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Sunday, January 31, 2010


Okay Ladies find a comfy place to sit back and relax while we browse some online shops. I like it because I can come as I am!

No I am not selling you these pink pants today but come back another time when I am tired of them and we might make a deal.

If you have been following my site (if not then why not) you will know that on Mondays I like to  post about other bloggers and their beautiful creative sites. Please take a minute and click on these sites and be surprised at all the nice Temptations you will find.

Also if you want your site on Temptation Mondays all I ask is send me and email with a link to your site and a picture or pictures to a few days before the next Monday and I will do my best to have your site listed.  But.........I feel really bad about this post because for some reason I  can not find a couple of emails from a few of you that wanted your sites listed. Please forgive me because sometimes I really do not know what I am doing....I remember getting them and being excited about putting you on here and now I can not find you. If you resend it to me I will make it up to you somehow. lol\\

As always Ladies I so appreciate you all visiting my little site and especially leaving me comments.
If any of you need a good laugh please read the comments left to me on the previous post Tinkerbell and Me because I really really laugh out loud every time I read your comments.  OMG ladies you guys crack me up......

Anyway enjoy all these sites and let me know what you think!

LuLu  at COASTAL SISTERS as always has the most beautiful jewelry. Be sure and Click her name to find more of her necklaces.

ANGELA AT ART ANGEL  has these pretty canvas pieces

Julie at Whitmore Pottery  is so creative with her one of kind pieces.

KARYN  over at the lovely French Charming has these vintage earrings and other pretties listed on Etsy Shop.

While at Etsy check out sweet RHONDA OF BLUE CREEK HOME 

GINA AT CAT NAP PRIMITIVES  as the most precious primitive pieces ....

Annette of Cottage In The Sun  also has lots of pretty pieces on her Etsy Shop




Wednesday, January 27, 2010



Hello everyone! Its always good to here from all of you and so happy you enjoyed the post about Annie. Isn't she just a doll!
Today I wanted to share a little about Tinkerbell with you all. As most of you know she is my housemate in my little ole country house. The picture above is how my friend litterally wakes me up every morning at 3:30 am regardless if it is a working day and I have to be up or my day off. Somehow she has her own alarm system and it goes off on time every morning.  And yes my sweet friends she does wake me up just as the clip shows punching me on the face until I open my eyes. Who ever thought that I would live alone at my age and have a Maine Coon cat slapping the heck out of me to get me up every morning. What ever gave her the idea that this is how it is done beats the heck out of me. Where she got the idea also baffles me. I honestly don't have to worry about sitting two alarms because she is my second one that usually goes off before the real one. It is really funny because she will not stop until I get up. Of course her objective for doing this is being fed. Even on my days off I have to stumble to the kitchen and feed her.  You know I just thought of something. If I were smart I would have a tiny bowl covered waiting to give her on my days off. Oh well I guess that would make too much sense.  Knowing me I will just keep stumbling to the kitchen. My co-workers not being understanding cat lovers said "I would toss the darn cat across the room!" Shame on them thinking I could do that to my friend.

Another habit she has is to follow me into the bathroom whenever I go into it. Does not matter day or night she has to be there when I am in that room.
She has a certain game she likes to play with me and once again I do not know where she learned to do this but it is tooooooo funny. While I am sitting on the pot she runs and jumps into the claw foot tub which sits in the middle of the room.( Yes your not seeing things it is painted pink) As soon as she lands inside she crouches down and hides where I can not see her. Even her big tail is out of eyesight. Then she patiently waits for me to tear a strip of toilet tissue and say "Where Are You! Where Are You!" After several sweeps with the toilet tissue and saying this she jumps up and grabs the tissue. I am telling you ladies this can go on for several minutes until I finally just have to end the game. She loves it!  Sometimes I am in a hurry and do not have the time to entertain her but matters not to her.

However the other morning after having a bean burrito the day before it seems I found a way to shorten the game by accident. lol  All of a sudden before I could even swipe the tissue once across the top of the tub she jumps straight up and leaps out of the tub and runs out the door. Honestly ladies I don't believe I have ever seen my fat cat run that fast. hahahaha It kind of scared me at first because I have been told the house is haunted but I finally realized it was the smell that got her out of there. lol

Sorry ladies but I had to share this with you all. Hope your having a great week.
Love to all of you


Sunday, January 24, 2010


SAVING HAITI one bead at a time is what this precisous little girl named ANNIE is doing! When I visited her moms site this past week I knew what I wanted my next Temptation Mondays post to feature. Isn't she just beautiful inside and out. I had to share this with all of you.

I pasted this paragraph and pictures from Libbies site The Middlest Sister..

When I told Annie about all that is going on in Haiti...I will never forget the horror on her face. She said, "Mom we have to go there no matter how far away it is & help."
When I explained that we can't go there but we could help in other ways she said, "Let's give them ALL our money and send Dad to work tomorrow to make more money for us."
That is when I said, "Annie, we can't give away ALL our money, but, if you had money you could give it to them. Maybe you could make something to sell."
When she got home from Kindergarten at noon she worked for 6 hours stright making bracelettes. I could not believe how hard she worked!

These bracelets are beautiful and if you have been wondering like me how can I help the devastated people of this country then be sure and visit Libbies sweet little Annie.
Annie honey I am so proud of you and your hard work will save a little girl and boy!
Thank you for being my special guest this week....and God Bless You Sweetie from the bottom of my heart.

Remember if you want to be listed on my Temptation Mondays be sure and send me an email with a link to your site and pictures of what you want to have on here.

Love to all of you


PS: For all of you who have been wanting to see the ole farm house that I live in I posted pictures of it in the post before this one.  Thanks to all of you who left me sweet comments about the house. It is great in the summer but you freeze in it in the winter. lol

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Drive on in Ladies to the little ole yellow farm house where Tinkerbell and I call home....

Come sit on the ole porch swing or grab a pink rocker!

If we take a walk around the house this is what you see.

Same side of the house just further out to capture a few of the oak trees.

After our visit on the porch we can walk down to the pretty gazebo and fish if you like!

Hope you enjoyed a few pictures of the ole place. More to come later! If you missed my inside pictures please go back a few post to catch a glimpse of the inside.
Thanks for Stopping by

Love to all

Friday, January 22, 2010


If you can read the following paragraph, forward it on to your friends and the person that sent it to you with s' in the subject line.
Only great minds can read this

This is weird, but interesting!
fi yuo cna raed tihs, yuo hvae a sgtrane mnid too
Cna yuo raed tihs? Olny 55 plepoe out of 100 can.

i cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno't mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.. Azanmig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt! if you can raed tihs forwrad it

My younger brother Tommy, is always sending me funny things on email. A few of them you can share with others. Most I laugh and delete.
I am sharing this one mainly because I can so relate to it. I read inmates mail at work before we send it out and I guess this explains why I have no trouble reading their mail. lol

The sun is shining here today in my little part of the country so I need to work around the ole farm huse but outside while it is warm. Can not believe I still have Christmas lights on the picket fence to take down. Maybe while I am out there I can take some pictures of the ole house.

Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend. I am looking forward to this one because I am away from the crazies and on the ranch instead.

Love to all


Love all your sweet comments on the post before this. Left you guys a note too. Maybe we should start a post everyweek about loosing weight.
Be sure and check out Mondays Temptations this Monday I am hoping to have a very special guest on there.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Oh my gosh ladies was I nearly knocked off my feet when I got on the scales at the doctors office yesterday. Talk about a rude awakening. I stepped up on them and jumped off them quicker than you can say Slim Fast. Well the cute little aide said, “Wait I did not have time to see your weight!” I then tried to just make up a number for her but being a good nurses aide she insisted I step back up. Well I don’t have to tell you but this time I took off my shoes, my bracelet, ear rings and my sweater. It still flashed three of the largest numbers that I have ever seen underneath my bare feet. Huge ladies! I have turned into a short big woman! How did this happen to me? I have always since the birth of my children been too short for my weight but never this short! God in all seriousness I should be at least every bit of 6 ft tall…I knew my uniform was not fitting me well but I kept thinking it was because every time I turn around their adding something to my utility belt so I just figured that had to be it. It could not be pounds adding up from too many sweets.
As I write this now I am looking at a half eaten Twix bar that I bought not an hour after leaving the dang weigh in. Yes I bought candy after seeing this…..have I no shame!!!
I was so upset when the doctor finally came into the room I forgot what I was there to see him about. All I wanted to talk about was my weight and he was not interested in my ranting about what I had just seen in the book in area or whatever they call that room.
He just wanted to look in my ears and throat and have me say AHHHHHHHHH!.....It turns out I have some kind of infection on top of my weight problem. He gave me a prescription and led me to desk where you pay. Shaking his head all the way and not hearing one word I was saying.
So what do I do when I leave his office? I head straight for a Sandwich shop and order a Roast Beef with cheese. My car automatically turns into anywhere that has a flashing sign saying Free WiFi…..yep I had brought my computer because I knew in College Station there would be places I could write you ladies. (Not that I am counting but my bytes roll over at midnight tonight) It was already 3 in the afternoon and no lunch so what’s a girl to do especially since I had to check on all of you. I could not just sit in there and use their internet without eating. After I finished the sandwich I swore that was my meal for the day. No more for me the rest of the day.

I then head toward the way home and there in front of me is Barnes and Nobles. Well books are like food to me. I had to stop and browse and then what do I see but college students all sitting there with their lap tops just typing away so enough of browsing I have to go get mine out of the car. Well two hours later and one book I finally leave the book store.
I felt like a complete fool while I was there though because here are all the young kids sitting at the tables and working away so I go and find a nice little love seat and get all comfy and start browsing your sites. It is so much fun when you’re using someone else’s bytes. Hahahaha
Wouldn’t you know it I am having a great time maybe all 20 minutes of it and this older man comes and sits down beside me with a magazine. We say our polite hellos and I start my browsing again and he says, “Hey watch you looking at on your computer?” I am thinking Geezzzzzzzzzzzzz not me Marie! I smile and say,”OH just some friends sites that I like to browse when I get the chance.” He nods and I go back to you guys. Then before I could change sites he says, “Well I come here to get out of the house and read magazines if I am lucky talk to pretty ladies.” I think I said, “Good for you!” He then mentions that he had never seen me there before. I thought oh no I can’t read and listen to this guy too. So I shut my computer and tell him it was very nice visiting with him but I needed to leave.
I run away but only to another section of the store where all the young kids are with their computers and I squeeze myself in the middle of them thinking they will feel sorry for this ole grandma and give her some room. I felt bad about the little ole man but I was on a mission to find out what my friends had posted on their sites. I said a little prayer while I set there that the little ole man would not see me but I know I stood out like Custer in his last stand.

No one bothered me but the light just was not right on my computer screen and I kept seeing a glare so would you believe I moved again. This time I sat at a table next to two young ladies from I guess Japan and you guessed it they were speaking their language and I was trying to read in English. Not good not good at all. I finally gave up bought the book about Amelia Earhart. I never did get to see the movie Amelia. Why it never came to our little town is beyond me.

So I am driving home and thinking about what am I going to do about my weight. I have never been a big eater but I don’t eat the right foods especially now that I am alone. I am thinking salads. Yes that is what I will have to do is just live off salads now until I die. I am always so happy with myself when I make up my mind to do something.
About an hour down the road I finally am coming into my small town and I spot Dairy Queen. I am too tired to go to the grocery store so I think to myself oh just spurge on one of their salads and shop tomorrow. Well ladies I pull up to the drive in window and they ask what can they get for me and your not going to believe what I ordered. Why I did it is a question I am still asking myself today but I said, “I’ll have a large ice cream cone, Please!” I did bigger than Dallas ordered an ice cream cone. Not a small one or medium but a large one. What in heavens name comes over me when only earlier in the same day I was freaking out about the numbers on the scales. Geezzzzzzzzzzzz Marie!!!

Like Scarlett says, “Tomorrow is another day!”

You ladies no me I hate to get serious but I am not looking forward to going to work tomorrow at all. Over the weekend a young man was arrested for breaking into a home. I was off sick and my partner called me Sunday night and ask me if I had been watching the Houston news. I told him no and he explained to me that this guy he had booked in for burglary had killed five of his family members just hours before he was brought in Sunday. My partner said He was standing near his holding cell and the guy casually said, “Oh now I remember what I did last night, I killed my brother. Turns out it was not only his brother but mother, father, sister and niece. This has been on my mind for two days now because will I have to be around this guy 12 hours every day I work for a long time possibly up to a year. I am already dealing with four young men that killed a doctor so now this. I am actually worried about how I will act around him, No doubt I will be praying that I can be as professional as I can possibly be but I would be lying if I said it will not be easy. What is our world coming too?

Also I wanted to thank everyone that has written a post about the horrible tragedy in Haiti. We all need to really pray for these poor people and to help them if we are able too. May God be with them and give them the strength to make it through this.

Once again ladies thank you for all your wonderful comments, emails and cards. I thank God every night for all of you. Also a big thank you and welcome to my new followers. I hope to visit your sites soon.

Oh and last but not least my sweet precious Christi made it safely home from her business trip to Barcelona, Spain. Hopefully she will send me some pictures and I can share them with all of you. Spain I still can not believe my daughter was in Spain for a week and did not bring me back a Handsome Matador.

Sweet Dreams,


Sunday, January 17, 2010


Ladies words don’t come easily telling you all how much this ole grandma has missed all of you. Now Just Between Me and You it has been one heck of a trial living without access to the internet.

Now let’s see where I start with catching up! I did promise to tell you some New Years stories from work but I am afraid I have slept a few times since then so I may not be able to tell them the way they should be told.
Being the New Years weekend we dealt with mostly drunks and drug users. The morning started early with two being arrested for possession of Controlled Substance. One was a female that was picked up with her boyfriend. They were from out of town and really messed up. The boyfriend lay down and only wanted to sleep but the girl……..oh such another story. Very seldom do we arrest someone dressed in evening clothes but it does happen. She had on a very lovely evening gown and I knew immediately this was not going to be good. First she had to turn over all her beautiful jewelry and take off the expensive heels only to exchange them for inmate shower shoes. The look on her face when I ask for her heels and gave her the sandals was priceless. Out of respect for her I tried to be as casual and nice about it as I could be but she refused to take her high heels off. I explained to her they were coming off one way or the other and she would not like the other. Finally she gave me the heels and then did not want to put the sandals on. I told her fine but these floors were not all that clean and was she sure about walking around barefoot. In the next hour I had to listen to how she came from a wealthy family from Alabama and it was a mistake for them to arrest her and in the long run her father would make sure we all would regret it. I kept shaking my head agreeing with her and at the same time Ms. Pearl was looking forward to putting her in a cell where we could no longer here her blabbering. After booking Ms Alabama in I put her with the other women and Ms Pearl laughed thinking about how the other women would handle this snob…. Ugly right …... When she was signing her release sheet she turns to me and says, “God what a life you live in such scum, I guess you deserve it!” I then knew Ms. Pearl would not keep quiet and sure enough ole MS. Pearl says …. Well, I DECLARE SUGAH, being from the south your momma should of taught you that when a southern woman has nothing else she still has her manners!....Didn’t your momma explain to you that….. YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE BORN WITH A SILVER SPOON IN YOUR MOUTH TO LIVE A RICH LIFE and haven’t you learned that in the long run STAINLESS STEEL IS MORE PRACTICAL, DON’T YOU THINK?”…. Stupid thing to say to her and where it came from is beyond me….Just goes to show you never know what Ms. Pearl might say…… lol… My crazy partner looks at me and says HUH! I laugh and say God I don’t know where that came from. I still haven’t a clue!
About an hour later my partners and I were in the office looking out the front doors when a sheriff’s car backs up on the sidewalk to the front door. We never take inmates in the front door so we had no idea what was going on. Then out of no where there were several officers surrounding this car where a female was in the back seat. I then grabbed my gloves because I knew this was not going to be good. Next minute their carrying her in to the jail and it takes all of them to keep her in custody. She was not a big girl in height but built like an athlete. (Come to find out at one time that’s exactly what she had been a few years back.)
I immediately started taking things out of her pockets and whatever jewelry she was wearing while they were carrying her because I knew that with the trouble she was giving them they were headed for the isolation tank with her. The girl was wearing five watches on both arms and enough change in her pockets to play for hours in a casino. I know on camera it must of looked pretty funny all these men carrying this woman and me trying to empty her pockets of all this change rolling all over the hall way and her screaming and calling us every name in the book. When I tried to get her belt off I swear ladies her head completely spun around just like in that horror movie and she started screaming YOU want me bitch!! Look at her trying to undress me the bitch wants me!!!!! Then she said I don’t know how many other crazy things but right before closing the door she turns to me and screams…..Bitch your going to hell!!!! …..Remember that picture I had of that woman on one of my post screaming well that’s how big and loud this woman was screaming at me. I kept thinking please Ms Pearl just ignore this woman because not only is the Chief carrying her but the Captain too. Hahahaha She again hollered your going to burn in hell for trying to touch my body. She then screams,” Look she’s a lezzy touching me and wanting me….” Gosh was I embarrassed.
Of course I had to have the last word or should I say, Ms Pearl did before the door shut… I told her “Honey JUST take a good look around you I am already in hell …….”
Honestly that was not the last word. Ended up for hours her screaming and me begging Ms. Pearl to not even go there with her. Thank goodness Ms Pearl was busy dealing with others.
It seems they brought her in because she was standing at the courthouse square shooting the finger at every one that drove by. Well being a small town that was just not heard of so off to the jail. Turns out we had to call MHMR and have her evaluated.
While dealing with her they bring in one drunk after the other. There was this one fool that kept trying his best to figure out how to open the cell door to holding. It was one of those times when you really had to be there to see how funny it looked. He kept asking me when I would walk by to please help him with this door because he could not get it open. Hahahaha I had to laugh at him because he just never gave up….
Then I pull out another drunk to book in and the answers he gave me to my booking questions were just toooooo funny.
Somehow he manages to stand up and get his picture taken but when I take him over to fingerprint him he passes out right on top of me. It had been a long day and I look down at him on the floor and I say “Yep this is hell!!!

Sweet Dreams Ladies!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Good golly Miss Pearl I can not handle this any longer!!!!Thank God for places that say free WiFi.
Ladies I don't even wish this on the ugly woman married to my ex. This withdrawal from blogger friends is worse than having a date with the looser Judge.
Bunny is right I need to tell Verizon to Byte me!
But First I have to tell you guys about some GREAT News first before I launch a fight against bytes and Verizon.
I  won a wonderful giveaway!!!! Yes ME the one that has had nothing but bad luck this new year has won the most wonderful giveway from our beautiful friend Karyn over at French Charming! I won her giveaway of a $75.00 gift certificate yes ladies $75.00 to the Lisa Leonard Giveaway. I can choose a piece from her beautiful line of jewerly. Oh excited is not the word for me on winning this. I am just beside ladies you have to go to Karyn's site and see why I am so excited and while your there check out her really darling site. Karyn!!! is a sweetheart and I can not thank her enough for having this giveaway and choosing my name.

Where am I now writing you ladies a post!!! Well like I mentioned befoe thank God for free WiFi. I would only admit to you all that up to a couple of weeks ago I had no idea what the sign on business windows saying free WiFi meant. It is free internet service to someone like me with a laptop that can sit down and surf the web using their service. For me it is a blessing since I have until the 20th of this month to restart my bytes on Verizon Wireless. (If your lost please read my post before this explaining my dilema with being able to blog)
I am at the local library in their magazine section sitting in the corner with a smile on my face because I can write you guys. lol.....
Where I live in the country out in the middle of nowhere I am finding out the only access to internet is the one I am hooked up to Verizon Wireless. Their plan is expensive and you only get 5 gigs which I was told NO one can use that many gigs in a month. Well as I explained in my last post I not only used 5 but 10 in November and 7 in December and now from December the 20th to January 3rd I already used my 5 so I am beside myself knowing that my bytes do not start over until the 20th of January and even then I have to watch everything I do on here. I never heard of this until it happened to me and boy what a mess.
My daughter Christi and I went to a Verizon store in Austin and you would not believe the chaos surrounding me and her when the guys at the store were looking at my computer and usuage. All of them kept saying NO ONE ever goes over and especially this much. They kept asking me if I was downloading movies or music on here because that would be the only way I could use this.
I was honest with them and told them I did not even know how to download movies or music. lol...It was sort of funny watching all the computer geeks coming over to my laptop and seeing their eyes get really big when they looked at my usage. My daughter thought it was hilarious to see their reactions. Finally they got their manager to come take a look....and he had the same look on his face and then he says..."I am a computer freak...I live on the computer and I never never go over and yet here is a little OLE LADY that has done this...incredible....WELL you guessed it Ms Pearl came out of hiding and for the first time my daughter got to meet her. I could not believe that on top of all my problems with Verizon that they would call me a OLE LADY!!!!  Excuse ME!
Anyway they gave me a new GBS or whatever the heck the thing is you stick in your computer to get their service and told me that when I got back on line with a new stick or thingeeee then they would monitor me and see if I am still going over. If not maybe it was my old one out of whack but they do not think so....most likely no refund for me.....They think it is my blogging. It seems that they looked into some of my blog sites that I visit and a lot of them were over 300,000 bytes and if you go into enough of them plus my site then you use a lot of bytes. Especially sites with a lot of grahpics. I told them I refuse to belong to a company that will not let me blog and that I have met a lot of wonderfull ladies on here that I need to be in contact with. I think I noticed a tear in one of the guys eyes but he turned a way quickly so not sure.
So warning to all of you bloggers out there that are not on DSL or other unlimited internet service you have to be careful. Because those dollar signs move quite quickly when your over.
Thank you all for your comments and suggestions. I am so very appreciative of all your comments and am checking all of them out to see if where I live any of these are available. So far I have not found anything available where I live. Even my Dish Network for my TV has the same thing they charge by the gigs too. I thought Hughes Net was my only option but from visiting their site they charge the same way. Geezzzzzzzzzzzz I thought they were unlimited.
My only help right now is driving into town and visiting the local library and using their WiFi until I figure this mess out.
Also on top of all this mess I ladies have froze my big bottom off in that ole farm house. Lord when I get time I will have to blog about my butt frozen to the commode seat. hahahahahahaha
Plus I have not even got to tell you guys about New Years Eve at the Sheriffs Office.
Also I have had to downsize my site so when I get on here I don't use that many bytes. Boy what a silly mess but some of you have commented that this is better for you downloading my site so I am glad of that. I also had to change the way I see my comments which now they are approved because would you believe reading them first on my dashboard is less bytes. Bytes Bytes ....Ms Pearl is not a happy camper with that word

My love to all of you

Friday, January 8, 2010


Jeez..................ladies I have missed all of you! This has been the longest week of my life not communicating with all my online buddies. It was like I was captured by some outerspace aliens and locked in a capsule with no access to anything. Let me tell you it is not a good feeling to go five days like this and according to Verizon Wireless I have 12 more days to be in this closed capsule.

Sit back grab some hot chocolate and let me tell you what happened to me this past Monday. Last January I joined Verizon Broadband because living out here in the middle of no where dial up was like when I was a teenager waiting on a new Elvis movie to come to our small town theatre. It just was too slow coming. So I signed up with Broadband and patted myself on the back for such a smart move. Well ladies for ten months everything was fine and then I find out that I am not the smartest kid on the block and was actually told by a male friend of mine this week after discussing this problem that I reminded him of Forrest Gump. He could not believe that anyone could be so dumb.
It seems that on Broadband you are limited to the amount of Gigs you can use on a monthly basis. Mine is 5 gigs and was told by the Verizon saleman that it was almost impossible to use that many gigs in a months time. I never stayed on my computer that long so I never worried about the possibility of running over. Hold on to your cup of hot chocolate or whatever your drinking because ladies I not only went over 5 gigs but in November I used 10. I now owe Verizon not only my arm but both legs.
By now you have to be thinking what an idiot grandmayellowhair is because I know I have had that thought for a week now. In all honesty and I hate to admit to all of you but I thought my usuage was by how long I was on the internet not by the size of sites I visit and how many bytes are on that site or the amount of pictures you download to your blog site. None of this occured to me at all. It seems that just my site alone was 300,000 bytes. So if I opened my site several times a day to go into it and check your comments and then go to your sites I am using a huge amount of my gig allowance. Is this not stupid!!!!!!!!!!  The Verizon lady was laughing at me almost the whole time we were talking because I was freaking out over the amount I owed them. I guess she doesn't get to talk to alot of Forrest Gump grandmothers. I tried to explain to her that there was no way I was staying with a company that I could not enjoy visiting blogs because they might have a lot of graphics on them and therefore big bytes. It seems she is not a blogger because she actually told me well you will just have to limit your visit to your blog friends to maybe one friend a week. ONE friend a week are you NUTS lady. This is the only enjoyment in my life and I am going to limit it to one follower a week. I said with almost 200 friends on here you want me to visit one a week. Do the math lady! Its 52 weeks in a year that would be almost 4 years before I got back to the first friend I visited over three years ago. It made no impression on her what so ever so I called the next day and got someone that was a little more sympathic but not much help either. She explained my options and for $120.00 I could cancel my contract and go back to dial up.

My gigs role over on the 20th of every month and since I had already used 5 gigs by the 3rd of this month I have had to go through withdrawal of visiting with all of you and catching up on your sites.
The reason I am able to do this post and be on here tonight is I am visiting my daughter in Austin before her big trip to Barcelona, Spain on Sunday. She suggested that I take my laptop and the Verizon wireless thingee tomorrow to their store and have it checked because she feels like maybe this is a mistake or it has malfunction. Who knows all I know is I feel like Verizon can take their bytes and gigs and service and ............................................... oh dear Ms Pearl is coming out.
Anyway have any of you gone thru this? I went to my site tonight and took things off it making it smaller and I put only one post on a page and made my pictures smaller which knocked it down to 80,000 from 300,000. But still this is so ridculous. Next week I will check on Hughes net and see if I can afford them. I have to get with someone that is unlimited because I can not give up visiting with you guys.
So that is why I have not visited your sites or did a post all week. Hopefully this will get straigtened out tomorrow at the Verizon store.
Sweet Dreams

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Welcome back everyone to Temptation Mondays post.....If you have been here before just skip the introduction and start
Temptation Mondays is about our fellow bloggers who are artist and craftsman that have been kind enough to let me share their beautiful pieces with all of you.
Please remember when browsing through this post to click on their sites because I only have one or two pictures of their pieces and there is lots to see on their sites.
Also when you visit them maybe give them a great big Howdy from Grandmayellowhair aka Pearl.....

If you would like to have your pieces displayed on here all I ask is to email me please at send me a link to your place and a picture of what you want to sell. Really easy and lots of fun for everyone.

Just wanted to thank all of you for asking about my recovery... I am slowly recovering from the silly accident before Christmas......My eyes are no longer black and nose is still bothering me but only when I ribs are my biggest ache right now but time will heal those.
Your caring, funny and lovely comments helped me more than anything else that I tried. When I was feeling down or like a complete idiot I would just click on your comments and laugh.
As most of you know I have been working at the Sheriffs Dept. during the New Years Holidays and boy were we busier than a one armed bandit.  Maybe in the next few days I can write a post about a couple of crazy incidents. I promise no poop this time around.

Also I don't know about you guys but I am going to miss all the pretty decorated blogs for the holidays. Which reminds me I still have outside lights to take down and my trees inside. Jeez Marie I know what I will be doing these next two days off.....that is if I go back to the Sheriffs Office....
Hope you enjoy another picture of my friend Mary Ellen Shipness at the top of this post. She was so gifted and I enjoy displaying her art but please it is copyrighted.....

I wish all of you Sweet Dreams

Coastal Sisters

Coastal Sisters are having a big sale!

Welcome to my original art shop
I am currently exhibiting work at Novus Gallery in Manchester, and my work will also be featured in a new UK craft magazine very soon!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives General Store

Musings of a Sea Witch

Found some great R. Atkinson Fox prints in their original frames with bubble glass this weekend and brought them in too. They always move well for me.