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Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Lavender Farm Disappointment

Several weeks ago we heard about a Lavender Fest near our small town. They printed out neat brochures and advertised in newpapers about enjoying a day of Wine Tasting and Lavender Fields. Music, Food, Craft Booths and much more.

Let me tell you about this Lavender Hill Farm in Chappel Hill! As you can see by the picture of above there was one little field of Lavender and most of the lavender was smaller than the ones in this picture and no blooms.

To say Christi and I was disappointed is an understatement. Turns out because of our heat drought here in Texas their Lavender just was not a good crop this year. Ok we understand that so wheres the wine so we can forget about the no fields of lavender.

We walk around maybe 8 craft booths that had little to offer in the 100 degree heat and still can't find anything that looks like Wine. Oh Christi look there's a building it must be in there. Hurry lets get out of this heat. Go inside this small house and there are maybe fifty other people thinking the same thing and all it is more small items to buy and No Wine.

Turns out this Lavender/Wine Fest was held in two different spots. One at the Lavender Farm and the other at a Winery. The most fun we had out there was me flirting with the young man who drove us from our car to the craft tents in a golf cart. hahahaha  We told him we had wanted to get out there when it started at 9 am but it was already after 11. He ask us then if we partied all night causing us to over sleep. Of course we laughed and agreed that was the reason. Little did I know is I should of kept on sleeping. hahaha

Have you ever gotten your hopes up about a festival or something else and it turns out a complete flop.

If I had been this farm I would of had to cancel because of the looks of the fields. Also their advertisement was misleading because we thought like most of the others there that it was Wine and Lavender together not 15 miles apart.

We gave up and did not go to the winery in fear that I would over indulge my misery of walking around in over a 100 degrees to see nothing.

Back home Christi plays with the kittens that we have yet to find homes for. Anyone need a kitty.

 They have grown since the last time I posted about them..

Then I snapped a picture of Tinkerbell waiting for Toby to come closer so she can slap him.

She gave up on slapping Toby and laid down! Like me she is getting fat and lazy!

Tolby laid down not too far from her so when I saw his relection in the mirror I thought hey cool shot..

Bored I took randome pictures of the bedroom I am trying to redo. Here is an old bed I am thinking about painting white. Above it I am trying to arrange some art given to Grandmayellowhair by Bailey and Kaci.

Across from the bed is one of the old fireplaces in this old farm house. I so need to find a new way to decorate the mantle.

As you can see this room has a lot of angels!

Here is an old rose planter stand I bought years ago out at the Round Top/Warrenton show. Gave ten dollars for it and now I have seen them over a hundred dollars. I love keeping a big fern in this one.

Christi laid down and took a nap but if I show that picture then I would be in trouble so another time. lol

My last weekend to have Christi here. I was looking forward to showing her a good time at the Lavender Fest. She had invited one of her sweet girlfriends from Austin to come but her husband got sick at the last minute and so she canceled. Thank goodness Andrea did not drive 100 miles for this fest.

Gretchen's mom lives in Kentucky and she told me about how pretty her moms fields are of lavender so I was looking forward to seeing that. The only lavender I have is in a big big pot. Would love to know more about growing it. I do know who not to ask.

How is your day going?

Love to all


LuLu Kellogg said...

Sorry your little trip to the festivities went down the crapper!!

LOVED seeing pics of the kitties! My new little cocker spaniel girls are growing like weeds and they are eating me out of house and home!!

Love you Maggie!

Cozy Little House said...

I love the kitties' coloring! But I'm getting ready to move soon...

Annesphamily said...

Your pets are so precious! Those darn cats are always lying in wait for the poor unsuspecting dog! Hee Hee! I know cause I live in their world daily!
Happy weekend! Anne

Debby said...

Hi There. The only thing good about going to a bad show is the money saved. You can spend that on something else fun before your daughter leaves. Can't believe she and Gretchen are leaving.
I love the grandchildren art. I love anything that mine make
Kitties are cute.
If I knew anything about lavendar, I would tell you, hah, but I don't.

Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

Hi, Maggie! So sorry the lavender fest turned out to be a non-event but loved the pictures of the animals (wish we were close enough to take a kitten, but couldn't stop at one and that would give us a real menagerie!) It was so nice to see a picture of your beautiful Christi, too!

Anonymous said...

Well, sweet Maggie that just stinks that they misled you on that festival. You gave them more of your time than I would have. Sorry you went through all that and no wine too.

Those kitties are just adorable. Good thing I don't live near you I would be wanting to tote them home and I already have 3 and all I can take care of. Speaking of cats you are right my Snookums and your Tinkerbell do look a lot a like.

The pictures of Christi with the kittens are great and I love the one of Toby in front of the mirror.

I hope your next adventure turns out much better than the festival did.

Hugs sweet Maggie and nose kisses for all the fur babes.

shawkl said...

To bad the day was a bust...but, you got a story to tell! A few years back I went with one of my sisters to a new craft show...drove 4 hours to set up our booth. It was a new shoe, well advertised...on the Florida Gulf Coast...seafood festival time. All sounded good. It was in a parking lot...and three vendors were there! We had one of the car parking spots to use! Horrible, I think we sold about $10...and spend much more in food that day. But, I got a story to tell!

Tina Eudora said...

Oh Maggie I have been sorely disappointed in many a craft show but as a vendor! I have paid primo prices for a small spot and then had the show so poorly advertised that hardly anyone showed up!
As for cats...hon, I have 16 I am feeding right now!!! I have done my bit! But Lord they do look cute!
Love the photos, the fireplace looks wonderful.
Oh thanks so much for stopping by my blog the other day and leaving the sweet comment, it made my day!
Love ya'.....Tina xo

myletterstoemily said...

bummer about the lavender fields! if you
were one state north, you would find dead

acorn hollow said...

sorry the festival was a dud. I would take that calico if I was near. I have a 17 year old kitty that I love so much.
have a good rest of the weekend sweet maggie and thanks for your visit.

Kim said...

It's a shame your day was a bust. It did "sound" likeit would be fun. A little creative advertising I guess. The wine could have turned things around!
Cute kittens.

Brynwood Needleworks said...

What a bummer that your day fizzled out! No lavender, no wine. Zip, zero, zilch! Damn girl! That's just not right.

I do love the shot of Christi with the kitties, and Toby is adorable!

I'll pray for rain for you, girlfriend. I think that's the best place to start, right?

Donna and Taggart

Marydon said...

Put some of your gorgeous plates & dishes on that fabulous mantle, Maggie. I love it, We so enjoyed the beauty of your decor & awesome touches you dressed this awesome home in. Perfection!

We so still talk about our wonderful moments with you, that flitted by too quickly. Don't forget that extra 'bedroom' we were talking about.

Love those darling kitties, particularly the tortoise shell.

Love you sweet sister ~

Bunny Jean said...

The kitties are real cuties. I hope you find good homes for all of them.

Does Toby see himself in the mirror? My little Buddy goes into the closet a couple times a day just so he can bark at the cute little doggie in the mirror...

xoxo Bunny Jean
Bunny Jean's Decor and

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Well, that was a bummer, Maggie! That has happened to me before, getting all excited about going somewhere and then it is a disappointment. I'm actually excited to go visit a Renaissance Festival next month and I'm hoping it will be good.

Arkansas Patti said...

You can't fault them for the weather but you can for not cancelling.
Out garden tour was cancelled this year due to heat. Even if they had lavender to show, the heat would keep people away. The wine could have saved the day.
Those kittens are getting to look more and more like keepers.
So sorry Christi is leaving. Know you will miss her so much.
Gotta love the splay legged cocker sprawl.

*^_^* said...

Your pets are so lovely! ;D

Sybil said...

What a shame to go to all that with no you I think it shoudl have been cancelled..we have soem lovely lavender farms around here and also on the other side of the country...I am asheamed to say I have never made it to any of them but have seen them on TV. they grow acres and acres of different lavenders. I have a couple but like you in pots. but other neighbours have lovely displays like "hedges" round their gardens...I love the flowers and the scent... the bees love them as well...
It's been a gorgeous sunny day her temps just near 70 so perfect as far as I am concerned.. After church went for Sunday lunch at a local pub with Mary and Peter..we like to treat Peter sometimes as he is so good to us..
Love Sybil xx

Olga said...

Even the dog and cat look hot and tired. Hope your area gets a break in the weather soon.

NitWit1 said...

When I saw the photo before even reading your post, I thought DROUGHT!

however is is misleading to think of a sip of cool wine on a 100 deg day and find out it was another ride down the road in 100 deg heat.

I used to do crafts with a friend and we sat in rain and heat and everything to sell a few things. We found other ways to make pin money. I would not sit in 100 deg heat for what I made on crafts.

Brownwood and area, (my hometown)was on one of the weather channels as having the longest stretch of 100 deg+ heat plus the satellite picture was just a brown blob with huge cracks in it.

A Tale of Two Cities said...

I had two friends from Houston who went and said the same thing--there wasn't much there and certainly not any lavender fields. Guess we are all going to have to pack up and go to the south of France to see any!

Gypsy Heart said...

That Lavender Farm is gorgeous when our Texas weather cooperates. I'm so sorry it was like this when you went...but I'm sure the young guy made you smile anyway. ;-)

Great shots of the pets! I am house/dog sitting for my daughter & son-in-law this week...really running between my place and theirs and not getting much done at all.

Hope you're feeling better!

Darlene said...

The lavender festival sounds like a bust! Too bad. I have had some similar disappointments going to something that was supposed to be spectacular and then being anything but, so know how you must have felt.

So sorry Christi AND Gretchen are leaving. You will be a bit lonely, I bet.

The pictures of the kitties were adorable. I love cats and I am so allergic to them.. Aren't you glad you aren't me?