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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Meet Dr. Kathy McCoy!

Gosh I have missed you! Christmas was wonderful and thoughts of you were often. I was praying that you were enjoying your day as much as I enjoyed mine. Soon I hope I will sit down and load my pictures and share the day with you but today I have a very special lady I wanted you to meet.

My Plans were to have her post on here by the first of the week and here it is already Thursday. When are these weeks going to slow down. Anyway please take a moment to meet Dr. Kathy McCoy! She writes a blog too and one that certainly you will want to bookmark. You can find her site Living Fully in Midlife and Beyond by clicking HERE.

Welcome her as my last Blogazine Guest of 2011. Who will be my first guest for 2012? If you want it to be you just send me your story. This is my small way of helping you meet new friends. Plus I so love reading these delightful parts of your lifes. Like I have mentioned before everyone has a story to tell.

I'm an L.A. native who moved with my husband Bob and our three cats to rural Arizona in 2010, retiring from everything but writing.

Writing has been my first profession all my working life. I have two journalism degrees -- Bachelors and Masters -- from Northwestern University and spent the first  15 years of my career writing full-time -- first as an editor of 'TEEN Magazine, then writing for most of the national women's magazines like Redbook, Family Circle, Womans Day, Ladies Home Journal and Glamour as well as Readers Digest and wrote a column called "Sex and Your Body" for Seventeen Magazine during most of the Eighties. I've written a dozen books for major New York publishers including the award winning "The Teenage Body Book" and "Understanding Your Teenager's Depression." Because of my books, I've done a lot of national television, including two appearances on OPRAH and seven  on The TODAY SHOW.

Publishing started changing drastically in the Nineties -- when entertainment conglomerates started taking over publishing houses and celebrity blockbusters became the norm. I had always written in the areas of health and psychology. So I decided to go back to graduate school for degrees in psychology, ending up with a Master's in Clinical Psychology and a doctorate in Human Behavior. I'm a licensed marriage and family therapist and worked both in psychiatric clinics and in my own private practice for 15 years before retirement. I loved working with patients and helping to make a difference in their lives. An unexpected bonus: how much I learned from my patients about courage and the resilience of the human spirit.

I've been married for 34 years to my husband Bob. Unfortunately, we don't have children but he was in the in the Big Brothers program for 23 years and mentored three boys during that time. The third one -- Ryan -- was matched with him at the age of 9. He is now 28 and will be getting his Master's degree in Psychology and Social Work (to become a psychotherapist) this coming May. He is like a son to us and we're so proud of him!

We're now living in an active adult community with great gym, swimming pools and lots of classes at an Arizona State University extension here on site.

I work out everyday -- hoping to lose all the weight I gained during the stress of working multiple jobs over the years -- and taught a class on blogging at ASU this fall. We've adjusted very happily to life in rural Arizona -- living halfway between Phoenix and Tucson. We don't miss L.A. traffic one bit!
I started my blog "Living Fully in Midlife and Beyond" in October 2010 to get an online presence (at my agent's urging) and to practice writing in the first person in preparation for a pair of memoirs I would like to do. But I quickly found that blogging is a pleasure in itself (rather simply a means to an end) and that there are many wonderful people with so much to say and share in the blogosphere. I enjoy reading everyone else's blogs at least as much as I like writing my own!
In my blog, I write about a lot of issues that come up in midlife and beyond. Sometimes I put on my therapist's hat and write about family issues -- finding a balance in one's relationship with adult children -- or helping one's marriage survive and thrive through the life changes that retirement can bring. And sometimes I write about my own life and what I've learned living through some very painful or joyous times. Quite often, these have something of a universal theme and sometimes they're deeply personal. In every case, I've been grateful for the frank, gracious and enlightening feedback from other bloggers. I feel that we're in a very close, loving community -- though some of us may live half a world apart!


Wow our Dr. Kathy has lead such a interesting life that each time I read this story I find something else about her that makes me wish I could meet her in person. I do feel like though as sweet as her emails are to me and belonging to her site that we have met. lol

Ok what is my wish for YOU for the New Year? Lot's of happiness comes to mind first. Care free days with sunshine so bright it warms your soul.  Healthier than you have ever been and your families too.
No fininacial worries for any of you. May you find joy and prosper in what your doing now and like me if you need a job I hope that comes the first week of the New Year. Of course I wish you LOVE and Peace with each new beautiful day and also Forgiveness to those that are causing you pain in your life.
Without forgiveness towards them you won't find these other wishes I have for you. (Yes I know that goes for me too and the Idiot)
Also lot's of wishes for a good year of Blogging and meeting new friends. Have I told you I have the best of the best in this world of blogging that come by often and leave me some of the funnest and sweetest comments you will find out here in Blogland. God am I Blessed with You as a friend.

Love to you and a Very Happy New Year

Saturday, December 24, 2011

You Are A Gift To Me!

Well by this time all the running around looking for that perfect gift is probably over for most of us.
In the end after weeks of worrying we finally realize the prefect gift was not something we could purchase but was with us all along. The gift of Love from our Heavenly Father, Family and Friends! What better gift than these and you know we all have the Love of our Heavenly Father with us each and every day. If you blog then you know the love from friends all over the world. I am one lucky ole grandma tonight having all of these things this Christmas Eve!

Christi came in this afternoon and she and I baked a Pumpkin Pie and had a nice dinner. I fixed a roast in the slow cooker and we sat around the tree visiting. Not to long in the night Christi reminded me of this Cat. She put her comfy snuggly pj's on and headed for bed. 
Now I am going to try and catch up with as many of you as I can before I call it a night.

The rain on the Tin Roof may cause me to drift off while trying to visit you. Each of you are special to this ole grandma so if I don't get by tonight I will soon.

Looking forward to tomorrow because my two sons will be here along with my precious grandbabies and my lovely daughter-in-law. Blessings galore surround me this Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas and Sweet Dreams

Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Christmas Card to You!

Glad you came over for a visit because Tinkerbell and I have a few things to share with you tonight. This is a picture I took of her a few weeks ago. I can not for the life of me get a good one of her with her eyes open.
I used this picture for the Christmas Card I want to share with you tonight to see it you have to click below.

 First of all next week I am going to share a very special blogger with you as my latest Blogazine Guest. Take my word for it you do not want to miss her post. You will love Dr. Kathy McCoy and her site as much as I do. So keep that in mind for right after Christmas!

Also today I received this E-Card from sweet Sybil over at Day In the Life of Sybs/.  I liked it so much I had to make one like it too. haha Hope you don't mind Sybil. The first Url is to Sybil's card and the second one is my card. Hope you enjoy them both. Syb's you did a great job making yours. I look like I have tobacco juice running out of my mouth. Gross.....

Sybil's cardf

My Card to You!

 Hope the cards came through because I have spent hours tonight just on this short post. Blogger has not been my friend lately and they just don't know how close Ms Pearl came to rearing her ugly head tonight.

Oh and today is my Christi's Birthday.  I hope she had a very Happy Day. I only got to talk to her a minute but hoping we talk later tonight.
 Sweet Dreams

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Lucky Winner to Novica's Site!

Sorry it is so late in the day getting on here to announce my lucky winner.
I am always so excited the morning of the drawing because I can not wait to see who wins but today I could not get near a computer until just now. Several things came up out here on the North Forty that had to be fixed before dark and boy am I pooped.

So who won this $50.00 gift certificate to Novica's great site. Well the Random Generator spun and landed on number 6. Number six belongs to Lisa Lula from Davis Dialogues
. Lisa I am really happy for you. There are so many nice things on this site so you will have fun shopping. Just send email me and I will give you your numbers to order your gift.

I appreciate each and everyone of you for entering my giveaway. Wish I could send all of you a gift certificate.

Hope you are finished with your shopping and decorating! I shopped one day last week but still need a few things. My plans were to finish today but maybe Monday.

The kids are coming Christmas day and I was going to fix Turkey and dressing but they want something different so let me know what your having so I can get some ideas. lol

You will be glad to know I put my clothes on everyday before feeding the cats. Did not want to run into the cowboy again with my pj's on. haha

Well Frosty the Snow Man is starting to melt on the program I am watching so I guess I will get off here and see how this story ends.

Be good to yourself this week. I know all to well how crazy the week before Christmas can be but it always gets done in the end. Right? Words I need to remember myself this week.

Thanks again for always coming by here checking on me and you know I appreciate you so much.

Love to all


Monday, December 12, 2011

The Cowboy!

Goodness just look how close it is until Christmas. I think December is going by even faster than November. I could be in trouble if I don't get myself organized and quick.

Well I promised you my story about the cowboy so grab your coffee or hot chocolate and sit for a minute. This won't take long because it happened pretty darn fast.

As you know I live in an ole farm house out in the country. I call it the North Forty! Just a name I picked out of no where for this place.

Anyway back to my story. Usually the first thing I do in the morning is feed the cat's outside. Cute little boogers but trouble this particular morning.

Without thinking I rushed out the door and shut it behind me. It has one of those locks on it that if you don't push a button on it before shutting your locked out. Well you know how many times I have done that so I keep a spare key outside.

I am in a hurry because this morning I had left on my pajamas thinking I had plenty of time before my neighbor the cowboy would be driving by leaving the ranch for the one next door where he works.
The minute I shut the door I knew I had done wrong and I was locked out. Wasn't worried because I knew where my spare key was hidden.

Feed the hungry little troublemakers and hurry over to spot to fetch the key. Well you guessed it. The key was not there. I wish you could of seen the dance I did trying to figure out why in the heck wasn't the key there where it was suppose to be.

Time was not on my side. I am standing there in my pajamas with my hair standing up in all directions and NO make-up. Now this ole grandma don't go anywhere without her make-up. Mainly because I care about people and subjecting them to me without it would be border line to cruel.

My first thought is to break the glass in the back door. But I just did that not too long ago and I remembered how much trouble it was for me to replace it.

The only window you can get into without breaking anything is on the second floor. I realize I will have to go find the taller ladder and bring it up to the house. I jump into the mule drive it over to the barn and load the ladder. I have no idea what time it is but I am guessing it is almost time for him to drive by. I am starting to get really nervous. Who wants to be seen in purple pj's and no make-up?

I can't carry the ladder but I can drag it. I finally get it up against the house where it feels like it is safe for me to climb.

Geezzz I was scared of falling. You know after my fall any heights scare me. Well him seeing me like that was even worse so I start the climb up. Very slowly one step at a time.

Finally I reach the window and get it open. I forgot to add it is a very small window. Not the average size window. One that was built for looks maybe but not for climbing into. Standing on the ladder I realize it was going to really hard for me to squeeze my big bod inside but I go for it.

Well I am half way inside hanging upside down with my butt and feet out the window and I hear his diesel truck outside. I am praying please Dear God let him not notice a butt hanging from my top window.

I guess that was a foolish prayer because who would not see purple big cheeks hanging out a small window.

Giving it everything I got I am trying to grab hold of something to help me pull myself in. I then hear this Honk. Then another honk.

His honking made me work harder because the next thing I knew I was lying on the second floor trying to sit up.

You know the sound a diesel truck makes. Well I could hear it out there and then I here Maggie You Okay?

I froze on the floor. I thought please just go away. Once again I here him calling my name. I raise up and stick my hand out the window like I am waving a white flag. I manage to yell I am fine!

Before I hear the truck door shut I hear him laughing. I guess he thinks his neighbor is one crazy ole lady.

Sad thing is he could be right! lol

Not much of a story but let me tell you I can just imagine the image that poor cowboy got of my big back side hanging out that little window.

Have you entered my giveaway that ends Friday. If not what are you waiting on? Get your name in the hat it is for a great $50.00 gift certificate to a awesome place to shop called Novica. Click here and enter. Don't make me send Ms Pearl after you!

Love to all

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Trip Canceled!

Well it seems I drove you and myself crazy for nothing. After weeks of worrying about the weather in Iowa and having the right clothes to wear the trip was canceled Saturday around noon.

I have to tell you I felt like a 100 pounds was lifted off my shoulder when they told me we would not be going. It just seemed like a bad idea to drive a thousand miles to Sioux City from my part of Texas in December but I did not want my friend driving there alone.

I do feel bad for Barbara because she had already bought the tickets to the GOP Debate and dinner plus she wanted to go so badly.  Her sister called me and told me that they had talked her out of it but for me to be on stand by since she might change her mind and not listen to them.

It is late Sunday night so I think if we were going she would of reached me by now. I hope I am not jinxing myself by posting this tonight. lol

This will give me the extra days I need to finish shopping, cleaning, cooking and every thing else before Christmas Day when my kids are coming home. At least I hope so you never know when it comes to my luck.

I do want to remind you of the giveaway from Novica that is going on now until Friday. It is a wonderful giveaway sponsored by them and it is for $50.00 gift certificate to their awesome store. If you have not checked their site out please do. You want be disappointed. Also if you would like to have a chance to win this just scroll down to the post before this and leave a comment. I sure would appreciate it.

Hope you all are not over doing it with all the preparations for Christmas. I know that is easier said than done. I have not let it bother me yet but that's because I was too busy worry about this other. lol

I did promise you a story about the cowboy and me so I have not forgotten. I will do my best to write that one tomorrow sometime.

Have a great week and Sweet Dreams

Friday, December 9, 2011

Another Wonderful Giveaway!

Wow I have another chance to have a Wonderful Giveaway. The other day I was approached by a representative of  Novica asking if I would do a review or giveaway for their awesome company. Novica will give one of my friends out here in blogland $50.00 to spend anyway they choose on their great site.

What impressed me about Novica other than their beautiful items is that they support Artisans from all over the world. Like me .... you are in for a surpise when you visit their site.

So I told their representitive how could I not choose to have a giveaway for you? You are the reason I have decided to continue to blog.

Now first of all I have to admit I was not familar with Novica but sure wish I had found them earlier in the month because I found some warm hats and scarfs that would of been prefect for my trip. But heck I
am going to order them anyway who knows someone else might want to take me on a trip up North.  You never know right?

They also have anything you might need to end your Christmas shopping. Their just a click away and right from the warmth of your comfy chair and warm fire.

To enter this really cool giveaway all you have to do is leave me a comment on this post only and your entered. I of course again will use the Random Generator to pick my winner.

Now for extra entries visit one or all of these sites and tell me an item you would like to have from that department but please leave a seperate comment for each department you choose to visit. Whether it is one department or all. The most chances anyone person can have in this giveaway is 7 chances to win. It is up to you how many chances you want so have fun browsing their lovely site.

Keyword: womens accessories

Keyword: mens accessories

Keyword: cufflinks

Keyword: womens scarves

Keyword: wool scarves

Keyword: walking sticks
Let's end the contest at midnight on December 16th. One week from today. I would end it sooner but my trip starts Sunday. I have got to get busy and pack my suitcase and figure out some last minute things so I need to get busy.
I decided to take your advice and choose things from my closet. I am wearing a pretty black jacket with either black pants or a skirt. I did buy me some new gloves and boots a early Christmas present to myself.
Let's support Novica by entering this giveaway.
Love to all

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Growing Older!

I hope this poem has the same effect on you as it did on me - then my forwarding it will be worth the effort. Walk with me by the water - worth the read...


I forgot the words.........................................

Hope your having a beautiful day! I am running around with my head cut off trying to get everything done since I am suppose to be leaving Sunday for Iowa. Keep your fingers crossed Barbara changes her mind and we don't go.

Just got off the phone with Christi telling me she has a job interview tomorrow for a Bank Manger position. She has done that in the past so I am praying this is going to be her next position and that she loves it.

Debbie who won my WayFair giveaway wrote me a sweet email and is using her money to buy some very much needed snow boots. Gosh that warms my heart knowing she is using it for something she needs. You know how we are when we nuture everyone around us but ourselves. So Debbie enjoy your new boots.

I am suppose to be getting the word to have another one any day now so keep checking. Also I have a story to tell you about the cowboy out here on the North Forty.

Sorry I know your busy with baking, decorating, shopping, cleaning and blogging but you have to come back for that story! lol

Love to all

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wayfair's Gift Certificate Winner!

Number 13 come on down and claim your wonderful gift certificate to Wayfair an awesome place to shop.

Sorry I am so late today posting our winner of my Wayfair Gift Certificate. I had to drive to
College Station to see my pain doctor and thought will I ever get home to choose the winner.

Well I could not believe it but sweet Debbie of Mama Bears Thoughts number came up.
So Debbie a great big congrat's to you honey. Send me an email at
and we will take care of everything with Wayfair.

I appreciate each and everyone of you for entering this giveaway. I just wish I could give all of you a gift certificate. I can tell you that another neat company contacted me yesterday about having a giveaway for them so if that works out I will be having another one really soon.

Thank you so much Wayfair for giving one of my dear faithful followers this awesome $65.00 gift.

Sorry about the random generator picture being sideways but everytime I tried to change it
well you can see it kept going back to sideways. hahaha

Also wanted to thank you for commenting about my trip. I appreciate all of you.

Love to all


Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Week Of Surprises!

Hello to you! I hope you are having a beautiful Sunday. It is actually raining here which is of course for
our area that is a blessing and a big surprise. This week has been one surprise after another some really nice and others devastating.

For a change lets talk about the really nice surprises first.

After a long day working on trying to finish my house in town I came home to find these on my porch.
Yep I am one lucky lady! Our sweet friend Marydon and hubby Harold  from Blushing Rose surprised me with this gorgeous bouquet.  As you know Marydon loves to surprise her friends.  She has a enormous heart and if you have not met her please click on her site and meet a lovely new friend.

Thank you again Marydon and Harold for these lovely flowers. I move them from room to room so when I look up from what I am doing their there to remind me how God blessed me with so many friends since I started this little humble site.

Another sweet surprise was my dear sister-in-law Linda Mae who I have known since grade school gave me this lazy Susan.

It belonged to my precious Ma Ma and the memories it brings back to me when I look at it are all wonderful happy thoughts of days I miss. Many times I wondered what happened  to this piece but never asked anyone.
To my surprise Linda Mae gave it to me this week and I am just ecstatic. It is even pink and you know pink is my middle name.  

A lot of you already know about this surprise.  Way Fair is now the new owners of CSN and they approached me about doing a review or giveaway to my faithful followers. I wrote back and told them it had to be the giveaway because no one out here in blog land has better followers and friends than I do.

If you have not entered this awesome giveaway to WayFair please go to my post before this one and leave a comment. Only comments on that post will be entered for the drawing. Sorry but I use the Random Generator to pick my numbers. Also please go by their site and check out how cool it is. They have everything and it will be hard to choose just one thing you want to buy if you win the $65.00 gift they are offering for this giveaway.

On with my surprises for this week. My friend Barbara and landlady phoned and told me to pack my bags for Sioux City, Iowa. I of course thought "What is in Sioux City?"  Knowing Barbara as I do I should of known it had to do with politics. Yep it is the GOP Debates that takes place on the 15th of this month.

Let me tell you first I was shocked because this was out of the blue invitation but all of hers are big surprises.
Second this is not a good time for me to be out state and so far from home. I have nothing done for Christmas and as you know I hate to leave Christi.

There is one thing you may not know is my dear friend does not take No for an answer. Nope it has never been used when you are having a conversation with her. lol

I called her sister Linda and tried to get her help getting me out of it but she just gave me her sympathy more or less and sent me on my way to Iowa.

OK I can do this I keep telling myself but then I have anxiety attacks wondering how in a weeks time can I find the clothes I need for the cold cold cold weather up North and to wear to a GOP debate. What do they wear to these debates. I would imagine pretty dressy.

Only thing Barbara said was I needed to bring one thing nice for the dinner their having before the debate. Well I looked up the debate on Google and my jaw dropped when I read you can buy tickets for the debate for $50.00 but if you want to attend the dinner it was a whopping $1500.00 I believe for four. Are you kidding me. I go nowhere so I have no clothes especially for a dinner where people that can afford this kind of dinner will be all around me.

You know I am pleading for help from all of you to tell me what do I wear. Please please seriously give me some suggestions.

She also told me to make some hats to wear to this thing. You know the Red, White and Blue. I live in one horse town where will I find this. lol

I hate to give you the bad surprise because it once again devastated both me and Christi this week. I think sometimes I just want to run away but not to a GOP debate. lol

Christi has worked the last five years for a company she loved and she worked from home. This she enjoyed very much. Well Tuesday with no warning they laid her off. Never is there a good time to loose your job but with Christi this could not have been a worse time. It has been a huge set back in her getting better but with all your prayers and arms around her and me it will work out.

No one can control our economy these days and sweet Christi is just one of thousands who have lost their job this year. Of course I am in there too but mine was not due to our economy.

All I could think of when she gave me the bad news was OMG I don't have my job either how can I help her.

Well I am in the middle of fixing a pot of Chicken soup so I guess I should go before I mess it up. I do wish you were here to enjoy it with me.

Don't forget you have several things to do now. Enter the giveaway on the post before this and tell me what I will need to take with me to the cold but beautiful North. hahaha

Love to all

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Good News/Giveaway

Hope you are doing well this week! I have missed you very much but I do have some great news to share with you.

Remember all the fun giveaways and merchandise that we have received from CSN? Well CSN in now a new company named WayFair. Same wonderful products and customer service. Look at what I found in their Kitchen Rugs Department.  Isn't it the cutiest rug ever. Click here  also to visit their site.

It would look darling  in my kitchen but instead because I love you I am going to give you a chance to win a awesome gift certificate of $65.00 to be used for anything that WayFair has to offer. You can even purchase this  rug!

Yep that's right Sixty-five big ones. Right now wouldn't it be great to have an extra sixty-five dollars to spend for the holidays.

Been wanting to have a giveaway for you for some time now but as you know sometimes life throws curve balls at you and you have to step back and depending on how hard the throw was sometimes it takes longer to get back in life. But I figured having a Giveaway would help me to do just that.

I could not be happier to be able to give you a chance to win something nice from such a great company.
When I visited their site yesterday and today I found so many nice things. Wish I could enter this too. lol

All you have to do enter is leave me a comment telling me that you visited their awesome site and what you might buy if you win. Oh also since my followers are my the best friends in the world you must be a follower to win.  If you want a Second Chance to win just copy this giveaway to your side bar and come back over and leave another comment. Two chances are better than one. Right?

Also to make it easy as pie for me and fair to you I use the ole Random Generator thing.

Seriously I wish all of you the best of luck in winning this because like I mentioned earlier I Love You All.

Now I almost forgot...we need a closing date. Ok lets not do this too long because you might want to use this for a Christmas gift. How does December 5th at midnight sound? That gives everyone a chance to enter.

Best of Luck and Sweet Dreams

Another week has gone by and Christi is doing good. I will check on her when I sign off here. Your
prayers have made such a big difference in both our lives. I hope no one thinks bad of me for not talking of what happened. All I can say is never take your loved ones for granted and tell them you love them often.
I Love You!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

My dear friends it is Thanksgiving night and I am sitting here with Christi going over all the sweet comments that you have left for both of us.

We are so Thankful this Thanksgiving for having all of you in our life. Without you these past weeks would have been impossible.

It was a quiet Thanksgiving with just the two of us this year. My sons spend every other Thanksgiving with their other family which is only fair. We missed them very much but it was a good day. 

Now I am so full of pumpkin pie and cool whip I can barely type this post. lol  This year I took the easy way out and bought a small Honey Baked Ham instead of baking a Turkey. I did though have to make a pan of dressing.  It's just not Thanksgiving without my MaMa's Cornbread Dressing.

So tell me how was your day? I hope each of you had a lovely day with lots of good food, friends and family! Sending you much  love and
lot's of Sweet Dreams!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Getting Back to Normal!

Gosh I have missed you! It seems like forever since I have been to your site and said hello. I am hoping that sometime over the weekend I can take the time to visit everyone of you.

Each day Christi and I are both returning to our normal routines of life. Just like these roses that are trying their best to bloom for me one more time this fall.

You would be proud of me...I even cooked two healthy meals this week and some cookies. lol  What goes better with a healthy meal than chocolate chip cookies. Yummy! Can't wait to make a Pumpkin Pie next week.

Christi is getting the help she needs to over come and if I had the insurance I would be in therapy myself but right now you are my therapist. Just what you wanted to hear when you have your own problems to deal with.

Isn't it something that we are already in the middle of Novemeber. I find it hard to believe that next week is Thanksgiving. I have so many things to be Thankful for in my life and You are right there at the top of the list.

I wish I could thank each of you in person for all the uplifting lovely comments and prayers but for right now I will have to settle for thanking you through the wonderful world of blogging.

Christi is back at home and I am here back on the North Forty dealing with trying to get the ranch last minute mowing done and some of the fences painted before our first big freeze. Unlike most of you we are still having hot afternoons and we even got rain last week so I have to mow at least one more time. I tried this afternoon late but the durn tractor would not start. I kicked it a couple of times but for some reason that did not help so I called someone to look at it tomorrow.

My house in town is coming along slowly. I have one more big room to paint and some cleaning then I will be ready for the next renter. Will I try my best to pick a good one you bet!

I had a really nice lady close to my age come out here today to look at the pink house that is still for rent. She works as a counselor here at the college and I like her very much. She even wants to see my house in town. As much as I would love to have her for a neighbor I think I would love having someone like her living in my home. Hopefully she will choose one of them.

My landlady is coming the weekend after Thanksgiving and wants to convince me to rent the pink house for a bed and breakfast. I told her we would talk.

It is good to talk to you tonight and I miss you. I am better and will be at your sites soon.

Sweet Dreams and love to you

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Because of You!

Because of you and how worried you must be about Christi and myself I had to take a few minutes and update you on how we are doing.

Thanks to all of your prayers we made it through this past week. She seems to be getting stronger every day and assures me that she is going to be fine. We both wanted to thank you for all the prayers and sweet comments.

In all honesty several times this past week I was not sure how to deal with all of this and then I would remember you and how kind, supportive and loving you are and I knew that you were there for us.

One thing I have tried doing this week is to leave it all with the Lord. "Cast your burden upon the Lord."
I am ashamed to admit but I think sometimes I cast it and then recast it not sure what to do being so worried about my daughter. I have prayed to the Lord to help me release her to him because I know He will care for her both spiritually, mentally and physically in a way that I can not do.

Remember the prayer bench I bought at Warrenton this summer. I have worn it out getting up and down but each time after my prayers I knew that tomorrow held great promise.

Still even now I have not been able to talk about what happened to Christi but I know the love we all share out here in this wonderful world of blogging and that you will be patient with me.

Writing is good for me so I will try and write to you again this week. I miss you and love you!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

About the Wordless Post!

I owe you an explanation for the previous post. I sat down at the computer trying my best to do a post about what had happened over the weekend. Tears were falling so hard that as far as I got with the post for you was a picture of my daughter Christi and her best friend Andrea. I thought I had saved the picture in draft but I guess that I was over whelmed with sadness I hit the wrong button and published the picture. Christi is on the left and Andrea behind on the right. I love this picture.

It had to of been very confusing for you because of me doing a wordless post. Now it seems I am doing a post without a picture because to tell you the truth I could not find a picture that comes close to my thoughts tonight.

You see Friday at midnight I received a phone call that my daughter Christi was taken to the the emergency room in Austin.

Even though it was four nights ago I still can't talk about it to anyone or even find the words to write about it without loosing control.

Christi is going to be okay but she needs a lot of help and prayers right now. She is with me for a few days and then I will take her back home and stay with her until it is okay to come home.

You know I always find comfort in your sweet comments and I am sorry to leave you without really giving you anything other than we need your prayers.

I hope to be able to find some kind of peace again in my life and get back on here and laugh with you. You know how I love a good laugh.

Just wanted to let you know why I have not been by your place to say hello but promise I will again soon.

I do know that God wants us to love each other and to forgive.

I love you and hopefully one day soon I can find words again because I already miss you
Love to you all

Monday, November 7, 2011


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Memory Lane Monday's!

Yep it's Memory Lane Monday's with Donna at Brynwood Needleworks. It is Monday today isn't it?

Donna suggested Halloween Past as our memory and here I am as Wyatt Earp's girlfriend. Remember the Tombstone movie with Val Kilmer and Kurt Russell. Well I fell in love with Val Kilmer in his part as Doc Holiday.

On this Halloween the idiot and I were invited to a big dance that was held every year out in the country in one of the old dance hall's that use to be so popular around these parts of Texas.  I should not say use to be because these country people are serious about their dance halls.

Anyway I was left with the decision on what we could have as our costumes. Since I loved that movie I chose our costumes based on the dress of that era. My daughter Christi, had worn this dress as a Southern Belle so I tried it on and added a big petticoat and made it more into a saloon girl costume. Even found this huge black hat with feathers. Add a boa and your ready to go.

If I remember right I think his was a little bit more difficult. I think we had to rent a western tux. Then found him a black hat and mustache that was always crooked. Of course his tie had to match my dress.

In the goofy picture below we are accepting First Place for Best Couple Costume. Talk about a surprise when they called us out. Then we were laughing about that and then they announce the best female costume of the night and low and behold they put the spotlight on us again. More shock! Then the biggest shock of all was them awarding me the First Prize for the Costume of the Whole Dance. could of knocked me down with one of those feathers I was wearing.

Have you ever seen a goofier looking woman?

In this next picture I took it of Wayne and another couple who choose the same idea. I wish they had won something too.

I don't remember ever winning a costume contest so this was a night to remember.

As always I enjoy joining sweet Donna for her memory lane Monday's.

Thanks everyone for always coming by and leaving me the best comments ever. My life is better because of you being in it.

Today the idiot turns 60 years old. I am sorry Wayne to have chosen that name for you but it is the first thing I think of when I think of you.
Love to all

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


 What's happening in your neck of the woods? Have tried to post since last week but have not made it happen.
Too much going on here and did not want to post until I could post positive. lol But I got this comment from Julia Of Petals and Wool telling me that she has lost her blog. Here I copied her comment for you so maybe you could help me to understand what happened and have you heard of this before.

Hi Maggie, Julia from Of Petals and Wool here. I no longer can do blog post on my blog and my account has been deleted by Google because they say that there was some illegal activity or that I have violated Google terms of service??? I don't know what I did wrong but I now have no Gmail account and no identity. They deleted my second blog and also my new Gmail address. 

I've spent a lot of time trying to retrieve my Gmail address but got the run around. It said that they were sending me an email but I was not getting my emails, so couldn't get it fixed. 

This is to let you know of my situation. I still can visit blogs through Firefox by googling the name but it's time consuming and I only can leave comments on blogs who allows Anonymous.

Your anonymous friend from the lost paradise of Petals and Wool. Hugs. Julia

It depressed me to think that I could come in here an hour from now and you would be gone. Erased like you never existed. Scared and upset me that this can happen. I then thought of Julia's site and of all people why would Julia's be taken off. She kept us entertained with her everyday life and I loved reading her blog.
She also was kind enough to be a blogazine guest for me and if you missed her story just go here
Julia Of Petals and Wool.

I pray Julia gets her blog back because I miss her.

My plans were to post my Memory Lane Monday for Donna this morning but hopefully I can this evening.
Just had to say hello and to see if you knew about this happening to Julia and if you know anyone else it has happened too.

This ole lady needs to figure out how to get things done without hurting herself. My house in town is not near ready to be rented or to sale. The north forty has me just as busy. One last mowing of the place has to be done before I put the tractors away for winter. We are talking half of the 62 acres out here need mowing. Then my front porch has to be painted and different parts of the fence was replaced last month and she wants it all painted white to match the other. Makes sense. Right? I have to say I am overwhelmed but let me get started so you

Go Out and Make It A Great Day!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Hill Country Weekend!

A few weekends ago we had one of our girly weekends and this time it was at Ruby's home in the hill country near Marble Falls.  This is where Ruby and hubby plan to retire in a few years. It is a lovely home and with my little camera I could not capture the whole house. lol  Believe me when I say there is a whole section on the right I did not manage to capture.

Lot's of things I love about this home but my favorite place is the back patio! Everyone but me enjoyed their first cup of coffee and me of course was my diet Dr. Pepper.  We planned our day  while listening to the early birds serenade us.  I could easily retire with a patio like this greeting me every morning.

Hope Ruby doesn't mind that I am sharing part of her master bath. This is the huge walk in shower behind this circular wall.  I have seen these in magazines but never thought I would actually ever use one. Pretty darn cool if I say so myself.

Since Ruby's hubby was working in London for the week she brought her precious little King to keep us entertained. He actually kept me from being bitten by a scorpion so King is my new best friend. Sorry about that Tinkerbell!

 Saturday morning the first place we stopped was a outdoor furniture store that has everything imaginable for the out door life. Ruby is wanting to redo her patio so she had to show us some of her selections. Here on the way to the car I made Ruby, Oscar and Bonnie pose for this pic. I grew up with these three siblings and their sister Linda who also happens to be my sister-in-law is missing this girly weekend. So we let their brother Oscar join in the fun since he is a hoot and never a dull moment when he is present.
Then Oscar made me trade places and he took our picture. Ruby on the left, myself and Bonnie.
I love these chairs and they come in every color even pink for my porch.

After this they pretty well made me leave the camera in the car while we walked the tourist town of Fredricsburg. It was Market Days so every body and their cousin just happened to be in town for the day. At times I thought I was in New York City instead of a small country town. Gosh everybody came to town that day. 

Ruby had gotten us tickets to a theater called the Rock Box and we had to rush our shopping to be there by 4:30. I wish you could of seen Bonnie and myself trailing after the two long legged Oscar and Ruby. Man I was glad when it was theater time so we could sit down. 
The Rock Box was cool. A cast of about 10 entertained us for two hours. They sang songs from the 50's and 60's. A lot of times it was hard to believe that they were imitators and not the real thing.  They reminded me of a group I saw in Vegas years ago. 

What really brought the house down was the last song when all the cast came out and we all joined them in Amazing Grace. Then a moment of silence for our troops. 

For a small town this was an impressive performance by these talented actors. I thought of Gretchen and how she wants to have a small theater like this one someday.

When we have these girly weekends we laugh ourselves silly. I think it is because of the subjects we discuss while playing cards. 

I thought with their brother Oscar there we might not have these talks but  boy was I wrong. He joined in and  only made us laugh harder with his man take on things. His wife is a sweetheart and was glad to let him get away with us for a weekend. 

Since I have know the Oliver's all my life these talks can lead to places only friends can go.

Oscar was trying to give his sister Bonnie and myself advice about dating again but his advice is not one I would want to repeat on here. His advice made me realize why I don't  date. lol

Oscar and I were partners in playing cards and we whopped them so bad that were told we could never be partners again.
I made the mistake and showed them how to find my blog so how do I tell you about our crazy antics. Maybe when the newness wares off for them. lol 

I do know that when God gives us friends to enjoy that we need to as often as possible. That is my reason for blogging. Sorry I fooled so many of you with the last post but I laughed every time I thought of Tinkerbell waking me up at that very moment so I had to share it with you. Your comments are always funnier that the actual stories and it was worth fooling you just to enjoy your comments. Several of you mentioned I sounded like a romance writer and maybe should write one. I hate to admit it but I have never read Romance books. I guess it's never to late to try something new.

On my way to Marble Falls I drove through Bastrop where one of the horrible wild fires destroyed thousands of acres and homes. I tried to find a place to take pictures but too much traffic and construction crews mowing down trees. For miles it looked like a war zone and my heart broke for all the families who have no place to call home.

In this picture you can't really see just how heartbreaking and overwhelming these fires have been to Texas during this drought. We have been told that this drought will not end for at least another year. Hard to imagine a dry winter.

For the last two days I have been sick with my back. I have over did it trying to work on the house in town. My son Clint came down Saturday and helped me and then by Sunday evening I could not function. I tried to work there yesterday but gave up after a few hours and then took today off. I just can't get down completely because there is so much left to do. It scares me to think that I may never be able to hold a full time job again. You guys that live off of just social security may have to give me lessons on living on such a limited income. I admire you for being able to do so.  

I love you!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Is The Cowboy a Good Kisser?

How are you this evening! Another week has flown by and I still have not been able to get on here and do a post about my fun weekend with the Oliver's. But I will do it soon. Been painting and painting and painting at my home in town.

It was fun this week seeing beautiful Debby's smile on my page when I managed to come on site and read your wonderful comments. As always I love hearing from you. Thanks Debby for doing such a lovely story for us.

I knew that this post would be of more interest to you than the Oliver"s  so let me tell you my story. First before I start don't you just  love a good kisser. I have to say I do miss kissing! My hubby may have been an idiot but he could kiss. lol

My friend Barbara and I were sitting on a bench downtown listening to a band play. It was a cool evening and prefect for a street dance. She kept  me entertained by telling me of her long day she had gone through of driving a inmate to the Austin State Hospital,  We were both laughing pretty hard when I realized someone was sliding close to me on the bench.

I looked to my side thinking it was probably some couple looking for a place to sit. I don't have to tell you the look of surprise I had when I saw my neighbor the cute cowboy sliding near me. His grin was one you see on a romance book cover.

Barbara of course was exploring him like someone who had never seen a cute cowboy. I introduced them and explained to her that we were neighbors out on the North Forty.

He then ask me if I wanted to dance. I don't know what got in me but I jumped up from the bench and was leading him out in the street. We danced like we had been dance partners on dancing with the stars and I could not stop smiling.

The evening was over sooner than I wanted it to be and then he ask if I had rode with Barbara to the dance. I told him that I did and he then told Barbara he would take me home since we lived on the same property.

I was somewhat nervous on the drive home but I do remember my million dollar smile. It was plastered to my face.

He drives up to my house and I am busy thanking him for bringing me home and for keeping me from being a wall flower. He turns his engine off (to the truck that is) and walks me to the door. I remember him saying something about the last time he was on the porch that it was very entertaining.

I finally find my key to the front door and he opens the door. Next thing I knew I was looking really close into his sexy blue eyes because he had taken me into his arms and was going to kiss me.

Then I feel a very familar furry paw slapping me in the face. It was Tinkerbell waking me up for her breakfast. I have never hit a pet but I was really tempted that morning. You would think that she could of gave me five minutes at the door with the cowboy before slapping me awake.

Several times this week I have brought this up to her about her lousy timing. Now I don't know Is The Cowboy a Good Kisser?

Sweet dreams

Monday, October 17, 2011

Debby Shares Her Story!

Once again I have a lovely sweet Blogazine Guest for you to capture your heart. I know she did mine when we found each other out here in this fun world of blogging.

Before I share Debby's story just wanted to let you know Ms Pearl took the weekend off and I went to the hill country with the Oliver girls and their brother Oscar. We laughed ourselves silly and after I recover from the weekend and my hard week last week I will write about our trip.

 Wish I could share everything that the four of us got into but I made the mistake and showed them how to read this blog. lol

Now sit back and enjoy my friend Debby!

 Hi there, my name is Debby from Cozy Blanket.  I started blogging about 18 months ago.  I have met so many wonderful bloggers and it has changed my life.  I spend way too much time on the computer but that's okay, right?
I have been married to my Hubby for 41 years.  We were 19 and 20 when we married.  So young. 
We have four adult children.  The youngest was a foster child that I brought home from pre-school one day and he never left. We adopted him one year later.  He had/has special needs and was a handful.  I have earned every white hair on my head.  Somedays I look back and wonder how we made it through his childhood. 
I am a cancer survivor. 
A rare type of sarcomas in my leg/hip area.  I think God had other plans for me.  But some 20 years later I am cancer free. 
I have an early childhood degree and have taught at many schools and have been a
Nanny to many children.
My biggest blessings the past 8 years have been my 6 grandchildren.  They are ages 8, 5, 5, 5, 2, 1.  The fives were all born six weeks apart.  Four of my grandchildren live in Colorado while I live in Ohio.  I travel to see them as much as I can afford to.  I have to mention that one little girl I was  Nanny to is also like a grandchild to me.  We have continued to be very close.  I watched her when I watched my two granddaughters that live here.  Now those three are off to school now.  But I am still a Nanny.  The children change from year to year but the relationships last forever.
I am also a clown, Petals.  I have done that for about 20 years and thinking that Petals may be soon retiring.

I enjoy taking pictures of my grandchildren.  I think that is another thing about blogs that is so much fun.  I love the pictures that everyone posts.  It's like a window into the world of others. 
We have a Yorkie, a Springer Spaniel, and a kitty.  They are our babies.
I have had to live simply the past few years so I enjoy all the DIY and low cost projects.  I seem to follow any blog that has the word cozy, cottage, country, cute in their title.
Well that's my story.  Come over to and say hello.
Thanks Maggie for inviting me over.  Isn't she a dear.  She tells such wonderful sotries and that Ms. Pearl.....what a hoot.

Really Debby having you over was my delight. In all honesty I love it when someone volunteers to do these Blogazine post. I always learn something new about them or that I had forgotten. Like Debby being a clown all these years. Debby you and Gretchen have that in common. She too loves to preform as a clown.

If I don't get volunteers I then seek Ms Pearl on someone until they do volunteer. lol

So who is my next blogger to tell their story. Remember everyone has a story to tell. What's yours?

Love to all,