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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Blessings Sweet Friends!

Happy Easter to You my precious Friend. Oh what a Blessing you are to me!

 I am so Thankful that Jesus loved us so much that He laid down His life for us so that we could go to Heaven to be with him one day. While celebrating His Resurrection today I thought of all of you and gave thanks to Him for having you in my life.
 Springtime is here at the North Forty. The pretty birds are singing and my flowers are blooming.
I know most of you are still snowed under so these flowers are for you until your snow melts.

I am still cleaning up from the hail storm a few weeks back but am so grateful the damage was minimum.
As you can see from this picture there are still leaves from the storm. I have mowed, raked and mowed some more but their still here.

My pink geraniums survived the winter.

As well as the pink petunia's.

It was fun having Easter Lunch in my newly painted dining room. I finally finished painting the window trim and just hung up some old lace curtains. Usually during the holidays I cover my table with a beautiful crochet table cloth my Aunt made for me years ago but the yellow walls called for color. I was hoping Christi would like this look.

Can't tell you how stressed I was cooking for the first time for her boyfriend Paul and his two darling kids. I loved meeting Audrey and Bryan today. They were a delight to be around and I hope this will be the first of many more holidays I share with them.

After endless hours of stressing over what to fix Christi and I decided on a Ham, Baked Beans, Scalloped Potatoes, Salad and a delicious sweet potato dish. Of course I had to have macaroni and cheese for the kiddos. My favorite part was the rolls and the yummy chocolate cake. ha ha

I hate I never slowed down while they were here to take pictures of them. What kind of blogger am I?

Yesterday they spent the day with his Mother on her 2000 acre ranch between Houston and Dallas. Can you imagine that many acres! I told Christi to propose to him. hahahaha

I kept Christi's dog Toby for her while they were there and I have to share a quick funny story with you.

Toby woke me about 6:30 this morning to potty. I thought surely I was safe taking him outside in my PJ's at that hour of the morning. Well you guessed it here comes the Cowboy out on a early morning ride.
I truly panicked! Is that a Word.

Of course the cowboy has caught me crawling through the upstairs window in my PJ's and dancing in the living room with them on but OMGosh I was totally not ready for this time with nothing but open spaces and nothing to hide behind but a few trees.

I saw him to late and he was upon me before I could made a wild dash for the front porch. There were two big oak trees that had a small opening and I managed to get behind them. He of course, knew what I was doing and even though I was praying that he would not stop he did.

Have you ever wanted to dig a hole and crawl in it. Toby was anxious because of the horse and I was horrified to be standing behind a tree in pj's and no bra. Not to mention the no make up and wild morning hair do. haha

Actually he thankfully realized how shockingly embarrassed I was so he wished me a Happy Easter and rode off.

I honestly don't think I remember a word I said to him. I was so busy trying to keep my arms up over my breast area which now that is a lot of area to hide. Then knowing I had no make up on I saw ever blade of grass on the ground. All the while Toby was doing his best to pull me out from behind the tree.

Thank goodness I don't own a dog and Tinkerbell uses a litter box. I may never go outside again for weeks. haha

I may also start sleeping in a bra.

Hope you had a Beautiful Easter and that your all doing well.

So good to visit with you and I hope to catch up with you on your site soon.
As always
Love to All

Friday, March 22, 2013

What A Mess!

Humor me with my showing you pictures of our hail storm the other night. I say humor me because I know that this storm is nothing compared to the snow most of you have been dealing with for months now.

I did find out during this storm that this ole grandma can still run. About one in the morning Tinkerbell and I were woke by a roaring noise that sent both of us jumping from the bed and each running in seperate directions. 

Under my stairway in the living room there is a closet that I store Christmas decorations and my luggage. Every person usually has a plan in case of a bad storm to run and hide. In this ole farm house that is the only place I think might save me during a tornado.

I know that roaring noise and hail can mean a tornado might be developing and nothing scares me more than the thought of a tornado. I set a record running from the bedroom to the living room and then throwing out enough of my decorations to find a hole to sit in.

Tinkerbell and I were very lucky that it was just a very bad hail storm and
thank goodness that the hail did not destroy my car or the windows in the house. It did strip numerous trees of their leaves and branches. These pictures I am showing you are just of my front porch and back yard.

Clean up is still going on since there are 52 acres out here and lots of trees. I spent hours in my yard cleaning up the mess.  Then this afternoon  I mowed about three hours trying to mulch a lot of the leaves with the tractor.

It was a blessing that my landlady was not here that night because the poor thing would not have survived the storm. She is very frightened of storms and this one was very bad. The hail beating on the tin roof and the roaring noise that sounded like a train coming through was unnerving.  My brother laughed at me when I told him the house actually shook. It sure felt like it to me while sitting under the stair way. lol

This has been a very busy week and passed quickly. I had to paint the windows in the dining room that my painters left me to do. I was so angry about them not finishing their job. It may take me a while to send them their check.

The windows were painted such a dark green that I had to give them three coats of paint. I was using Behr paint with primer but it still took three coats.

Tell me about your week and how your doing. I love hearing from you. My plans for the weekend are to spend some time catching up with you and enjoying your sites.

Also I am hoping that your sharing what your cooking for Easter because Christi is bringing her boyfriend to my home for the first time and I can not decide what to fix. They are celebrating Easter at his mothers on Saturday and then here Sunday.

It's late and I am very tired tonigt so I will say good night. As always I appreciate you coming by here and I love it when you leave me a note letting me know how you are.
Sweet Dreams and Love to All


Friday, March 15, 2013

My Dining Room!

The last two weeks Tinkerbell has been hiding upstairs under a chase while the construction guys were here working. I managed to snap a quick picture of her after she realized we were alone again.

What she did not know at the time I took this that my daughter's dog Toby was on his way here for me to baby sit him. So now poor Tinkerbell is back under the chase upstairs. lol

Every day I thought of you and wanted to do a post but with everything going on here I have crawled to bed exhausted and unable to concentrate long enough to write.

In all honesty these two weeks have been very hard on me and am so glad their over.

Here I am sharing the dining room that I had painted yellow. The ceiling was damaged before the new roof was put on last summer so I was excited that my landlady agreed to spend the money on this room.

 It is a pretty yellow and I will enjoy having a brighter dining room. If you look at the pictures you will see that they did not paint the ugly dark green trim around the two windows. Now tell me have you ever heard of such a thing as leaving the windows unpainted. I ask them if they were going to do the windows and they told me that their boss said no because he had already spent too many days out here and was not making enough on this job.

I am of course furious because I know that I will be the one painting the windows and I hate painting windows. I am still painting the picket fence around the house and with all the rain we have been having I have also started mowing again which leaves me little time for anything else

 The clean up was horrible because the painters scraped the ceiling and the walls for three days. Each day I used a shop vac trying to keep the mess contained to this area but with the guys working in two rooms it was useless.

After days of mopping I have finally started moving some of my pieces back into the room. Problem is I don't know right now how I want to arrange the furniture.

Up til a few months ago this room has been an extra bedroom but I hated coming out of my tiny kitchen into a bedroom so I moved the bed to the back room but of course that room is full and unless I get rid of some furniture I can't move the two amoire's that go with the bed. These pieces are so big and heavy that for right now I will have to leave them where they are until my sons visit.

It's a shame that they waited so long to do these repairs because it won't be long and I should be moving to Georgetown.  The first few months I will be coming back out here until I make up my mind if I really want the job in Georgetown.

As you can tell by my writing that I am too tired to even write this without rambling.

I was actually surprised when I realized how long it had been since my last post.  I keep hoping that I might be better at blogging but it seems I am getting worse.

This weekend I hope to take some time and visit with you. Christi left Toby with me for two days while she meets Paul's family. So Toby will be getting a lot of my attention and I will be trying to convince Tinkerbell that she doesn't have to spend the whole weekend hiding out.

Take care of you and as always I love it when you come by for a visit.

Love to All