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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Awesome Pillows/Big News!

 Hi everyone! How are you tonight? As you can see by the Christmas pictures here that I am behind in doing posts.  For weeks now I have wanted to share with you these lovely pillows I got from Dan over at Yesterday Once More. Most of you know and love Dan as I do and if not you need to check out his wonderful Blog. Just click on his site name to visit Dan but not until you have finished reading my post. lol

Dan is so gifted and you will love seeing his beautiful pieces he and his partner Jeff make and sell on his site.

I fell in love with these little pillows and had to have them. Dan's pieces are high quality and just lovely. You would think he has been doing needlework for years when you see his work.

I had mentioned in my last post that Chad and Christi were coming for a visit Saturday and they did make it down for the day. I always enjoy being around my kids and the day was prefect just being with them. Awesome to spend the day with them and looking forward to the next visit.

Their visit was interrupted though by a surprise offer from my landlady/boss. Barbara owns property in a lot of places and has made the state of  Nevada her main home since I have known her. A few years ago she bought a gorgeous three story Victorian home in Georgetown, Texas which is about 90 miles from where I live.

She purchased it knowing that one day she would sell the Nevada business and move to Texas. Her niece and nephew have been taking care of the house and land in Georgetown like I take care of this place. Well they are going back to Delaware in June which is the month Barbara is planning on moving to Texas.

To make a long story short they have ask me to move to Georgetown and take care of this property and live in the guest house. What a decision because you know how much I love living out here. The work out here is getting to be real hard on this ole body but living here is truly a Blessing.

I ask them if I could get back with them after thinking about it for a few weeks but they don't put anything off like I tend to do and wanted an answer. They sent me the sweetest email and explained to me that they understood my hesitation and ask if I would do it on a trial basis and that they would save my home here for six months or longer and if for any reason I was not happy in Georgetown I could return here with no questions asked,

The exciting thing about this move is I would live in a 20 mile radius of my children and grandchildren. For years I have tried to figure out how I could live near them and God has opened up this door and I have to give it a try. So sometime between now and June I will be making the move.

Wish I had pictures to show you of the place in Georgetown but as soon as I can get there for the day I will take some to share with you. The Victorian home is painted the same color as the pink house out here. Also the guest house and her huge party house she built are all painted pink with green accents. Hard to describe but even if you don't like pink you will smile when you see the way these houses look.

It is five acres of land to take care of verses the 52 I am taking care of now. The five acres are manicured like you would not believe so it is very intimidating to me thinking they will expect me to keep these grounds like they are now.

I will have the country club to have meals at whenever I don't feel like cooking and there is a pool, tennis court and gym at the club too. I am sure I will enjoy a meal now and then but never was I good at tennis. lol

Lot's of pros and cons but I how will I know if this is what I need to do at this time in my life unless I give it a try. The little guest house is half the size of the ole farm house I live in so that will be an adjustment too but I am tired of trying to keep this big house clean but I really love my antiques and most of them won't fit in the guest house and the main house is full of gorgeous pieces from Europe so I know I can't put any there.

Just had to share with you what is going on now in my life.

A big storm is blowing in right now with high winds and rain. Since it is lightening I am getting off here.

Take care and be good to yourself. Drop by Dan's and check out his great site.

Love to all

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Peyton Place!

Most of you are too young to remember this night time soap Peyton Place. It was an instant hit; especially in the early years, when it had a loyal following from fans around the world  Originally, it was aired twice a week, but because of its success, it was increased to three times a week.
It was the first night time soap opera and aired in 1964 and actually ran into 1969.

I can remember all of my friends gathering at each other houses to watch this show. It was watched by not only my girlfriends but our brothers and their friends. lol

We were of course in love with Rodney Harrington played by Ryan O'Neil.
He had his share of girl troubles! Barbara Parkins who played Betty was the wild girl in Peyton place and then there was Mia Farrow who as Allison was the shy lonely girl. Both out to capture Rodney's heart. Then of course don't forget about the love affair of Constance and Dr. Rossi. Steamy for 1964. haha

In recent years I have thought of this show and learned that on Amazon you can find anything your heart desires so I bought the first season of Peyton Place and I was like a kid again when it arrived through UPS. lol

I was lucky that it was delivered the week that was so cold and rainy because I did not feel guilty curled up all cozy on the sofa watching this like a kid again.

Of course 1964 was a long time ago and I had forgotten what happened from one episode to the next so it was almost as fun watching it the second time around. Not quite but close.

As strict as my Mother was with me I still am surprised that she allowed us to watch it. Funny I can still see us gathered around the little black and white waiting to see what Rodney, Betty and Allison were going to do next.

I read tonight that Mia Farrow who played Allison was married to Frank Sinatra at the time and from the very beginning of this show she tried to break her contract because Frank did not like her being on the show. Strange if I knew this info I had forgotten it. I do remember her marrying Frank but I thought it was when she was a little older. Boy what an age difference with her and Frank Sinatra.

One reason I wanted to buy this CD is I knew that Peyton Place was suppose to have been filmed on the East Coast. You know my love for New England! I just did not realize that even as far back as a teenager I loved the New England Coast.

Last week I did a post about the documentary Grey Gardens. Then yesterday I received a package from UPS and I knew I had not ordered anything but it was addressed to me so I opened it. Well it was the movie Grey Gardens starring Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lang. This movie was based on the documentary I had watched and my son Chad thought I would like this movie so he ordered it for me.

I have to tell you these two actresses looked, talked and acted just like the two women in the documentary. I just told my son Chad that it blew my mind how well they preformed in their parts.

I was not sure at first I wanted to see the movie because the documentary haunted me of how these two women lived. I found it very sad and when I wrote about it on the previous post someone thought I was being ugly toward them. In all honesty I truly felt nothing but pity for these two and I never meant to come off in my writing any other way. 

It does scare me though knowing that you can go from having it all to living like these two ended up living. I do know though after watching the movie and seeing the documentary there were a lot of mental issues that were never dealt with which caused them to end up this way. Please know that I would never ever intentionally write something cruel about some one other than the idiot. (my ex) 

My son Chad told me Sunday that he and his sister Christi are coming to see me Saturday. I tell you when I hear I am going to get to spend any time with my kids I get excited. It seems I live to see my babies. No matter how old your children are their always your Babies. So come on Saturday.

Clint my other son and family are still dealing with sickness. They have been taking turns being sick since Christmas and are really having some rough days. Over the weekend Bailey came down with the Flu and sweeties I can not begin to tell you how worried this ole Grandma Yellow Hair has been all week about her sweet little Bailey. He is doing better today so thank God our prayers are working. God is so Good!

I am though praying that no one else gets the flu. Especially Kaci or Chad since their diabetics. How about you and your sweet families. Are you staying well and I pray not dealing with the Flu bug. Let me know how you are?

It was actually in the 70's today. I woke up with a terrific headache but thank goodness it went away long enough for me to work a little while in the yard. These big old Oak trees out here around the ole farm house are constantly leaving me limbs to pick up and boy are the leaves falling. Most of you are dealing with snow and I am raking leaves. While watering the potted plants that have survived the freezes we have had I was surprised at how hardy they still looked. I did loose quite a few but am happy that some have managed to hang on but of course there still is the month of February to go yet.

The picket fences need painting and I keep wanting to maybe try and paint them but we have had too many rainy days to start them.

OH by the way how in the world did my music start playing on here again. What a surprise when I heard my favorites being blarred out loud and clear. So you may have to adjust your volumn for visiting me. I know it's probably better without the music but I do know it can be a pain too so sorry if it bothers you.

Well sweet friends I need to see about calling it a night. Please let me know how you are and I do hope I can swing by your lovely sites and say Howdy to you.

Stay warm!

Sweet Dreams

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Grey Gardens!

Goodness it has been over a week since I last wrote you! In the New Year I had thought that my blogging would get back to a regular routine but not off to a good start as you can see.

You have been in my thoughts though these cold rainy days. In my part of Texas the sun has been hiding so well that at times I thought maybe I had surely moved up North and I had failed to remember the move.

My hat goes off to you up North where the snow is a daily occurrence and freezing temps never let up. As much as I love love Maine I guess God knew something when he had me delivered to this part of the country.

 NO! This is not me hidden upstairs waiting on the Sun to shine. It could be though and that is what has me scared! My son Chad ask me if I had ever seen the documentary Grey Gardens. I did not know anything about it so he filled me in and then we watched this together and it is one of those things that after you watch it you can not erase it from your brain no matter how hard you try.

It is a film released in 1975 about Jackie Kennedy's aunt and  first cousin, Big Edie and Little Edie Beale. The film is entirely of footage shot of these two women at the Beale estate in East Hampton.

 The film captures their eccentricity in manner, dress, squalor. It traces back during the interviews the history of Edith Bouvier Beale and her marriage, her divorce, her feeling abandoned. It also focuses on Little Edie and her ambitions to be a singer, the treatment by her father, her living a reclusive life with her mother. 

The film is a shocking  look at a wealthy American family and its downfall. It shows how they went from being very wealthy to  their reclusive life in decay.

I myself keep asking how does something like this happen to people. Especially if your neice was Jackie Kennedy.

Big Edie loved cats and housed up to fifty cats even though they had no running water and at times no electricity. All the bathroom facilities were broken, along with the sinks in the kitchen. Huge piles of trash scattered in every room but the worse thing of them living there was the cat feces on everything. I noticed in the film that it was even on their beds.

Raccoons chewed giant holes in their ceilings and it shows the younger Beale"Little Edie" feeding the animals bread in the upstairs area. Yet they barely had food for themselves.

The mansion was eventually condemned by East Hampton public officials and Jackie Kennedy stepped in to have the plumbing, roof and heating fixed where these two relatives of hers could continue to live.

One of the men in charge of fixing the home said it was the worse thing he had ever seen in his life. The stink from the home was beyond words.

You must google the Grey Gardens of 1975 and see pictures of just how horrible these two lived. I can't imagine that relatives did not step in and get these women the obvious therapy they needed to help them.

It was not until after Big Edie died that her daughter finally sold this place for $225,000.00 and she moved to Florida to make I hope a better life for herself.

The reason I shared this with you is after watching it I can't stop thinking of this film. Sad but scary too. The daughter calls her Mother in this film Mother Darling and since then Chad has been calling me that. haha I have been signing my emails to him Mother Darling. 
It has made me think I need to get out more and stop living like the hermit I seem to be turning into. lol

Especially when now I have up to three cats and letting two of them hide out from the cold inside my bathroom. The other morning I looked in the mirror and I swear I saw Big Edie looking back at me.

Love to all

Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year/New Toys!

How are you tonight? My sweet DL Andrea has been good about keeping me informed on my son and grand babies getting over being so sick. They ended up with also having Strep Throat. I text Kaci the other night and told her how sorry I was that their Christmas Vacation was ruined because of them being miserably sick.

Do you know that sweet girl text me back and said Oh No Grandma Yellow Hair I have had a wonderful Christmas vacation. I have to tell you that text brought tears to my eyes because I know how sick she has
been the whole holiday. What a Blessing she is to me! Look how old I am and how I complain about this and that but this little young lady has had diabetes since she was seven and she never ever sees her cup half empty. It's always full and so once again I am in awe of my Kaci.

I have been sick with my stomach all week and I have to admit a little stir crazy from all the cold damp rainy weather. Should not complain because its not SNOW and its not Sleet. lol See already complaining!

My boss surprised me with a Christmas Bonus so since I received it after Christmas was over I bought me a new toy. My contract was up with Sprint so they were offering a good deal on the IPhone 5 for a upgrade. I checked around and Best Buy had them even cheaper so since the sun was finally out today I swallowed quite a few Imodium for my stomach problem and went to College Station to the nearest Best Buy.

Have to admit it was fun spending money on something fun for a change. I got the off white one but with the pink cover you really can't see how pretty my new toy is. lol

While at Best Buy I remembered a cable I have been wanting to buy that connects my lap top to my new flat screen the kids got me for Christmas. Could not believe that all I had to do was plug in the cable to my computer then the TV and there was my screen from my computer on my TV. Wow I think I am going to enjoy this but the cable I got was 6ft for twenty dollars. The longer cable which I think was 12 ft was sixty dollars so of course I chose the 6ft. Not long enough to sit comfy in my chase and play on the TV unless I rearrange this room which I planned on doing tomorrow when I finish taking down my tree. Yep my tree is still up. Naked but up! That does not sound nice.

Just wanted to share my toys with you and to check in to see how you are doing? Marydon over at Blushing Rose has been under a lot of stress worrying about her hubby but his test turned out good. Prayers do work. God is so Good!

Our sweet friend Libbie at The Middlest Sister Blog had a precious baby Boy on December 12, 2012. He is just too darling. The pictures she posted of him are adorable. Please go by and welcome little Kit to our family here in Blog Land.

Well it's getting late and I need to visit you and then head for bed.

Have a gorgeous week but whatever you do be gentle on yourself.

Sweet Dreams


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Funny but True!

Not your ordinary New Year's Day post but for weeks now I have been wanting to share something with you.

You know how I am about my two outside cats worrying about them all the time. I did a post about trying to find a place outside that would protect them against the coyotes and freezing weather. Well I never could figure out a place so against my better judgement I have been letting them use the back hallway and bathroom on nights that are dangerously cold.

I close the door leading into the back bedroom and the other door that opens into the front of the house. Hard to explain this old farm house. But in this hallway there is a back door that leads outside. So it is easy to let them come in and out.

Their really tame cats and would make wonderful inside pets but I have Tinkerbell and I don't let her around them since she slaps anything she does not understand and I have a feeling they might slap back and they have claws and she does not.

Turns out that YEP they are literally using my bathroom.
My routine when they spend the night in the bathroom is to let them out the back door as soon as I can and then I clean their litter box out put it away in the storage room, vacuum and mop the floor. 
Wish you could of seen the look on my face the morning I discovered their little secret.

 I was going to clean the toilet when I saw that it was not empty and needed flushing. This puzzled me because I always flush after using the toilet and it was full of well you know what! I stood there just staring at it trying to figure out what the heck. Then a light bulb came on in my head I realized it was cat poop.
Honey those cats had used the toilet. Blew my freaking mind. I had no idea that cats do this but as you can see from the pictures I borrowed off the internet that they do use the toilet.

Problem is my two don't flush! Seriously I told my kids and they did not believe me. One reason I have not shared this with you because I wasn't sure you would either.

Since the morning I found out their secret they have used it every night but only to pee. hahaha

I am dying to capture them on video. Not sure how to go about that but I have browsed Amazon to see if I could find something cheap to buy and catch them on camera.

Who knows I might could send it in to America's Funnest Video. haha

Rang in the New Year reading Spirit Horses the book Patti from the New Sixty told us about. Been trying to figure out how to find it since I discovered I could not get it on my Nook. Then Patti reminded me I could download it from Amazon to my PC so that's what I did.  It is a good book and looking forward to reading it again tonight.

My grand babies and now their dad are still sick from when I was there Christmas. They found out today that Kaci also now has Strep Throat. Her and Bailey have been sick their whole Christmas vacation and now Clint caught it so Andrea is trying to take care of all of them. Poor babies they are so miserable. Wish I could help.

Just now got a phone call from my oldest brother Billy. He ask if I wanted them to fix me a plate of ham, peas and cabbage and bring it out to me. Heck Yeah! I never turn down his and Linda's cooking. Yummy so I have to go and at least comb my hair before they arrive.

Another year has come and gone! Boy do those 365 days pass fast. Already down the first day and can't say I accomplished much except telling you another crazy story about what goes on out here on the North Forty.

It's just cold and wet so I am staying mostly inside. My kids gave me a new toy for Christmas a flat screen TV so I have to admit I have watched a few movies this week. It sure is nice to have it.

My decorations are still up but will try and take them down tomorrow.

Thank you for being such a dear friend to me another year. You have no idea how much your friendship means to this ole grandmayellowhair. How you put up with me is beyond me but You are the best.

Sending you Blessings for the Best of Everything in this New Year. May God Bless You and Your Families and keep you safe in his loving arms.

Knowing you has made my life all the better. So as always I am sending Love to All