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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Welcome Lisa from the Davis Diaglogues

Hi everyone!
I pray you all had a wonderful Easter weekend.  Kaci and Bailey called last night and wanted to know how many eggs the Easter Bunny left hidden in my yard for me and Tinkerbell. hahahaha
I so loved reading all of your sweet comments about mine. As always my friends on here are no doubt the best in the world!

My next Blogazine story was written by Lisa. Her blog is called Davis Diaglogues. Lisa wants to tell you a love story and since it is spring we are all up for a love story especially one with a happy ending!

Disclaimer, *I am not a writer*. I am a crafter, I sew, I paint, I like to make stuff.I’d like to tell you about my love story. After 28 years… my x-husband left us. As weird as it sounds… I didn’t see it coming. Guess I just wouldn’t see that, not my family…..I didn’t believe in divorce.. and……denial is not just a river in Egypt.

So, my girls told me not to worry that I would find someone to love me, ha ha. What is it that they say? …that finding someone after 30 .. you were more likely to be hijacked? Well I was WAY past 30.

But … amazing enough it did happen.

I didn’t really think I’d find love at an old age. (ok older age) Basically I was just living day to day with my girls, keeping a smile on my face. After 3 months of physical exhaustion in fixing up our house, we sold it and were now living in an apartment. The three of us girls. I thought a vacation was the least I could do to cheer up our spirits.

I worked at an office where I called on stores to see if they needed any deliveries of our products. I had made lots of friends on the phone in the 4 different states I called. I had been doing this for almost 3 years. I had a couple of guys that I got along with and stayed on the phone with them just a little bit longer to exchange jokes and talk about our kids (who were the same age). One of the guys called me out of the blue (after a 9 month hiatus. he wasn’t on my list anymore). He told me that he had just gotten divorced. Well I certainly know how awful THAT is. He also wanted to know if I was ever going to come up to the Seattle area. Welllllll …just the day before …I had booked a vacation for my girls and we had a day and a half layover in Seattle. So we said that we would get together, oh… and exchange email addresses, oh …and exchange pictures too!

So, we did, and we talked thru email for a couple of days, and IM chat for a day, and then phone calls every night till our vacation (15 days later) when we actually met in person and went out to dinner. We laugh that there were fireworks (ok it was July 2nd a Friday night and someone was shooting off fireworks) But seriously, there were sparks. He then came down to San Francisco and visited and I went back to Seattle, and then he came to San Francisco and we got engaged and before you knew it (6 months after meeting face to face) we were married and “MOM” did the empty nest thing and moved 2 states away and left my college girls in CA.

Except for the leaving my girls, I’ve never been happier. 5 years later it is still like a dream and our cute love story will always bring back such warm fuzzy feelings. Finding love ‘later in life’ is like a very rich dark chocolate, totally worth savoring and hoping we can make it last a very long time. Yum yum
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Thank goodness for Happy Endings! I appreciate you for sharing your story with all us and I know that everyone will enjoy checking out your site.

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Looking forward to sharing the next story with all of you. As always I adore you for stopping by and visiting and hope your all having a great week.

Love to all


Glorious Hats said...

Oh Lisa, You were wrong on one thing... YOU are a great writer. A beautiful tale well told. Thanks for sharing. Surely brightened my day. Hugs, Jane

Andrea said...

Praising GOD for happy endings!
Blessings, andrea

Garden of Egan said...

Ahhhh, I love a good love story!!!!!!!!!!

Loved getting to know her.
She's a great writer and I loved the post.

Nancy's Notes said...

What a sweet and special love story!! Thanks for sharing!


Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

Oh, and now I'm feeling warm fuzzies, too! Thanks! Great, wonderful, happy-ending story! Cheers!

Diane at Crafty Passions said...

That is a wonderful love story!!
I love happy endings!

Em said...

yay for lisa!!!

Nezzy said...

Lisa, whoever said ya'll weren't a writer was battier than Dracula on Halloween. What a beautifully written love story. ' Just made me tingle all over.

Thanks for another great story Miss Maggie.

God bless and have a terrific Tuesday dear friend!!!

Sue said...

I've come over from Lisa's blog (I'm a regular there) to meet you and read her love story. Enjoyed both!


Kissed by an Angel said...

What a beautiful story!! I am delighted for Lisa that she found happiness after her heartbreak!!! Thank you so much for sharing with us!!
Maggie - what a lovely lady Lisa is!! I'm popping over to her blog now for a look round!
Have a wonderful week!

Hootin' Anni said...

Love,'s a many splendored thing!!! Great write-up. I really enjoyed reading it.

Libbie said...

Hey Maggie! it is so fun to meet new friends to you! I just visited Lisa & I know I will again soon! That is a cute LOVE story :) You can hear the happiness in her words!

Maggie everytime I visit you, your header makes me feel as though like a girlfrind at a slumber party telling secrets :) It makes me smile every time!

So I am with Kaci & Bailey & I want to many eggs DID the bunny leave you? :)


I love a story with a happy ending!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Wow ladies I am so glad you all stopped by to welcome Lisa. Isn't she a sweetie?
Just got home from the Sheriffs Dept and boy was it another crazy day....sometimes I think I need my head examined for going
Off tomorrow so back to the North Forty and the ole John Deere. Oh I have to tell you what that reminded me of I will save it for a post...another time then
Love to all

Auntie Cake said...

Hi Maggie!
Good to be back. And fun to read your latest story, so glad Lisa found love. I will have to go check out her blog.

Okay, I guess we are playing in Dallas this year, don't know if that is close to you or not. I so wish you could come to one of our home games, they are a ton of fun, if I do say so myself...

Hope you had a great Easter, I will have to go look at what I missed out on while I was gone.

Cherie said...

Great story!! I love happy endings :D

LemonyRenee' said...

Lisa -- What a great story!

Maggie -- Congrats on your award, too. Donna is wonderful, isn't she? Have a great day.

artangel said...

Aw this is such a sweet story - I love that he asked if you were going to be in the area and you'd just booked a trip there! That's got to be fate! Wishing you both many more happy years together x

Cherrie said...

I love a good love story! Thank You Lisa for sharing it with us! And Maggie thank you for being you!

Sharon said...

I sure did enjoy reading your happy ending story.
I just love Love Stories. Thanks for sharing.

Cozy Little House said...

Boy, this girl can sure tell a story and keep you hanging on to every word! I really enjoyed reading this, Maggie!

Auntie Cake said...

Okay, you are four hours away??? Then you might as well come up here. Four hours, and I wouldn't really get to talk to you, and there would be 2000 Dallas fans in the stands, and only one for us. Not so much fun.

Tickets between here and Dallas are only $209 including taxes, you should just come up here for a vacation. We live only 30 minutes from the airport and both Lib and I have tons of extra room. Not to mention the fact that the parents would love to meet their fourth daughter!!!

Now I am expecting you in Minneapolis!!!

Angela said...

Hey sweet lady. I would be HONORED to do one..I didn't know I could ask. I thought you did the asking,lol. Thanks for stopping by. I had such difficulty posting comments today at people's blogs. It drove me NUTS....

That post took me only a few minutes to post. It's the uploading of pictures that takes awhile at times.

I was busy having my cup of coffee outside and my bad habit of smoking when the light bulb came on and I thought,,hey I will take pictures outside...

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Maggie Sweetie...
Hope you are having a beautiful day and you got that North Forty mowed. I know about mowing, I am the gardener, the pool gal, the cook, the maid, and I work full-time. Somethings just never come to an end. Busy, busy.

We are taking Heidi and the girls to dinner tonight, and having a little cupcake here at the house. The last two days have been helacious. I am thrilled they are over. I am so looking forward to Maryland in 9 days. I need this vacation.

Hope you are doing well my precious friend. I think of you often and smile as I think of Ms Pearl. I hope she has been behaving herself.

Loved your story today. So precious and yes what a love story. Enjoyed reading it.

Country hugs sweetie and so much love...Sherry

Marydon Ford said...

What a beautifully written story of Lisa's life. I am from the PNW also originally. Love is such a warm fuzzy thing to have ... & more particularly later in life after a handful of lemons.

How's that 40 ac. coming along?

Have a lovely week.
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Sandra said...

Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog.:) To answer your son is going to medical school in Houston. His dream is to be a Pediatrician and come back home. :) So you live in between Austin and Houston? I'm sure we've passed by there. :)
I hope you visit my blog again. Take care.

Kathy said...

And a wonderful ending...
May your life continue to be one joyous day after another.
Thanks Maggie,
that was a great one!
xoxo~Kathy @
Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Mimi Sue said...

Awww, how sweet. I do love love stories. Mimi

beedeebabee♥ said...

Hiya Sweetie! What a great blog you have, and I just loved this story!...I love Donna too, and I'm so happy we were able to meet thru the passing of Donna's "Sunshine"! She's always spreading sunshine!!! I'm following you too now! Have a really great day! xo Paulette ;)