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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Missed You!

Gosh have I missed YOU! Cannot believe that it has been so long since my last post.
So much has been happening around the north forty that I have not had a chance to write you.
Not being on here and visiting your sites has made for a long week and a feeling of loss....not a good feeling! So in the next few days I hope to visit all of you and catch up with what is going on in your lives.
First I wanted to share with you a picture of my baby brother Gary and his lovely girlfriend Sherry. They are now engaged to be married. The wedding will be next year after Gary completes all his treatments for his cancer.

Gary and Sherry ask me to thank you so much for all the prayers you have been sending their way for his recovery. Today was his first Chemo treatment at MD Anderson in Houston. He will be doing 15 weeks of both Chemo and Radiation.

I have not been around the north forty for a few days and I took my computer with me but there was no electricity to hook up to which is a long story and will go into it later but before I turn in tonight I wanted to let you know how much I have hated not being able to write you.
Aren't our blogging friends just the best thing in the world. Here is a email I received the other day while I was AOL from here. It is from Kim at Millies Mats.
Kim is just a sweetheart for writing me this email.

 OK Miss Maggie........

You are FREAKING ME OUT. Where are you?? Are you OK? You posted a very cryptic and mysterious post several days ago and then it disappeared before I could blink.

Now, you know me - I have an extremely over-active imagination so there are several scenarios rolling around in my twisted, warped mind.

Option #1 - You returned to work and are now held hostage in a prison lock-down and a 400 lb sweaty inmate named Bubba has made you his love slave........

Option #2 - The wrinkly old Penguin from the pool has declared his love for you and has moved into the farmhouse and has made you his love slave......(Oh yes, and naturally he is a multi-millionaire with a bad heart)

Option #3 - The two grumpy old men who look after your farm know where this is going.....LOL

But seriously Maggie, you know that curiousity killed the cat! (meow)


Millies Mats
Well I wrote Kim back and explained that a dear cousin of mine has passed away and the only way for me to travel that far to her funeral was by motor home so I could take lots of breaks lying on my back.
My friend Barbara owns a RV and was kind enough to take me and she had plans up in the same area so it worked out for both of us.
On our way back home we went through Palestine, Texas where my ex husband was raised and where his dad still lives. Of course, we had to drive by his house and Barbara being as crazy as me wanted to stop and tell him hello. Well there was a truck in the driveway I did not reconize so being a big fat chicken I stayed in the RV while she knocked on his door.
Low and behold a woman answered the door and sitting way back near the rode I could not tell who she was but you know I was straining my neck trying to see.
When Barbara walks back to the RV she has the look of disbelief on her face and I am thinking oh my something is terribly wrong.
She hops into the RV and before even backing out of the drive way she starts screaming...OMG that was the uglest woman I have ever saw in my life. I could not believe what she was saying. She went on and on about how dirty she looked and the house too. According to Barbara she had not two chins but three, her hair looked like it had not been washed in weeks, the funnest eyes she had ever seen and just down right the uglest woman she had ever seen. She kept on and on about her for about the next 60 miles. Turns out the woman told her that my father in law was moved to a nursing home and YEP you guessed it. This woman was my ex husbands wife.
I was totally shocked that she was there to answer the door. It seems that maybe her and the ex must be living in his mom and dads old house. What a strange thing to happen and even stranger that Barbara kept repeating how truly ugly this woman was.
I should not say this but I was relieved that someone else finally got to see her and confirm what I have been saying about her was true.
The look on Barbara's face was priceless when she came away from that house. I think I will never forget the look and thank God Ms. Pearl did not know until we drove off that it was Sally who had answered the door because it was too pretty of a day to be rolling around in the front lawn of their yard. lol
Thanks so much for your sweet comments and prayers for me and my family. I still have not got the okay to return to work but hopefully in the near future.
Can not begin to tell you how much I have missed you!
Love to all

Monday, September 20, 2010

Ms. Pearl!

Hey there just wanted to check in with all of you and catch you up on my crazy life.

One afternoon last week I got in a hurry to get into my PJ’s so I could relax and I left my cell phone in my jeans pocket. Living out here on the North Forty and not having a land line I usually carry my cell phone with me. Even with it in my pocket I can still miss a call with the ringer set on high and the vibrator on. Go figure that one!

Well I thought while I was fixing my dinner I would kill two birds with one stone and stuck my jeans in the washing machine with my other jeans. Yep I washed my cell phone. In all honesty I wish I could tell you this was the first time I have done this but then I would be telling you a lie. In fact I have probably had more cell phones than Liz Taylor has had husbands. Shame on me why would I say that. Okay more cell phones than flies on a ? Donkey’s rear end.

Now you get the picture! Most of my phones died by drowning but there were some that were run over by a tractor or a hard drop on the head has done them in. One drowning was in a commode on the way to La with a girlfriend of mine. Needless to say it was left in the commode. That reminds me of the time in Warrenton when I dropped my car keys in one of their porta potty’s. Oh Gosh was that a mess!

Lost track talking about the car keys. Now I am trying to remember where I was going with this story. Haha…maybe no where. Don’t you hate it when this happens and your talking to someone and then all of sudden just dead air, not for the life of you can you remember what you were trying to tell them.

Oh yeah now I remembered. Good gosh how could I forget? It was the reason for this post. Geezzzz Louise. I really am loosing it. Not having a phone caused me to go to College Station to our nearest Sprint store. Eagerly needing a phone I did not hesitate to explain to them what happened to my new cell phone that I had just purchased maybe four months ago. I should re-phrase that to read I explained it to a young girl who was too busy with her hair to help me.

Yep she had to be every bit of 19 or 20 which is okay I know they can think and help you just like anyone else but not this one! She had real long straight black hair that kept her so busy that she could not help me. Have you ever tried having a conversation with someone and their separating their hair into sections and then running their fingers through it and only to start over on the next section? This went on for a good 15 minutes and it was very hard to carry on a conversation about getting a phone while she could not stop with the hair. Finally when I figured she had no clue as to how to help me I asked her for a manager. She turns and walks over to a guy sitting at a table on the computer. Their both staring at me while their talking about me. She comes back over to where I am standing and says, “My manager told me to tell you that he would tell you the same thing I am telling you, that if you want to replace your phone it will cost you $250.00.”

Well you know what happened next. Ms. Pearl grabbed the scissors out of my purse and cut the idiots hair off. Hahaha That will teach her to play with hair while helping a customer!

 No not quite but believe me if there had been scissors in my purse that might have happened.

Ms Pearl said,” Excuse me. Are you telling me that your manager is too busy to talk to me and he is sending you back with that message?”

I did not have to raise my voice because he was within hearing distance of our conversation. She then handed me a number that he had given her to customer service if I thought customer service could do better then I could call them. I ask the dummy how I was going to call their customer service without a phone. She points to a row of phones that are on displays and said, “Find one you can use and call them!”

A man was standing there with his two young sons and told me he could not believe they were so rude to me and then tell me to use a phone on display.

Well Maggie might have dialed the number but I can tell you one thing Ms. Pearl did the talking and boy did she talk. By the time I ended my conversation with customer service they were sending me a new phone to my house at no cost. My intentions were not to get something free from Sprint and I knew that it was my fault and I intended to buy a phone but what has happened to good ole common courtesy especially to a customer that has been with them over five years. I have actually paid that little brats first month salary with my drowning of phones.

As far as the rude manager, Scott, I walked over to his little table where he was on his laptop and I explained to him that Yes there were other options besides giving him $250.00 for another phone and that the next time a little ole lady comes into his business I suggest he get off his dooper and ask her if there is anything he can do for her today. I then ask him where the closest Sprint was to College Station because this ole lady would never ever cross thru his doors again.

Ms. Pearl then turned and walked out the door!

Glad you liked hearing about Max. She is a sweetheart and wish I could see her more often but I thank God every day that I walked into that Finance Office and got the job!

Sweet Dreams


Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Memorable College Friend!

Hello everyone,

Thanks for stopping by and checking on me and I have missed you! Found this picture in my file tonight and thought I wanted to share it with you. Honestly I can not tell you where I found it but thought it was so beautiful.

Years ago and I mean years ago in college I met a girl that changed my life! During the summer break I moved to Houston with friends from college to work and save money for the next semester. Angels were watching over me and landed me a position at a Finance Company where Max worked.

Day one with her is a image in my heart and my mind that I will remember forever. She was like no one I had ever met and instantly knew that I wanted her as a friend. Turns out all these years later we are still best of friends.

Every morning her mom fixed Max a healthy lunch which was usually yogurt and fruit and every morning she bounced in the office with her gorgeous smile holding her lunch sack. Just like clock work the first trash can she passed coming through the door that sack would accidentally be dropped into it.
She never missed a step to her desk doing this daily routine and I never failed not to laugh.

The office we worked in was small with us and two males. These guys were totally nuts and kept both  us in stitches most of the day. Summer ended quickly and I gave my notice to quit and return to college.
Much to my surprise and delight Max also gave her notice and within a week or so was enrolled in the same college and somehow even managed to find a dorm room.

For the next two years I learned to laugh and live life for the first time in my sheltered life. Honestly I don't think I knew how to have fun or laugh until this girl came into my life.  I had bought my first car from my brother, Doy for seventy five dollars and even though the reverse was out in it...that never stopped us from riding around with a Dr. Pepper and Hostess Twinkie in our hands and laughing about our day in classes.

Hard to believe but sometimes we would get to our class room and actually greet the professor and then in the next minute we were turning around and going back out the door to skip class. Still hard to believe that I would do something like that....if only I could be like that now.. Just turn around and leave....haha

The main building of our college was a hundred years old and it was called Ole Main! No ac and huge flights of stairs and one day coming down the stairs after class Max somehow missed a step and bounced all the way down on her butt. About every step she hit she was for some reason hollering Mighty and I was at the top of the landing laughing my fool head off. It was not funny but OMG I lost it and was laughing uncontrollable. Not more than a week later I tumbled going into the college library to meet my boyfriend and what an entrance I that I am sure there were others laughing uncontrollably.

Not sure how our nicknames came about but she called me Mighty and I called her Daddy Duck! Silly of course but to this day she still calls me Mighty but I call her Max short for Maxine. Just the other day we were laughing about our nick names and for the life of us we can not remember where these names came from.

Sometimes we would forget about not having a reverse in the old car and boy would that get us in trouble but somehow we managed always to get her back to the dorm before curfew. One night some guys we knew were following us and we did not want to be with them that night so we tried to loose them. I turned into a driveway that was long and pulled all the way up forgetting I had no reverse.
Guess who helped us get out of the driveway. Yep the guys we were trying to avoid. haha
At least I managed to get her home in time...there were times when she was on a date and did not make it back on time and then the dorm mother always caught her. Sorry Max!

We were for a while in hog heaven because she dated the Center on the football team and I dated the quarterback. What was shocking is they put up with us on double dates and now looking back I am not sure how they did that. lol

Looking back now and all the crazy things we did is hard to believe but they were innocent things. No drugs just plain harmless fun. Sometimes like now when I need to think positive I think of those simple but fun times with Max.  Yep I have reached the age where I find myself telling Max these were the best days of my life.

Turns out Max married a very handsome good man and they have a son together and have been happily married for a long time now.  How happy I am that one of us did manage to find true love.

She reads my blog and I so wanted to put a picture of her on here but I thought that would be pushing my luck. hahaha  Maybe she will let me show you some pictures of us then and now. I will ask. Max has not changed in all the years. Still as beautiful now and she was then.

Please tell me about your life long friends.

Also tonight I wanted to share with you a very beautiful building that I love and it is an old Lutheran Church moved into Round Top for their library.  Population in Round Top is listed as 77.
This library is down the rode from the Festival Hill that I have shared with you in the last few post.  These pictures were taken just before sunset.

Soon I will share the beautiful pictures of the inside.

I am so lucky to live close enough to enjoy this awesome library and Festival Hill!

The last few days I have been going to Pool Therapy and helping Gary set up his appointments.
His girlfriend is an airline stewardess and I am so thankful he has her in his life right now because she has been such a blessing. 
Her home is a Historical Home and was built for Sam Houston and his family in the 1800's. One day maybe I can post pictures of the inside of it. Here is her home. Gary is in the process of restoring it.
Thank you for your prayers for Gary! He was told yesterday that his cancer is in Stage 4 but was curable and I know with the power of prayer that he will be strong again and him and Sherry will be married as planned this next year.

Sweet Dreams and Love to All

Monday, September 13, 2010

More of Festival Hill in Round Top,Texas!

Never thought Maggie would be loss for words but I am tonight so I thought I would share just a few more pictures of the lovely Festival Hill at Round Top, Texas. The picture above is the back cellar entry to the Church there on the grounds. Hard to capture the beauty of this place.

This is a side view of the picture above. Be sure and enlarge these pictures to enjoy them better.

This is a small room built in the side of the walls that has nothing but seashells all over the walls. This I think is the only picture that took because of being so dark in there. In the middle of this little area there is a table and chairs for playing checkers. lol

Across the grounds going into the Herb Garden I tried to capture a Yellow Butterfly!

Hope you enjoyed some more pictures of my favorite places to meditate! I am so lucky it is only 13 miles from the ole farm house.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the lovely comments and blessings sent from all of you to my brother Gary! I will be sure and let him read all of your comments. Since finding out for sure about his cancer Friday I have not been able to post but will try my best to get back into writing.
I appreciate each of you and thank God every day for you!
Love to all

Friday, September 10, 2010

A Nice Afternoon Yesterday/Bad News Today!

Yesterday afternoon I took my new little writer friend/tenant to Round Top to show her the beauty of a place that is hidden in the middle of nowhere. (since she is hiding out here to write I will have to ask permission to use her name and pictures on here)
I did a post about this place when I first started posting. You can see more of this wonderful site here A Promise Kept
On this post A Promise Kept you can see some really good pictures even one of the inside of the church.
This is Festival Hill that is home to the famous renowned James Dick. I do volunteer work here during his concerts.
Unfortunately the inside of the concert hall was locked so I will share pictures of that a later day.
Besides the enormous concert hall on this site there are lovely courtyards, the most beautiful church I have ever been inside, herb gardens, flower gardens, fountains, Victorian homes, class rooms for up coming artist and so much more. My new little friend said it reminded her of Europe.

The first picture is of a court yard behind the church.
This is a small part of the herb garden. Rosemary is everywhere!

Two fountains going into the grounds of the church!
Sorry my pictures are out of order but I keep trying to change them with no luck!

No matter how many times I visit Festival Hill I leave there in awe of such beauty.
My pictures really do not do it justice.

Update on me and Gary! Gary had his biopsy's done and a c scan. The chest x-ray they did they did tell him good news that if he does have cancer it has not spread to that area. Praise God.
We were hoping to here about all his test today but so far no word. I hate for him to wait all weekend for the results.
Well I just got the call while doing this post. His girlfriend Sherry told me Gary does have Cancer in his lymph nodes of his throat. They are referring him to MD Anderson in Houston for his treatments. She said three days a week of Chemo and Mon thru Friday of radiation. If I heard right for 8 weeks but not sure.
Oh boy I was expecting it but it still hard to grasp. Hard to think of your baby brother going through this but I will make sure he fights it just as I fought my Breast Cancer.
We live about an hour and half or more from MD Anderson so that is going to hard for him to travel every day. Again I ask for prayers and as always appreciate your prayers.
My two doctor visits were something else but no big deal after getting this news. The one workers comp doctor approved me for four hours of work again. Once again will have to see what the Sheriff's Dept does.
I doubt they will change their mind and let me work which I guess now my brother will need me more anyway.
Love to all

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It Ain't No Hair Off My Ass!

that's Me Pictures, Images and Photos

Hey there I hope you had a great Labor Day and put away your white shoes. Can you remember those days when your mother made sure she did not step out of the house wearing white after the holiday?

Before I get started on a post I am not sure I should write let me update you on Kaci and Gary. I skyped on the computer with Kaci over the weekend and she seems to be getting the sugars where they should be but who knows with that girl she always smiles and tells me she is good.

Gary is due for some good news and we pray that he gets it tomorrow when he goes to Houston for his biopsy. Since he has to have a stint in his heart they are doing a needle biopsy and we should know by the end of the day if he has cancer.
I go back to the doctors tomorrow myself and will let you know how that turns out. The pain doctor last Friday told me I not only had vertabraes broken in the back but also some bulging disc in my neck so I go back to him tomorrow.
Thank you again for all your sweet prayers, calls and emails.

The other day I received an email from someone that was a follower of this site but she dropped out because according to her email I was not funny anymore.

Well you know Maggie she wrote this sweet lady back and apologized profusely! I told her how sorry I was that I had let her down and to forgive me. I wished her well and Happy Blogging. Lol

Okay during the night when the rain was hitting the tin roof so hard from the storm off the gulf I could not sleep. I got to thinking about this lady and how I had let her down.

Then aggravated that she was tired and wanting to sleep stupid Ms Pearl reared her ugly head and put her two cents in for whatever that is worth.

She reminded me of the time years ago when I was working at a prison and just happen to be lucky enough to be helping the Wardens with their classification process of new inmates. During classification the Wardens ask the inmates questions and classify them where they should live, work and if they need to go to school. This one fool (not the Warden) decided this was bull sh** and he was not going to work.

I will never forget the explosion from the Warden’s fist hitting the desk. I was standing behind the inmate and I know that I jumped a foot off the ground. That big hunk of a Warden stood up after putting a hole in the desk, leaned over it toward the fool and screamed, “It Ain’t No Hair Off My Ass if you work or not!” “Lock him down Maggie!”

This is one of those moments in your life that you know immediately that you will never ever forget. I took the inmate to Solitary Confinement and the next time he went before that Warden he was more than happy to take a job. Lol

Your asking ok my dear what does this have to do with your ex follower. Well Ms. Pearl got to thinking what a limp noodle Maggie is for kissing up to that woman when Geezzzz Marie who ever said Maggie was funny to begin with. She started this blog as a journal to de-stress from every day tensions at the Sheriff’s department. Never figured anyone would read it much less think her funny.

Don’t get me wrong I am tickled pink that someone like you did read my site and come into my life because honestly I think since the accident happened with out you supporting me I would not be as far along as I am now. God knows Ms Pearl just appears now and then and actually I am relieved she has slowed down. But it was one of those nights when she was tired and could not sleep and this email kept going thru what’s left of the ole brain and so to that sweet lady what does Ms Pearl come up with no other than It Ain’t No Hair Off My Ass whether or not you decided I was funny or not. Are you asking me for a refund for not living up to your expectations. Sometime’s it is hard to be funny when your Neck and Back are hurting or your worried sick about the one’s you love which by the way includes all of you. That includes Even Ms. Ex!

Now enough said and please don’t think Maggie had anything to do with this post!

Love to all,


Friday, September 3, 2010

Bridges Of Madison County!

In 1995 The Bridges of Madison County movie was released. No matter what your age or experience this movie speaks eloquently to you the viewer. It is a truly heartbreaking tale of love, devotion and choices. It will make you think about your own life, and about your closest relationships.

This movie turned out to be Eastwood’s most successful project of all times. He not only played the main character Robert Kincaid but was the director and chose Meryl Streep to be his co-star and at the time I thought why did he choose her. Turns out he was right. She lifts the film to the level of profound piece of art. Her selflessness and devotion to her family, and tortured sense of divided loyalties are presented so powerfully, and so plausibly, that the final scene in the car at the end (those who've seen it will recall immediately what I mean) pulls at your emotions so hard you'd swear it was you who was making the decision. I defy anyone with a pulse not to shed copious amounts of tears at this point --- you would have to have a heart of stone not to be moved on some level by Meryl’s and Clint’s performance.

Copious amounts of tears is just what this ole grandma produced watching this movie the other night. I was so mad at myself because five minutes into the movie tears were sliding down my face. Thirty minutes into the film I was flooding the ole farm house with my tears.

Funny but when I first walked into this ole farm house I thought of this movie and I should of known at the time my kitchen was not big enough to seduce a man like Clint to dance with me there. And then I saw my claw foot tub and again I thought of the movie..hahahahaha If I had only knew then what I know now there are no men like Robert Kincaid driving thru my gate but of course there is no good looking farmers wife from Iowa living here either.

When the movie came out I saw it with my ex and I remember maybe a few tears then but nothing like the other night.
It seems to me that the more I watched it the more I realized how much I miss being in love. Also it did not help that Clint reminds me so much of my ex. I suppose that this movie brought back to many lost memories.

When does a person stop crying over something that is lost and never will be again? Let’s hope not as long as Francesca and Robert kept the torch burning. lol

Have you seen the movie and read the book? Did you flood the room with tears?

Then last night my girlfriend, Sharon, and I went to see Eat Pray Love. Now don’t grab a big bowl of Italian pasta and throw it at me but I was disappointed when I stood up to leave the theater. Sharon felt the same way. Are we the only two women in the world that left disappointed with this Eat Pray Love.

Maybe I will still give the book a chance because usually their better than the movie.

Don’t get me wrong there were parts in it that got the heart strings a little but it was just not what I had expected. I guess sometimes a movie is so built up that you really expect a lot more than you should of it.

I was expecting a one of those love stories that makes your toes curl under or heart beat so fast you think your pace maker will explode. What the heck is wrong with me? I could not have handled a cry like I had the other night anyway. Hahaha

Especially after I just had a girlfriend move to Colorado after this book and movie. Another post I have been planning.

In an earlier post I mentioned my brother Gary had to have his heart doctor approve being put to sleep for his biopsy. Well precious Donna from Brynwood Needleworks is right you should never use the word put to sleep around all the dog lovers we have in our remarkable world of blogging. Anyway bad news this morning! I called him and he has to have another stint in his heart before the other doctors do his biopsy to see if he has throat cancer. Here we ago again putting his much need biopsy off for another week.

Turns out we both have to be in College Station today around the same time today…he needs to pre-registrar for the stint Tuesday and I found out that I have an appointment with a pain management doctor at 2:30 and did not know it. Crazy….not knowing until 5 yesterday. I am dreading this appointment because not sure what he will do to me and there is a long weekend ahead and if I needed him….well we all know what the answer to that would be.

Well my dear friends I am off to see the Wizard and find something to wear this afternoon. If you could see my closet and my choices you would throw your hands up and scream. Nothing among a full closet to wear. Geezzz Marie!!!

Oh I will have a new necklace to wear soon though because I was the lucky winner at sweet Laura’s site White Spray Paint. I hope it’s big enough to hide my neck. Pretty soon I will be like the lovely Diane Keaton and wear scarf’s everywhere.

Have a safe and happy Labor Day Weekend! My little writer friend that just moved in the guest house and I will be out here and hopefully being each others muses. She is writing three screen plays about Texas and I am going to write a love story that will have Clint begging me for the part as Michael or what ever the heck his name will be...maybe Johnny! Who knows that would be a good project for you pick out a name for me..:)

My son Chad wanted me and Christi to come see him in Dallas but of all things she has a hot date and can't leave town. I so want to see my son and his place in Dallas. Oh well a hot date is important too.

Love to all,


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ms.Pearl Returns!

angry woman Pictures, Images and Photos

Yesterday I had to stop on the way home at our local Wal Mart for water. The heat here like many places is amazingly hot but put our high humidity with it and you have some miserable days.

Walking up to my car there was a man screaming at a little boy. It was one of those moments when I knew that this was not going to turn out good. I tried my best to ignore the man even though he kept watching me load my few bags. I walked around to get into the drivers side and he had picked the little boy up by his shirt collar and had his big hand drawn back to strike the boy. Of course most of you know Ms. Pearl has been in hiding for a long time now but it only took a second for her to react. She told the man, "If you hit that child I promise you that you will spend tonight in jail!" He dropped the child and turned to me and said, "How many days for hitting a nozy Bitch!"

Well you know Ms. Pearl hates being called the B word so she raises her voice and said, "Mister if you are dumb enough to hit me I can say for sure you will spend more nights in jail than your pea brain can count to!"

We stood there looking at each other and of course Maggie was praying that it did not turn into a hitting match because thats all she needs with her back. Ms. Pearl of course was happy just to be alive again so she was not thinking at all.

Ms. Pearl walks around to the back of his car where she is taking a mental note of his license plates. She repeated the letters and numbers several times to get them in her head.

The idiot follows her asking what now was the nozy Bitch doing. I explained to him that anytime I see any kind of abuse to anyone I have to report it to the right authorities and that he would be hearing from Child Protective Services. He then picks the child up again by his arm and throws him into the back seat.

It broke my heart to watch that child have to leave with such a man but this morning I reported him to CPS where I hope they do a follow up.

Being in Law Enforcement you see so much abuse that you wonder sometimes has the world gone completely nuts. Abuse to children though is something I have never gotten a handle on and been able to detach myself.

Thank God that my two grandbabies are being raised by two parents that are so loving and understanding of both their mental and physical needs.

What can we do to stop abuse of children or anyone? Women are also abused by some sorry boyfriend or husband. Then again there are believe it or not women who abuse their husbands or boyfriends. What a horrible situation and there has to be a way to end the cycle. Of course, end it without Ms. Pearl getting Maggies head knocked side ways....oh boy just what she needs right now. lol

Before I go today please know that yours prayers and comments for my darling Kaci are appreciated more than I will ever be able to say. Thank you for always being here for me and my family. You are the best and my life was not full until you came into it.
If you need me ever for anything or if you need the crazy Ms. Pearl then please do not hesitate to ask.

Also I put a button on my sidebar for a sweet little girl fighting for her life. She is in Nezzy's Sunday School class and if you have time maybe stop by and say hello.

My baby brothers Gary's biopsy has been put off another week until he sees his heart doctor tomorrow to give the okay of putting him to sleep. Thanks again for his prayers.

Remember I love you all