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Thursday, December 31, 2009



This my dear friends is how all of you make me feel!....So to all you who have not yet started bloggland then my New Years wish for you is start a blog and never look back!

To all of my dear friends that have joined me this past year in all my ups and downs I wish you the very best New Year ever. I wish for you in the new year ahead that you all believe in yourself and that all your dreams come true in 2010. I wish for you Inner Peace, Well Being, Security, Beauty and Happiness.
Tomorrow is a Fresh Start for all us! Some of us need this more than others....

Remember this by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

It's Only when we truly know and understand that we have a limited time on earth----and that we have no way of knowing when our time is up----that we will begin to live each day to the fullest, as if it was the ONLY one we had.....

So another wish I have for all of you is starting this January 1st 2010 that You all live each day to the very fullest and enjoy all that God has given us to enjoy. That includes taking the time to enjoy my blog (hahaha) and everyone else that has crossed your path.
Today try to see your world a little differently. Take the time to enjoy all the beauty that surrounds you.
Just recently I have been getting emails from some of you out here that are really having bad times in your life and not sure which way to turn. To you I hope that you start trusting again mostly in yourselves and that you especially trust your own instincts. Try to remember this LOVE yourself first and everything else will fall into place for you. I have found out in the last few years from a lot of trial and error that you really have TO love yourself to get anything done in this world of ours.


I have to tell you about the funnest movie..... One moment I was laughing and the next moment I was crying.

This is a must see movie and one that I will have watch again and again.
I promise you will laugh until you can not laugh any more.

'It's Complicated,' with Meryl Streep, is funny food for thought

By Michael O'Sullivan

Friday, December 25, 2009; WE18

Some of the best -- and dirtiest -- lines in "It's Complicated" can't be printed in a family newspaper. Heck, some of the best lines aren't even lines.

Instead, they're looks, landed with the skill of a Chesley Sullenberger by two masters of comic acting in this very grown-up -- and very funny -- love story. The romantic comedy about a divorced couple having an affair manages to be both light on its feet and heavy enough to deliver something of a message. But more on that later.

The masters in question, of course, are Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin. As Jane and Jake Adler -- 10 years divorced and with three grown children, yet suddenly drawn back into each other's lives (and beds) after a drunken fling over the weekend of their son's (Hunter Parrish) college graduation -- the stars pick up the movie and run away with it. The writing and direction, by rom-com veteran Nancy Meyers ("Something's Gotta Give"), are deft enough. But it's Streep and Baldwin's gamely ribald performances, and their seemingly effortless, effervescent chemistry, that put the pep in this movie's highly choreographed, yet richly entertaining step.

True to the film's title, Jane and Jake's affair is a little tricky, made so both by the fact that Jake is remarried, to a hot but hard-looking harpy played by Lake Bell, and by the growing flirtation between Jane and Adam (Steve Martin), the gentlemanly architect who's redoing her house.

Women of a certain age are going to love that. They won't know which is sexier: that Jane is lusted over by two handsome suitors or that she's finally getting her dream kitchen.

In other words, there's two kinds of cheesecake being served here. The half-sexy, half-comic kind exemplified by an all-but-naked Baldwin attempting to hide his considerable girth (and man parts) behind the flimsy screen of a laptop computer -- in one hilarious seduction scene that involves Martin's character watching in horror at the other end of a video-chat screen -- and cheesecake of a more literal sort.

Jane, you see, is a talented chef and owner of a bustling bakery-cum-coffeehouse, and Meyers sets as many scenes as possible within its homey confines. There, or in Jane's casually elegant home kitchen, around whose farm-style table she's often shown preparing food for her adorable brood, which includes daughters played by Zoe Kazan and Caitlin Fitzgerald, and a future son-in-law (John Krasinski, never better).

Now, about that message.

Ten years after her marriage failed, food has become, for Jane, almost a surrogate for love. She uses it to bind her kids to her. She uses it to seduce Adam, in a late-night bout of the munchies brought on by a pot-fueled party, after which they passionately bake chocolate croissants together. And it's one of the things that Jake misses most about his ex-wife (and that just might explain that considerable girth). "I love it when you smell like butter," he tells her, in Baldwin's trademark, big-cat purr.

I am at home tonight not ringing in the New Year because its back to the sheriff's office in the morning and 3:30 am always comes way too early. I hate to say it but I dread tomorrow because of all the drunks that will be arrested tonight. If you do ring in the New Year tonight please be safe and
Sweet Dreams

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


So happy to be off from the Sheriff's Dept today so I made up my bed threw things in my one closet and took some more pictures of the farm house. I even took some out side picture from the inside. I know how lazy is that but it is cold and sooooooooooooooooo muddy that maybe tomorrow I will venture out for some good shots.
You will see things are not as neat as most homes especially when they take pictures but I knew you sweet things out there want the real me. lol
Okay just click the X at the top of this page when you get bored. I know these are a little much but hey I have a new toy. Next week things will get back to normal.

 We will visit the my bedroom where I live most of the time while it is so cold. This top picture is walking into the room where I have my desk (yes it is pink) with my computer. Second picture is taken sitting at my desk......

These two pictures are also bedroom. Sorry about the stuff in my bookshelves. Lord I did not know how bad they looked until I saw these pictures. Also my shoes by my bed oh boy you guys are really getting the real me here.

I am going to hang this picture over my bed. My darling Kaci drew and colored it for her grandmayellowhair.

These are the two corners of where my bed is on the other end of the bedroom. See how silly I am she belongs outside on my porch but in the winter the wind just takes her away.

Now I moved in to the front room of the house where I have living room/dining room. Yes sofa is pink! My den furniture that I dearly love is living over at my oldest brothers home because I can not get it through these small front doors. I miss that sofa and chase so much I need to figure out how to get it over here. This furniture was in my formal living room at my home in town.

My bench at the top that I love but had no place to put so it sits by my front door........Here is my silly Tinkerbell looking outside on the front porch.

And this is why Tinkerbell looks out the window so much at my Tom cat that loves my YES pink rockers. lol

This is the pink house that is on this ranch behind my house. I took this picture from the bedroom window. I will have to show you better pictures of it. It is a darling home. Mine is yellow with a white picket fence. No one stays in this pink home unless my landlady comes from Nevada.

This was taken of my side yard out of the back door. Wanted you to see some of the large oak trees. Tomorrow maybe I can grab the mule and ride around taking more pictures of the oaks.

This was taken out of my kitchen window. Only shows one of the many oaks I see from this window.
Ok you have to be bored by now so I will save the rest of my little house in the country for another post.
I made some really good potato soup that I am dying to have for supper. Wish you were here to join me!

One more picture of where I cooked the potatoe soup! The smallest kitchen in Texas!

Sweet Dreams

Tuesday, December 29, 2009



Libbie at The Middlest Sister YOUR NAME was drawn as the winner of my Gone With the Wind Giveaway. I am tickled that you won and thank you for entering this giveaway.

 Once again I wish I could give all of you who left such wonderful comments a box of chocolates. Who knows by the end of 2010 your name will most likely be drawn in one of my giveaways. So never give up.

Libbie just email me with your choice for the giveaway and your address. Your choices were one of my Gone With The Wind Plates, the white or chocolate peanut clusters or of course the chocolate fudge.

Thank you all for entering my giveaway! YOU are All such wonderful followers and so special to me that I love having these giveaways. It probably will not be long and I will post another one so keep in touch. Hopefully your name will be the next one drawn.

Also I want to thank all of you for the loving comments over the last few weeks. Boy have I needed them. Love to all of you.

Sweet Dreams

Look at this sweetheart posing with her new hat and pink purse from her Grandmayellowhair.
Brother in the background playing a DS game I gave him. Build a Bear I believe is what he is playing. This is at their beautiful home in Austin.

Another picture from my home that I took the other night for you all. This is a twin bedspread that I bought years ago in Warrenton/Round Top Show and never get to display it. So I threw it on top of a side table and put some ornaments in a bowl for the holidays. I just love the detail work in this piece. Look at the pink ribbon in her hair.

Just a couple of my Santa's that I love. This one is made out of a old bottle. Neat huh!
I of course love my new camera so I will be playing on here with it until I bore all of you to the point of begging me to stop.

Monday, December 28, 2009


TODAY started out like most days! Tinkerbell climbed on top of me about 3:15 slapping me in the face trying to get me to wake up. It only takes a couple and I am trying to pet her so I can fall back to sleep. It was not meant to be this morning. Did the regular routine fed the animals, put on my uniform and of course brushed my teeth.
Get to work on time have my shift meeting and the my day starts. Nothing out of the ordinary happened today. College kids picked up for smoking pot while traveling during the holidays. Just the normal thing this time of year.
Five o'clock finally comes and I run over my Sgt trying to get to my car and leave for home. Brrrrrrrrrr it had gotten a lot cooler during my 12 hour shift so I dread coming home to my cold old farm house. (Glad you liked my pictures last night)
Ok 40 minutes later I am in front of the ranch checking my mail. There inside was a small size yellow envelope with only my name and address. I always look to see who mailed me something and there was no return address. I figured it was junk mail and tossed it aside while I fed the animals and tried to fix supper but it ended up being fed to the cats. haha I really believe I am forgetting my cooking skills.
Take my bath get my new fuzzy on and decide to look at the mail. To say I was shocked at what I found is under stating it. There were these two pictures inside with no letter or note. Just these two pictures that I have not seen in several years. One was taken of me and my ex for a Christmas card one year and the other was taken at my mothers home several years ago. Now who would send me these pictures and the biggest questions is WHY?
Were they trying to hurt me with the Christmas picture? Who would be that stupid or cruel!
Of course, I thought of the idiot but where did he get my mailing address? I normally get along with most everyone so I can not think of anyone wanting to be mean to me but the longer I looked at these pictures the madder I got. (Whoa Ms Pearl its the holidays)
Anyway what do you think?

How will I be able to sleep tonight trying to figure this one out? Of course I called my brothers wifes knowing that they would not have done it or my brothers and they were as surprised as myself.

Another crazy day for sure!

Don't forget tomorrow is the drawing for the chocolate or Gone with the Wind plate.
Sweet Dreams

Sunday, December 27, 2009


I am so excited to be able to show all of you some pictures from my new digital that Christi gave me for Christmas! It only took me three hours to try to figure out how to get the pictures from the camera to here. lol
These pictures are of my little Christmas tree in my bedroom.

Part of my bedroom! Wonder what the thing underneath the lamp on the wall is. Scary its not there except in this picture. Notice all my pretty extentsion cords that got in the picture too.

This is the front room of the house I use as a dining room/living room.

This is at the other end of my living room where I use as a dining room until I finish the dining room. Stairway going to second bedroom. Picture below is at the opposite end of the room where my big Christmas tree sits. This old house has three fireplaces and can not use any of them. :( 
In this room is where I have my big tree set up.

Do I love books? Yes very much so. This is part of the living room area.
Just a small tour of my home. When I get better at this camera and I clean house I will show you all more of the little farm house. Oh here is one more picture of the tiny kitchen that has no cabinets or drawers just a stair way.
The other half of the kitchen is only a sink and stove will share when I put my dishes away.

I love this camera and my daughter for getting it for me and you guys will probably get tired of the pictures but thought you might want a peek into my home.

Don't forget my giveaway ends tomorrow at midnight. Good luck to all of you.
I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas! You know I will have to do a post about mine. It was crazy as my life always seems to be.
My Temptation Mondays Post will start again next week so be sure and email me if you want your goodies listed on next Mondays site.
I am looking forward to starting that post again.
One last picture of my Tinkerbell!

Boy 3:30 am is going to come quick in the morning so

Thursday, December 24, 2009


How does this ole Texas gal wish all of you a very Merry Christmas! The last few months you all have let me into your world of blog land and introduced yourselves with open hearts and showed me how sincere, friendly, creative, funny, delightful and beautiful you all are. Never in a my life would I have guessed that by simply starting a blog that I would be so moved and inspired by all of you!
So tonight when I say my prayers I will thank God for each and everyone of you. I will ask him to help me to be worthy of all your friendships and that in the new year to come that we all will continue to inspire and learn from each others sites. 
I wish all of you the Best of all Christmas's and know that deep in the heart of Texas you are loved by a crazy ole woman that looks forward to getting to know all of you even better in the new year.
Peace and Happiness to all 

Monday, December 21, 2009


First it"s my daughter Christi's Birthday, December 22nd

There are not too many days that I don't forget to thank God for giving me such a blessing as my sweet daughter. She is such a sweetheart to everyone that knows her and not only a terrific daughter but one heck of a good friend to me and many others. I love how she  always smiles and her laugh is just so contagious. You can not help but laugh when you hear her laughter. Christi is the baby of the family, the only girl  and we all love her dearly.  Since you guys are so special I wanted to share her birthday with you and show you a couple of pictures of her. Actually the only ones I have in my computer. Darn it. They were just taken at a Christmas party so they are recent. Toby the pretty cocker spaniel is her baby. (My Christmas wish for her is that this next year she meets Mr. Right and they both live happily ever after.) Boy am I in trouble if she reads this far down.
Second reason for celebration is Christi's work is sending her to Barcelona, Spain in a couple of weeks. Can u imagine Spain! The only place my work sends me is to the mental hospital in Austin with a inmate to keep me company.  She is so excited and I am too but with reservations. I can not imagine her being that far away but I am so happy for her to be able to see some of the world that I have always wanted to see.  if any of you have ever traveled to Spain please let us know about your trip.

Third reason for celebration is Christi will be here today on her birthday and we get to spend her birthday together. It has been a while since we have got to do that. She has to go to Houston to get her passport so we will spend the day doing that.  I think she is not looking forward to standing in line for her birthday but I told her just remember what we will be standing there for. I hope to take her for a nice lunch afterwards. I wish that we were both getting passports but not to be. Wouldn't I look cute with two black eyes on a passport.

Christi is  in the middle. This is her dear friend Lisa and Lisa's sweet mom.
Then Christi on the left and Lisa on the right. Aren't they beautiful.
Speaking of black eyes my fourth reason for celebration is you guys out there that left me all those wonderful caring sweet and funny comments. I was having this huge pity party for myself and who jumps in and saves me again. No other than all of you. So I am celebrating you all today and thanking God for all of you being in my life. Thank you!

Now last but not least I won my first ever giveaway from Carin at Cross Stitch Giant .  She was so sweet for having this giveaway and I am still in shock that I won. How funny one day I am getting run over by a moron on a bike and the next I am winning a super neat giveaway.  I won these charts and I love them.  Now I have no excuse not to do cross stitch. Thank you so much Carin for picking my name for these great charts. I felt guilty winning because I had found her sight and loved it so  I joined as a follower and then noticed this giveway and entered it. I ask her if it counted that I joined her as a follower first before entering the contest. Not thinking for a minute that I would win it.  My very first visit but certainly not my last. I love her site and you will too. Do any of you like to do cross stitch?

Are these not the cutest Christmas charts. Looks like a lot of work but surely I can have them done by next Christmas.  I will have to stay off here if I plan on getting them done by then. lol

Thanks guys for always being there for me and I hope that Santa brings you all everything you deserve! Also don't forget my giveaway. Just leave a comment on that post or any post afterwards and you are entered. Mention it on your site and get five extra chances.  Good Luck to all of you!



Sunday, December 20, 2009



My dear sweet friends I am not sure how to start this post so here goes......I am sitting here tonight with two black eyes, a cut across my nose,  a big scrape on my chinny chin chin, a scrape on the  nose and forehead. Other than that I am doing fine. NO it was not Ms Pearl this time thank goodness it did not happen at work. Of course, I do look like I was in a bad fight and got the living day lights beat out of me.

Are you guys ready for this! I honestly do not know where December went to but I have really gotten behind with Christmas this year and I have no one to blame but myself. For some reason I just have not been able to accomplish that much for the holiday. They have been after me at work to burn some holiday time so I ask for last Friday off so I could shop knowing that I had to work the whole weekend.

Living in a small town I could not find what my two grandbabies wanted me to get for them. Even our Wal Mart is small so I drive an hour away to College Station (home of the Texas Aggies). My intentions were to finish in one day and that would leave me Monday and Tuesday to clean house and bake since I work the rest of the week. Well I get my hair cut and next to it is a darling little girls shop and I find a few cute things for Kaci and then I drive over to Target for my Bailey's gift. Parking lot was packed ( I wonder why) so I park on the side of the building with other cars and walk around to the front of the store. When I step up on the curb and turn to go around the building a young man riding his bicycle runs into me. (riding on the sidewalk) Needless to say it was quite the shock to turn and see him there. I had no time to think or dodge him and I went flying. Gosh if only I could see the video of this I am sure if they played it back at the store there had to be some laughs at a ole lady tumbling around the Target sidewalk. Somehow I ended up face down and skidded of all things on my face. It was the strangest feeling when I could not control anything and stop my body from sliding along with the ole face against the concrete. I remember thinking OH MAN this not going to be good whenever I do come to a stop. lol

Thank goodness for the kindness of strangers because a couple walking near by came over and helped me up and gave me some kleenix for my bleeding nose and helped me into the store. They of course, were more than kind and insisted I let them put ice on my head and lay down for a minute or two. I had no choice but to do since I was bleeding and only wanted out of site from all the people gathering around to see what had happened.

I told them the sad story of what my DL told me to find for Bailey and they sent someone to see if they had it. No luck! I stayed maybe a half hour or so with the ice pack and then after looking in the mirror I knew my shopping day was over before it really even began. On top of all that I did not like my haircut either. lol No matter no one even noticed my hair.

It was a long drive home mainly because I was so mad at myself for waiting til the last minute to do Kaci and Baileys gifts knowing how important their gifts were to me. Why why why do I put things off. When will I ever learn.

The next morning I get up at 3:30 to go to work and after feeding the kitty I look into the mirror. Oh my gosh ladies those little scrapes had turned into big scrapes and black and blue colors to go along with a swollen nose that has a cut across it and yes two big shiners. Not one but TWO.
I jumped back from the mirror thinking dear God who or what is looking back at me from the mirror. I thought to myself after the second or third look into the mirror there is no way I can go to work today. Not only did I look like crap but my body felt like Ms Pearl had stomped on her all night long. I sit down in my bedroom and talk to myself trying to figure out what to do because in my field calling in sick is almost impossible. Several times I picked up the phone to call my SGT but I knew no matter how many times I tried to explain to him my situation that theres no way he would believe me.............So then I had to do a double spin in order to be dressed and out the door on time.

Take it from one that does not hide black eyes or skin scrapes plus it hurts to put it on but I am one of those few ladies left in the world that will not go outside to take the garbage out without makeup.

To make a long story short .....I slowly walked in to the shift meeting with my head down trying not to let everyone see me but it only took one Officer and then it was all over. Being all men you can imagine the remarks and jokes that were thrown my way. I survived work knowing that my blog friends would understand and not laugh or make fun of their friend. Even though if you could see me I promise you might be tempted. Especially Ms Bunny!

I was hoping Santa would bring me a digital and I could take pictures of my Christmas and put them on here but guess who want be posing for his snapshots this year.

You might just call me Rudolph if I did!  Oh if your wondering about the guy on the bicycle he was an Aggie and jumped back on his bike and ran off. A hit and run with me involved. Good gosh what a day and I was not even working. (I never should have mentioned the ex running off with a ugly woman because now look at me)

Not sure if I will be doing the Temptation Mondays post because so far I have not heard from anyone that wants their goodies advertised and I know how busy the next four days will be. Hopefully I can resume it after Christmas if anyone still wants to have their work on it.

 How I will manage to finish by Thursday is beyond me but it always seems to get done.

Oh if anyone is doing a Blue and Black mosaic Monday I could help them with their post. lol

Sweet Dreams

Thursday, December 17, 2009


THIS IS WHERE MELANIE TELLS ASHLEY .....I WILL  LOVE YOU JUST AS I DO NOW  UNTIL I DIE! This was a the Twelve Oaks bar-b-que and their on the balcony and down below everyone is acting fools because they found out the War had started.

I have watched this movie more times than most southern belles and I did not catch this beautiful saying until the other night.  I honestly use to watch it because of Rhett and his love for Scarlett but now that I am older and much much wiser I watch it because of Melanie. If only I could be as sweet as her....ahhhh but no it is not to be Ms Pearl will not let it happen.

Now to the giveaway! Lets make this simple this time around. If your a follower or join as a follower  and you leave a comment on this post or the any of the next Temptation Mondays posts then you are entered in the contest.  If you put it on your site then you automatically win...opps I meant to say your name will be put in 10 more times. lol
 You have a choice of one of the many Gone With the Wind  collectors plates  or the famous Ms Rubys Fudge or Peanut Clusters. You also have a choice of White Chocolate Peanut Clusters or the Chocolate Peanut Clusters.  The decisions is yours.  This giveway will end on December 28, 2009 midnight central standard time.
I will try to post some pictures on here of the different plates that I have. Hope Santa brings me a digital so I can share my Christmas decorations with all of you too.