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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Just when I think that I will sit down with you and share good news or something funny I get punched in the stomach.

On Monday I worked my four hours of light duty and put up with the crap that a new female Officer dishes out dailey when my Sgt told me to report to the Captain on my way out. I said, "Sure!" and walked down the hall to his office. There he and my Lt. were waiting on me with my termination letter to sign.

It basically said, Following your on-the-job injury, you have been unable to return to your former position for over one year. Your twelve weeks of FMLA leave has long since expired. The doctors have determined that you have reached your maximum medical imporvement. The same doctors have placed physical restrictions on you, should you return to work. Those restrictions are such that, if followed, you would not be able to perform the required essential functions of your job as Correctional Officer for the Sheriff's Office......blah and more blah was added.

Funny that last Friday my Captain was talking about how excited he was that I would be going back on shift and then by Monday afternoon he is terminating me.

I was warned by several friends and family that once I returned to work they would fire me so I should of been prepared. Not sure if one can prepare themself for the insurity that is thrown at them.

My hope was to stay long enough to retire with a monthly income, insurance and no worries. Not meant to be. If anyone should be use to those words NOT Meant to Be would be me. Since my hubby ran off without any warning one day my world has never been the same. I managed to pull my self up get back into Law Enforcement and work on this ranch out here to make ends meet. Now I feel like the wind has been knocked out of me and I am lost.

I do know that God has always taken care of me and will do so now. It just scary being an old woman with no husband or job.

What I do have is wonderful children, a great place to live and work and YOU!

Now enough of my pity party! I need to get busy! Before this happened I was scheduled for a stupid endurance test tomorrow at College Station for workers comp. Since I am still on WC for 11 more weeks then I guess I have no choice but to go take this two hour test. It was to determine my work level but does it matter now. Who knows?

I also have been so sad this week too because my grandbabies dog passed away Friday. He has been with my son and DL for 14 years and I know their hearts are breaking. I too will miss you Reagan.

Love to all

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Is it just me or do you too have trouble keeping up with posting......where did this week go?

I finally got back to work only today after living in the bathroom all week. Turns out the doc says I have some kind of food contamination which has caused a lot of uncomfortable moments for over a week now.
Yet when I return to work today one of the Officers there had the same symptons that I have so I am thinking a stomach virus.

After what happened today I realized I returned to work way too early. It was so disgusting and unfortunately I am sorry to admit not the first time it happened to me. So bad I hate even blogging about my day.

As most of you know I worked many many years for the Texas Prison system. On my very second night as a Correctional Officer I was assigned to work the Catwalk Security position. First let me explain what a catwalk is for those of you who have never had the privilege of being in a prison.

The catwalks where I worked were steel walk ways built over four large dorms which constituted as a wing.  Two dorms on one side of a huge hallway and two on the other side. The catwalks were built over the dorms and across the big hallway.  You are actually over everyone and could be seen by 108 inmates on one side and 108 on the other side of the hall. The walkways were totally huge and open on all sides and bottom. No privacy for them or you! 

Your job in the catwalk is watching everything going on in these four dorms and especially the two Officers working inside of the dorms. Mainly you are responsible for the safety of 218 lives.

I worked nights then and it was maybe twenty minutes after lights out and I am walking from one end of the cat walk to the other when I see this idiot inmate happily touching himself in places that were not permitted in sunday school! 

Now keep in mind this is my second night to work in a prison and to say I lost it is an understatement. I made the Officer in that dorm trade places with me which is a NO NO and I went downstairs found the inmate and Yes you guessed it! Ms Pearl came alive for the first time. She let him have it down one side and then the other.

Safe to say that was the last time this idiot showed his all to me or any other Officer working there. Actually in all honesty my favorite Warden of all times transferred him to another unit in TDC when he read my report. hahaha

So back to my disgusting day. Yep you guessed it. Another looser showing how utterly stupid they can be and yes Ms Pearl still knew how to totally shame an idiot up one side and down the other. Only bad thing is there is no favorite Warden now to transfer the idiot.

Tell me please that you had a better day than mine.  Also please pray for me that six months down the road from now I have a new wonderful job or that I am retired.

Have a great weekend!
Sweet dreams

Friday, July 15, 2011

Where I Have Been All Week!

Elephant's Toilet - 11 Pictures, Images and Photos

I ask Christi not to take pictures of me while I am sick but I guess she could not resist.

Yep this is me all week long! I am starting to think that I never should have broke that dumb mirror!

Tried to get into see my doctor but he has been too busy this week. I may have to resort to the Emergency Room. He is going to call me in some medicine for this mess and I do mean mess.

Can not believe I have missed the last three days of work. Don't you know they just love me. Oh well I am doing them a favor by not giving it to them.

So how has your week been? Any plans for the weekend? Maybe since I am definetly not moving around too much except to the out house I can catch up with you.

Try to stay cool and do something fun!

Love to all

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Stuffed Peppers!

Boy am I going to miss Christi when she moves back to Austin next month. Tonight she is fixing Stuffed Peppers from her new Recipe Book!
At this minute while I am visiting with you she is working really hard in my tiny farm kitchen. Wish I could put into words how yummy this smells.
Of course she was saying NO Pictures Momma!

It is a challenge cooking in this little space but she makes things happen.

Since she was sweet enough to cook tonight I will try to get the kitchen back to this after dinner!

We both have been suffering from some kind of stomach virus going around. She was feeling a lot better so wanted to try this. I am sitting here hoping I can enjoy her hard work. If not I will have it for lunch tomorrow. Wish you were here to enjoy this with us.

Blogger is still driving me crazy! I have been going to sites and when I leave my comment half the time it says Service Error 593 or something like it.

One site I did get to visit today was  Dan at Yesterday Once More! If you can go by and read his post.
He is giving us a sneak peek of  A Primitive Place & Country Journal magazine the fall 2011 issue. 
Serveral of the articles in this amazing magazine are written by our friend Dan.

You can even order your copy over at Dan's. I can't wait to get a copy!
Well I am out of here for the night.....the peppers are smelling really yummy!

Hope you have a wonderful evening.

Love to all

Monday, July 11, 2011

Broken Mirror!

We all have heard the saying about 7 years of bad luck if you break a mirror. Well let's hope that is one superstition that is totally just that a superstition. Cause yep I broke a mirror last week and so I am worried.

Where has this week gone since I have posted last. Every day I intended on sitting down long enough to catch up with you and every evening something got in my way of my time.

I had my doctors appointment last week with workers comp and it was mostly an hour of interviews with a doctor and then he did a short examination. I had thought it was going to be one of those two hour endurance test but it was not. More like a evaluation of where I am I guess with workers comp. They told me I would get the results in seven days which will be this Wednesday.

Today I had appointment with my pain doctor the one that keeps doing nothing but putting me on pain pills. He ordered the two hour endurance test for me today. I thought I was going to get lucky and not have to do it again. lol....He kept me on the same work level which is only four hours a day with a break every hour. I told him the break every hour is a joke and as far as me lying down in a jail cell to rest is a joke. 

Speaking of bad luck Work has not been good this past week but for now all I can say about that is not all crazy people are the ones behind bars. One fellow co-worker acted so bad last week that I have been totally depressed ever since it happened. Would love to write about it but until the situation is solved I will leave it alone.

My daughter Christi is still with me and she gave her Toby his first at home hair cut. Actually not bad for the first time.

Toby behaved really well for being the first time his mommy cut his hair.

Here is one of my bell peppers that I grew in my flower pot garden.

My lettuce in a pot did great. We have had several nice salads. My tomatoe plant is slow growing but we have gotten a few tomatoes. I am looking forward to doing more of these pot gardens in the future.

I know some of you have done some veggies like this too and I was wondering if you have enjoyed this as much as I have. Since my back this is about the only kind of gardening I can do.

Christi, Gretchen and I went to see Horrible Bosses last Friday evening and I have to say the three of us totally lost it laughing so hard. It was one of those really crazy movies where you find yourself laughing so hard your afraid you might embarrass

I have to tell you I am in awe and very humbled by how my blog has grown this past year. I would like to extend a very warm welcome to my new followers and a big thank you to all you who have been loyal followers for a long time now.  Since I am so close to having six hundred awesome followers I am wanting to have a giveaway. So sometime in the near future I will tell you what I am thinking about having for a giveaway.

Before I forget whats up with Blogger. I come on here tonight to do this post and everything is different. Just when I get use to the old way of posting they go and change it on me .....Don't know if it's me or not but it has not been fun trying to use it tonight because I have this very small box to type in when before I had a half a page. So I hope it is me and I just don't know what I am doing yet.
I am one of those people that hate changes ....hahaha

Hope you have a wonderful week.

Sweet dreams and love to all

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

One Crazy Day!

 On my last post I mentioned Kaci giving the kittens a bath. Well here is the only picture that turned out in the bathtub. This poor Twinkie looks like a drowned rat. He actually behaved very well through out the whole ordeal.

After bathing Twinkie the Calico she caught one of the twins. She wants to name him Chestnut and his brother Walnut. hahaha......Not sure about those two names .....

I also had mentioned telling you about my crazy Monday a week ago. Hope I can remember everything that happened in just an hours time.

While trying to get ready for work my youngest brother Gary phoned.. He had did a job out here for my landlady and was wanting to be paid. Being the good sister that I am I told him to meet me at the bank and I would get his money for him.

I hurry and put my uniform on and leave for the bank. I get to the bank teller window and look in my purse for my Debit Card. Well the night before Gretchen and I had went to our writing session and I put it and my drivers license in my computer bag. After a minute searching for them I remembered where they were.

Well I live 10 miles from town and with time running short for me to drive to another county for work I was at a loss at what to do because I knew Gary wanted to be paid.

I explained to Gary what I did and it was like well go back home and get it. Since Gary works for himself he dosesn't seem to care that where I work you just aren't late.

I then call Christi and explain to her my problem and ask her to grab the Debit Card and License and meet me half way to town at a McDonalds. Realizing time is running out I call my Sgt and explain to him that I may be late but would do my best not too.

Christi drives up and I am thinking since there is a space right beside me that she will just pull in there. Instead she parks way across the drive way and being in a hurry I think what the heck I start my car thinking OK I will save a few minutes and meet her walking over. WELL I start backing out and WHAM I hear this horrible crash and I see Christi waving her arms like no stop. I pull back up and turn off my car and jump out to see what I had hit.

In the same strip center of McDonalds there is a Exxon with the pumps out away from the stores. A not so smart man had pulled in to get gas for his truck pulling a long low boy trailer with lumber on it. Instead of parking the trailer on the other side of the driveway where there were no cars parked or traffic he just takes the first pump he can find which puts his trailer right behind my SUV and completely where I can not see it in my mirrors.

This explains why Christi did not park in the space beside me because his trailer was blocking the driveway. Now you know how Ms. Pearl has behaved and kept a low profile for a while now but she jumped out of that SUV and much to my shame let out a few choice unlady like words.

When I say unlady like I am not joking. Words I never use and I am still over a week later can't believe I talked like that. Very upset with myself because that is just not me.. I hate cursing and just don't make a habit of it. But this is example of talking like the people you hang around with because those guys at work are horrible with their language. Not that this is any excuse for what I did. There is no excuse for it.

On top of that I was in my Sheriff's Uniform. Not good example at all. I am praying no one heard me but just myself was enough to anger me.

The driver drove off not even looking back I honestly don't even think he knew I hit his trailer. My back bumper has a big scratch but could of been worse.

Ashamed to even face Christi I take my things from her and drive back to the bank to meet Gary. I call him and tell him since I was late I was going through the ATM and meet me there.

I drive up to the ATM and it was out of Cash. I guess being a Monday morning they were late filling it from the weekend. Honestly I could not believe it when I saw the out of order sign.

Thinking that this morning can not be happening I drive around the corner and go inside the bank. Of course there is a line because of the ATM down. Finally I am in front of the same Teller again and he says, How are doing today?

I think Ms Pearl looked at him like he was crazy and I managed a smile and said "Great!"  hahaha

Anyway I gave Gary his money wished him a good day and drove to work.  How can so many things go wrong in such a short time. What a morning!

Gary has recovered well from his Throat Cancer. He is looking better everyday I still think of how you prayed for us both during his time of at the Hospital and his treatments. I will always be grateful to you for your prayers. Thank you!  
Love to all!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy 4th Of July!

Isn't it wonderful to be an American! I know times are hard for our nation right now but we are One Nation Under God! If we stand together and pray for this Nation we will always be celebrating the 4th of July!

I woke up this morning thinking of our troops and what they must feel celebrating the 4th in such a far away land.  Remember our troops tomorrow and pray for their safe return.. Pray also for our Nation!

I have been very blessed the last two Saturdays because my sons from Austin came to see me.
Week before last Chad came and spent the day with Christi and I. We went out to eat Mexican Food and then to the movies. Christi had been dying to see Bad Teacher so thats what we watched.

If it weren't for the language it would be a great movie. I felt like they could of toned down the use of  the potty mouth and still had a funny comedy. But I enjoyed myself because I had Chad on one side and Christi on the other.

Then yesterday Clint and his family came for a visit. Always fun to have them and to catch up with my two grandbabies. We spent the day here at the North Forty for the most part. I had Brisket and Sausage for lunch and then we went to a near by restaurant for dinner.

Kaci and Bailey were a riot to be around. I never can get enough hugs and kisses when their with me.
I will have to share some photo's of Kaci bathing the kittens. OMG she had herself a good time putting them in my claw foot tub. I normally would not have considered bathing them in it but hey when your grandbaby say's please what do you do? lol

Christi missed their visit since she is in Austin this weekend. Suppose to be back in the morning.
I have to work this 4th of July but it's okay.

This will be a busy week for me since I have my endurace test Wednesday. Not sure if I will know the results though until I go back to the idiot pain doctor on the 11th. Did I say that out loud? I really should not call him that.....

It really has been a lazy day of summer here today. Temps are in the 100's and my AC is running constantly.
I am watering what's left of my grass now so I guess I need to take a break and move the sprinkler.
Wish I had a big sprinkler system out here....

Just could not let the 4th go by without

Love to all