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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Life Is Too Short Not To Have Adventures!

Oh my so long between visiting with you! Hopefully you are doing well and enjoyed your summer time. Every day I look at my calendar I say to myself or sometimes I find myself muttering out loud, " Where did this summer go?" Have you been doing the same?

It was blistering HOT here in Texas. You realize I say this every September. I truly believe I feel the heat more now than other years so I am  ready for cooler temps. Not Winter but Fall. Of course, we don't have Fall here like all my friends farther North do.  Sometimes I believe we go straight from Summer to Winter. I am praying that will not be the case this year.

Every year I say I am going to just throw a few necessities in my car and head toward Vermont. All my life I have dreamed of seeing the foliage season in Vermont, New Hampshire or Maine.

A few years back when I did finally make it to Maine I was three weeks early for their foliage spectacular showings. My daughter could not get off work during those weeks so we went on with our plans and I still find myself day dreaming about our days spent in such a beautiful state.

Will I carry out my plans this year and see how far I can go in this grand old USA without turning around and heading back home. Just getting out of Texas will take me a half a day. haha Would I be crazy to do it or crazy not too.

The delight of of seeing the pure gold, orange and red hues is maybe too hard not to give into at this time of my life. We all know the saying Life is Too Short! But I think it's too short not to have some adventures!

So many of you have wrote me emails asking about my health and when was I ever going to post again. I love you all for your concerns and prayers. In all honesty these emails and prayers have gotten me to a good place in my life right now.

The past six months have been difficult and lot's of doctor visits. I have seen doctors from just about every field known to man. I have though managed to keep my job out here thanks to two very kind understanding boss ladies. They encouraged me to not over do it and so have my children and you.

Rest easy on that I am taking care of myself. I eat better than I probably have since I was pregnant many years ago. Lot's of fruits and veggies and very little to no processed foods. Hard when my friends want to eat out but I try to watch it even then.

Like most diseases I have the bad days but then I really think they just make me appreciate the good ones even more. Corny I know but oh so true.

I wanted so often to write you on here but most of my days I have been either off to Austin to see a doctor or I was sick. I am praying the next few months will be different and I can relax more and enjoy blogging at least part time. Though I think you have heard this before.

Another reason I am not on my computer is I have my internet through my Dish Network for my television and I believe I could mow the North Forty by the time this service down loads a sentence. And Dish calls it High Speed Internet. My contract is up in October and I am searching for something better and cheaper if that is possible.

Let me share a quick little story with you before I say goodnight. After Thanksgiving last year I threw out three big pumpkins I had sitting on my porch steps. I decided to throw them out in a pasture not to far from my house and let the deer enjoy them. Well much to my surprise and delight I have a small pumpkin patch. You would of thought when I found it that I was a kid finding the gifts Santa had left me. I was like I always say "Tickled Pink!"  I have about ten blooms on it but so far no pumpkins. I think it may be getting to late now for them to give me pumpkins but I haven't given up hope. I bought some bird netting yesterday to maybe keep out critters from getting them in case I get lucky.

Sending you love and gorgeous fall weather! May you marvel at God's plethora of incredible colors this season. Maybe just maybe you might see me leaf-peeping at some SPECTACULAR FOLIAGE!

Love to all,



Marigene said...

It is good to hear you are doing so well, Maggie. Having been born and brought up in Vermont, I have to say if you are up to it, you really should go see the foliage this is always beautiful and so vibrant. I do miss living there when it comes fall time.
Have a great week.

Olga said...

Yes, the summer went all too quickly. I spent a great deal of time with grandkids to help my daughter out this summer and also decided to downsize and put my house on the market. It is a lot of work to downsize!! Hope you continue to feel well. Be sure to let me know if you come to Vermont.

Kim said...

So glad to hear you are doing better. I am happy Fall is just around the corner. During the long winter I wait for summer but in all truth I'm not a lover of the heat. Id prefer if it was October year round :)

Julia said...

Hi Maggie, I'm so happy when you posted on your blog. The last time you posted was about the big storm and that scary Tarantula on your chair. Oh my gosh, I would have panic too for sure.

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. It always means so much to me. I have really missed you. I posted some comments twice but it just wasn't getting through. At least it didn't showed on the post after I sent it.

Summer has been so busy here too and it has whizzed by so fast. It's been hotter and ore humid this year too.

I'm so glad that you're looking after yourself because life as crazy s it is is all too beautiful for words. We all have our secret burdens to bear and we are all more similar than we realize and it's good to know that we are not alone in our misery. I hope that your health continues to improve as the body can heal if given half a chance.

Keep thinking POSITIVE and be grateful for what you have. Your family is just such a treasure that money can't buy....
Please, let us know how you are even though you can't make it to our blogs. Just a wee post is better than none.
Friends cares and wants to know you're OK. The ones who don't care never were friends in the first place.
You can count me as a friend who cares.
Big hugs and Happy Labor Day my sweet friend..


Just Mags said...

The summer has not gone fast enough for me. I have wanted to get out and do some yard work and enjoy a little time in my swing but most of the summer has been too hot and humid or I was too busy inside to be out on days that were nice. I am not looking forward to the cold of winter but if we have fall weather I will sure enjoy it.

We have beautiful colors here sometimes in the fall, but still not as colorful as up in the northern states. North Arkansas is much more colorful too than here where I live. It has been very dry here and we really do need rain so we may have very few fall colors this year because of not getting enough rain. It is very beautiful up in the Ozark mountains in Arkansas in both spring and fall.

I am glad you are doing better and I hope you continue to get better and better sweet Maggie. If you do go on a trip I hope you feel wonderful and enjoy every minute of it.

Love and hugs dear friend, Maggie

Sonny G said...

ohh Miss Maggie, I have missed you so much..

still mighty hot here in nc too and I am also hoping to get a Fall, versus the summer to winter that oftens occurs.

good luck with your little pumpkin patch and please come back and post as often as you can.

big hugs and lots of love

acorn hollow said...

so very glad to see you post and that you are feeling better. We don't eat a lot of processed foods either maybe a hot dog now and then. Fall is pretty and I see signs of it here but we are still hot and winter will come to soon.

Paula said...

Good to see a post from you. The heat bothers me more then other years too. Age maybe? Health problems, maybe? Anyway let's pray we get some cooler weather soon.

Lesley UK said...

Oh Maggie, how lovely to hear from you again. You've been greatly missed. Blessings and gentle thoughts coming to you from across the pond

Sweet Tea said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better. I've been out of the blogging loop for while so I had to read some of your past posts to catch up with you...Gotta say you looked beautiful at our daughte's wedding!! I hope Texas gives you a beautiful Fall this year. It sounds like you have plenty adventures to enjoy within the big state of Texas, GF!

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

It is so good to see you back on blogger and know that you are taking good care of yourself.

Although I do love summer, I usually tire of it in August because of the heat. I do hope you go to New England to see the beauty of the trees. It only last for a short time because the weather changes from cool to cold pretty quickly. Treat yourself and if your doctor gives you his blessing, book your trip immediately.

Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

I'm so glad to see this post and to hear you're doing well, Maggie! I love those beautiful photos of fall in New England and also the idea of you having your very own pumpkin patch! Well, even if there are no pumpkins this year...well, maybe next! In the meantime, dear Maggie, please continue your commitment to eat well and rest when you need to. You have a lot of living to do with great adventures ahead -- I'm totally convinced!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I'm glad to know that you are okay and taking care of yourself. We don't get the changing of the seasons here in desert country, though winter is our growing season so we will see more flower gardens popping up and that's always lovely to see. I saw some amazing foliage in West Virginia when I was dating my husband many years ago. What a grand thing to have pumpkins growing where you least expected. Have a blessed week, Tammy

Arkansas Patti said...

Delighted to see your post and to hear the health update. Keep up the good work and follow through. Wonderful that you have been able to keep your job and they are working around you. Family is also great medicine.
I do hope you get to Vermont for the leaves. All pictures of that state in the Fall are breathtaking. When I worked in Maine, we often went to Vt. but it was summer. Still-those two states are post card pretty.
Arkansas has been a bust for about 9 years. Our leaves turn pale yellow and brown. I have to keep reminding myself that those are colors also, just not the really pretty variety.
Keep taking care of your self Maggie and keep up the posting. You have been missed.

Karen Mortensen said...

Good to hear from you. Glad you are doing well. You should go see the leaves.

yaya said...

So good to hear from you! I'm glad you're feeling better and I would love to go to Vermont or Maine...never been there but it's on my bucket list! We do get lovely Fall color here in Ohio but seeing it further East would be fun! My bucket list also includes a trip to Salem Massachusetts for Halloween...My "bucket" seems to have a hole in it that's leaking all my "want to do" items! Take care and also take that trip!

Laurie said...

I am so glad you are back Maggie, you've always been one of my most favorite blogs. I'm so sorry you haven't been well, I didn't know. I had taken an almost year break myself, but then missed my many blog friends and had to come back home!! I live in Michigan, where the colors also are so beautiful in the fall. Autumn is my favorite season, cool, and gorgeous. Please take your trip, because yes you need an adventure. You won't regret a thing. Even if you take a train! Feel better Maggie, hope to see you more often!!
Blessings to you,

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Think of you often Maggie.
I too am mostly absent from blogging. Not only do the days speed by, but so do the weeks and months.
Can't seem to find all the time I need or is that because at my age it takes me longer to do things.
Ed and I took a road trip to Vermont last month and camped in a few campgrounds, if you can call a motor home camping. It was beautiful even then.
Take care of yourself. (((hugs)))

Susan Anderson said...

We've been having unusually hot weather, too. I am ready for some cool fall days!
Sorry you've been ill, Maggie, and hope things improve with your good diet, etc.

I told my mom hi for you, and she also wishes you improved health.


Connie - Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

I'm in Maine, and the leaves are just starting to turn here.. usually by the beginning of October it is pretty, but they are always all gone by Halloween.

purrs for your continued and improved good health.

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

The Fall leaves are my favorite. Sometime I hope you get to the East Coast to see it all.

Hope you continue feeling better and getting on top of everything.

Hugs my dear friend.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Hi Sweetie!

It's so good to hear from you and I'm thrilled you are doing better.

Keep listening to your family and doctors and all will be fine.

I'm going to try and follow your good example and start eating a bit better this winter. None of us are getting any younger.



La Petite Gallery said...

Haven't talked to you for a while, been sick this month off and on. Can't wait for the fall colors to come to Maine. yvonne

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