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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Idiot Doctor!

Kaci was busy Saturday dying Easter eggs. I think she did a great job!

                                   Chad and Andrea left and came back with me some pretty Salvia.

                                    Never tried planting tomato plants in a pot but look what happened when I did. lol

Just wanted to post and let you know that Christi says she is doing pretty good considering what happened on Good Friday. Keeps telling me not to worry. They found out the woman that beat her is a Stripper at some club there in the Austin area. What I would give to have a chance to meet this woman but better I don't.

Hope all of you had a wonderful Easter. Hard to believe April and Easter are already gone and May will be here soon. Don't forget my giveaway for the chocolate ends on May 1st. 

Last Wednesday my pain doctor did four injections into my back for my pain. He told me it should work in a day or two so I was excited that I might get some relief. Well that will be a week tomorrow and I have had no relief as of yet. Hope there is still hope from these injections. But I have my doubts.

I really got upset this afternoon at 5pm when his nurse called me to inform me that Dr. Fino had called my Captain and my workers comp adjuster and made arrangements for me to go back to work again with plenty of restrictions. This is what he did for me two weeks ago and I ended up in the emergency room.

During my visit with him last Wednesday we talked about going back to work and we agreed to wait until after he sees me on May 2nd to see if the injections work. The man went back on this agreement and now I am I guess going back before then. This doctor is such a jerk. He has no clue whether or not these injections worked and I gather could care less.

It is time for me to get a good attorney. One that will listen to me and understand my problems with dealing with doctors that don't listen to me. His nurse had the gall to tell me that he was putting lots of restrictions on my return to work including rest every hour even lying down if I needed where does this idiot think I am going to lay down in the Shriff's Office. Does she think they have cots sitting around for workers like me or do they open a cell and let me share a bunk with the inmates. What are these people thinking?

I told her it took me all day today just to get dressed and feel like a human being. I was actually crying today  when she called which is something I rarely do but today and yesterday the pain has really been bad.

Anyway sorry for this post but I am just so tired of putting up with this crap. They are just trying to get me to quit because they know I am in too much pain to work yet this doctor who obiviously works for them says I can under lots of restrictions. I would love to see him and his nurse work one hour in my position. Just one hour is all I am asking. hahahaha

It just makes me mad that he and I agreed on waiting until after the 2nd and he goes behind my back and makes arrangements with my Captain for me to return. What kind of doctor does that?

I think I can change one time with workers comp for a doctor so I know I will be changing but the thing is I will be changing to another one of their doctors. I can't win for loosing.

If I end up in the emergency room again I promise you Ms. Pearl knows how to find that doctors office without my help. lol

Sweet Dreams

Monday, April 25, 2011

I Am Sooooo Angry!

Thank you for all the sweet Easter comments. I needed them more than I can say. In all honesty I hesitate to do this post. Yet I can not remember when I have been this angry. I almost feel like a hypocrite for posting about our most prescious Jesus Christ Ascension and then turn around the next post with so much anger in me.

I can hear my mother right now telling some woman years ago you can try to walk all over me but when it comes to my kids you better think twice. Now I know exactly what she meant by this remark.

Good Friday my daughter Christi and her boyfriends sister were driving into her apartment complex. There was a couple and a young child walking in the middle of the road inside the apartment complex and completely took up the rode where Christi could not go around. She told me she drove behind them waiting for them to get over so she could pass but they never would. Finally she was just about at her garage door when they moved out of the way and Christi went around them and pulled into her garage.

Before she knew it the woman from the road had ran up to Christi screaming and cursing. She mentioned something about Christi's little sports car and her thinking she was better than them. Also yelling that she had put her child in danger by going around them.

Christi kept asking her what she did wrong but the woman just kept screaming and kept getting closer to her face and one thing lead to another and Christi pushed her away from her face. Then Christi turned to go into the house and the girl grabbed Christi by her hair and pulled her down and beat her in the back of her head over and over until Christi's boyfriend and sister somehow managed to pull her off.

Then the woman's boyfriend or husband gets involved and pushes Jason's sister really hard and I think to the ground. Somehow Jason manages to get them inside and calls the police.

Two units showed up because someone else had already called the police. Christi told her side the woman told hers and the police obviously did not want to go to the trouble of an arrest because they told Christi since she pushed the woman first then if she filed Assault against the woman then Christi was going to jail too.

As far as I know Christi has never ever been in a fight or gone to jail. She was crying and hurt while this was going on but the police did not want to hear her side. Even though this happened in Christi's garage and Christi had a big goose egg knot on the back of her head.

Thank goodness Jason took Christi to the emergency room and had her looked at both that night and the next day. She keeps telling me she is okay but just really hurting and even some of her hair was falling out.

They were suppose to come to my house Easter Sunday for dinner and I was going to meet Jason's sister from California for the first time. Due to Christi's injury they did not come and I paced the floors wanting to go to her but she kept telling me not too.

I can not tell you how angry this made me. I can take a lot and have taken a lot but when it comes to my children then it is a whole other story. Honestly I am ashamed of the anger I am feeling towards that couple.
I know their type because I have booked ones just like them hundreds of times. Mean to the bone. They think we owe them something and they live off of our tax money.

It is a good thing that I lived 90 miles from this woman at the time I heard this and that I could barely walk because of my pain or I am pretty sure I would of gone to Austin and would of ended up in jail myself.  Never have I wanted to not turn the other cheek like I have in this situation. Ashamed yes I am but they hurt my baby for no reason and it appalls me that they got away with it.

Also how do I know this is over with. People like this don't forget and they go back and hurt again. I told Christi to start immediately to get out of that lease and away from those idiots. I also told her to get a restraining order today on them but as of this writing I don't know what has been done.

While writing this I noticed how tight my jaws were and my teeth jammed together like someone ready to fight. My daughter's first mistake was pushing the woman but of course I understand when some one is screaming in your face that is a first reaction. Her second mistake was turning her back to her. Since Christi is such a good person and never been in a fight had no clue how you don't turn your back on someone like this.

Oh how I wish when she saw that woman running up to her that she would of ran for her back door instead of trying to talk to this crazy idiot. I know I over re-acted when I was being told this story but this is three days later and I am still furious.

What kind of world do we live in now? So sad and scary.

Forgive me Lord for my anger and help me to remember to love my neighbor and to somehow forgive these people.

Thanks to you I have vented and I know that you will pray that my daughter can heal not only outside but inside because being assaulted like this takes a very long time to get over and sometimes you never do.

Love to all

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

The meaning of Easter is Jesus Christ's victory over death. His resurrection symbolizes the eternal life that is granted to all who believe in Him. The meaning of Easter also symbolizes the complete verification of all that Jesus preached and taught during His three-year ministry. If He had not risen from the dead, if He had merely died and not been resurrected, He would have been considered just another teacher or Rabbi. However, His resurrection changed all that and gave final and irrefutable proof that He was really the Son of God and that He had conquered death once and for all.

Love to all

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Remember our Troops!

It has been too long since I have asked for prayers for our troops. Lying in bed this past week in pain I thought my pain was nothing compared to the pain in the hearts of our troops and their families because of the miles that seperate them from each other at Easter.

Let's all thank Almighty God for the women and men that are putting themselves in harms way for us and of course our freedom.  Pray for their safe return to our wonderful country and their loved ones that miss them so much.

I know that there are wifes and husbands who reach over in the night for their spouses and only to find the bed empty. Tears must feel their eyes and the hurt in their heart must be overwhelming. 

In the other bedroom they can hear their little boy or girl crying softly for their daddies or mommies and it only adds to their pain. When you pray for these soldiers ask God to comfort their families and give them the strength to endure such pain and loneliness.

Since those three days that I returned to work and ended up in the emergency room I have had more bed time than I would like to admit to you. It does give you lot's of time to think about others and their lives. I also have been worried about all of you that live in or around the horrible weather that hit a lot of states a weekend ago. One lady I thought of was Patti  who has the blog Arkansas Patti.. I knew she lived alone and I worried if she was okay. Patti was kind enough to send me a email letting me know she was fine.

I talked to my son Clint last night and he mentioned that Kaci's blood sugars have been running too low at night so please add her to your prayers.  What a ordeal it is to have diabetes! I know that a lot of you have the same problems and I pray each night God finds a cure for this disease.

My brother Gary that so many of you prayed for is at MD Anderson today to have his feeding tube removed. He has been doing really good since his treatments ended. I still can't believe how much weight he lost but thanks to all of you and your prayers I truly believe he is going to be healthy again.

One thing I did think about while lying in bed was how God has given us a tool to connect with hundreds of friends that we would of never met or loved with out Blogging. It not only has helped me to solve a lot of issues in my life but it has brought me such love. I know I am repeating myself but there is a true blessing when all of us pray for each other. Lifting our friends on here up in prayer has to be the most reward any of us receive from blogging. Because of your prayers and God's healing my brother is well today. Thank you for being my friend.

Love to all

Friday, April 15, 2011

Back In Time!

This past week I have been distracted, lazy and somewhat lost. Do you ever have those days when it seems you just want to hide from the world? I mean the kind where you can't show up for anything. Nothing gets done, the creative juices don't flow, your cats lucky if she gets fed. hahaha

No matter how bad I get at not showing up believe Tinkerbell would not let me skip one of her meals.

So this feeling I have has even effected my blog. Should I take a break from it to like so many others or should I just bore you with my humdrum life. Is that a word humdrum?

This morning I thought it was getting close to my blog anniversary so I went back in time to my first post. It was written on Friday May 1, 2009.

With the help of copy and paste I can share this post with you today. Forgive me if you have already read it but since there were no comments I figured it is safe to say it is still a virgin post and much shorter than the ones I do now.

May 1, 2009

Sitting here now looking at the blank page I can not help but wonder why am I wanting to do a blog and what will it be about. I suppose a lot of you have had these same thoughts and understand. Honestly my seven year old granddaughter Kaci sent me an invitation to her blog and I after enjoying hers I viewed others and now here I am trying it myself. As for what will I post on my blog will be a surprise to me as well as you. Just giving my blog a name took a lot out of me so bare with me for a while and these post may start peaking your interest. A little about me. I am in what everyone calls the third age of life. Just one of many baby boomers trying to gather all the pieces of my life and figure out how I got to this third age so fast. Along the path to old age I managed to do a few things right.(Notice I said a few things) The best thing I brought to this life is my three wonderful children who are all grown now and living their own lives and not making near the mistakes I made while I was their ages. Out of my three children my middle son Clint is married with two remarkable children of his own. They call me Grandma Yellow Hair. Kaci I mentioned earlier is in the first grade and Bailey turned 5 not too long ago and goes to a pre kindergarden at a church school I live alone now except for my cat Tinkerbell and a pretty blue healer that lives on the property. I lived in town until my best friend and husband left years ago for his child hood sweetheart so now after years of trying to figure all that out I know now they deserve each other. Now I live in a 100 year old farm house surrounded by of course a white picket fence and oak trees older than the home. Having to give up my home was hard but God blessed me with finding this place to live and I am happy. Retirement age is here but I still work. I am in law enforcement and there is never a dull day at work. I work as a correctional officer at a nearby county and not a day goes by that I don't ask myself What the Heck am I doing here? Maybe the next post I will tell you about the two murderers that I have had to deal with in the last two weeks. So there you have it a little bit of myself and hope in time my post get better. Sweet dreams.....Maggie

Hope you enjoyed my very first post and now since I feel so out of it lets have some fun! It has been a long time since I made candy so it is time for another chocolate giveaway.....

What day did you start this crazy wild exciting world of blogging? Have you written faithfully or have you taken breaks from it and come back later when you could not stand not knowing what was going on with your friends?   Answer these two questions and  comment on this post and I will enter you in a drawing for some of Ms Ruby's Chocolate! You will have your pick of the fudge or the peanut clusters.

Put this giveaway on your sidebar and come back here to this post telling me how excited you are that it is on your sidebar and your entered twice.

I need my creative juices flowing and to Just Show Up maybe having this giveaway will be good for me too!
Let's end it on May 1, 2011 at midnight central standard time!
Good Luck and

Love to all

PS.....Thanks to Marydon at Blushing Rose I have some new funnies on my Laugh Page. You can find the page under my headboard. Check them out especially the video but you will have to turn the my playlist off to hear the video. Too funny

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

No Bluebonnets but Roo is here!

The county I live in is famous for it's Blue Bell Ice Cream and our state flower the Bluebonnets but this year the Bluebonnets are few and far between. Here on the way back from Warrenton/Round Top Show in early March we found a small patch while visiting Sharon's mothers grave site.

Neither one of us could walk very far so the show was not enjoyed this time but maybe in the fall.

This is me hiding behind a big hat that comes with me on most of my trips to Warrenton. 

My friend Sharon wearing her favorite color pink. Isn't she beautiful! Everyone always ask if we are sister's and sometimes we just say Yes! lol

Gosh after my trip to the emergency room that day seems like it was months ago instead of last month. I could actually get up and down .....hahaha

Yesterday I went to two doctors appointments one only to ask me why I came to see him. Duh  I had no choice he was the workman's comp doctor. He initially saw me when I first had my accident and like before he was no help.  Also saw the famous pain doctor who sent me back to work too soon.  I so wanted Ms. Pearl to come out on him but dang the ole woman hides when I need her. Gave that some thought on the way home and all I can figure is she is so doped up and laid back now that by the time she realizes she should speak up the moment is over with. Who knows why she is quiet sometimes and louder than a wildcat the next.

So good ole pain doctor decides that I should come back in a week for some injections in my muscles and maybe that will help. He thinks I should stay off work for now too. Wonder what made him make that decision.
I dread the thought of this man giving me any kind of injection especially in a muscle.

Called my Captain to tell him their force back to work thing would have to wait at least another week. I could tell he was disappointed because I know their short handed. Actually plenty of people just not enough workers. What's that saying too many chief's not enough Indians.

I tried to explain to the doctors that there is no light duty in a sheriffs department but that went in one ear and out the other. I told them about the violent inmate who tried to beat himself to death with his own fist that did grab their attention but only for a second.  Actually I can't get that picture out of my brain. It has had a major impact on me because in all my years of law enforcement I have never seen anyone actually use their own fist to beat theirselves up. Horrible never want to see that again.

Well my friends it is in the middle of the night and I have been to bed twice but sleep will not come because of the pain so I thought I would do a post so I could touch base with all of you and to Thank You for all the comments, emails, phone calls and cards. You are the best friends ever and one main reason for blogging.

Let me end this on a Happy note. Our sweet friend  Libbie, at The Middlest Sister site had a darling baby boy last week and she named him Roo.  Roo has a beautiful sister Annie, and two very active brothers Bo and Rocco. Libbie honey aren't you glad you have sister Kate to babysit that is when she is not playing professional football.   Kate has the blog Auntie Cakes and one of things on my bucket list is to watch her play a game. I hurt all over thinking of her playing pro football.

Is that not the cutest baby boy you have ever seen.  If you can go by and see this adorable little guy and congradulate Libbie. I love Libbie and her family. They adopted me via internet and now I have Sisters in MN. lol  If it weren't so darn cold there I would re-locate but then I would miss my adorable family.  

Love to all


Friday, April 8, 2011

Emergency Room!

To all of you that have been so supportive of my return to work status I so appreciate you! Your comments as always have been the best ever.

Yesterday morning (Thursday) I woke up about three and when I got out of bed to walk to the restroom I was limping.  I thought oh jeezzz what now but went back to bed. Then at seven when the alarm went off I could barely raise up to get out of bed and when I did I was bent over.

It did not take a reading from one of those Dummy books to figure out that I had over done it the last three days at work. I knew I had no choice but to go to work so I somehow managed to put my uniform on drive as far as my brother Billy's house which is about 8 miles away. His sweet wife Linda then drove me to work .
I stayed in the car while she went inside to talk to the Captain.

He told her to take me to the pain management doctor which was 90 miles away. I then called the pain doctor and he was not in his office on Thursday and they suggested I just go to the emergency room.
In the emergency room they gave me an injection of Demeral and Phenergan and some tablets of Prednisone. Also a Vicodin Pack to take home. My orders were to not to return to work until I follow up with my doctor.

The Demeral kicked in pretty darn fast so I was able to sleep a few hours when I got home.

This morning I am not as bent over as I was yesterday. Yesterday morning I felt like I was bent as a large oak tree trying to touch the ground.

The pain management doctor that released me to work can not see me until 9:30 am Tuesday and the workers comp doctor can not see me until Tuesday afternoon so somehow I have to be in College Station Tuesday morning and back here that afternoon for this doctors visit.

Gretchen is checking on me when she takes break and will go to the store for me this afternoon. Right now I am headed back to bed but I know how worried you guys have been by the emails I am receiving so I wanted to touch base with you.

I guess now I am off work again until at least Wednesday. Who knows I feel so in limbo with these doctors.

Sending gooooooooooooooood thoughts to you for a wonderful weekend.

Love to all

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

OH What A Day!

Hope you are having a good week! Thought since I could not sleep yet I would fill you in on What's New with my going back to work!

Only the third day back at the Sheriff's Office and all Hell broke loose when they brought in a young man acting so violently that he was a danger not only to us but himself.

I thought that my light duty assignment would be stuck off somewhere out of the loop but I was never more wrong in my thinking. I am right in the big middle of where everything takes place.

Today on the radio a Deputy tells me to get things lined up for him he was bringing in a violent male that would take assistantance in getting him inside the jail. I had maybe three minutes to get as many Officer's I could for back up to that area. My job was radio, phones, monitors and doors so I had to forget my pain and make sure everything was done exactly right and in prefect sync with the Officers to avoid someone getting hurt by something I might not have done right.

I managed to get the sally port doors opened and closed in the right amount of time. It was then that I had to make sure the other doors going out to the sally port were unlocked and being a whole new work area that I was not familar with it was quite the experience of trying to make sure every door was opened and shut in the right amount of time. Plus I am dealing with this and then at the same time I have other Officers trying to get in from another section of the building and I am having to switch computer screens back and forth and monitor the cameras and even now while I am reliving it I get totally wired up.

They bring him in and take him to the Violent cell and their yelling at me to unlock the Violent cell. Well like I mentioned this is my third day back and when I was there before my accident our doors were all opened by keys now the jail is completely different with the new 4 million addition so no one has trained me on completely on controlling these doors through this computer. So here I am trying in seconds to find a door on the computer that might be marked Violent Cell. Looking at the screen is like looking at some kind of maze with lots of doors and numbers next to these doors. Problem is their all the same size and their all in grey color which makes finding one door your not familar with pretty darn hard. I knew about what area it was probably lcated and I switched the screen to it and got lucky enough to find it just as they were rounding the corner and I caught them on camera and managed to get the door opened at the exact time they needed it.

The first thing they had to do was strip him of his clothes because he had a history of suicide attempts. He is fighting them the whole time and when you have a person on drugs their four times as strong as you are and it takes at least six men to control him and their all putting in every bit of their strength they have to keep someone from getting hurt.

He is now locked in the padded violent cell and I look at the monitor and he is hitting himself over and over with his fist with blows to his face. I have worked in law enforcement almost 20 years but never have I seen anyone beating theirselve up like this young man. The blows he was giving himself was incredible. I start at once getting everyone back to that area and once again I open the door for them to go in again. This time it is even harder to control him because you can imagine if he can stand there and beat himself up what he can do to an officer.

With a lot of work but professionally they put him in the suicide chair and bring him up front to where I am so he can be watched face to face instead of the monitors. I am like oh my God their bringing him up here to where I am. Yep he is right out the door where I am working and I now have him to watch plus the computer screen where everybody is hollaring open this door, then another area someone is hollaring open this door and I am like why oh why did they force me to come back to this.

Now the young man in the suicide chair goes from cussing and screaming to crying that he just wants to die. It is heart wrenching to watch a young man in probably early twenties so crazy like this. I assume his brain has been fried on drugs.

Straight up 3 pm I scoot my chair back and said "Who is taking the driving seat now because I am out of here!" Normally I would never leave with something going on like this but my time was up along with my pain level and I had to get out the door.

I do know after today and dealing with all that stress that it made my pain level go to 10 in a matter of minutes. lol.....

Driving away from there today all I could think about was no wonder they forced me back to work. Who else are they going to get to put up with such crap. I mean here I was watching a young crazy man stand naked in a cell trying his best to beat himself to death. How sad to be this young man and how sad to have to watch and deal with him also..

Just think I am lucky enough to be back there tomorrow morning.

Sweet Dreams

Monday, April 4, 2011

My Prayer Bench!

Thanks to all of your prayers I made it through my first day back at work! As you can see from the picture above my prayer bench is well worn. lol...Before the week is over I am sure this worn out spot will have grown.

My pain level is considerably higher today of course than yesterday because of the four hour shift and the hour on the rode. Everything has changed since my last day there and I will have to be totally re-trained for even the light duty I have been assigned too. They spent 4 million on renovations and a new building and nothing is the same.

I hate to admit how long it took me to put on my uniform for work today. Jeezzzz I am going to have to get faster at this. I did notice I need a new utility belt and bigger pants.

All in all I was treated fair! I could tell that a few resented me coming back and put on light duty but I expected it from the ones that did. Funny how no matter where you work there is always that few.

When I was leaving they were bringing in a female from prison back to our facility and I recognized her as a female I had booked in for murdering her live in boyfriend almost two years ago. She shot him in the head while he was sleeping. He did not die immediately and so while I was booking her for Attempted Murder I received the phone call that he had died so then I had to re-book her for Murder. I still remember that morning as if it happened yesterday. So it was strange seeing her this afternoon. I guess tomorrow I will find out why she is back here instead of prison. Who Knows?

I had Gary move the prayer bench down stairs for me so it would be easier to use but I have not found where I want to put it. Right now it is sitting in the master bedroom near a book shelf.

I bought this bench with this finish and keep thinking I might redo it but then again I like it this way too. What do you think? I gave thirty dollars for it out at the Warrenton/Round Top Show and believe me it is the best thirty dollars I have ever spent.

This years show is already over with as of yesterday. I missed going out there and walking around like I usually do but the show returns in 6 months. lol  I did ride out there with Sharon one day to pick up some things she bought so I will share some pictures of us on another post.

I am going to rest for now but promise in the next few days I will catch up with everyone that I possibly can.
Thanks as always for visiting me and leaving your kind and sometimes hilarious comments.

Please pray for my friend Sybil in Box, England. She has the blogA Day In the Life Of Syb's. The last few weeks I have been worried about her since she had not posted. Then yesterday I found that her dear sister Sarah had suddlenly passed away so Sybil really needs our prayers. What a sweetheart she is and I wish I could give her a big hug.

Off to rest my back for now

Love to all

Saturday, April 2, 2011

No More Braless and Haggard Days!

braless Pictures, Images and Photos

Well my bra less and haggard days come to an end tomorrow. Remember I was talking about a certain doctor who seems to be 12 shy a dozen well I have fool proof of that now. He sent the Sheriff's Office a work status that I could work four hours a day with lots of restrictions. The Sheriff's Office decided hey sounds good let's get her back here never mind she is constant pain from her injury.

On one hand I look forward to returning to work since I had no intention of not working for several years to come but on the other hand I can not for the life of me figure how I will cope with four hours of not being able to rest or lay down. I guess by Monday afternoon at three I will have figured that concern out. If it were maybe one or two days a week I might not be so worried but it is five days a week and on those same days I will be doing two hours of therapy. Believe me those techs at therapy take their jobs very seriously and there is a full two hours of stressful excercise.

I talked to an attorney and she said this is what they call a forced back to work before the worker is completely healed. She said it is their way of either terminating you for not taking the part time offer or that you will be in such pain when you do work that you will quit. She also said a lot of employers will be so mean to someone when they come back that they just quit. I honestly don't think that the Sheriff's department where I work would sink that low and if they do Ms. Pearl will rear her ugly head and then only God knows what will take place then.

Gretchen came over last night to cheer me up and eat some Bananna Pudding Ice Cream and to see how she could help me get ready to return to work. Well we decided I should try on my uniforms since I have been complaining about gaining weight since my fall. Yep I was right about that....only one pair of pants fit me and they are tight. Good grief!!!! Give me another scoop of that ice cream.

It is always fun to here stories about her acting, writing and school days. She went to college in Boston and Europe. One year in college she lived in a castle that was owned by the school. It was where the students stayed and even had a mote. Can you imagine living in a castle while in college. It was in a small village right out of Amsterdam. They closed the castle down on weekends so all the students traveled the country until back to classes on Mondays.

She loves coming over here and sitting on my porch and us share stories. I know I love it even more because what a delightful young lady to have for a friend and neighbor. Plus she encourages me on my writing and we talk about ways to help each other. I promised her even though I will be working again I will do my best to write every day.

I had to laugh at her last night because she did a few skits for me from her screen play she is writing. Also she wanted to talk about us putting in a small garden here just for the two of us. She wants to do it in pots. I think this young lady is good for me. Only thing is she still has her mind set on buying some fainting goats for us to walk around with. hahaha

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

Love to all