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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Enjoy Kathy at Creative Home Expressions.

This is aa exciting post for me today because it is the first time in a long time that I have had a Blogazine Guest on here. I am also linking up with Donna at Brynwood Needleworks today for her Memory Lane Monday's.

I know some of you are thinking now Maggie how does having a Blogazine Guest fall under Donna's Memory Lane Monday. Well here is how I feel I can get by with it. Due to the length of time it has been since my last Blogazine Guest post it is now a happy memory of a time in my life that I looked forward to having guest on this site. Does that make sense to you?

Actually I thought I could get by with this too because Donna is the one that named my post Blogazine Guest.. Cleaver aren't I.

Anyhoo last year I was trying to figure out how to get you better aquainted with each other so I thought of having guest on here from other blogs to come tell their story so we all could get to know them better. What fun I had doing this and then it seems after my accident I just kind of let this part of my blog slide like I did my Temptation Mondays. But my sweet friend Kathy over at Creative Home Expressions agreed to help me start this back up again.

You see Kathy is one of those friends out here in our world of blogging that knows how Maggie so needs some fun in her life right now so she kindly sent this to me.

So enjoy Kathy's story like I did and if you have not already been by her creative site you are missing out on lots of clever and unique projects. Besides that your missing out on what really matters a new friend.

Then go by  Donna's and see who else linked up to her Memory Lane Mondays and read their stories.  I did and I enjoyed it very much.

Now I have run out of words so my newest Blogazine Guest Kathy takes over ,,,,,,,isn't she beautiful. 

Hi Maggie ~

Without getting long-winded.  I've been married for 26 years this year and we were both 21 when we got married,  first house at 22, first child at 23 and second child at 26.  As you and many others have read, we are native New Yorkers moving to Ohio and my daughter, her husband and my granddaughter are moving with us.  It is an opportunity not just for the hubster and I, but also for my daughter and her family to get a home and an affordable way of life.  We are hoping my son will join us once he finishes his schooling for physical therapist.

I graduated high school at 17 and went right to work.  At 19 I started interior design school but dropped out.  I then went on to receive my paralegal certificate, an Associates Degree in Applied Science {for criminal justice} and coming full circle back to interior decorating completing a course when I turned 40 and swore I would have no regrets in life.  Up until then, my only regret had been dropping out of interior design school.  

I love interior decorating and have done it for several years part-time in addition to a job as an office manager in a law firm.  I figured part-time was better than nothing!  Now that we are moving to Ohio, I am hoping to be able to take interior decorating appointments at my leisure.  Other than that, I will enjoy spending time with my granddaughter and family and also enjoy discovering Ohio.

Trying to make the world prettier one project at a time!

Thanks, Maggie!  I hope this was okay.


Not only was this OKay Kathy I thought it was great. Your pictures are just lovely too. Thank you for doing this for us.

Now I will be checking my email box at to see who is going to volunteer to be next. Please don't make Ms. Pearl come looking for you. Just do it! Get it over with and you won't have to worry about ok when is she coming after me to do this. Sometimes fear is our worst enemy.

Life is too short not to tell your story on Just Between Me and You!

Love to all


Debby said...

Hi there dear. How do I reach Kathy. I was wondering where they are moving in Ohio? Thank you.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Debby honey just click on her site Creative Home Expressions it should be showing up in blue.
If not I will send it to you

sjmcdowell said...

Hi sweetie,

So happy you have started this up again!!
I know you need some fun in your life and I think getting back into the Blogazine is a great way to enjoy yourself as we all enjoy meeting new people!!

What a lovely story Kathy.
I am going to pop over to Creative Home Expressions now and say hello!!

Love you!!


yaya said...

How fun Maggie! I'm also interested in finding out where in Ohio she's moving since that's my corner of this crazy world! I'll head over to her site. Hope you have a great week. I will do a guest stint, but my life is very boring..and I like it that way! Love ya!

Donna said...

Maggie...this WAS a fun post, glad you invite this friend over to meet us! You do have fun things in your life!
Kathy and I have a lot in for interior decorating, being a grandmother and Ohio!! I'll pop over to meet her!!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Woo, you are quick lady! : ) I've already had some wonderful visitors from your blog; people I probably comment right alongside of on your posts, but it is great to meet them. I will be visiting everyone over the next couple of days to thank them for popping on over and saying "Hi"!

Sue said...

It's fun to see this back again and very nice to meet Kathy!


Garden of Egan said...

Very cute!
She is darling. YOu are so wonderful to feature creative people.

Hope you are doing well my friend.

sissie said...

Hi Maggie,
Thanks for featuring Kathy and bringing back your blogazine. Kathy is one of the sweetest bloggers around and I just adore her. She has so much talent to share with everyone and I have relied on on many times for good advice.

I loved ready her story and I wish her the best as she and her family make their new start.


Tina Eudora said...

Hey Maggie thanks for the great email you sent and I answered only it wasn't going anywhere because it was one of those blogger no-reply deals. Oh well, I loved reading about
Kathy and I would love to do a blogazine for you sometime soon. I will send you an email this week to your actual email address so you receive it this time....sigh....take care dear Maggie and have a super wonderful day!
Tina xo

Arkansas Patti said...

Glad to see you start this up again. It really saves me leg work meeting new bloggers.
Will pop over now to visit Kathy.

Sharon said...

Thank you for sharing Kathy with us.
Her story was very interesting.
I hope that you are back to having a little fun in your life again.

Mary said...

Os invito a visitar en facebook la pagina de LA MACULA PURPURA, titulo de la novela de Salmorelli.

Un abrazo.

Jennifer Richardson said...

I love seeing women find
creative expression doing
exactly what they love the most!
bravo to Kathy (and you)
for following your
most beautiful

Anonymous said...

Do they have URL's or Blogs?

Anonymous said...

Hi Maggie,
Thank you for your email today!
I still cannot find their links. When you are writing your post, us the Link button at the top of the new post, and write the url under web, and place their name under 'Text to Display' on the Link. I hope this helps!

Darlene said...

Nice to meet Kathy. She does sound like a very interesting person.

Maggie, I have to tell you,when I started my blog last year I was so happy to meet you. I never really knew how you had your accident, so I went back to the beginning of your blog and found out how you fell and all the damage it really did to you. After that, I just kept reading and I'm almost up to the current year. I feel like I'm really getting to know you in depth. Dick can't understand why I spend so much time on the computer these days. Anyway, just wanted to let you know.

Tam said...

Like your many other friends on here I am glad you are bringing back your fun post of guest.
Nice to meet Kathy. She wrote a delightful story for us and I am on my way to her site now.
Also to see who all participated with Donna this month.
I am sending you an email so we can talk about your stupid renters.

Anonymous said...

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