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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My First Heartbreak!

I love Donna over at Brynwood Needlework's and her Memory Lane Mondays. As you can see nothing has changed here on the North Forty still running behind on posting and visits. Last week I started this post and then everything that could go wrong did and I am just now posting it.

This months walk down Memory Lane is about falling in love the summer before my Senior Year of High School.  

The day was the first Sunday of our Summer Vacation. I had just passed my Junior Year of High School and already was looking forward to being a Senior when school started again in the fall.  Like most Sunday mornings you would find me in the front row of the Youth Choir trying my best to not to embarrass myself in front of the congregation at our Church. I am one of those people that even singing in the shower is usually banned by family members so how I got to be in this Choir is still a mystery. 

Standing there looking out at the congregation I notice a stranger in the back row. Being a small country church new comers were easy to spot and especially ones that were of the opposite sex and very good looking. lol

Naturally I was not the only choir girl to spot him and you could see when we all sat down the hands of the girls poking the leg of the girl next to them and moving their eyes in his direction. You would think the way we acted that we lived up in the mountains of Booger Holler and boys were extinct. 

After church was over we made it our business to find out who this cute guy was and turns out his name was Ronnie and he was from Bokchita, Oklahoma visiting a older sister for the summer.

He drove a Red 55 Chevy that was as hot as we all thought this stranger to be.

A few days later I am in my front yard watering my Mom's flowers hoping this hot car drives by and boy did my heart race when it not only drove by but stopped in front of my house.

Being a small town he had already met my older brother Billy and so he had excuse to stop by. From that  moment on Ronnie and I were together every day of the summer.

He was like none of the local guys I knew in my small town. I fell head over heels in love at 17. But as fast as summers go it was not long before we were saying our goodbyes. He had to go back to Oklahoma and finish his last year of High School.

We kept in touch through our letters and phone calls and sometimes he got to surprise me for a weekend but not often since it was over 300 miles to my part of Texas.

I thought constantly of the Christmas holidays when he would be back for two weeks. Finally it was Christmas and our two weeks together flew by. The night before he left to go back home he brought up again us getting married. This time though instead of waiting until we graduated he begged me to leave with him that night and elope. He had asked his parents about it and they had agreed to sign the papers for him and I to be married in his hometown.

After a lot of tears that night I sneaked into my room and packed my suitcase. I remember closing the door to my room and taking my suitcase out of the closet and packing it as full as I could get it. Crying the whole time knowing that I would no longer be living with my family but his in Oklahoma. Our plans were to live with his parents until we both graduated from his high school and then possibly move back to Houston where he could work again with his brother-in-laws company.

We managed to not wake anyone up and drove away. I was so happy thinking that there would be no more good byes for him and I and that we would be together forever.

About an hour towards Oklahoma and my new life I started thinking about my Daddy. Just the night before at supper Daddy said something out of the blue to all of us and yet that night driving with Ronnie I realized my Daddy had meant it for me. He said,"If any of you get married before you graduate High School I will never speak to you again!"

You would have to know my Daddy to know this was not like him to say something this strong. He was a quiet man and our suppers were usually my brothers joking about something they had done that day.

I turned to Ronnie and ask him to turn around and take me back home. I explained to him about what my Daddy had said to us the night before and of course Ronnie tried his best to assure me that my Daddy would not disown me. It was a long drive back home with both of us crying but I told him that we would still love each other in May and after our graduations we would be married.

The next five months were the same as before this happened. We wrote our letters, called each other as much as Ronnie could afford and he surprised me a couple of times on weekends but on the day of my graduation Ronnie phoned me.

Instead of him coming for my graduation that day he would be joining the Navy. Viet Nam was going on and instead of waiting to be drafted he joined up.  Our plans for marriage now would have to wait even longer.

Graduation Day was ruined for me. I can remember how red my eyes were from crying all day.

Six months later Ronnie wrote me that he had fallen in love with a Navy Nurse. This was the first of many heart breaks for me.

Ronnie and Cathy are still married today living in Dallas. He calls my brothers now and then to check on me. I wanted to scan his Senior picture with mine but it was not in my Senior Memory Book and so where it is now is beyond me.

You too can join Donna on the last Monday of the month for Memory Lane Monday.

Hope you are having a great week. I have missed the last two days of work in pain. Good thing I already had this typed or I would of never got it posted. Still no luck getting in to see another doctor for my back because it is hard to switch when your on Workers Comp but I am not giving up.

Love to all

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Too Many Storms!

So much I wanted to talk to you about this morning but time is short since I have to be at the Sheriff's Office  in just a little while.  What is really on my mind this morning is all of you that live where all the horrific storms have been destroying everything in their path.

Last night we got a small taste of what you have been going through and the whole time I kept thinking of how horrible it must of been and is for you. I am keeping everyone in my prayers and please let me know how you are because I know many of you live in these areas. I have cousins in Oklahoma that I am trying to find out about hopefully they are okay. Also wondering about my blogging buddies so  if you can drop me a note telling me your okay.

Of course I want to hear from all of you because I love reading your comments.

Things here are about the same/ Christi is having car issues and the last two days we have had to tow her car somewhere. Hoping it is nothing major wrong but being a little car that goes Zoom Zoom  no telling what is the matter. It is one of those little Crossfire's. The car is now For Sale. lol

Work has been more than a little crazy so I will catch you up soon on what has been going on there. They brought in another man that murdered his Case Manager so now we have 7 murderers in a small facility which has to be a record. 

I am still fighting for a new doctor but still no luck there. I am not giving up though.

Gretchen met someone in acting class and so she has been going to Austin more than usual so I miss hanging out with her. She did come over the other night for grilled Hamburgers and entertained Christi and I with what she has been doing.  Here is Gretchen and her new friend getting reading to go to a festival in Austin. She painted his face as a puppy and he did something funny with her eye. Gretchen said they walked around all night with painted faces even when they left the festival. haha In Austin you can do that.

I sent her an email when I got this picture and said, "Cute Puppy.....I want one!"  hahaha

Enjoy your Thursday. I kept thinking all last night that it was going to be Friday today so boy was I disappointed to realize I had two more days left of my work week.

Still trying to catch up with all of you. Don't give up on me!

Love to all

Monday, May 23, 2011

Enough Is Enough!

No more lying around feeling sorry for myself. I am starting to look like my cat Tinkerbell!

Since I was forced back to work in the pain I find myself walking around with a negative attitude.  All of us have our bad days, good days and those in between days.

I do know that walking around with this negative attitude will do nothing but take years off my life.

After another sleepless night I know that I need to work on building my Faith.  I need to put my energy into things I must do right now to make a difference in my life. This worrying has gotten me nowhere and believe me when I say achieving the status of victim is not an achievement worth having.

Waking up again bent over I thought of calling in sick. But then I thought of my Kaci and how she is only 9 years old and gets up every morning checks her blood sugar first thing in the morning so she can take her first of five shots a day and a dozen finger pricks and I am ashamed of my attitude. If this little girl and millions of other children can endure day after day of Juvenile Diabetes then surely I can handle one more day in a crazy jail.

So I must hurry and get off here and put on my uniform and work on my attitude and Faith today.

Another thing that has helped me this morning is I reread all of your comments left on the last two post and YOUR words once again have given me the strength to keep going and to make me thankful of what I can do and try to be the best I can be whether stooped over in pain or walking tall.

Hope you have a wonderful day and Thank You for being my friend and leaving me such words of encouragement. They help me more than you know.

Love to all

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Dumb Nut!


I will tell you how crazy I am I don't remember if I told you about the female in our jail who keeps swallowing things. Today I was hurting so bad and was counting the minutes til three so I could leave when this female hits the button to talk to me and is acting really dumb and I can't understand a word she is saying so I find my Sgt and I send him to her cell because last week we had to take her to the hospital for emergency surgery because she swallowed the wires from her bra. YEP you read it right. The dumb nut has a bra on which was left with her by someone not doing their job and she takes the wires out breaks them in pieces and swallows them. Not only did she swallow those wires but a pencil and several other odd pieces.

She told another Officer that she needed to go to the hospital because she had swallowed the wires. I have seen lots of things but never this so I figured if I were betting on this I would say No Way put her back in her cell. Which is the way I was leaning but thank goodness it was not me to make the final call because Yes when they took her to the emergency room she had swallowed her bra wires and several other things. What a Idiot.

So she spends the weekend in the hospital after surgery Friday. Then today she buzzes me and ask if she can take a shower. Being the only femaile on duty and I am fixing to leave I tell her no. Well I guess no was the wrong answer because before I could get out the door she calls crying and telling me things I can't understand.

Turns out she had swallowed a comb and a toothbrush. Now who was stupid enough to give her these pieces to swallow is my question. I was hurting to bad to stick around and find out. Once my partner said to me You better leave while you can I grabbed my keys and never looked back. hahahaha

When your hurting as bad as I was I did not care if she swallowed everything in her cell I wanted to go home. Seriously I guess I don't mean that but jeezzz why would anyone keep swallowing things. Stupid!!!!!

I guess in the morning when I go back I will hear all about what happened. She is one of those inmates who does anything for attention. Some of them think if they act crazy enough that we will send them to the state hospital and then after a few weeks there their problems will go away. Nope it does not work that way.

Today I took way toooooo many pain pills. I could not sleep last night for hurting and then when I got up this morning I wanted to call in sick but with working light duty and part time I honestly don't know what the rules for calling in are now. My guess is there is no such thing. I tried to call my attorney to find out what she has done to help my situation and would you believe no word back from her. Gosh can I pick the right people sometimes I wonder if I were born on Friday the 13th. I know I celebrated my birthday last week on that day.

Speaking of which thank you so much for leaving me comments on my post before this about my Birthday. You see before the contest ends in June I will donate a dollar for every comment left to me on that post to Juvenile Diabetes to help support a great cause and to help my granddaughter win her contest. If you have not left a comment on the post before this please do. I am excited to help her any way I can.

Gretchen is trying to make Christi and I think that the snake did not scare her but we know different. We were outside when she got home and we could here the screams all the way over to my porch. hahaha...So the next day I find the snake lying next to my porch where I walk down the ramp to my car. It did scare me for a second until I realized it was the one we put in her commode. hahahahaha...I left it there and pretended I did not see it. Then yesterday while Gretchen was at acting classes Christi and I put another one that looks even more like a snake and smaller in her garden where she has planted her Okra. She just got home a few minutes ago and I am sure about now she is watering the garden. Pay backs are hell I know.

Just had to write you before I went to bed tonight. Like I mentioned earlier I took way tooooooo many pain pills today and they are starting to kick in so I need to call it a night.

Wanted to Thank you before I did for all the Birthday wishes and comments about Kaci's Car. Isn't that the neatest entry. She is like a lot of you very creative. I intended to do a giveaway for my Birthday so that will be late. But we will have one really soon. What I have in mind will be cool. I hate to admit but I just now got my candy made and mailed to sweet Connie for my last giveaway. First Christi bought the wrong chocolate ...then something else happened and then my Birthday. But it is in the mail now so sorry Connie I was late mailing it.

Hope you are having a wonderful week. Stay well and remember I think of you often.

Well just when I was fixing to publish this post I hear my daughter Christi scream. I hurry into the living room and she is standing there laughing her head off because Gretchen had sneaked over here and put the snake at our front door inside the screen. When Christi took Toby out for his night time potty trip she did not see it until she came back to come inside. Then she screamed like something had got her. hahaha....I guess the light must of been just right coming back in. She was really laughing by the time I got in there because Gretchen had slipped over her without us knowing it and placed it there. Like I mentioned Pay Backs are Hell.

Sounds like the three of us have nothing else to do. lol

Love to all


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!

Isn't this the cutest vintage birthday card? I found it in my locker at work on Friday the 13th my Birthday! A Deputy friend of mine always remembers everyone's Birthday.

Don't Birthdays come around fast. At least they do for this ole grandma. lol.....I still can't believe I am this old and got this old really fast.

All last week I tried to do a Birthday post on here and never could get into Blogger. When Marydon phoned me to wish me a Happy Birthday she told me Yes, blogger had been down since Wednesday. So I guess I am not the only one that had problems with posting.

I suppose the post I wanted to do for my Birthday will be still be good by next year. lol Instead I came up with this idea. My sweet DL Andrea tries to keep me in the loop about what's happening with Kaci's diabetes therefore I got this email from her that I have copied and pasted to share with you. As most of you know I am so proud of how Kaci's handles being a Juvenile Diabetic. She is my little hero along with her Uncle Chad who also is a Juvenile Diabetic.

The first part of the email I am sharing with you is written to Kaci from Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. Second part is a note to me from my DL Andrea. The last part of the email is a letter that Kaci wrote along with her entry.

Now here is what I came up with to do my part to help Kaci raise money. For every Happy Birthday comment I receive on this post I will donate a dollar to Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and hopefully my donation with help find a cure and of course help my precious Granddaughter's Car Drawing come in First Place.

This is one post I hope I get a lot of comments from all of you! Thank you for always coming by and checking on me and leaving me sweet comments. I hope to visit you soon too.

Sorry for such a long post. Here is the email and Kaci's letter.

Congratulations, Kaci!

We have just received your entry for the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) Race Car Design Contest.


Your design will be posted on our website with voting to begin on May 4 and run through June 30, 2011.Be sure to send the following link of your design to family, friends, and neighbors and encourage them to make a donation to support your design!
REMEMBER, the funds raised are credited directly to your family walk team and the more you raise, the better your chance of winning. So send the above link to everyone you know!

Post it to your Facebook page and Tweet it too!Representatives from Ford Motor Company's Motorcraft and Quicklane Divisons and the Wood Brothers will select a final winner from the top five designs that raise the most money. The winning child and his/her parents will participate in the vehicle unveiling at Ford Motor Company's World Headquarters in Dearborn, MI on Thursday, August 18, 2011. In addition, the winning child and their parents will get to see their design run on the No. 21 Motorcraft / Quick Lane Ford Fusion at Michigan International Speedway for NASCAR Sprint Cup qualifying on Friday, August 19, 2011.

**Good luck!Your friends at JDRF and Ford**

So- We need YOU! You can click on the above link and make a donation of $1 or more and cast your vote for Kaci's car design (attached) It is the blood drop she sees each day when she checks her bloodsugar. Notice he has pricked his finger for testing too!All the money you donate will go towards our, "Say Boo To Diabetes" walk team in October~ You can vote as many times as you want....and feel free to spread the word! Attached you will see the letter that Kaci has created to share with all of our family and friends.

Just click on Kaci's letter below to read it. I could not get it to let me copy and paste it. But if you click it on you probably will be able to read it. I hope so.

Hopefully my next post I can tell you about scaring Gretchen and how I spent my Birthday!

Sweet Dreams and Love to All


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

Oh boy do I miss being at home during the day! I just told Christi there is no time now for blogging, writing, reading and visiting with Gretchen. Maybe when I get back into the routine of it all I can find time for all the things I like doing but right now I feel left out.

This is an old picture of the ole farm house I live in. Now I have flowers blooming in pots so one day soon I will take a new picture. I did pick my first tomato from my pot garden. Last night Christi and I tore off some lettuce leaves from my pot of lettuce and made us a great salad to go along with her spaghetti she made us for supper. I tell you I could get spoiled having someone cook for me. lol

Last night about 9PM I heard screaming and I walked out my back door and Gretchen was chasing off Bill. Gosh I wish you could of seen her running after him. Bill is the armadillo that has been coming around for a while now and when she first met him it was a friendly relationship. Then it turned sour when he got into her wild flower garden that she planted on the side of her house. Now she wants to Kill Bill because he dug up her okra. When it comes to okra don't mess with Gretchen. The girl loves okra any shape or form. So for the first time ever she planted some okra and was so excited watching it grow. Now all she has in mind is killing Bill.

Gretchen has been ask to act again. When I met her she had swore acting off  and she came out here to hide out and write but they are after her for a part in some movie. Guess we will see what she is going to do.  Christi and I bought a fake snake tonight at the dollar store and it gets bigger when you put it in water. So this weekend Gretchen has to be away for the day to talk about this movie so my bad daughter and I are going to slip over to her house and put it in her commode. By the time she gets back home it should be double the size and it is already big. lol.....

I know that is mean of us but you have to understand before Christi came here last week Gretchen was always trying to scare me one way or the other so they say pay backs are hell. Only thing is she want forget this will she?

Monday morning when I woke up to go to therapy and then work I was bent over from the pain in my back. This happened about a month ago and I had to go to the emergency room. Well I managed to get to therapy and they let me go since they knew I could not do anything. Then I drive over 25 miles to work and thought for sure they would tell me to go home but nope I had to work bent over and in pain. Honestly the way they were looking at me I think they thought I was faking it. Who in their right mind would fake bending over walking.

Today I was better but still in pain. Hopefully I can make it the rest of the week. I have not heard from my attorney about anything so I guess I need to touch base with her and see what her plans are for me.

The boy that murdered his whole family was put on lock down because he threatened one of our night officers. He told him that he had already killed 5 people one more would not make a difference. Can you imagine telling a Officer that and shows he absolutely has no remorse. What blows my mind is how long it is taking for his trial. He has already been in there way over a year. Nonsense don't you think.

The cell they want me to lay down in on breaks is in isolation next to him. I guess he and I could talk between the walls. Creepy!!!

Well I mainly got on here tonight to check on you and to say hello. Be glad when I get use to all these changes going on right now and I have more time to visit.

Remember I am thinking of you and praying you are doing good.

Sweet Dreams


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!


Could not let this special day go by without wishing you a very special Mother's Day. 

It seems I did let this day go by before getting back to this post. Wow can't believe it is already Sunday night. Now that I am back to work days off will fly by for sure.

One thing that has kept me from blogging beside my work and pain is my daughter Christi moved back home for a while. Remember a few post back about the horrible attack on her in front of her apartment well she has not felt safe since then and is staying with me for a while. It has been 13 years I guess since my baby has lived with me so I know it will be a lot of adjustments but being the sweetheart she is I know that it will work out until she decides to go back to Austin. Thank goodness she want be going back to that apartment complex. I hope she stays long enough to heal and save money.

Tinkerbell is use to being the Queen of the North Forty so having a dog in her world again is not her cup of tea but I am hoping she comes around and stops being rude to sweet Toby. She hides behide the door ways waiting for him to come thru and then she jumps out and hisses at him. He totally ignores her which probably makes her even madder. lol

My oldest son Chad came by this evening on his way from Houston to Austin and took Christi and I out for dinner. It was nice having dinner with two out of three of my children for Mothers Day. Just a few minutes ago my other son Clint called to wish me a Happy Mother's Day. I thought of my mom and grandmothers all day today missing them of course. Wishing I could hug them one more time and ask them questions that have been coming to me about family that never entered my mind to ask them when they were living. Now I have no one to answer these questions. So if you are lucky enough to still have your Mom today sit down and get her to tell you about her family. Believe me you will not regret it later in life.

I also thought of you my friend wondering if you were with your families and enjoying your day. Please let me know how your day went and if your children are doing good. Also I want to know how you are because here lately I am slow getting to all the sites I need to get too. Catch me up I love it and so will others that read my comments.

Real quick let me tell you how goofy I am now. Is it age or tooooo many pain pills. I went to Wal-Mart on the way home from work Friday. Since my fall I try to park close to the same area every time I go in that store because believe me when I say I have been lost in that parking lot trying to find my car.

Well I picked up just a couple of things and went back to get into my car. I came around to the passenger side to put my things in and when I opened the door a older lady was sitting in the seat. She screamed and I jumped back and almost screamed myself but managed to collect myself since I knew I had scared the poor woman to death. Anyway I was just fixing to ask her what the heck was she doing sitting in my car when I noticed the interior seats were a dark brownish color where my interior is a real light beige.

She stopped screaming when she noticed I  was wearing a Sheriffs uniform but then she just looked at me with such curiosty. I finally realized I was not at my car and felt like a fool. Immediately I told her of my mistake and told her several times how sorry I was for scaring her and that her car was just like mine.

My car was two cars over and I quickly made a dash for it. Her car was the same color and make of mine so I tried to convince myself it could happen to anyone. hahahaha

Poor lady I am just grateful she did not have a heart attach. I could just see me trying to do CPR on someone that I scared to death. I wanted to lecture her about sitting in the parking lot without locking her doors but I figured she probably learned a lesson too that day.

Looks like I can not leave the house alone anymore. Maybe it is a good thing Christi is back home. lol

Also today I was watering my plants in the front yard and my phone rang. I dropped the water hose to answer the phone and when I did a brown snake slid by towards the outside of the picket fence. This is the first snake I have seen inside my yard since I have lived here almost five years. As much mowing as I use to do on the North forty I never saw snakes and was thankful. But in the last month now I have made up for the last five years. They are really out around the pond but this is the first one I have seen near my home.

With us in a horrible drought I guess this is going to be a bad year for snakes because their looking for water. I want be watering the yard anymore in sandals. Thank goodness I have several pairs of boots I can wear. I think too is my blue healer was killed back in February and she kept snkes at bay. Time to look for another dog or guineas.

Have a wonderful week. Thanks so much for all the kind comments. I read and enjoy each and everyone of them. I think you may be right about giving in and lying down in their durn cell but the thought just slays me. lol

Found out the woman that murdered her boyfriend came back to our jail to serve 180 days. Now I have only been gone a year so she did not go to trial right away so what sentence did they give this woman for shooting her boyfriend in the head while he slept. Can not believe she will only be serving 6 months here.
Something is not right there.

Sweet dreams and love to all

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Wow Do I Miss You! This going back to work is hard on blogging and my body.

Just wanted to let you know that I am okay. The last two days at work have really been rough but hey tomorrow is Friday! Management and co-workers have been kind and understanding so far. But they really intended for me to take my rest breaks laying in a cell. I thought the doctor was kidding when he suggested that I could ly down in a cell when I take my breaks but no he had talked to the Captain that one of my restrictions was that I should have a place to lay down every hour if needed.  So they agreed on a cell. I am still in shock over this. One thing that really irrritates me if a person needs to lay down every hour why would a doctor send them back to work.

I did find myself having to lay down both days but I went to my car and lowered the front seat and rested for ten minutes. Sometimes my back is hurting so bad that I have to get to a place to ly down so instead of a cell I chose my car. I just can't imagine lying in a cell but if worse comes to worse who knows.

Will do my best to catch up with all of you because I miss you terribly. Right now though my bed is calling my name.  Sorry once I get use to being exhausted again I will do better at posting.

Sweet Dreams

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Developing News Update!

This past week has been one heck of a week. My heart goes out to all of the people touched by those horrible tornado's that killed almost four hundred people and destroyed so many others lives. The devastation is unbelievable and heartbreaking to watch. I can not imagine how these poor souls are going to be able to put their lives back together. It is going to take a lot of help from us their neighbors. I have a list of things that I picked up from the Sheriff's Office on what they are gathering to take to these areas. So if you can ask your local law enforcement or churches where you can donate. Anything will mean so much to those that have nothing right now.

Then Monday morning I am sitting in the waiting room at the Rehab center and I hear on their TV that Osama had been killed. To tell you the truth even though it was CNN broadcasting I still could not believe what I was reading. Sad to say I wanted to shout with happiness which seems odd to want to do over a death. Is it wrong though to feel happiness over the devil himself being returned to hell.

My developing news is not good. A lot of you have been so kind to ask about what happened at the doctors office Monday afternoon. I could write a description here of how I feel about this man but I will spare you the obscenties and just say he is an absolute jerk. He never once examined me or cared that I was still in a lot of pain. His mission for that visit was to send me back to work and would not even consider otherwise. I return tomorrow morning part time with a few restrictions but not many. You would think after I eneded up in the emergency room after just working three part time days they would think maybe she can not work but no instead they maintain their stupidity.

All dr idiot did again was prescribe more pain pills. This time he prescribed pain patches. He would not listen to me when I ask for another MRI to see what was going on and he told me no surgery. He went on something about my workers comp was about to platuea and that after these therapy treatments I am doing now that workers comp probably would not approve anymore. In six weeks he would give me a test to determine my strength and they would go from there.

Your not going to believe this but I am not lying to you......he said that if I needed to ly down at work that they would let me rest in a cell. Can you believe that a Doctor would tell their patient that if you are hurting no problem they will find you a inmate cell to lay down in. I know now I have heard everything there is to hear from an idiot. I looked at him like he had lost his ever loving mind. 
I did finally manage to find an attorney to help me. I just pray she does a good job representing my case. She is Board Certified in Workmans Comp so let's hope I have no regrets when it comes to that decision. It is hard to pick an attorney like it is to pick the right doctor. Thank goodness I was not responsible for picking this pain management doctor that thinks you can lay down in a cell when you need too. What freaking school did this man graduate from or did he.

When I told my new attorney over the phone about resting in the cell she totally lost it laughing. lol Could you see me doing just that. I mean what kind of diseases do these inmates carry and then to lay down on the same mats that they lay on. I just wish I could relive that moment with Dr. Idiot I believe I would hit him with something. Anything would do....maybe even one of those plastic bone things that sit around in their offices. hahaha

I tell you if my Sgt or Captain suggest this tomorrow I honestly don't know what will happen. Crazy just crazy!

Well I hope all of you are having a wonderful week. I miss talking to you. I will do my best to try and visit even though I know for a while I am going to be dead when I get home in the evenings. I just hope I can do it and not end up in the emergency room.

I need to get off here and make sure my uniform and boots are clean. I should even try to turn in early tonight because tomorrow will be very stressful.

Can you just visualize this tomorrow..........Ok I need a break you can find me in Cell 99. Hey can you keep the noise down there is an Officer over here trying to take a nap for 15 minutes.  hahaha

Keep me up to date on you and I hope to talk again soon.

Love to all

Monday, May 2, 2011

And The Winner Is....

Since the discovery of the Random Generator I have been using it to pick my winners. It was funny today when I looked at what number came up because I had to do a double take because it picked the last number and I don't believe that has ever happened with my drawings before. lol

So I could not wait to see who entered last and it was Connie who has the great site I Started Out As A Child.  Congradulations Connie you are the winner of my Chocolate Giveaway. If you will email me  your preference of fudge or peanut clusters and of course where to mail the sweet package. I am really glad Connie won but I just wish I could send all of you some chocolate.

Thank you all for entering this sweet giveaway and stay in touch because I will be doing another giveaway soon for celebrating Mothers Day and my Birthday. Don't give up on winning your number just may be the next winner.

I have to leave now for my pain doctorts visit. My sweet sister-in-law Linda is driving me. Linda and I have been best buddies since the first grade and then 12 years later she married my oldest brother Billy. God certainly Blessed us when that union took place.

Could not believe the news this morning when I woke up. The devil himself was returned to hell. More on him later.

Love to all

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lets' Run Away!

Just so much going on I am having thoughts of runnning away. I could see me going down Highway 66 in my old Pink truck pulling a pink and white trailer.

Or What about this pink Shasta! Could you see me in it?

How about this old pink Station Wagon pulling a even smaller way to live.

Can you tell I love Pink!

Not to say I could not learn to love blue polka dots too.

So many ways to travel in style!

Do you have a favorite?

Want to go with me? Which one would you choose for our adventure?

Before I do run a way I have to have my drawing after midnight for my Chocolate Giveaway! So if you have not entered yet hurry over to my sidebar click on the picture of Fudge and it will take you to that post to enter. All enteries must be before midnight today central standard time.

I will announce the winner tomorrow and they can choose between Fudge or Peanut Clusters.

This is going to be a busy week for me. Choosing a winner, starting re-hab again Monday, seeing the idiot pain doctor also Monday afternoon and choosing an attorney to represent me. That's why I am dreaming of running away. Come with me all I can promise you is a lot of laughter and all the chocolate you can eat.

Have a wonderful week and Good Luck with my giveaway!

Love to all