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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dan Is Tweaking Me!

Bet that got your attention!  Tweaking sounds like your getting all your joints oiled or something but I looked it up in the dictionary and no it has nothing to do with oil.  If it weren't for bad luck I would not have any luck at all. lol

In all honesty Dan is not tweaking me ....he is tweaking my kitchen! If you remember Dan is the famous blogger fromYesterday Once More whose home was highlighted and written about in the wonderful Country Sampler Magazine.

Now a few post back I mentioned that Dan sure needed to tweak my kitchen because as you know when this ole country house was built they had kitchen in other buildings. My guess is this was the mud room at the back door and when they updated it this is where they put the kitchen. I have no drawers and one cabinet under the sink and one under the stairway. Very small counter space.

I sent him a lot of pictures of my kitchen to see what he can come up with. He promised to not overwhelm me. Since I am still recovering there is no hurry for him to do his tweaking but since he is so gifted as you will see when you visit his blog that I can't help but be excited.

Here are some of the pictures I sent Dan.

These two pictures are one side of the kitchen!

This is a picture of walking into the kitchen and seeing the other side of the kitchen opposite the two pictures up above. See the little stair way leading to the top floor.

On this wall it is just this stairway, a small closet underneath and then the refrig. No counter space so the microwave sits on top of the refrig. A small window on the end wall where you really can't put anything on the floor because of opening the frig.

Hated to show this. It is the space underneath my counter. Dan I love this wooden bowl what can you do with it.
Slept all day after my therapy and got up almost at the time for night time bedtime. So my two pain pills are kicking in and I am off to bed again.
Be sure and stop by Dans site and enjoy him as much as I have. I miss all of you!
Love to all

Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Monday!

As you can see by the picture that I  think I am on the road to recovery.  Still taking it slow and lots of bed rest but I am getting there!

Well maybe I don't feel and look this good but I do feel well enough to share a joke someone sent me this morning.  Also  I am excited about an upcoming post that I ask permission from one of our friends if I could do it and he agreed so if  I feel good after therapy I will work on it. A hint it has to do with Dan over at Yesterday Once More!

Now the Joke!


ZIPLOC BAGS - male, because they hold everything in, but you can always see right through them.

SHOE - male, because it is usually unpolished, with its tongue hanging out.

COPIER - female, because once turned off, it takes a while to warm up.

TIRE - male, because it goes bald and often is over inflated.

HOT AIR BALLOON - male, because to get it to go anywhere you have to light a fire under it and, of course, there's the hot air part.

SPONGES - female, because they are soft and squeezable and retain water.

SUBWAY - male, because it uses the same old lines to pick people up.

HOURGLASS - female, because over time, the weight shifts to the bottom.

HAMMER - male, because it hasn't evolved much over the last 5,000 years, but it's handy to have around.

REMOTE CONTROL - female .. Ha! You thought I'd say male. But consider this: it gives men pleasure, he'd be lost without it, and while he doesn't always know the right buttons to push, he keeps trying.

Love to all

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Wedding Blog Party!

Hi everyone! Today I am celebrating with Stephanie at Angelic Accents. It is her Wedding Anniversary and she has ask everyone to do a blog about weddings today. Hope you enjoy a stroll back in time and have fun looking at my pictures.
I don't know about him but it was love at first site for me!

Now who would of thought showing the love of my life my petticoat that it would lead to my Daddy walking me down the isle! I never noticed until I did this post how sad or serious my Daddy looked in this picture.

Our wedding party! Notice the best man his name is Babe and believe me ladies when I say he always lived up to that name! Ran into him about three months ago kissed him on the cheek and whispered you were always the best man....he has not aged a bit and as handsome as ever. Of course, his wife thinks so too!
The handsome couple on the left is my brother Billy and his wife Linda. Next to Linda is her sister Bonnie. Then beside me my Maid of Honor is Ruby who just happens to be Linda and Bonnie's sister too. I grew up with them and we now have Girlie weekends whenever our schedules allow.

Look how happy I am thinking about the honeymoon I guess.

I loved my wedding cake and of course it had pink roses to match my wedding bouquet! Aren't we just the cutest couple!

Leaving for our honeymoon!

A little dancing on our honeymoon!

Back home in Texas! I was always a sucker for a man wearing a Stetson and cowboy boots!

THANKS for sharing my DREAM wedding with me!

Thanks Stephanie for asking me to join in your party and I hope your having the best Anniversary ever!
Also thanks to Christi for helping me with this when she was here last weekend. It's great to use the Post Options button where you can do post ahead of time and show them later.
My physical pool therapy starts soon. If only I did not have to but on a bathing suit!

Can't wait to see all the other sites that participated in this today.

Love to all


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Quote that reminds me of You!

Another beautiful picture painted by my lovely friend Mary Ellen Shipnes!
Her art makes me happy so I wanted to share it with you!

It is two in the morning and the pain woke me even though I had taken my nightly pain meds and was even lying flat on my back like the doctor ordered. I tried to convince Tinkerbell to go to the kitchen and get me a Diet Dr. Pepper and some crackers so I could take another pill…she rolled her big fat self over and looked at me like ….yeah right!! I thought out loud where she could here me while getting the stuff myself, “Well just wait till in the morning when you are slapping me awake for your food. I’ll roll my equally fat body over and look at you funny too.”

Anyway I propped a zillion pillows behind my back and thought I should catch up with all of you till the pain pill kicks in then sweet dreams or should I say nightmares because that’s what those pills give me.

As most of you know this fool that writes this blog fell at work and broke two of her vertebrae’s in her back and if that were not enough got a concussion to go with it. My partner that found me thank God had the sense not to move me and called 911 which was in the next office over and they got the EMT’S there fast and took me to the emergency room. They only did a CAT scan of my head because of the goose egg knot on it and then they released me saying take a few days off. Well because of the Doctor not doing his job in the ER and examining me other than my head I might not be still lying here in such pain. I literally had to beg their Workwoman’s Comp doctor to do a MRI on my back, neck and brain because the pain was unbearable. It took them three weeks to do this and for three weeks I did not know I had two broken vertebrae’s. Now it’s like I can’t get well! I truly believe if they had did something from the beginning instead of sending me home I might have had a chance of recovering a lot sooner and a lot less pain.

I guess because the walls are caving in on me and I am going stir crazy that I wrote this. But I also wrote it to let you know that anytime you get hurt from a fall especially one as bad as this one. Don’t let them send you out the door with an ice pack and aspirins. Demand they do some test and save yourself months of pain.

Also please don’t climb on anything even a latter unless there is someone there to hold it for you. Take it from one who knows it could be the last time you ever climb on anything.

My Sheriff and others there at work have been really great and supportive to me but I feel guilty leaving them short handed and not healing faster. Also I can’t work here on the ranch for Barbara and that makes me feel bad. I truly believe those three weeks of no help has caused me a lot of undue hurt and misery.

Enough on that subject. What I really wanted to say to you tonight is the quote that I think of often when I think of you. I feel it was written for me. Read it and hang it over your computer and when you are as fortunate as I am with the friends I have met on here then I will know you will say OMG how true this is and then you will say it was written for me.

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive”…anais Nin

Thank you for being my friend and getting me through these past two months.

Sweet Dreams


Monday, June 21, 2010

Bugs At The Alamo!

Mosquito Sign Pictures, Images and Photos

A Texas mosquito can suck a turkey flat footed. Yep it is true my friends. If you don’t believe me just come on down for a visit. I have known this fact since I was a little girl growing up on the Texas Gulf Coast. Wouldn’t that make for a good tourist ad for Texas you know the ones that say, Ya’ll Come to Texas for your summer vacation?

Now don’t get your spurs out and come looking for me. I love the Longhorn State and was born and raised on the Gulf Coast. Most people have heard the ole saying everything is bigger in Texas well their talking about Mosquitoes. One time my daddy had gone to bed before all us and we heard him holler to my mother. Hurry Chris bring a bat I have one cornered. Yep he was talking about a Texas Mosquitoes.

The reason for my Texas history lesson tonight is I have been trying to increase my walking a little bit everyday because if this ole woman ever wants to get back on her tractors again or wrestle with a few inmates she has got to get her strength back.
Christi came again to take me to a few appointments and then yesterday we walked over to the guest house which is where I try to walk to and back. Well coming back instead of staying on the dirt road I cheated and cut across the grass because I wanted to get back faster and flop my big butt down. Well so much for cheating. Since I went through the grass and she did not I was the one attached by the Texas Mosquitoes. Even my strongest pain pills don’t help their bites. Hahaha Itch my gosh you would think I have bed bugs. I told my grandson Bailey on the phone tonight something about bed bugs and of course he had no idea what I was talking about and actually I did not either. But he said,” Well Grandmayellowhair how many times have I told you that house is just to old for you and Tinkerbell. It was built before the Alamo and you know they had bugs at the Alamo. "

I of course agreed with the little guy and said, “Baby grandma is so proud of you learning about the bugs that were at the Alamo.” He also mentioned that he was going swimming a lot since school was out and he was getting really brown. Goofy grandmayellowhair said, “Well how will I know you when I see you if your getting so brown?” and he said. “Silly grandma just look for the six year old boy!”

You can tell by this post I am still doing the pain pills. I have jumped from Mosquitoes to a brown grandson. Hahahaha

Just had to check in with you tonight because mainly I miss you! Really and truly I miss all of you! It is just not the same not being able to be on here and laugh with you! Your comments are the best and do crack me up.
Christi being here saved the weekend for me because I am starting to feel like Jack Nickleson in One Flew Over the Cuakoo Nest….stir crazy is starting to set in again. I am so ready to be up and around so I can go buy a can of OFF!

Once again Thank You for all your prayers. They are working and I am getting better.

I hope all of you are doing good and I will catch up with all of you soon.

Sweet Dreams


Monday, June 14, 2010

The French Bear Blogazine Story!

Hey everyone! I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend. I got through mine by laughing my dooper off reading your comments. You sugars are just too dang funny. Susan from Art of Mine called to check on me last night and she was reading some of them to me and we both were cracking up.

I truly believe laughter is the best medicine for anything. If I had not laughed my way through my breast cancer I would not be here today laughing at your comments. God blessed you with a great sense of humor and blessed me for getting to read them. lol

Suppose to start physical therapy this week and I told Alan the other night (you know the friend of mine that thinks he is funny) I said Can you see me in a bathing suit and the stupid man replied ," I/m trying not to experience that vision!"

This morning I have another Maggie at The French Bear to tell you her story Isn't this the cutest bear.

The French Bear.......hard working wife,mother, and grandmother by day and teddy bear, bunny and doll making the rest of the time. I have been sewing and creating for most of my life. I love to learn new forms of art and to meet and be inspired by other friends who create and stitch. I am married to the “Dutchman” and I love to share photos of my beautiful grandchildren, I have been known to take hundreds of them......

Someday I hope to be able to teach them to sew and create.

My love of hand work and art came from my Mom, Emilia who always taught me to reach for the stars and to create from the heart. For most of my life my sister Karyn was my inspiration, she was a very talented and gifted artist. When I lost both of them, I lost all my desire to be creative.....until I stumbled into the world of blogging.

I haven’t looked back since then, there are so many beautiful and talented artists in this vast community of bloggers. Each one has touched me in some way and I hope to always give back to those who have shown me such kindness and faith.

When I met Maggie, I immediately felt a sisterly bond....not sure if it was partly her and partly Ms. Pearl.....that woman cracks me up!

Thank you Maggie for being a great friend and fellow blogger.

Margaret B “the other Maggie”
Thank you honey for sharing your lovely story with us. Just keep creating don't stop like I did when the fool left. I was writing a book had 25 chapters written and loved doing it. After he left I wrote one chapter and I slit someone throat in it. lol....Did decide to start back on it after getting to know all of you I think I am going to name the book  Here Lay's A Fool.
I miss my Tempation Mondays so I may start those up again. So if you want anything to share with others on Temptation Mondays send  it to me.
Remember everyone has a story to tell so be like the other Maggie and send me yours.
Love to all
PS:  Last night trying to go to sleep I decided you will have to help me give my roommate a name. I can not see me calling her Hey You!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Scary Things Happening at the Ole Farm House!

Hello all my dear sweet friends! It is still lala land over here at the North Forty. Up all last night in pain so I took a double dose tonight to see if maybe I could get some rest even though a double dose means Steven King dreams. The dreams or nightmares I have been having on these pain pills is worth at least one long post. Lol
Remember I promised to tell you about some of my experiences in bed while counting the slats on my ceiling. For you that are just here for the moment I should explain that I suffered a tremendous fall at work and on the way down from about 5 feet I hit the back of my head on a shelf built with two by fours and then somehow landed face down on the concrete floor. Turns out along with a concussion I have broke two vertebras. This was six weeks ago and it feels like it happened yesterday. Yes, I am a big cry baby…pain and I don’t mix very well especially longer than a day.

I feel after this post my list of followers will drop to may two but here goes my story. Actually in my defense you all knew I was somewhat crazy when you started following me so that being said think before you delete. Hahahaha

This ole farm house I live in is well over a hundred years old. Haunted I will leave that up to you to decide. The night I moved in two of my crazy friends decided they wanted to spend the night with me because they thought it would be fun to have a sleep over the first night in this ole house.

Alan and Shirley are a lot of laughs and they were a big help setting up my beds so we could all have a place to sleep. Turns out sometime during the night Shirley comes bursting into my room jumps in bed with me telling me she kept hearing noises. Not long after she joined me here comes Alan abut 3 in the morning telling Shirley to scoot over he was sleeping with us. I protested until they both insisted they heard something upstairs moving around.

I thought Jeezzzzzzzz Marie this is dumb I going to sleep where Shirley was and so I moved to that room. Well you guessed it thirty minutes later or less I was in bed with those two crazies.

This was where I had to live so I told myself it was nothing and forgot about it. Then one day Tinkerbell and I are upstairs and I am ironing my uniform for work. Out of the blue Tinkerbell’s hair stands up on her back and she breaks her neck running out of the room and down the stairs. Yep I was right behind her. She was sitting at the bottom of the stairs just staring up at me and I went down to her. Never could coax her back upstairs but I waited a while then finished my ironing.

On another occasion after this I think it was all my children were here spending the night. My son Clint and his wife Andrea were in one bedroom, me and my grandbabies in my room and Chad and Christi in the living room. Christi slept on the couch and Chad on a blow up bed in the living room floor. Even with beds upstairs they chose to do this. The next morning I got up and Andrea is in bed with Chad. I laughed and ask her what the heck and she said she saw an old woman in the room with her and Clint. I told her it was probably me getting up during the night checking the heat and she insist it was not me.

Well don’t fall out of your chairs laughing but more than once I have felt the bed moving like it does when Tinkerbell has jumped up on it and walks over to cuddle up beside me. Several times or maybe half dozen times I look and there is no Tinkerbell anywhere around. Yet I still can feel the moving. First time it happened I could not get out of the bed fast enough.

What does this have to do with my experiences while laid up 24/7 for the last 6 weeks? Well I just wanted to share these experiences with you so you would not think I am way over taking the pain pills.

Ok one Neurosurgeon told me to lay flat on my back for four weeks no pillow just flat. Another one told me it probably would not hurt if I lay on my side now and then. Good golly Ms Molly who do you agree with. So for weeks I did the flat thing wanting so badly to get well. One evening my brother Billy and his wife Linda came by to bring me some groceries and I was telling them about how I missed sleeping on my side and they said well to try it and see if it hurts me. So that night after they left I took my pills and was laying flat and could not sleep so I rolled over on my side. I know your not going to believe this but I was just getting comfy and all of sudden I was pushed really hard on my back. I know your thinking crazy. Well just think what I thought when it happened. Also it was not a gentle push. I am laying there trying to figure out what just happened and in a few minutes I roll over to my other side and it happened again. Then I feel the mattress move just like Tinkerbell jumped up on it and then the movements toward me. The thing about that was Tinkerbell was already in bed and not moving toward me. It took me less than a minute to get the heck out of that room but I have to tell you Tinkerbell beat me to the door.
Ghost Pictures, Images and Photos

I know your thinking I am drugged up but sugar I have gone over and over this in my head and I know that it happened before I fell a sleep and I did not do it so you tell me do I have someone else living with me besides Tinkerbell?

My dad’s sister use to tell me ghost stories of their old country home when they were kids and my dad would get mad at her for telling us the stories. I myself never really believed her stories but boy could she tell some good ones. Now I find myself telling one almost as good as hers.

Well hope I have not scared you off from my site because I love each and every one of you.

Sweet Dreams


I Got Your Scary Pictures, Images and Photos

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thinking of You!

Hey everyone have missed being on here. Still doing my best to mind the doctors and Christi. It seems to be Easier to mind the doctors. lol  If I could only sleep like this little guy I would get well sooner.

Been blessed with a good day every now and then but then the pain takes back over and its like in the beginning when I first hurt myself. To say I going stir crazy is an understatement. Not sure how much longer I can do this....starting to go a little nuts.
 Hope all of you are doing good. Miss visiting your sites. Hopefully will catch up soon.

A very nice CSN representative contacted me about doing a review for them since I had did a giveaway of Paula Deen pans not too long ago. It is strange they wrote me because just a few days before my land lady Barbara and I were emailing back and forth about purchasing a new vanity for her guest house. She does a lot of on line buying since she travels extensively and I mentioned CSN to her and how many nice reviews I have read about their merchandise. Saturday she called me to thank her for sending her their website.

So in the future I hope to be able to do a review about one of their many products. Also when I am on my feet again for longer than ten minutes at a time  I will be doing another giveaway.

Today I wanted to show you a few gifts I received as get well wishes. Once again I can not thank you enough for all the get well wishes and prayers.

Susan from Art Of Mine sent me this beautiful Bracelet. Isn't it the sweetest and dainty bracelet.  I love wearing it and thinking about Susan. She is one of the reasons blogging is delightful.

Donna from Brynwood Needleworks made this gorgeous heart that you would not believe the detailed work involved in this heart. Everyone that has been lucky enough to visit Donna's site knows how incredibly talented and gracious she is.

Lisa Davis from The Davis Dialogues made me these wonderful tags. It is something how gifted so many ladies are in blogland and I have found Lisa to be one of them too. She always makes you feel welcome on her site.

LuLu Kellogg fromCoastal Sisters made me a one of a kind necklace that she designed just for me. It is like no other piece of jewelry I have ever own. Just beautiful like all of her unique jewelry she creates. LuLu has also been very sick and I hope by now she is back creating and doing her blog.

I  love all of these gifts and  I also appreciate more than I can say all the cards, comment and emails. You are the greatest and I love all of you.

A friend of mine wrote me an email the other day and he told me my days of working in the circus were probably over with since my fall. He said there wasn't much use anymore for short ole ladies doing somersault's off  shetland ponies any more. He's one of those guys who thinks hes funny!

Now that I have been lying in bed I get more phone calls than normal so of course I went over my usage so my kids talked me into getting a new plan with texting and internet. So now I have to figure out how to do all of that. I did manage to pull up a couple of your blogs but I could not figure out how to leave you a comment. Can you leave comments on someones blog from a phone. lol

Oh I did find out and will do a post about it later but since I have been locked in this house 24/7 I did find out that Tinkerbell and I have someone else living with us that I can't see but she might...hahaha...thats the stories I wanted to tell you about what has happened to me in bed a couple of times....tooo crazy

Love to all

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gina at Cat Nap Inn Primitives Blogazine Story!

Hello Everyone!! Maggie has asked me for quite sometime to share my story and I kept telling her I didn’t know what to write or that it would be boring…so she twisted my arm again and I am going to give this a shot..I hope I don’t put too many of you asleep..J

I was born and raised in West Valley City Utah, with 2 brothers and 2 sisters, I am the Jan Brady of Sisters..I was a kid born in the 60’s (and wish I remembered it better)..sometimes I feel like I should have been born in the 40’s or a hundred years earlier..I am the only one in my family that loves the primitive/country antique look..I love to decorate and tweek as they say.;) my mom used to change around the living room on a monthly basis and it was always my most favorite room in the house..I suppose some of that rubbed off on me..J

I went to beauty college and had a wonderful time and loved the experience..but met and married my hubby in 85 and traveled all over the world with the Navy..we lived in Naples Italy for 3 years and traveled to Scotland, Ireland (my Fav), Germany, and London, I lived in Orlando Florida for a month, Groten Conneticut for 3 months and then we moved to our current place of residence in Washington State. Been here for 24 years and love it here..We have 7 cats and one dog and we love them dearly..I love to Garden and see all the pretty things growing..

I started sewing as a kid but wasn’t really that into and hated home Ec in school..but a friend taught me how to make one of those fluffy bunnys(80’s) and I was hooked..I have been sewing regularly now for about 24 years and about 2-1/2 years ago discovered machine embroidery!! I am hooked!! I love to incorporate it into my primitive sewing and doll making…I just opened an etsy site and I am having a wonderful time..I have also done ebay when it first opened..I have met so many wonderful folks through blogging and its been 2 years since I started this wonderful journey and I love all the creativity and goodness of all of you out there..I do swaps and oh the treasures I have been given..I love to give to others..but it is always nice to receive as stop by my blog and say hi..  and you can see my items for sale here:

Thank you Maggie for letting me share a little piece of me…Hey are you all still awake?
Yes Gina we are still awake and thank you for doing your story. I always appreciate it when someone does this for me. So if any of you have a story to tell please email it to me or I may have to twist your arm as Gina says I did to her. Margaret from French Bear has sent me hers and you will enjoy reading her story.
Even if you have already told a story your still welcome to tell another one. These stories can be about anything not just about yourselves even though we all love to read about our fellow friends out here. So send your story to
Tinkerbell slapped me awake about 5am this morning to be fed and I could not believe it but I actually got out of bed without moaning and groaning. I actually found myself humming a tune while I poured her breakfast in her bowl. Usually I am fussing because waking up was just a reminder of the day ahead of me in my pain. So hopefully after all your prayers I may be on the road to recovery. I am back to bed now don't want to push it too soon.
Thanks again for all your get well wishes they have gotten me through this period and when I am better I will share some of my crazy experiences in bed. hahahaha
Love to all

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Winner!

Hi everyone sorry it has taken me half the day to announce the winner but it has not been a good day as for as my pain. So I talked a sweet friend into coming by and doing this post for me.

Yep still laid up counting the slats but the doc's insist this will not be forever! Meanwhile I continue to follow their orders and gripe now and then!

I chose the 31st of May to end this contest because it was one of my dearest friends birthday. Barbara and I always celebrated our Birthdays together before I lost her to cancer several years back. We were the same age but since mine fell on the 13th of course I was always the oldest. Then if I closed it on the 31st at midnight I could announce it on my Dad's birthday today. So every year of my blogging I guess I will have to do this to celebrate them and the short time I had with both of them.

Ok now for the winner! I hope Debby of Cozy Blanket  enjoys the Birthday gifts. Congrats Debby and if you send me your address honey I will get someone to package this up and get it to you. My sweet friend Sherry did the Random Generator for me and it was 79 entries and Debby your number came up.

This gift package was little things I collected out at Warrenton. It includes a silver cross, two glass candle holders, a vintage compact, two crossed stitch dollies, two crocheted dollies, a doll head (that I love) that matches a small jewelry box, small two heart old picture frame and of course the Evening in Paris in its original box from 1948 or before.

When this pain is gone and I am released from the all the doctors, I have another giveaway to celebrate my recovery.

Once again thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the get well wishes and prayers. The only thing I hate about giveaways is there is only one winner...oh how I wish I could send you all something.

Dan is having a awesome and I mean awesome giveaway so be sure and stop by and enter his but I have to warn you this one was meant for Maggie! lol

Love to all