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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Missing You!

                                       Well they say a picture is worth a thousand words!

Truly I do miss you and wonder how you are doing! I would be lying to you if I told you things have slowed down on the North Forty. If nothing else I would say the next two weeks will be even crazier.

Today a crew is coming to work on the three chimneys out here on this ole farm house I live in. For a while now they have been moving away from the house which is not good. The one up front has moved a good six inches in a year so I think dealing with it could be a dangerous job. I am not sure whether to be inside or out while they work on it. If it falls it will take the wall with it. I just pray that does not happen because I can not imagine how crazy my life would be then plus I worry some one might get seriously hurt.

My landlady stayed last week too and left Friday. She is in Dallas this week for the Glenn Beck rally. Thank goodness I did not have to go with her. lol

I think after that she may go home to Nevada. Not sure because after they level these chimneys she has ordered a crew to come in a put a new tin roof on this house so if it takes three days to level these three chimneys I can just only imagine it being three days to do this big steep roof. If I could crawl in bed and cover my head up for the next week or more I would try it.

Then I need a carpenter out here to fix the ceilings that the rain has damaged. Just finding one that is not too busy will be a big problem.

Right after my landlady drove off Friday I was near the chimney up front watering some potted plants and I heard a strange noise. I look up and a swarm of bees are forming near by. At the same time a lady pulls up with her little girl and I guess she sees them the same time I do because she made a mad dash for my front door almost knocking me over to get to it.

Nothing like a stranger running past you on your porch and bees not too far behind. No time to dally we just ran.

We got inside safely and I called a pest control company even though it was after hours. I made sure I called one that advertised that they can control bees.

Turns out they were hornets and had a nest in between my house and the chimney. Geez Marie that could of been a bad story to write about on here. He said they are very aggressive hornets and are the kind that build nest out of paper. Never heard of such. Supposedly they also build in the ground and that I should be aware of that when I am mowing. That is one thing that does bother me out here mowing is not knowing if I might come up on a nest in a tree or ground.

Sorry to mention the word mowing in every post I write. Your not going to believe this but I still have not mowed every inch of the thirty acres I mow out here. I keep thinking every day I will be caught up but something keeps me from doing so. Mainly the heat. Usually from about 2 to 5 I try not to be in it unless I just have too.

One thing that has been caused me trouble mowing is huge holes in the back of the North Forty. I think coyotes have dug them to have their babies in or they are setting traps for the ole lady that lives in the old farm house.

Speaking of babies it has only been three months since Mama Kitty had her last litter. Well I intended on having her fixed this coming week along with her only kitten that has survived and would you believe she is already pregnant again. I could not believe it last week when I noticed her belly. What's really surprising is she is pretty far along. Good grief just what I need around here. lol

Christi is planning on coming down for the weekend which is always a delight for me. I told her we need to plan our trip to Portland, Maine that we had to put off from this past April. Neither one of us could make it at that time so now our plans are for September if nothing messes us up. We have our tickets but now their on hold. I chose September because I have always wanted to be on the East Coast during their beautiful foliage season. Not sure if the second week will be the right time but I am hoping so.

Let me know if you have visited Portland and what you think of the area. Also we have to find our places to stay. We both need a vacation soooo bad.

Two weekends ago I was able to go see my boys and my grand babies. Everyone looked good and seemed to be doing good. When you get a few days with your kids and grand babies it makes everything right with the world.

Guess I need to get busy. Just wanted to check in with you and see how you are doing.

Hope your well and sending you good wishes for a beautiful week.

Please remember all of the families and friends who are having to deal with that unbelievable horrific killing spree in Colorado. My heart goes out to all of them and I pray they can find some kind of peace. 

Love to all

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

One Long Week!

Good golly miss Molly I sure have missed you! If I told you everything going on here right now you wouldn't believe me anyway so I will just do a quick short version if that's possible for me.

I chose this pic to use in my post today because I sort of feel like I am on a wild ride and can't get off.
This is My landlady, Tinkerbell and Me.

I just knew that in July I would be a better blogger and keep up with you but turns out I have gotten worse.
As you know from the last post my John Deere blew up on me and caused much pain to my foot and I did have it looked at and I do have some hairline fractures in the foot which I knew it had to be with the pain I am in.

Problem is too much rain for the last 9 days has caused many problems out here and the cute cowboys house flooded so I have been trying to get mud out of his place because he is at some horse show up North somewhere. Did I ever mention he is in the Cowboy Hall of Fame. hahaha

Anyway along with that my roof leaks got worse and I am trying my best to save my antiques from any water getting on them. Plus my landlady is coming back today after four days last week. Not good since she doesn't ever slow down even long enough to potty, eat or sleep which are all major things to do in my life.

She is taking bids on me a new roof but wants to be here when they put it on so I don't know what that means because I am use to living alone now and after a couple of days I start feeling kind of like I have an itch but I don't know where to scratch and then Ms Pearl starts trying to rear her ugly head and I keep trying to push her back because I need this job out here and I do know if anyone can get me fired it is her.

So I am a nervous wreck to say the least because now the grass out here looks like I am growing wheat or pot because it is so high. They haven't brought me back the bucking bull John Deere but I do have my new Bad Boy and the huge tractor but the big one is not automatic so the foot that is hurt has to use a clutch so you see my problem.

Anyway there are other issues but I did promise you a short version of why I am missing in the world of blogging.

Hope that you are well and that your enjoying the summer. Just know that even though I am half out of my mind I do love you.

Love to all

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Grandma's Can Ride Mechanical Bulls Too!

Tonight I just had to catch up with you. Can you believe I am once again so far behind in blogging. My thoughts and prayers have been with all of you so affected by the storms. My friend over at his great site wrote a post about the hardships their community and state are going through. If you have a chance go by and read this post written by Gorges Smythe and tell him hello from me. I have to say after reading this I knew that I had no problems whats so ever.

My first big excuse for not being the friend I want to be is my landlady showed up Sunday evening with her over night bag and is still here. She was kind enough to realize how much work I had trying to fix the pink house up after the nasty stinky renters moved out and decided she should come and help me clean. Trust me You really don't want to hear the gory details of our cleaning this house. 

My other excuse is I am sitting here tonight with a my big back end on a pillow and my foot propped up on another one. You see my John Deere blew a Behring the other day and I actually was thrown around on that darn tractor just like I was riding a mechanical bull. 

It seems somehow the behring  that I guess holds the mowing deck together broke and since this deck is under the tractor it was a loud noise that I thought sounded like an explosion and then all of sudden instead of mowing I was being tossed every which way and something was hitting the bottom of my feet which was causing me great agony. I somehow came to my senses and turned the key off. 

For one minute I really thought I was a goner. It was terrifying to not know what was going on but I seriously thought something had blown up. My bucket list was flying through my mind.

I managed to get off of it and never even looked back to see if anything was left of the tractor. After the ride it had just given me I really did not care if it was laying on the ground in a thousand pieces. All I knew was I had to get home and get my boots off just in case my feet started swelling. 

My girlfriend Sharon came by and looked at the foot that I thought got most of the hits and told me she thought it was just heavily bruised.  I finally went out and looked at the tractor and OMG it was something how much that big ole thing tore the heck out of the tractor. Bent everything that could of been bent. 

The steel gas petal and brake were bent all to heck which I guess was one reason my foot was hurting so bad. 

When the guy from John Deere picked it up he could not believe how damaged it was. He told me how lucky I was that I did not loose a foot or leg. I had no idea it was that bad.

Well now a week later I have so much pain in the other foot that I thought was not hurt. It feels like it is broken but I really think it was just bruised or sprang-ed badly. I think since my landlady is here and we are working like dogs that it just aggravated it. 

She may be 77 years old but she can work circles around me. I mean her feet hit the floor at 6am and we don't stop until 7 or 8pm. I tried to explain to her that I keep a blog and I need time for it but she gave me that very same look I gave her on our trip to Charleston to the GOP debates when she would do something crazy. I just pray that Ms Pearl remembers that she is a guest here and to please treat her like one.

Not sure when she is going back home. Every day she comes up with a list a mile long for things to do the next day. I am starting to feel my age and right now as I am writing my eyes are closing and my head is nodding. lol

So hope these excuses fly and that I am forgiven for not writing. I do think of you often and wonder if your okay. If your ever in this area I will let you ride the ole John Deere.

Sweet Dreams

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

This is a Pic of my landlady Barbara in her Red/White and Blue!

A Big Happy Fourth of July to all my sweeties out here in this delightful world of blogging.
Today my  landlady/friend Barbara came to Texas for the annual Round Top 4th of July Parade. I believe this was the 162th year for this parade to be held. Could that be right? I have to look that up again. lol

Barbara had intended for us to ride in the parade in her 1959 Red and White Cadillac Convertible but when she was getting ready for the trip to my house it was discovered the tags had expired. Oh how disappointed she was because of wanting to participate in the parade.

Even though we were bystanders along with her great grandson there in the red shirt beside her in the picture above we still had a lot of fun watching all of the hundred and something entries to this parade. Considering population for Round Top is now listed as 91 residents this was a huge parade.

 I took a lot of pic's which I have attached but most of them are not really that good. I was standing under a shade tree and was to comfortable to move and get some really good photo's. Plus the crowd kept me back too. haha

Just in case you don't care to read about this parade let me fill you in really quick about the kitty that was abandoned by the renters out here on the North Forty. I called them and let Ms Pearl give them a piece of her mind and then I finally managed to get the cat to go back inside the house where she would be safe for the night. She was too terrified to ever come to me since she had to have been traumatized being left by her owners.

The next morning I walked over to the pink house to check on her and she was on the very top of the kitchen cabinets that almost reach the ceilings. How she managed to get that high is beyond me.  I called and called for her but she never came down.

Ended up having to call the Sheriff's Department and they came out and then they called animal control. I filled out the paper work to file charges for animal abuse against these people. I had a girlfriend tell me how mean I was to do this but I tell you it did not bother me one bit. In fact if I still worked at the Sheriff's Department I would of served the papers myself.

The poor cat was declawed left out here to fend for herself. See my post before this one to read more.

I put in the paperwork if she was adopted to call me and I would see if I could somehow take her.

Ms Pearl did have a few words with the owner and it turns out she had a lot to say to these idiot's. Also leaving the house filthy did not set to well either so besides chose words about the cat a few were thrown in about them living like pigs. I have to say Ms Pearl has been in hiding of late but boy when she decides to come out then be glad your not on the receiving end of her wrath. lol

Look at the horns on this steer! There were about five of these ridden by some brave fools. 

These horses here were dancers. I could not capture the way they were dancing. I have never seen horses dance like these especially on hot concrete. Maybe that's what got them to dancing.

This hot rod was driven by Babe Wasserman the best man in my wedding. (Really truly the best man) Wish I could of captured a pic of him because he is still a very nice looking man.
I had already sat down and was through taking pictures for the day when I heard his name announced. By the time I jumped up to get this picture it was too late. As you can see I mostly got a butt shot of some guy bending over. haha.....Only Babe would be driving a antique hot rod. It was a really  beauty and I missed the shot and hearing what year it was made.  If that guy had not been there I might have gotten a good picture.
It was mostly just antique cars, wagons, tractors and floats but there was one group that were walking dressed in some ridiculous looking scary outfits. I ask Barbara what the heck were they suppose to be but she was too busy staring at them to answer me. haha

 Ok enough parade pictures. I can't find the ones I want to share with you anyway. lol

I hope you are safe and enjoying the 4th. 

Love to all

Monday, July 2, 2012

Ms. Pearl Is Furious!

Someone please calm Ms Pearl down. I can not remember being this angry in a long time.

The renters that lived in the pink house out here were ask to vacant the house which they did this weekend. I went over to check out how bad the house looked and it looked worse than I had anticipated. How in the world renters can leave such filth for others to clean up behind them is beyond me!

Yet this is not why I am so furious. These stupid pea brained people left their inside de-clawed cat out side with no way to fend for itself. Now what kind of person does that to a poor defenseless pet.

Not only left it outside but with no food or water left for her. If I had not caught site of her running inside the utility room I would not even have known they left her.

They left such a mess in the house and there is a big bag of cat food, litter and a litter box full of cat poop but I never dreamed yesterday when I saw this that they left the poor cat too.

I started to shut the utility door and maybe try to trap it inside but it was over a 100 degrees outside and I thought that would be the wrong thing to do. Especially with the utility room having a tin roof on it.

I called the stupid people and told them to get their butt's back over here and get the cat but they told me they were in Houston and would not come back.

I left word for the cowboy out here to see if he had a trap I could maybe catch it in before something gets it tonight but no word back from him.

It was after hours for the animal shelter and they won't come out tonight. I phoned the Sheriff's department and they told me to call back in the morning and they would get animal control to bring a trap out.

Well tomorrow morning could be too late. We have all kinds of bad creatures running around out here at night and little did I know they once lived in the Pink House.

I tell you if I could get my hands on those people right now I don't know if I would turn loose of them.
I know Ms Pearl would not. She is spitting mad and can not for the life calm down.

Well I am walking back over there again and see if she ate any of the food I left out and to see if by any miracle she will come to me.

Sorry for such a post! I have a feeling there will be no sleep for me tonight or that poor kitty.

Hopefully this will not end badly.

Love to all