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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Be Careful What You Wish For

Most of us have heard the ole saying "Be Careful What You Wish For!" Over the years I have found that there is a lot to some of these old sayings. For months now I have been pondering and worrying on what to do about my house not selling or renting,so several times I have mentioned to friends and my daughter Christi that I am just going to have to find another job to help out with expenses of having to deal with these big mortgage payments . As I mentioned in a earlier blog I rent a old farm house in the country that sits on fifty two acres. The maintenance man/foreman gave his two weeks notice and while on the phone with my landlady about this problem before the end of our conversation I am the new ranch man/worker. I explained to her that I had been helping him for a long time now with a lot of the things he does around here and that I was looking for a part time job so here I am in the third age of my life working in law enforcement full time and now a ranch hand too. So be careful what you wish for. lol The ranch I live on is in Texas and the heat this summer is already breaking all previous records for the past 60 years or more and everything is burning up. Including myself now that I have signed up for ranch work. Yesterday was my first time on the clock as a worker out here and what a experience that turned out to be. Up at the crack of dawn so I can get started mowing a field set in the back with lots of trees so at least I thought it would help with the heat. Wrong lots of trees means no air circulation or breeze so before long my shirt was soaking wet and on top of all that grass hoppers were thick as fleas on the farm dog Forest. Don't ask me why but I have always hated those ugly creatures. Crazy looking long legs and ugly bodies add to the disgust of them landing on me. So what seemed liked 8 hours was only four the first morning and then after it cooled down to maybe 95 I decided to mow a few more hours til dark. When I finally limped to the front door to go inside for a nice long bath I glanced in the mirror and I looked like the poor homeless people in the movie to Kill a Mockingbird. Not a fast learner I got up again this morning early and started the day off learning how to drive a tractor so when I mow the larger fields with out the trees I can cover more territory but at a slower rate. My first ten minutes on the tractor and I am asking myself What the Heck have I gotten myself into but after the ole hind end got use to the bouncing and rocking then I settled in to try and learn how to drive the thing. Not looking forward to the days when I have to use that contraption again. So my first two days were pretty uneventful except for trying not to swallow too much dust or grass hoppers and while I laid soaking in the tub I could not help but think God Be Careful What You Wish For.