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Monday, June 17, 2013

Get Busy Living!

Every day I think things will slow down and I will be back on here visiting with you but it's just not happening. We are behind on our rainfall but it has not slowed my mowing down.

I am still dealing though with trees that are dying and having to be removed.
This one was right next to the house so I naturally I wanted it gone right away.
This is just a sample of what a mess going on right outside of my front porch.
I tried downloading more pictures but google is not cooperating with me this afternoon.

It seems all my pictures are showing up on here sideways. What in the world is wrong with Blogger?
I was trying to show you a picture of my closet. The other morning I heard a strange noise and went looking for where it came from and  to my surprise the rod in my closet had fallen. All my clothes were of course on the floor. What a mess!

This called for a trip to Home Depot to buy hardware for the closet. These walls out here are all solid old wood and man was that fun trying to drill holes so I could get the rod back up.

I did manage to get rid of a lot of clothes I have not worn in over a year. You know you have too many clothes when your clothes rod breaks. hee hee

Just a few days before the closet fell Tinkberbell and I were woke up during the night by a loud noise and she ran one way I ran the other. lol The next morning I found a big shelf in the living room had fallen. Broke a few of the pictures I had on it.

Nothing like thinking someone is kicking your door down. I hate it when I have to grab my gun and walk around like Barney Fife checking everything out.

Saturday morning about eleven I was leaving the house when I looked over to the open field in the front of my house. I noticed an animal having trouble walking. I ran toward it praying it wasn't my cat Billie Sue but it was. She had been hit by a car and was trying her best to make it back to the house.

One look at her broke my heart. I knew she was hurt bad and I hated to move her. I called the cowboy but he was not home. So I wrapped her up and drove her to the nearest Vet Clinic.

Her left leg was broke so bad they could not put a cast on it. She had to have surgery today and will be fine. I may get to pick her up tomorrow. I am really anxious about seeing her but scared too that I may not be able to take care of her properly.

Tinkerbell does not realize it but her whole world is about to be turned upside down. She is getting a new room mate because no way can I leave Billie Sue outside anymore.

None of my outside cats have ever went to the highway at least I have never seen any up there. I am guessing something might have chased her there during the night. I had been letting her and Momma Kitty in the bathroom at night but Momma Kitty had her babies and so she has been outside with them since.
Billie Sue was letting me bring her in alone but she soon realized she would rather be outside and I quit chasing her to put her inside. Now I really regret it.

Of course the vet bill is out of this world crazy. I feel guilty spending money that I need to keep in savings but I just could not give them the word to put her to sleep when they told me she would be like new again. She is only a year old born on my brother Billy's birthday last April. That is why I named her Billie Sue.

My sweet kids have reservations for us to spend the weekend at the beach. It's a late Birthday celebration  for me and now I am not sure I will be able to go because of having to take care of my cat. Christi is having trouble finding a place to leave her dog so we may just have to cancel and try again some other time.
Talk about depressing I have been looking forward to this trip for a while now.

I know you hear this all the time but I do think of you often and hope to catch up with you soon. Somehow I have to figure out how to manage my life better where I can enjoy things like blogging again. What's that saying Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying! I feel I need more in my life but What?

Sweet Dreams and Love to All