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Saturday, November 28, 2009


Welcome to my second posting of Temptation Mondays. I enjoy so many different creative blogs and have found that a lot of them sell their work. So I came up with this idea of not only helping them but also helping those that do not craft but love homemade gifts a chance to shop right from their home.
KEEP IN MIND these pictures of each person work is only a few of what they have for sale. Just click on their site name and visit their shops.
Temptation Mondays is also for my blogger friends that have something that they no longer need or have room far and want to list it for sale. All I ask is to send me a link to your site and what you selling to my email before to late on Sundays to give me time to work on this post so it can be listed by Monday morning.

Lynns Lovelies

Beautiful Victorian Ornaments at  Lynns Lovelies

Shardon Exclusives has all this lovely jewelry.

                               Coastal Sisters/LuLu Kellogg

Lu Lu even has beautiful paintings of mermaids on her site.

Visuals By Vickie                 

Beautiful Dog Paintings of your special dog by Lara Harris

Darling Santa Kitties



I don't know about all of you but I feel like a 18 wheeler ran over me today!
Good gosh and let the holidays begin. I will not survive the holidays if I feel this bad after only two days of celebrating Thanksgiving.

My dear friends I HAVE so many chores to do today after coming home last night and all I want to do is lay down. Like my friend in this picture.

Not only chores in the north forty but Carole and Jojo are expecting candy sometime soon. I am in trouble and all this is just the beginning of a very busy season.

My daughter and I went to see the movie New Moon for our treat from laboring over the stove all morning Thanksgiving. We got there really early thinking we would have to fight lines but were we surprised no crazy teenagers fighting to see the movie. Only a few older ones like me. The movie was good but not near as good as the books. It was great just spending time with Christi. As I mentioned earlier she works part time at Macy's and she had to work the horrible Black Friday. I made the mistake and went in her store to tell her bye and was swarmed by some really crazy people. I mean I thought for a minute I was back at work in the jail. If I ever needed my handcuffs it was at Macys the day after Thanksgiving. YOU ladies should thank me for starting this Temptation Mondays so you can avoid all the crazy shoppers out there. lol  I actually felt guilty leaving my daughter there to work. I tried for a few minutes to stand by the registrar to protect her but it did not take long for a manager to find me and escort me somewhere else. You can tell when people don't have children they just don't understand our mother hen thing. Poor Christi she just smiled and said Go nicely momma I will be okay.
So then I head over to my son Clints house where I am greeted at the front door by my darling Kaci. We are just so glad to see each other we can not stop hugging and kissing. At least I know I could not. Then I hear Bailey scream Its Grandmayellowhair! and he comes running and bouncing down the stairs and plows into me like a linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys. Now I know he is only 5 but he is built like a big 10 year old. hahaha Sweetest grandson in the world and I do love him.
For the next 8 hours he is constantly trying to tackle me to the ground. Now you can see why I feel like a 18 wheeler ran over me.  He and Iplayed several board games but he has not learned how to loose easily so you can guess that I never won ONE game.
His daddy put up Christmas lights so they have a house like Chevy Chase in the holiday movie. He always goes way way out decorating but it is great for the neighbors they don't have to use their electricity for the month of December.
My dl was busy as always so it was me and my two favorite darlings to play and play and play. 
I wanted to her to take pictures of me and my babies but she was busy doing her stuff and visiting with my oldest son.  Oh well I stole the picture of them with the thanksgiving hats from her blog. hahahaha I brought left over turkey and dressing from the day before and we did all sit down together for a meal. My oldest son Chad showed up to join us and I so enjoyed seeing him for a minute or two. Everyone is just too busy during this time of the year.
My grandson Bailey took a sales ad from Target while I was there and he wanted to circle what he wants from me for Christmas. You guessed it, he could of saved an hour by just putting a big circle around TOYS.
I helped Kaci decorate her little tree in her bedroom. I said Baby you need one of those pink trees that I have seen and she says, I know but mommy want let me have one. I hugged her and thought what my next purchase might be from Wal Mart. Every little girl needs a pink christimas tree. Right!

Anyway I leave there and go back to my daughters to pick up my stuff and really to check on her about her day. What funny stories she told about these shoppers. We ate take out and laughed and then I drove the two hour trip home so I could get up early and work here. Yeah Right

My daughter Christi made the best best Pumpkin Cheese cake I have ever eaten. I have to say I turned into a pig eating that. Also she did some kind of vegetable dish that was out of this world good. Another recipe I have to get. Why I don't know I hardly cook anymore. Oh I know what your thinking but zeez its hard to cook for one.
The night I spent with my daughter we laughed about some stories that she claims she never knew I did. So she told me I have to share them with all of you so I guess real soon I will sit down here and tell you some stories that made her laugh so hard she ask me to stop.

Oh I almost forgot, I have been kissed by dogs in my life (well not real dogs) but the first night there I slept on her couch and her beautiful cocker spaniel Toby kept coming over to where I was sleeping and kissing me. Now I am use to my cat Tinkerbell slapping me awake every morning but not a dog planting the biggest kisses ever right on my lips. Not only did he do this once but several times during the night. Its a good thing I love this dog because I wasn't far from the front door and I could of let him out. Not that he would of left he is attached to my daughter like you would not believe. To tell you that was a strange night is not putting the right word with it. After about the second one I could not go back to sleep and then I started laughing because I thought OH WELL hes not the only dog that has kissed me during the night.

Ladies I have to get busy!!!!!
Love ya'll

ps: If you want to be listed on Mondays site for selling your goodies please don't forget you need to send me a email and put on there what you want me to say or pictures you want copied. Remember no DL's are other relatives.
  Also I added a giveaway to my side bar from Marilyn. I kind of hid it because I really love this giveaway and when you guys enter my chances go down. Right. She is the prefect example of what I mean about so many creative bloggers. Oh my you ladies just awe me.
Oh too I noticed after my giveaway my follower count went down. hahaha. I did not know it could go down I thought only up. I guess I will have to bribe some more with another giveaway.
Seriously I hope I have not offended anyone if so I am so sorry

Friday, November 27, 2009


                                             AND THE WINNERS ARE!



Good morning all of you sleepy heads. Its 5am and I am suppose to be sleeping on my daughters couch after spending a lovely Thanksgiving with her but instead I laying here wide awake thinking about the drawing in a few hours for the Chocolate Giveaway. Christi has to work the mad house crazy black Friday at Macy's so I will leave here and go my sons and let my grandbabies do the honor of picking the winners.
It bothers me that there will only be two of you drawn and I so wish that it could be all of you. I do hope you all know that you are all winners in my book. This was my first giveaway to Thank all of you for being so sweet and kind accepting me into your hearts in this new world to me of blogland. (Of course you know I will have to have another giveway soon)
I have found it to be a very warm place to run to and just be myself and to experience all the creative beautiful sites that I never knew existed until a few months ago. So many of you have been so wonderful with your comments and even joining me knowing that sometimes I get completely throwed off. Just pray that it is not catching. lol
So Thank you all for making my Thanksgiving a little bit warmer and cozy knowing that you all were just a click away.
Guess I should try to go back to sleep and get this giveaway off the brain. Good luck to each of you and SWEET DREAMS

Wednesday, November 25, 2009



I actually hand wrote all your names out and some of you guys or I should say a lot of you had 11 entries. lol  Before I reveal who the two winners are I want to Thank all of you for patiently waiting for this giveaway to end, for joining my site and especially leaving me all your sweet comments. I wish all of you could of been drawn but there will be more chocolate giveaways in the near future.
All I need now is for the winners to email me where they want their candy shipped. Also please let me know if you want the Fudge or the Peanut Clusters. The clusters can be either white chocolate or milk chocolate.
It was exciting watching my grandson Bailey draw the first winner and my granddaughter Kaci draw the second winner and they are ENVELOPE PLEASE!!!!!






Tuesday, November 24, 2009



This year so many things happened in my family that should not have happened but we all have those kind of months or years. Anyway due to that it will be a very small gathering this Thansgiving for me but as I say my Thanksgiving prayer you all will be mentioned.
Here is a comment I left from my last post to give you some idea of how Thankful I am for you guys.

So Tickled Pink that you all like the idea of a mini strip center at Grandmayellowhairs place. You ladies never cease to amaze me at how really sincere and sweet you are towards your fellow friends and bloggers.

When I started doing this I had no idea how it would touch my heart in such a warm way.

You guys are just too great I mean you accept me even knowing that I am a little throwed off. lol

Debbie so glad you came by I was getting worried about you sweet friend and know Debbie that all of us when we pray our Thanksgiving prayer that you and your family will be included in our prayers.

Now before I forget if you all want your shop or if you have something to sell (remember no family members) then shoot me a EMAIL of what you want listed and I will paste to this next Monday.

Sweet Dreams


Now after trying  the ole  copy and paste thing I forgot what I wanted to say. lol
The reason I forgot is it takes me forever sometimes to do the simplest things on this here computer. I mean how hard is it to copy and paste. I hate to tell you but for me pretty hard sometimes. This time I ended up pasting the whole page of my blog instead of that one comment. So you guessed it I spent another few mintues in the delete mode.
While we are on the subject I will list a few things I am not grateful for this year. See if you relate to any of these:.
1) Trying to leave a comment on someones site and you have to hit POST five different times to get it to accept and during this time you are ask to spell the most ridiculous words I have ever heard of. One of these times I am going to look them up and see if their really a word. Then if your really lucky it will come back again and say something like Nope that did not work and then ask you to try again to see if your a freaking HUMAN now seriously gals would a not human being be sending you a comment. COME ON. One site ask me all kinds of questions before it would let me even leave a lovely comment I almost just quit. Zeez Marie you would think these brains over all these sites could offer us something simple. Like just hit post. hahahaha
2) Our government trying to tell us when and what age we can have a mammogram. Seriously ladies I am not thankful for this at all. This is AMERICA not some other country where the leaders rule. If years ago this law was in effect I would not be sitting here in my pink pj"s telling you this and that. I would not be here because they are telling us that we can not get tested for Breast Cancer until 50 years old. Ladies that is a bunch of Turkey crap and if I had not been tested at 45 I would not be here. I have a daughter and they better let her be tested every year for this or the rath of Ms Pearl will be going to Washington.
3)  Mirrors as you all know they have not been my best friends this year. What is that old saying about a mirror and a picture. Something about a mirror always tells the truth. Yeah well this next year I may get rid of all my mirrors.
4) Another silly thing I don't like is men can have hair all over if they want it. I mean they don't have to shave their faces unless they want to but zeez we have to shave everywhere. Have you ever stopped and calculated how many hours we spend shaving. Maybe 2010 we should all be hairy.
5) That women try to hard to please their families during the holidays and they end up stressed to the nines and if their lucky they get to do the dishes to unwind while others are watching football.
6) That Friday morning  my darling grandson will pick  two winners of my Chocolate giveaway and  not 90 something winners because if I could afford to you would all get a package.
7) Not having spell check now on this here posting page. I mean who has the time to look up words in a dictionary.
8) Trying to do something special on these blog sites like all my friends have on theirs and I end up feeling really dumb because I know so little about what I am doing on here. (can you tell) hahahaha
9)Laughing at my own words like their funny....hahahahhahaha Boy do I need help
10) That my house seems never to be clean or tidy enough to suit me and I don't do much about that but complain to you guys about it. If and when I get it decorated and cleaned for Christmas I will take some snapshots and try my best to load them on here and show you my little ole piece of heaven out here in Texas. Heck I might even get someone to take a picture of me on the old John Deere. Speaking of that I have to go mow.
11) I forgot I will add it later today
Yes some of these are silly things to be NOT  thankful for but in all seriousness girlfriends if I listed everything I was Thankful for this Thanksgiving you gals would burn your dinner and then I would have all these men chasing me (now that might be something to be thankful for) hahahahahaha

Do not over work yourselfs the next few days. Yeah Right!!!!!!

So as we go into the Holidays this year know that there is one crazy ole Texas gal who wishes all of you out there a  VERY VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Looks like Ms Pearl is trying to catch Ms Maggie.  (Thats what she gets for eating all those sweets) In case you have not heard about that it is in the post below this one. But first pay attention to this post. It is more important.  
Welcome to the first and soon famous TEMPTATION MONDAYS


SO Lets Get Started  Lynn at Lynns Lovelies has a Esty shop and right now free shipping. Visit Lynn at

From now until the end of the year, I am offering FREE Shipping in the USA on all of the items and orders from my Etsy shop! That's right all orders and items available in my entire shop! Soooo, even if you don't see the exact style or color that you would like, I will special make it just for you and the shipping is FREE in the USA! I also will give a shipping discount to Cananda and other locations, as well!

So spread the word to all near and far....Thanks so much sweet friends, I truly do appreciate your support:)

Grace at Ruby Moon Designs
I love to create things---crafting has been an obsession of mine for years! I seem to go through phases of what I like to make, and my current favorites are designing jewelry, whipping up thrifty home-good items & decorating our little rental cottage---all on a budget, of course---and with a little toddler in tow to boot!

Your not near finished keep clicking  Lulu  and Sharon both have jewelry for sale
LuLu's Designs

Bryanwood Needleworks Boutique pink quilt. Click her site above the pincushion to see both


Visuals by VickieCheck out the Teapot Jewelry and Victorian Gifts on Vickie's website.

SWEET CAROLE HAS  Bits of vintage to take home with you from  her Esty shop A Bohemian Market . After visiting Caroles shop click over to Marydons Blushing Rose Boutique. Also try Books and Stiches for handmade book covers and lots more.

Book and Stitches



Im am a new athomeAmerica specialist. I just found this company is was delighted with there home products. On my site there is a place called the Attic where they have marked downs. Most of these things were over 20$ and are now marked way down.

I have had suegery so im doing most of my Christmas online.Great post!



Here is the link to my shoppe:

My name is Amy and I reside at Bunny Rose Cottage J I am a stay at home mommy of five precious little boys. I love shabby chic and vintage décor. That is the style I create in also. I would love to have you stop by my Etsy Shoppe. I have recently added some Christmas items as well as everyday items. Thanks so much, Bunny Hugs and Nose Twitches ~ Amy

Thank you so much again for being so generous to us online sellers and bloggers!! I really appreciate it!!

Amy Ockert

I hope that you all ENJOY visiting these sites as I do. Also I hope you find something you would like to purchase from them for someone special or even better yourself. lol  Please mention that you heard about them from Grandmayellowhair and let me know if this is something you would like to see once a week.(NO I AM NOT GETTING A CUT FOR DOING THIS) Heck I might just start selling all my antiques on here including myself. I do need to fix the upstairs into a bedroom and it is full of goodies. (There I go again talking about something entirely different)

If you want to  sell items(OK HELP ME OUT WITH THE WORD SELL AND SALE TOO LAZY AND TIRED TO GET UP AND FIND MY DICTIONARY AM I USING THESE WORDS SALE OR SELL RIGHT) on Temptation  Mondays   just email me at   and  send me exactly what you want posted so I can copy and paste that will save me a lot of time. We all need more time now that the holidays are here.  Good Luck with your sales!

Happy Shopping Everyone!
it buys me happiness.. Pictures, Images and Photos

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Just a short post to check on you guys tonight before I turn in. I have always heard do not shop when your hungry or your total at the registrar will be outragious. Well that could be a wise rule  for me to follow. After a long long day at work, I stopped by our local Super Wal Mart and when I got to the check out line and started unloading my buggy I was terribly embarrassed to find nothing but sweets in it. Not one dang thing to fix for supper tonight or  lunch tomorrow just SWEETS.  While I was unloading them onto the counter, I foolishly kept looking around hoping that no one I knew would walk up and say hello and discover the buggy from Candy Land. (Remember that game called Candy Land). Anyway back to the check out counter. Here is an example of what I ended up with cinnamon rolls, blueberry muffins, ice cream sandwiches, oatmeal rasin cookies and Diet Dr Pepper. Now what the heck do you suppose I even went in there for. It sure wasn't to buy sweets but look what I walked out with. What comes over me sometimes is honestly beyond me.
I actully went in there to look for an electric blanket because it is starting to get a little cooler in my part of Texas. Not much but a little bit. I don't have the fool to keep warm anymore so I thought I should invest in a electric blanket. You guessed I never even looked at them because I was too busy loading sweets into the buggy. I guess I am trying to get as big as Little LuLu so I can keep myself warm.
Whats really sad is while I was writing this I ate a ice cream sandwich. NO Control what so ever yet I want to loose weight. I dropped a piece of the ice cream sandwich and it fell down the front of my robe and I reached down to find it and you guessed it. It had fallen inside of the robe and when I looked in to find it I saw rolls. Yes ladies Rolls. Not the kind you eat either. How does one let themself go like this. Wouldn't think after seeing this I would of thrown the rest of the ice cream away. No but heck... no I ate it even faster. If I don't stop this I am going to see if they will let me be on that show The Biggest Losers. God could you see me up there showing all my fat to the whole world and then stepping on those huge scales to weigh. NO way not going to happen. 
So what did I end up having for supper. Desert just desert. I am on a sugar high right now. Oh speaking of sugar yesterday I went to Houston and got the ingredients for the Chocolate Peanut Clusters and Fudge. I use a special chocolate that they do not sell in stores. So Houston is only an hour away and I have to get started making this candy for two lucky winners.
On the way home I got to thinking about the best way to ship it to the winners. Any suggestions for shipping chocolate. I sure do not want it to melt on the way.

Also in between taking care of a few nuts at the Jail I was trying to figure out more about doing a post every week for all of you creative bloggers to sale your wares. I think I will try to post my first one by next Monday so that gives everyone a couple of more days to send me a button of their site or a link to their site and a short description of what they sell or have to offer. Please do not put your husband or children on here to sell because I do not want to get shut down before I even get started. I been trying to think of a name for the post that I would use every Monday to advertise your lovelies. I thought about Temptations Made by Bloggers or Temptations Just Click Away. What do you guys think and suggestions are welcome.  I even thought that not just homemade stuff on here but other bloggers could list something they want to sell. Like their old toe nail clippers or their well used Tweezers. lol Sorry I was thinking about a previous post. Seriously though I am not trying to put Ebay out of business but I thought if I can help any of you make some extra cash then it will be worth the time to do it. I know how times are hard and we are all friends in the blogland or candyland in my case so friends might want to buy from friends instead of always shopping at a place where everyone else will have the same thing as you.  WE all know homemade goodies are so much more appreciated than other gifts.  So we will give it a try for a month and if it does not go over I can always bore you some more with Ms Pearl antics or whatever the heck she creates in my life. Maybe chaos. I sure do need my spellcheck on here. goodness it is too much trouble to carry a dictionary around. You guys maybe will just have to read my post like I read the inmates mail with a lot of imagination to what their trying to spell or say.:)
So if you think you want to list anything on Mondays u can email me at
I have a few friends that have emailed me about adding them so I may just try it out this Monday. Anyway to make this long story short if interested just email me or not. lol

Well my eyes lids are starting to get weak so I will close this for now. Once again Pearl stayed hidden which makes for a boring day but a safer one by far.
Sweet Dreams

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Most of us are starting to shop and making our list and checking it twice and if your like me there is always someone on the list that has everything or just impossible to decide what to give them.
This past month I have been so blessed with discovering new friends and their wonderful sites that I thought why not pick a day or two of the week especially with the holidays here and list what others create and sale on their sites.
How nice it would be to shop while your scanning blogs. Beats the crowds at the malls. Right!
So tonight I will post a few pictures from Shardons Exclusives and give you my email address where you can send me what you would like to be posted from your site, the link to your site  and if this catches on then I can do it all through the year instead of just for the holidays.
Homemade gifts are so much more special than the others. Don't you agree.
Also give me an idea of what day of the week I should post everyone sales and what should I call this post. Help me out ladies.
Okay if you want your site posted once a week on here with your goodies for sale then write me at

Remember the aging post about the mind (well maybe you don't remember it) but anyway I am having one of those moments where I can not remember the sites I wanted to put on here tonight besides Sharons. lol Please forgive me but it was a rough day.  I do remember one sweet lady that had a beautiful pink quilt for sale and for the life of me I can not remember what site it was on.  Maybe she will email me and I can post it.

If you have another minute I will tell you about my day!

I was scheduled to be off today but a female inmate needed to be transported to one of our State Prisons. These transports are the least favorite of my transports but necessary.
This particular young lady had been expecting this day for a while now so she seemed pretty calm when we left the sally port. I would guess that lasted all of ten minutes and she started screaming and kicking the cage in between our seats. I pulled over before I got out of town and tried to talk to her about her silly behavior and how she was only making things worse because we had a long way to go.
I really wanted to tell her that I had promised you guys that Ms. Pearl was on a long extended vacation and please don't make her return from it early. hahaha
Back on the highway she starts talking to me and I figure okay I can handle the talking better than the kicking the cage. She starts telling me all kinds of stuff and what a hard life she has lived. Then this woman starts talking to me about the men she has had and how she will miss that locked up. I am thinking GEEZZ Marie WHY ME!  She then wants to know about my sex life. Can you imagine that. I laughed and told her I was single and alone so nothing to tell. You would of thought I had told her something really funny because she started laughing so hard she said she was going to pee in her pants. I told her to hold it until we could find a place to stop. Lord only me.
I barely had that out of my mouth and she starts her kicking again. I am thinking okay please Lord let my ex-husband walk across the highway right this minute so I can run over him. hahahaha
Now I have a headache from you know where and I start treating her like a kid hoping she would shut the screaming up and the kicking. I ask her what would it take (yes I offered a bribe) to settle her down. Talk about getting someone's attention. I had hers then. She said, "I can not scream or kick while I am eating!"
It took me about ten seconds to pull into a fast food place and when Jack ask me what would I like I said, " GIVE ME ONE OF EVERYTHING AND PLEASE HURRY!"
I know what your thinking but sometimes YOU DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO!
The rest of the trip was not to bad and she got full and I got rid of my headache. Best of all Ms Pearl stayed on her much needed vacation.


Sunday, November 15, 2009


Hope all you are having a great weekend and doing what you enjoy doing.
This was my weekend off from the Sheriff's Dept and so I was able to attend the wedding of my nephew last night. It was about a two hour drive from where I live but even though I hate attending events like this by myself I dolled myself up as most as I could and went on my merry way.

It was a sweet wedding outside in a park and it is always fun to watch a young couple so in love say their vows.

I said my Congrat's and after the dinner I headed back to the country. It was about 9pm on a two lane road when I noticed the car in front of me swerving over into the other lane. This is a road with lots of curves and small hills and not good for some one who has been drinking.  After several miles of following him I called 911 and reported my location and what was happening. I explained to them how he kept going over into the other lane and just barely able to make it back into our lane before a car would come over the hill. They ask me to follow him and stay close as I could and they would send a Officer to that area.
This is about 15 miles from a town so I new that it could be a few minutes. The situation continued to get worse so YOU GUESSED IT  Ms. Pearl came alive and decided she had to somehow get this idiot off the rode. When I found the location that I thought would be safe, I managed to pull up to his vehicle and somehow got him off the rode. It took several tries but he pulled onto the side.
Ms. Pearl jumped out of her vehicle and ran to his door and the window was down and he was really drunk and REALLY a BIG Man. I reached over the steering wheel to grab his keys out and before I knew it I was pulled inside of the car through his window. How that happened that quick has still got me spinning. Mind you I am in a dress and high heels wrestling with a drunk in his front seat. Totally out of my mind. Not sure how long he and I were in the car together fighting over the keys when a Trooper pulled up and opened the passenger side door and I tumbled out of the car onto the ground. That poor Trooper did not know who to arrest.
By the time I fell out of the car Ms. Maggie had somehow come back and probably looked like she had escaped from some mental hospital and so she  tried to straighten up her dress and find her shoes and explain to the Trooper what had just happened. What saved me with him was the 911 call had filled him in on the situation.
Need I have to say DO NOT TRY this at home or anytime. It was very foolish and I am still mad at MS Pearl for not thinking before she leaps. Geez Marie I am so lucky the Trooper showed up when he did.
After he handcuffed the idiot and put him in the car he told me in all his years of service he had never seen anything quite like this. I was too embrassed to even tell him where I worked in fear he might call the Sheriff and explain to him that I needed counseling.
So this morning I am moving real slow and feel like this!!!

Honestly there is not a place on this body of mine that is not sore. I feel like a two ton truck ran over me and backed up and did it again.

I can still hear that idiot asking the Trooper who was that woman and why did she jump in the car with him. lol

Needless to say Maggie is still angry with Ms Pearl and feels like Barney Fife this morning.   

Enjoy your day

Friday, November 13, 2009


Another post about how to handle getting older.
Tonights issue will cover the problems you can encounter with the mind.

First before I start about the mind I want to thank all you for your comments and I hope that everyone can help with these issues by leaving comments.
Remember this is suppose to be a learning experience!
Ok where to start with the mind thing. I guess yesterday would be a good start and go from there. Remember the post before about the hair issues and a comment was left by JOJO to just carry your tweezers around with you. Well I thought that was a really smart thing to start doing espeically working in the public and not wanting the hair to show on my chinny chin chin. An Officer brings in a guy with a warrant and he ask me for my handcuff key. I reach into the pocket I keep my key in  and handed him my tweezers. The look on his face was priceless and it took me a minute or two to realize what I had done.  (Thanks JOJO)
Then today I am trying to click on Shardon Exclusives to visit her site and her site was not posted in my friends I visit list.  Now how could her name not be there when I love her and her site. I felt terrible and so forgetful but what was even worse when I went to her site I had not joined it yet. Scary very Scary that my mind is seemly slipping slowly.
Is this a problem you all have too or not?
Also I think that the older I get, the braver I get with doing things that are pretty silly or ridculous. For example, not to long ago I worked in a prison and our Warden was a big country Teddy Bear but he thought he was the roughest cowboy in Texas and that we all feared him. One day I noticed he was limping and I ask the Captain what happen to him. He laughed and said that he had fallen from his horse the day before and was madder than all get out about it. (I guess its a Texas thing about staying on your horse) Well that evening on my way home from work I went to a Five and Dime Store and bought him a Stick Horse. I attached a note to it saying "See if You Can Stay On This One!"  The next morning before he showed up for work I tied the stick horse to his desk.
Needless to say when he went into his office and found it you would of thought an Inmate had escaped as loud as that man was screaming. lol
First place he went was to find me.
The day he retired I remember watching him carry out that stick horse with his other belongings.

Back to the future......About a week ago a woman is arrested and when I am taking her handcuffs off she gets really aggitated and arguementive. She is threatening to kick my a.... all over the station so like before I knew it Ms. Pearl comes to the surface and tells this woman that is bigger than most men to come on with it. Ms Pearl even went as far as taking her utility belt off and motions with her hands to the woman to come on. Immediately I knew that I had lost my mind. Why would I do something that stupid. Thank God that woman remembered where she was and backed off. Later my partner shakes his head at me and I told him no need to scold me I was going to do enough of that to myself.
It's like I sometimes I turn into Katy Bates in the movie Green Fried Tomatoe's
where she keeps ramming those teenagers volkswagon because they got her parking space and she makes a remark about being older and having more insurance.
Another issue with my mind and wondering if you too do this but I can put something away where I think it is safe and for the life of me when I need it there is no way I can find it.  The sad thing is I might have just did it. Scary really scary.
I can not tell you how many times I have put cookies in the oven and walked off and left them there until they are toooooo hard to eat. Just tonight I thought I would try to make some Quesidillas and put them on and started doing some cleaning. I guess Dotty Forrest (my dog) will get these. She will love them.
The old farm house I live in has one of those old locks on it where it locks when you close the door. Take a guess how man times I have had to get the ladder and climb into the second floor window I have now hidden several keys outside. I know your thinking will she remember where they are. Right!~
My question is to all of you is this normal for someone my age or do these issues even have anything to do with age.  lol
Now its your turn to tell me about some of your experiences.




I thought for my next post about aging we would discuss the mind! This morning I have to finish the burning of the barn and other chores but will be back later.
Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


This post is about getting older! There will be parts of it that are not for the weak or the really young. I feel that before you keep reading you should be  fore warned and MAYBE stop now and click to another site.

For those that have been so sweet to follow my blog you have read where I have been wanting to talk to someone about aging. First of all I am Not a VAIN person so please do not take it that way but there are issues that I have been wanting to just ask others about and see if they have the same thoughts as myself.

This maybe be one of those post that I will have to continue into  another post because believe me I do have a lot of questions and issues that lets just all talk about and see if we can help each other.

I mean for example these are the areas I would like to cover. Pretty long list so I am sure it will be to be continued.

Okay first of all theres the Mind, the Hair, the Face, the Skin, the Butt, the Middle Section, the Legs, the Feet, the Bladder, and of course the Boobs.

I am sure I have left some areas out but probably will remember them later.

For those of you who are still with me I guess we should start with the Hair problems first.  Just the other day I put on my reading glasses and looked into the mirror. (I hardly ever do it and don't reccommend it) Anyway there they were, three white eyelashes. Now I know this may sound stupid but honestly that was a real shock to me and it was not easy to absorb. Your thinking geez how naive is this woman. Well I guess pretty naive because I never dreamed I would start getting white eyelashes. I know its only three now but next week it could be whole eye.  I mean for several years now I have had to deal with my hair on my head turning white but now the eyes. OH and not only the eyelashes but the eyebrows. My big problem is, I was born with cold black hair and so my eyebrows are black but now they are getting those durn white hairs in them. You laugh but white and black eyebrows and eyelashes just don't look good. Your thinking well Mags there is eye makeup but when I was growing up I use to stare at my mothers sister,Aunt Birdie, because I guess she painted on her eyebrows. You can laugh but as kid this was a tramatic experience and one I still have not forgotten. You all say well pluck them that worked at first but now there are way too many and I would have lots of holes.
Not only is there a problem with the eyebrows and eyelashes but for at least a year now I have had some hair coming out on my chinny chin chin. Even worse than that but on the tops of my lipline. Geez Marie I am not 89 ladies! I am only in my very very early 60's like maybe a year older than 60. I still can not bring myself to say it or write it.
The one place where I would not care if they all turned white and so far I have not found any is my legs. I mean I can wear pants or even shave now and then. (I have to admit to you all that since I single that is not every day or every other day  thing for me)
It only figures where you do not care if it is white it doesn't happen there. Right!
Lets see have I left out any of the hair things I wanted to discuss. Oh yeah I have noticed that some women as they get older their hair gets thinner. So far knock on this hard head of mine I have not noticed that yet.  But others of you may have that problem so I wanted to mention it so we could all be adult women and discuss whatever of these issues that bother us and what you do to solve your issues. We could all learn something from this post and that is why I am writing it. Useful info is never wasted.

Well I was going to continue on to another one of the things on my list but 3:30 comes really early so I hate to do it but TO BE CONTINUED!

Ladies I did notice that I have almost 50 followers and I did promise that if before Thanksgiving if I had 50 followers I would have TWO Giveaways of Chocolate Instead of One
So it looks like it will be two!
Midnight Thanksgiving is the Deadline!
I never dreamed I would have 5 followers by Thanksgiving. lol  You all sure fooled me. I can not thank all of you enough for all the kind wonderful comments you have left me.  Please know I read everyone and try to answer them too.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Carole at A Bohemian Market
is a sweetheart for awarding this Kreativ Blogger award to me. I know this sounds corny ladies but I am not sure I deserve this but TICKLED PINK to get it.
If you have not had a chance to visit her site please do. You will enjoy A Bohemian Market as I have.
The rules are listed below for each person that receives this and I do follow rules but picking out seven bloggers when I have over thirty creative people following me is just too hard for me.  So Sweet Carole said I could award all my followers with this award.  Take it and post it on your creative sites because all of you are talented and deserve it. Also good luck picking out your SEVEN. lol

The rules are: ~thank this person who nominated you for the award~copy the logo and place it on your blog~link to the person who nominated you~name 7 things about yourself that people may not know~nominate 7 creative bloggers~post their links~leave a comment on each So lets see, 7 things you may not know about me. Hmmm......This could be hard since it seems on here that I am a open book.
1.) I am short (5'1") and most of my life I wanted to be a tall with long pretty legs. When I graduated high school I interviewed to be a flight attendent but back then you had to be tall to work for the airlines. Now just my luck you can be any size. Hmmmmm I wonder about age!
2.) I hate to admit it but given a choice I would eat desert first. Even do sometimes.
3.) I was terribly shy growing up and pretty shy until my early 40's. Under certain circumstances I am still that way.
4.) I once owned a ceramic shop and I always regretted giving it up. The shop was a fun place.
5.) Before my husband left I was writing a book. I only wrote one chapter after that and some day after I get to know all of you better, I will tell you what it was about. (The chapter that is) I have always wanted to start writing on it again or another one book..
6.) As a young girl I always thought that I was born in Maine and not the Texas coast. Drove my mother crazy me thinking that. I would tell her that I felt like I belonged on the East Coast. Crazy right.
7.) In the last month I have found a lot of happiness visiting all of your sweet blogs and reading your comments on mine.  Never thought I would post a blog much less enjoy it.