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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Where Does The Time Go

Hard to believe its been so long since I have last wrote my thoughts on here and to think that I was going to be so good about it. I did finally volunteer at festival hall and enjoyed it very much. The concert was excellent and it turned out to be a nice evening. I felt guilty all I did was take ticket stubs and then mingled at intermission with other volunteers and for my little help I enjoyed their concert. James Dick is awesome and a very nice gentlemen. He is very appreciative of all that volunteer at his Festival Hall and it so beautiful both inside and around the grounds. One of the volunteers told me that the hall can sit over a thousand people which is fantastic having something like this in a little country town in the middle of nowhere. If your ever in Round Top during the summer you have to stop and enjoy listening to their concerts. One reason I have not been on here it seems when I get depressed I spend too much time dwelling on my problems. I have a home in town that I had to move out of when my husband left and I need so badly to sell it but this is not a good time to put your home for sale. It is a good time to buy but not to sale. Anyway my children have been helping me with it since the last renters were ask to leave because they were not taking care of my home but they have spent way too much of their savings so now I am on my own so what a challenge for me trying to figure out how to not loose it if I don't get someone else to rent it. Plus now I have to worry about paying my children back. But a bit of good luck did come my way yesterday. The foreman of the ranch I live on or maintenance man gave his two week notice so my landlady called me and asked me to start looking for a replacement and I told her I would be glad to do that and then a few hours later while I was on the tractor mowing I got a phone call her from her and ended up taking the job myself. I figured as much as I help out around here I might as well take the job and see if I can do it on my days off. Being in law enforcement we work 12 hour shifts which gives me quite a few days off so now I have a way to earn some extra money plus alony with paying me she told me not to pay rent. So wish me luck because a woman my age trying to keep up with this place plus a full time job needs all the luck and prayers she can get.