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Sunday, August 28, 2011

After The Burned Sausage!

Since I could not eat my burnt supper of sausage I walked outside.

At one time there were stables out here on the north forty and each horse had its on stall which of course on the gate hung their name. My favorite of course was Gypsy. The only thing left of the stables and horses are  the signs that I could not throw away. Here as you can see, I have Gypsy's sign by my pots of Rosemary and Lavender at the side gate walking into my front yard.

Frogs, turtles and I hope pigs are suppose to be good Feng Shui so I have several sitting near my porch.

Fat big muddy Pigs and little ones that think they can fly.

One of my favorite watering cans is this turtle.

One of my smaller angels that watch over my yard at night.

Opps found another pig hiding by the pink rocker.

Saw this metal flower vase or whatever they call hanging on the fence that says America and thought of all of you and how some of you are in the path of that crazy storm Irene. You have been in my prayers and thoughts for days now. Praying that you will be safe when this storm goes thru your area.

Enough pics of my funky yard art. You should thank me I only showed you some of what is sitting around the north forty.

After my walk last night I came back inside cleaned up my burnt mess and then I did a little blogging. I was enjoying visiting some of you and checking on my East Coast friends too. Well I went by a site that I always makes me feel better after visiting. She did a post about the Blessing of Silence. If you get a chance go by  Dr. Kathy McCoy: Living Fully In Midlife and Beyond because I know you will be inspired too.

Something else I have been wanting to mention but have not is I miss my Temptation Monday"s post. Also I have missed you being my Blogazine Guest..... those post were so great reading ....yeah I know what your thinking they give me a chance to have someone else do my writing for the day. Well shame on you for even thinking I would stoop so low. hahahaha ....Seriously I was going back through some of my old post and realized how much fun I had with these stories. So who is going to volunteer and be my next Blogazine Guest. I know there are several of you out there that have talked about doing this for me so don't be shy send me your story to along with a picture or two. It will be great having your story added to the Writing Hall of Fame under my Blogazine Page of guest. Someone ask if they could be on here again as a guest and of course I would love to have any of you again and again.

I think I will start doing the Temptation Mondays on my other site called what else Temptations. lol  So will let you know about doing those post as soon as I figure out how they should be done. If you are one of the many artist on that page I am open for suggestions. You know I am living in a fog right now and can't think of everything. lol
Also I think this Monday it is time for me to link up with Donna for her Memory Lane Monday's. Why don't you join us. It would be fun to read some of your memories.

Just click on Donna's  button on my side bar and join in on the fun.

Sending lots of love to all


Marydon said...

After lunch today, hittin' the bottle sounds pretty good! Chuckle!

Awww, you are such a love, Maggie. I miss you so. Our trip was lovely, had a grand time, saw sister I hadn't seen in 47 yrs & it went well, reunion on Sat & another on Sun were wonderful. Emery just got down off Mt. Baker climb to the top ... safely, Thank you Lord! You need to plan to come when Spencer is here ... oh, would we tear up the town ... the east coast!!!

Will call next week ... love you forever.
Have a beautiful weekend.
Hugs & love,

Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

Thanks so much for recommending my blog, Maggie. I'm so glad it makes you feel better to visit. That's funny: i always feel better after reading yours, too. This one left me smiling because now I know I'm not the only one who occasionally burns dinner! How nice that you reacted by taking a walk and then blogging. You kept your sanity and saved calories, too!

Whimsey Creations said...

Good grief girl - that sausage looks like a black hose LOLOLOL Did your smoke alarm go off? Been there, done that more than once. LOL Thanks for sharing your pictures with us. Hugs!

Sue said...

Boy, you did a masterful job of burning that sausage, Maggie! I sort like it burnt, but even I couldn't have choked that down.


PS. Love your yard art.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Well, I hope you ate something else then, Maggie! We are waiting here for Irene. I'm so tired of hearing about it for the last 24 hours, I just wish it would come or not already! We had spoke about doing the blogazine guest at one time, so I will look through an old one you have to see what you need and send you some information on me. Didn't get to have my yard sale today since it rained anyway, but it's just as well.

Annesphamily said...

You have some wonderful treasures. I love the watering can and the angel! Oh how I love angels! Cause I know they are watching over me and my phamily and all my sweet wonderful friends! Anne

Debby said...

Goodness girl that sausage is really burndt. Looks like something I might do. You noticed I said, "might."
Is your back better. You sound much more reelaxed since leaving that job.

Julia said...

Good grief Maggie, that sausage looks like it went to hell and back. That is... burnt... petrified. You sure burnt the calories right out of it didn't you. ha, ha, ha.

I'm glad that you went for a walk with your camera to cool off. I love your yard ornaments.

Hugs, JB

Kim said...

Gee Maggie, when you burn something you don't go half way. Lol. Looks more like old rubber tubing than food! Love all your little lawn art pieces.

Lisalulu said...

WELL what I really want to know is what were you doing that made you burn the sasage? thinking of you and your hot hot weather! we are driving through Oregan today an it is 90 here... oh well we'll be in the San Francisco fog on Monday!!

Pat said...

Hey Maggie...What were you doing that you forgot you had sausage on the stove? Last week, I had a pot of water on the stove to make iced tea and let it go dry because my brain is always full of so many things all the time and I forgot about it. Has nothing to do with age.

Thanks so very much for voting for my then and now photos from Ocean City on FB.

Gorges Smythe said...

I'm still weeping over the sausage!

yaya said...

I saw something that looked just like that burned sausage at work...I won't bore you with the the yard art. I do hope frogs are good feng shui because my yard is full of ones though, does that count? Have a great weekend Maggie!

Jennifer Richardson said...

enjoyed the after sunset walk
with you
around your whimsical yard.
I'm in western N.C. so we just
enjoyed some welcome breezes
but the coast is under a good
bit of water.
Still, nothing like many of the
hurricanes we've experienced in
the past!
Kept our electricity,
which is cause for much celebration!
Happy week to you!

Garden of Egan said...

I love your funky yard art.

So restful.
I don't think I could have eaten that sausage either! Yikes.

I hope you are doing well my friend.
I hope you are getting some cooler temperatures.

Cozy Little House said...

What would we do without our garden art when the plants are dead and wilted???

Cherrie said...

I will not say what I thought that top photo was until I enlarged it! lol
I have a lot of crazy yard art too maybe I'll do a post after I get a new camera (mine died while in Vegas)

Brynwood Needleworks said...

So sorry to read about your singed sausage! How awful for you. I love your yard animals, and will check out the blog link. So glad you'll be joining Memory Lane Monday tomorrow! See you later! xoxo S

Brynwood Needleworks said...

That signature should be "D". (dang little keys on my iPhone!)

cindy said...

I’m heading over to visit Dr. McCoy.

Karen Whittal said...

Hello dear friend, been awhile since I have had a chance to read your blogs, and I have missed you so much, had some smiles as I read, and some tears, missed you lots lots of love Karen

Sybil said...

Good job I checked through the comments as I am sure I had hadded but it aint there !! Anyway I had a good laugh about the burnt sausage...I know not really a laughing matter LOL Love the names of the horses etc and these gorgeous pigs..
I will be away on Saturday till the 17th. so don;t worry if I am not around. Hopefully we will be sun bathing on our cruise around the Med..will seem like a miracle if we see the sun..It's been missing here this last week..
Love always Sybil xxx