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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Catching Up!

So much has been happening and no time to blog about it. We all have weeks like this and yet most of you find the time to sit down and write a post. Me I crawl in bed thinking I will do it first thing in the morning and before I know it morning turns into evening and I am exhausted again.

I still have not recovered from whatever bug I got two weeks ago. Most days I feel sort of like this big bear here. Just let me lay down and see if I can get over this crud.

Sad I had to ask a girlfriend today was it Tuesday or Wednesday. lol She probably thought HOW could she not even know what day of the week it is.

My house closed on the 19th and I managed to keep my britches up for the signing. I made sure I wore a different pair of pants. lol  I was too sick with the crud to cry but the young man could not hold his tears back. I begged him not to do it because I did not want to start. I have not even drove by there to see it. I will take him a gift basket of sweets for his kids though sometime before Christmas.

Enjoyed my Thanksgiving in Austin. Wish I could share pictures with you of the day but would you believe my camera was never taken out of my suitcase. You can tell just by that how much I have fallen as a fellow blogger. All good blogger's carry their camera around their neck, pockets or if all else fails their bra.

The way my body is swifting I would never get by with putting anything in my bra. It would be like pulling something from around my waist line. Yep too much information.

Back to Thanksgiving. My son Chad fixed an incredible feast for us. Never in my whole life have I fixed a meal like he set before Christi and myself. I was surprised that he had my grandmothers dressing recipe and it was every bit like hers. He fixed sweet potatoes that would have made me slap my Momma if she had been sitting there with us. OMG I actually let out some kind of noise when they touched my senses. Delicious squash that I still can not figure out how he did them. They were cut up like small potatoes and I actually thought they were potatoes when he took them out of the oven. I am not a squash eater but if I had not been still feeling sick I could of ate the whole bowl of them.

Now for dessert he made a pumpkin pie, pineapple upside down cake and a chocolate pecan pie. He surely missed his calling by not being a chef.

Then Friday Christi and I braved one store Bed Bath and Beyond for about an hour before heading over to my other son Clint's house. He was busy making his home light up like the movie Chevy Chase Christmas Holiday. Clint really does an excellent job of putting up his decorations. I can remember when he was a boy trying to decorate our home too.

This year he had Kaci out there helping him string lights. It was fun way to spend the day. They had all kinds of snacks and goodies for us to munch on through out the day.

Saturday I drove home with my grandson in my back seat. Never have I got to do this with Bailey. His Dad followed about thirty minutes later than us and then two hours later his wife and Kaci came to Brenham.

Clint had sold his big truck that he never drove to my nephew and he brought it to him. So I got to spend a little of Saturday with them too.

It was a blast visiting one on one with my grandson coming back home. We had a neat time at least I know I did.

The past two days I have been moving furniture all around the old farm house because after six years I found a way to get my living room suit from my brothers house. You see when I moved out here this house was smaller than my home in town and I have furniture scattered at different brothers houses.

I was told by the movers that my large couch, love seat and chase would not go through this old country door. Well everyone agreed with the movers and for years it set at my brothers. Every time I saw it I wanted it. So last week a guy was fixing some things out here and I ask him how much trouble and money would it be to take the frames off my front door so I could move my furniture here. He told me it would be easy and his crew would get the furniture for me.

Well this morning they arrived with it and all I had to do was open the front door. That furniture went in without one bit of trouble. I stood there in complete shock. There I had done without it for all those years because I believed everyone about how it would not go through those doors. So take it from me when you want something go after not waste years like I did. What really shocked me is he only charged me fifty dollars for moving it. I had to give him more because that was too cheap.

Maybe tomorrow I can find my camera and show you my old furniture that is like new to me. lol  I now have one large front room with two different living room suits. I had them move my dining room table out into the room next to the kitchen and the bedroom set that was in there they moved to the back. Well they moved just the bed and left the two amoires that match the bed in the dining room. lol When I can make room for them they will be moved to the back room with the bed and dresser. I am furniture poor.

The idiot and myself went through a period of collecting antiques. So I am lucky to still have most of them. I do have a bedroom set over at another brothers. He probably heard about me rounding up my living room set from his brother and is thinking I am coming after him next. hahaha I would if I had room for it.

Right now I am cozy upstairs. Yep I finally got all the paper on the walls or ceilings in this case. So can't wait to get my wicker repainted and curtains for the windows. But I will show you what I have so far. It was near freezing last night and I was actually kicking off covers up here. Wish I had you here to help me decorate it.
So I now have to share those pictures too. I promise I will dig the camera out and download them for you.

Oh and another thing has happened this past week. The Round Top Library has ask me to teach ceramics at their library. What happen is in my early life I owned a ceramic shop and I still had my commercial kiln in the garage of the home I sold last week. I called the library to donate it to them but they already had two plus a potters wheel. She then told me that they have never been fortunate to find anyone to teach ceramics. Since I had a kiln she thought I would be prefect for it. I told her I would think about it because it has been so long since I picked up a brush. I do need to get back with her and find out more about these classes.

Gosh I have wrote a chapter tonight. Just wanted to let you know I am still around kicking but not as high as usual. I need to mow at least once more before putting the tractors away for the winter. I keep thinking I will get that done but every day something prevents me from crawling up on the tractor. Believe me when I say I am not missing all the mowing at all. I feel like I am doing something wrong by not mowing.

Hope you are well and staying warm. Take care of yourself and know I am thinking of you.

Sweet Dreams

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Droopy Britches!

Sitting here tonight thinking about how lucky I am that tomorrow I leave for Austin to spend Thanksgiving with my children. Chad is fixing Thanksgiving Dinner for Christi and myself on Thursday then Friday I will spend the day with by son Clint and his family (my two darling grand babies.) Does not get any better than this.

So many reasons to be Thankful this Thanksgiving. The list is long and you of course are right at the top of it. Another year of friendships that have meant so much to me. Thank you for always being here for me through thick and thin.

Your such a dear for all the precious comments about selling my home. I have been out of the home for a while now living out here on the North Forty and renting it out. It still hit me hard though when I signed the papers Monday morning. Funny how you know its the best thing for you but yet your emotions run wild.

It truly did help knowing that the young man that bought it was thrilled to have a bigger and nicer home for his four children. He has a rough road ahead raising them alone but buying my home will make things a little easier.

You are probably wondering why the picture of the pantie looms in this post. I am sitting here thinking about how much food Chad will be fixing for me and Christi and I just hope that after this week is over I can still fit in my britches. lol  Isn't it amazing how much weight one can put on between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  So here's hoping we all can fit into our panties after December.

Well enough on that nonsense. I have to tell you a quick story before I have to get off of here and pack my bag for tomorrow.

Last week I went to town to run a few errands and to meet the buyer of my home at the Title Company. While running these errands I noticed I kept pulling up my jeans. Something odd for me since I usually have trouble buttoning them up.

The first two times I pulled them up I did not think much of it. But by the time I arrived at the Title Company I noticed that my pants had slid down to the point of almost falling off. Talk about weird. Here is an old lady walking on Main Street America with pants down her back end like the young people you sometimes see at Wal Mart and you want to go up and grab their pants and give them a big tug. Then lead them to the belt section and purchase one for them.

I kid you not it was scary thinking that my pants were to the point of falling off. Yet I have wore these jeans more times than I can count and yet all of sudden I am close to loosing them. I know the ladies at the Title Company thought there was something strange about me because I kept slipping behind different things in their office so I could give my pants a huge tug. I even slowly eased behind one of their big potted plants to give them a boost up.

The real strange thing about his story is I honestly don't believe I have lost any weight. Pretty sure the scales are the same. So why would these pants all of sudden be so droopy. Maybe their worn out. All I know is I don't think I am brave enough to put them on again. lol I kept thinking how in the world do those kids walk around like this every day. lol

Actually they might just fit after Thanksgiving Day. I might should pack them tonight.

Over the weekend I came down with some kind of bug and it wiped me out. I laid in bed all day Sunday which is something I never do. Of course I panicked thinking it might keep me from the closing but I managed to get dressed and make it. Several of my friends told me that I was going to the closing if I had to crawl there. Do you think they might be tired of listening to all my complaints about horrific renters.

Thankful for you and Thursday when I am giving Thanks for my Blessings You will be there in my thoughts and prayers. Please know I don't take you for granted and I do think of you often.

May You and Your Family Be Blessed this Thanksgiving and whatever your plans please be kind  to yourself. Looking forward to visiting your sites and reading about your special holiday.

Love to all

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Good News!

Gosh these weeks are flying by! I keep hoping things will slow down and I will have time for writing on here and visiting with you.

Lot's has happened since we last chatted. The election was held and it only sent me into deeper depression even though I figured it would turn out the way it did.

Most people in Texas would have preferred the end of Obama years but not to be.

Now enough of depressing news that I can not change. I have good news tonight to share with you. Just hope I don't jinx myself for putting it out in the universe but I have a buyer for my home. A young man with four young children has made me an offer and I accepted. 

Just before he made me the offer I knew in my heart that he was fixing to and a flood of memories took over and the tears began to fall. This was totally unexpected and truthfully embarrassing.
He had brought three men with him from a Realtor Company, his mother and a friend so tears flowing in front of all these strangers was very uncomfortable and quite surprising.

The day before I showed the home to him, his children and mother. The kids ran through the house telling him how much they liked it and were picking out their rooms. Turns out they had been looking at several homes but my house was the first one that they all agreed upon.

They have been through a lot this past year I found out from his mother that his wife died in July. Sad to think of him raising those children by himself.

He ask to meet me the next day and when I arrived  I was disappointed when I saw the group of people with him because I figured they would talk him out of the house but on the contrary they told him he was getting a steal. I knew then that he was probably going to make me an offer and that's when I pictured me and my kids running around in the backyard playing.

Then when the young man gave me an offer and I accepted he started crying. Oh man what an experience. Never thought selling my home would be like this.

I know it's silly of me to cry most of the weekend thinking of selling my home especially after praying for a buyer. Makes me wonder if I really have lost it. lol

Like my son told me my memories are in my heart and I will always have them.
It does help knowing that someone as nice as this family will be buying it and making their own memories.

In the picture above taken many years ago are myself and my three kids Chad, Clint and Christi.
I think we were visiting my brothers home in Deer Park when this was taken but not sure what year.

Look at how skinny I was here and how dark my hair was many moons ago. lol

Don't the years fly by fast?

Thank you for all the great comments you left me about wanting to help our neighbors on the East Coast. My heart still breaks every time I think of them. Just tonight I was watching 60 minutes and the tears flowed. I don't know what is up with me and all these tears.

You were right about donating now to the Salvation Army and the Red Cross. I don't know what I was thinking that I could just load trucks of stuff and take it to them because like some of you mentioned a lot of them have to rebuild first. I have not given up though on raising money. Every little bit does help so we just have to send what we can.

Tomorrow I am taking the morning off and volunteering at my favorite place near here Festival Hill. Every year the foundation mails out thousands of Christmas cards and I usually try to save a day or two to help them with the stuffing of envelopes.

Sending you much love and good wishes for a wonderful week. I do love and miss you.
Sweet Dreams

Thursday, November 1, 2012

How Can We Help So Many Left Homeless by Sandy!

Just had to share with you the big Halloween Bash that Pea had at her place last night. Just click on Peas Corner and join in on a fun party. Look what I showed up in.
When it comes to celebrating she knows how to throw a party. I bet you will find yourself in costume too.
Pea is one of the reasons I love blogging. When your feeling down you can visit her and leave smiling.

I have not forgotten about the pictures I promised of last Sunday at Kaci's Juvenile Diabetes walk. Andrea was kind enough to email some to me so hopefully over the weekend I can share them with you.

Been really busy this week with the landlord out here. She and her sister drove down from Nevada and we went over a lot of things that are need of some repairs. Yesterday the tree guy removed ten more of her lovely old oaks and cedar trees. She is just beside herself that so many are dying.
Today an exterminator came out and we walk around the property with him discussing how he might could save some of these trees. Most have died from the drought last summer and she finally realized today that was what has been killing them.

Like you I have been watching the sad pictures being aired about our neighbors on the East Coast. I have to say it has just broke my heart watching this and not knowing what to do to help them.

I have lived through some horrible storms here on the coast when I was a teenager but this storm is something none of us ever want to see again. Incredible what our friends are going through.

All night I tossed and turned trying to figure out a way to do something that would help some of these suffering. I pictured myself asking for help on my blog and then loading big trucks full of  all kinds of things they are in need of to just survive.

Right now it breaks my heart that I have a generator sitting out in the barn not being used by a family that so desperately needs one. At four o'clock this morning I was still awake trying to think of how I could at least load up a few big trucks and me drive one of them there.

Then I thought of a friend of mine who admits being a hoarder and her sister too and I thought we could solve their problem of what to do with all their stuff by backing up trucks to their houses and storage buildings and taking loads of  unused items and furniture to all the families who have lost everything. I would even give up some of my things if I thought I could get it to them.

So what do you think? Can all of us bloggers unite and figure how to make life better for our neighbors who have lost everything.

What about you! Are you a hoarder? Do you have rooms stacked to the ceiling full of clothes, furniture, cookware, dishes, sheets and God knows what. Would you be willing to give it to those in need? It might be just what you need to do with this stuff.

I know your thinking well Maggie it's not your stuff so sure it's easy for you to give it away but the same friend who admits to being a hoarder just told her brother-in-law that she has never seen a hearse pulling a U-Haul to Heaven so with that in mind. You might could end up helping a lot of homeless people on the East Coast.

I know me I will lay in bed tonight again and try to figure out how to get people to donate generators, beds, food and medicine to name of few of the necessities.
My problem is being so far away but that should not stop us from helping.

Once again Any Ideas?
Love to all