavens.

Love to all