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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Artist in the Family!

Hello Everyone! Gosh I have missed you this week.....where does the time go. It seems like the weeks are flying by.

Look what my darling Kaci painted today! She called me about an hour ago and told me her mom was sending me a email with her picture she painted today. I knew that I would love whatever she painted but I have to tell you when I opened the pictures up I was completely in awe of how this turned out.

Kaci is only nine and what a gift God has given her. I love that she is always doing something creative and when not doing this she is busy raising money for Juvenile Diabetes.

Kaci darling you are certainly a gifted artist and I am so proud of you. Don't ever stop painting you really have a gift.  Also Kaci your doing what your grandma always wanted to do on canvas but never could get the brush to cooperate like you gets yours to do. I love love your picture!

Maybe I could pay you to do a picture for me to giveaway on here. Would you do that for me?

She told me tonight she bought two more canvas and she was painting me a cat. I am the luckest person in the world.

Been wanting to thank you all for helping Kaci raise money for her painting for the Race for the Cure. She did not win first place and get to go to Michigan this month but she raised a lot of money for such a wonderful cause. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for supporting her and Juvenile Diabetes.

Can't wait to hear what you think of this piece of art. lol

Well I am Alone Again! Christi left here about 6AM Wednesday morning and yes I have been singing the blues but she needed to get back to Austin and start her life again.  It took me a very long time to get use to being alone after the idiot left but I finally did. Hate to admit it but her being here these past two months made me realize how much I miss having someone here. Now I have to get use to being alone again.

I do miss you Christi and of course Toby too. I think even Tinkerbell is missing Toby or maybe not. lol

One thing I am looking forward too is fall. I know we don't have falls like you guys do up North but if we can just get in the low 80's here I would think it was fall. lol  We were lucky to get about an hours worth of rain last weekend but their predicting another six months for Texas to be in this drought. Let's pray they don't have a clue what their talking about. hahaha

Monday Christi and I went to Austin to meet her movers. They were over two hours late meeting us so they kept me from seeing Kaci and Bailey while in Austin. Gosh I was upset with those guys. Plus they scratched Christi's fairly new desk and broke some glasses.

Anyway on the way home we are both exhausted so I let Christi drive my car. I did not lift anything but just small things but she moved to an apt on the second floor so that going up and down wore this ole grandma out. Well back to coming home. We are going down the highway and I look over at this guy standing at his fence line with a watering can in his hand. Now first of all it was like a pasture where nothing is in it but dead grass so he stood out with a watering can in his hand.

But what really got me about this picture was he had a red speedo on and nothing else. Now let me tell you this was not a young guy. I am sorry but I laughed my fool head off. I mean out in the middle of no where ten miles between towns are more a older guy standing near a real busy highway in a speedo with a watering can. Never could see what the heck he was watering. 

I was laughing so hard Christi offered to turn around so I could get you guys a picture but the traffic was so bad I did not take the chance. hahaha Just had to share it with you because WHY was he dressed like that....anyway if your reading this sorry I thought you were so funny.

Hope your all well and that you have a wonderful safe Happy weekend

Sweet Dreams
and Love to all


Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

Maggie, you really are the luckiest person in the world: with wonderfully talented Kaci (loved her picture!), a special daughter like Christi and a chance to laugh your head off over some old guy in red Speedos. You put a smile on my face today with your sharing!

Julie Harward said...

Hi Maggie..thanks for your visit, nice to hear from you. Your little Kaci has talent for sure, that is really nice and painted for you, sweet. Just been catching up with you, so many cute pets to love. So funny about the speedo guy, that may have been worth turning around for! LOL Take care :D

Lisalulu said...

oh you are so funny, trust you to find the only half naked old guy doing something crazy! And really meaning it... Kaci is such a darling talented girl! you two are lucky in your family!! Im sorry you are lonely.. and with Gretchen gone too! but I know you have friends and then there's all of us waiting for each post! I love your look at life and the way you can tell a story! THANK YOU for being YOU

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Haha, Maggie! I think I would have bust a gut if I had seen that. I think those are the best things to see on the side of the road because it was totally unexpected and I think you got a true laugh out of it. You probably have to poke out your minds eye now, but hey, you got a laugh! : )

Beautiful painting by Kaci! I'm sorry Christi had to move. It sounds like it might be time for you to see what is going on that you can sign up for. I know our library offers didn't programs and events. You should check it out.

Arkansas Patti said...

Kaci really does have talent and I hope she keeps it nourished.
I am so sorry traffic was too bad for a picture. A speedo waterer is just incredible. How on earth did he get there.
Hope you adjustment to a quiet house isn't too rough. Pretty soon, you will relearn to enjoy that also in a different way.

Kim said...

Maggie, what a missed opportunity there. You were just saying you were lonely and wanted company and fate handed you a hottie in a speedo. Girl, why didn't you turn around???? Bahahahahaha

P.S. On a serious note - Kaci's painting is wonderful.

FabShabbyRoses said...

Hey Maggie! Your grandaughter is truely talented! Love her painting! And her drive to raise money for the cure. Our 5 year old granddaughter is diabetic also and we're gearing up for a walk to raise funds in a couple of weeks. Sorry to hear your Christie is no longer there to keep you company. So true that you have all of us tho! Sorry I don't comment more, time in a day just is too short and it gets away from me, but I do read every word! Take Care! carolyn

shawkl said...

Oh Kaci! That is gorgeous. Such a lovely blue sky and I just bet those birds are singing their hearts out too!

Glad to see you posting Maggie, I love your blog...and if you ever want to learn to do crazy quilts come on over and scroll through my blog...I'd love to have another long distance pal! And, Alabama is not so far from Texas!

NitWit1 said...

Kaci has beautiful talent that will only improve with age. And so glad she is positive about her condition rather than the 'poor me'mope. She is truly special.

The man in a speedo with watering can reminds me of the ridiculous comment I got from a HP help (word used lossely) desk when I complained my brand new near top of the line WIRELESS printer spit photos out on the floor because of the poor design of the printer.

I sit w/laptop and send to printer for a room about 50 ft away. She told me I had to go to the printer and "hold the paper as it comes out of the printer!" So sorry this is an office printer. Imaging the queue line of 100 cube occupants lining up to hold their copies coming out of the printer. This came from their "foreign" farmed out tech support.

Simply Soothing Studio said...

I pictured that man in the speedo and almost fell off my chair laughing. Oh how I wish you could have gotten a photo. Wow!!!

Kaci is very talented!

Take care!


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Good morning sweet friends
I am sitting here thanking God for all of you and of course wishing you were here to share my sweet breakfast. lol
You are awesome leaving me these comments. Oh how I love you!
I am almost tempted to drive 30 miles back up the rode towards Austin to see if I can find the nut and take a picture of him. hahahaha darn why didn't we turn around.
The more I look at this picture Kaci painted the more I realize how talented my darling girl is...its like her heart is so big it is coming out on canvas.
Love to all

Pat said...

Piccaso said," Every child is an artist." and I believe that too, until that child is told art is not important. So glad to see Kaci is being encouraged to develop her very special talent. Her painting is lovely.

blueviolet said...

I don't know about that red speedo! LOL

I love the art, and the little birdies look like they're chirping so happily!

chancythegardner said...

Oh, sweet Maggie those paintings are amazing. Kaci for sure has talent. I know you are going to treasure all her paintings and I see many in her future. Thank you for sharing her talent with us. Just beautiful!

Sorry about the movers and their breaking of Christi's glasses and them being late.

Praying it does not take you long to find something to keep you from feeling lonely now that everyone has gone.

Sure glad you got a good laugh. You needed one right then!

Love and hugs! Nose kisses for Tinkerbell

Sue said...

I'm really impressed with Kaci's picture. Well done!

And I hope you make a good adjustment to having Christi gone. That would be really hard after a couple of months of having her with you.

Finally, thanks for the funny story. I wish you had been able to get a pic!

(Well, on second thought, maybe I'm just as glad you didn't!!)


Cherrie said...

I love her picture! She sure does have talent!

Debby said...

She is a good artist. My 8 year old granddaughter has started painting. Her great grandma was a artist and paid for K.
Bug to take lessons I can't wait til she painting something for me.
'I want to know what meds you were taking when you saw Red Speedo funny. What was he watering. I am glad you had a witness. You have the best stories.
I bet you were upset with the moving people making you miss seeing your babies.
You are never have all of us.

Darlene said...

My golly, but can that kid paint!! I am so surprised that she didn't win first place in the contest. I just can't believe anyone so young could have painted such a beautiful picture! So much detail too, and such a steady hand. I am truly impressed!

So sorry that Christi had to leave you. It will be hard for you to get used to living alone again. It's a good thing that you have so many blogging friends. We all love you and wish you well.

Got a big laugh too out of the old speedo guy with the watering can. Funny story for sure! It's good that he distracted you so that you could have a good laugh when you were so exhausted.

Take care Maggie and keep on keepin' on.

Grandma Honey said...

Are you kidding me....9 years old and she can paint like that?? Really, it's beautiful. Be sure and show us the next one she does.

yaya said...

Kaci's painting is amazing Maggie! Love it! I laughed about the speedo man. A coworker has a person in her little town that mows with only a thong on..I kid you not. I know him, but thankfully never have seen that side of him (if you get my drift!). The first time she saw him she was with her Mom who asked her to drive by again and then preceded to shout "Woo whoooo!" out the window like she was at a male strip joint!...Maybe your speedo man was trying to make a statement about the drought?

Julia said...

Maggie, it's a lovely painting and thanks for showing us. Kaci is a great little artist.

Sorry that you are alone again, but really, you are never alone with all of your blogger friends.

That old guy in the red Speedo sounds like an hilarious sight.I would have loved a photo. JB

artangel said...

I'm sooooo impressed with Kaci's painting I can't tell you - I couldn't believe it when I read that she's only 9!

The composition and the colour blending in the background are really wonderful, I definitley thought that was the work of someone older!

Could you get her to find another hobby though please Maggie - I'm not sure I can stand the competition lol! xx

Taos Sunflower said...

Great work, Kaci! Keep it up!

Heather Henry said...

I agree, she is very talented. I hope you will post pictures of her cat picture too. I would love to see it. This one is beautiful. Her choice of colors is gorgeous.
That story about the guy in the speedo is awesome. I would have laughed hysterically too. I think I would have had to go back and get a picture. haha!! Very funny! Blessings and peace to you! :)

Delena said...

Oh my just looking at that picture brought a smile to my face. I love the colors. Love your stories!