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Saturday, April 10, 2010

I Was Just Wondering!

Hello everyone!
First Thanks so much for alll the kind encouraging comments left to me on my previous post. Hope all of you are having a great restful weekend. Mine has been semi-crazy but no more than usual at the Sheriffs Dept. One more day and I am off from there for two days. Only one crazy today and it was me! hahaha No Ms Pearl minded her manners and kept her mouth shut most of the day. I did have to fuss at one guy who kept showing the crack in his butt. I finally made him put on a larger uniform but not before asking him in front of all his cellmates...How would you like me to walk around like that all day ....showing my old wouldn't be pretty and neither is yours! I guess Ms Pearl did come out once maybe.....

The last few months, I have been wanting to do a post about Blog Titles and just have never taken the time to do it. I have questions that I have been wanting to ask all of you and since its easier this way than to send each of you a email.....I guess you just have to cater to me on this one.
First how did all of you come by your Blog Title? Was it a hard decision for you or one of those decisions that just right away you knew what you wanted for you name. Its been almost a year since I named my site and if I remember right it was relatively hard for me but I finally thought oh heck its just going to be me and maybe one other person reading it so Just Between Me and You was created. hahaha
Second question I have been pondering too is if you could change your name what would you change it too. I would probably have to name mine AKA Ms. Pearl or Grandmayellowhair or 365 Ways to Ride a John Deere!
No just kidding but there are some funny names out here in blogland and some are my followers and hope they don't mind me using their names as examples but you have to admit these are some funny titles....All Men Are Dumb,I Are One,... Anything Fits A Naked Man,..... A Full Time Housefly, ....Not the Good Scissors,..... Queen B, ......Chickens in the Basement, ......Musing of a Sea Witch and of course hootianni....the list could go on and on. Tell me some titles that you think are funny or unusual!
Do men gnerally have funnier names than women for their sites? Have you ever went to a site just because of the name?
I know your thinking geeez Maggie thats a lot of questions for us to answer. Its not like I expect you to answer all of them but I do want you to answer at least the first one.  Come on just play along and help me out here.....I am expecting no less than  317 comments .....hahahahaha  Like I said, I Was Just Wondering!

Sweet Dreams


Jenny S said...

CHickens in the Basement is on of my great friends!! hahaha!
The Red Bulletin Board just hit me one afternoon while looking at my craft area. I had just spray painted my bulletin board red and it just sounded good.
If I could change my name I would do something with Flying Pigs in the title just because!

Bill S. said...

You are a hoot - Tickled Pink - would be a great one. I don't like to view plumber cleavage either. Great post.

Marydon Ford said...

Love the butt crack story ... funny girl you are!

I came by the Blushing Rose because of our shop name Blushing Rose Boutique ... I love roses & saw a darling graphic of a rose with a face that looked like the image (the face) was blushing, demurely. Everything I do has pink & green as colors & roses involved. IF I EVER changed my name it would be 'Irish Too', using the green shamrock w.a rose inside the shamrock theme after my email name irish_too, for my heritage. Not very exciting am I? That is the only image I have painted on my one fingernail, also ... shamrocks & roses.

Have a great eve, sweet lady.
TTFN, Hugs, Marydon

Debby said...

Hi Grandmayellowhair, I have missed you. Somehow I missed your last post, maybe due to my tooth crisis. I love hearing what you are up to.
Yes, I sure do read blogs because of their names. Anything cottage and I'm there baby.
When I choose my name I was shocked it wasn't taken. Cozy Blanket is the paint color of my living room.....isn't that so cool. Well for me blogging is like telling short stories so I thought.......get your cozy blanket and let me tell you a story. So that's how I got COZY BLANKET. If I changed it hmmmmmm, I don't really know.

Mimi said...

It took me about 2 seconds to decide on the name of my blog. Moving from Phoenix, after almost 25 years, to a small Kansas farm community it did/does seem like I am In The Middle of Nowhere! I don't think I would pick anything else for the title.

Jo said...

I am more attracted to blogs by their avatars, rather than their names. And by the way, you have not only one of the best avatars out there, but you have the loveliest masthead as well.

I am just catching up on my blogging, and I saw your last post about your accident. Goodness, I hope you're okay. I watched a funny video the other night of people racing John Deere lawnmowers. It just cracked me up. (Oh, you knew I was going to say, that. didn't you...?)

Have a fabulous Sunday!



SharDon Exclusives said...

Hey, sweet Maggie, I got a hug from you today! Yep, and she was a cutie pie...Susan of Art of Mine. I just adored her and appreciated the big hug as I felt you were there with the Southern Belle's. We had such a WONDERFUL DAY!
I hate butt cracks showing anywhere, women or men but particularly fat
Yes, I too have wondered how people come up with their names...mine is my name Sharon and hubbies name Don thus SharDon and WE are (Actually it came from my former business in Iowa and my ex husbands name was Don also (less confusion on my part)...please don't tell my husband of besides it drives my ex crazy that I use it..ha ha looser)
love ya' crazy lady,

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Maggs:
Well, I guess you only have 314 comments to your goal!

Brynwood Needleworks was logical for me because of my design business, which I knew was going to morph into what I'm doing and working toward now. If I ever changed the name? hmmmmm, I'll have to spend a little more time thinking on that. I promise I'll get back to you.

What are a few funny blog titles I've run across? NicNacManiac, Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping!, Shabbyfufu, Truffle Pigs Sewing Room, just to name a few...or a bunch! I don't know about blogs that men write...I guess I only two of two: Man of the 50s and (oh, crap!) one written by a New York waiter that I can't find in my blog bookmarks right now. He's pretty funny. (Guess I'll get back to you on that one too!)

So, are you thinking of changing your blog name? Any ideas? I'll love you even if you call it "Rumpelstilsken!"

Plumber's butt?'ll pass, too.
Hugs, girlfriend.

Brynwood Needleworks said...

(Oh yes. I can, too, count!) It's just that all those other comments came in before I finished writing my short novel to you! lol

Janera said...

Thanks for the grin I got from this post! I may have already mentioned that your "work" stories remind me of my own job teaching teenagers. No kidding. You know it's considered quite stylish to wear one's britches so low that the underwear shows in back, right? Well, I'm supposed to always be professional in my job, but I just can't always help it. I think my alter-ego is Ms. Pearl's cousin. Let's call her Josephine. Josephine asks those boys if those are the same underwear they wore yesterday.

"Didn't you wear those same black drawers yesterday?" she will ask them.

They pull those pants right up. Sorry, but it works every time, so I'm sticking to it.

My blog title? I used to have a beautiful garden and love, love, love gardening. But we've since moved to a country house with a pitiful yard, and I'm having the devil of a time getting it going. So, no, my blog title doesn't really even fit me right now. Go figure!

Jane Jeffress Thomas said...

I love reading your posts because they make me laugh. I named my blog because I wanted a Louisiana Cajun sounding name. After a year I amended it and added more to it as it it wasn't long enough already. I love what Janera says to her students. Thank the Lord when I taught 7th graders for 20 years they hadn't started this sagging stuff or Ms. Pearl's cousin, Ms. Seawillow, would have lost her cool and probably had to go to the superintendent's office on more than one occasion. Have a great week fighting criminals and keeping all of out here safe. :-)

Vicki said...

Just a peek in while I'm still in transition...but I'll have this up and running in the new place next week. blog titles..lets see. I started with All My Yesterdays because that was what I wanted to share...stories from yesterday.
My other one..Change in a Bottle was kinda quirky..I really was looking at the little bit of change I had in a it's the quirky side of me. And if I was to change it..well, I'd keep All My Yesterdays. But I'd change the other one to my email address (o:
Hey, that's an idea...
As for the butt crack guy, next time ask him if he's advertising...Ok, then let Ms Pearl ask him (o:
Oh, and go see my hurry up post on Change in a Bottle, then go visit the new blog. I think you'll like it too (o;
I'll be back soon...miss ya!

Me....bunny said...

Number 12 here...My hubby came up with "I'm just sayin' because well, you guessed it, I always say that after I give my opinion. I also like the blog title.."Duct Tape or Bust"...that was an There's a blog out there named "Writing without Periods", that cracks me up. Not only does she write very cleverly, she's menopausal...hence the w/o periods...see...very clever...Have a good one Maggie Mae


Garden of Egan said...

Maggie, I think you are looneybinz! I love it too.
I came by my blog name just using my last name and borrowing a bit from where Adam and Eve were. There are dayz I need to cast people out of my garden too. There are serpents here...(teenagers...OK just 1 but she is a serpent...or the spawn of one)

I love seeing blog names and have wondered like you have....I kinda know what goes on in your head. I think it comes from working around crazy people don't you?

I love ya! (I love Ms Pearl too...I want to have her come and hang out at my work)

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I I tell my hubby all the time.."just say NO to crack" as he is bending name came pretty easy for my I have a sign in my living room that says Cat Nap Inn and the primitives part was easy cause that is what I for would I change and what too...not a the name..might get rid of the primitives part but that is it..maybe crazy cat a wonderful rest of your weekend and your enjoy your days off.:)

Hootin' Anni said...

My blog's name...since I'm Anni and Bud has always said that I'm a 'hoot'...with just seemed a good name.

Laughed at the butt crack.

Have a great Sunday. Enjoy your days off.

Angela said...

I had an msn group for about 10 years called Free Spirit Haven. When I started the blog it was only naturaly to have Free Spirit Haven. My desire is to have a free that is not so caught up in the garbage, the stress, the turmoil, the anxiety that life can bring,,but to truly walk in a free spirit...Haven...sounds like a nice place to be..a safe place.

As for a nic name, probably free

Nezzy said...

I wrote a post on how I got my name Cow Patty Surprise. As a kid I love to make cow manure pies and cakes instead of mud. Heeheehe! Tah..dah....Cowpattysurprise....

God bless and have a great Sunday!!!

Meghan said...

I always wonder where people get the inspiration for their blog titles. Mine comes from the movie "High Fidelity" with John Cusack. It's basically the story of a guy, re-living all of his break-ups with his ex-girlfriends and it's all set to the "perfect" soundtrack. I think it really has deeper meaning - he's searching for the perfect romance and the perfect life, and there really is no such thing:) It's all about how we handle what life throws our way:) I don't know if that makes any sense, but it really resonated with me!

Kissed by an Angel said...

Love this post!! It cracked me up!!!
I got my blog name from a title of a TV film that I love, and because that's how I feel my life is!!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

Shelly said...

Hi Maggie!

Don't ever change your blog name, I love it! It makes you feel like your just chatting with a dear friend and of COURSE you are!

BungalowBling is a mouthful! But it came to me because I live in a Bungalow and there is ALWAYS glitter everywhere, even on the fur babies at times!

Love the Pic! I worked at a hardware store years ago while setting up my advertising biz,,and we all chipped in and bought one guy suspenders,,,we couldn't take the "peep" show anymore!

When I was visiting the OWOH sites in February I went to lot of them just based on the names!
"Please Mom Don't Sing" comes to mind.

As for REAL funny names I went to High School with a gal whose parents names,swear it-were Harry and Rose Butts.

I waited on a man once whose name was Richard Big on his credit Card. I thought I was going to split something internal when I thought about how he must have gotten hassled in Gym Class! "Big,,,,,,,,,,,"

Have a great Sunday!

Mumsy said...

Maggie, reading your blogs is one of the highlights of my life since I discovered it.

Since I really have nothing much to blog about but what happens around my place and I was given the nickname of "Mumsy" by my oldest son years ago I came up with "Around Mumsy's" fairly quick.

I have to agree with you on the butt crack situation...I get so tired seeing butt cracks everywhere I go.

Love this blog sweet Maggie.


Julie Harward said...

Mine is simply the name of my husbands family farm and dairy here where we live. and it also views on things.."Circle Cliff Views" name..I was named after my great grandmother Julia Margaret. Hope all is well with you...I hate CRACK too LOL Come say hi :D

Cherrie said...

Mine was pretty easy, I am Middle Age and my life is Madness sometimes. So Middle Age Madness was born! I do go visit sites just on their names and titles! I have found a lot of great blogs that way!
Enjoy your days off!

vicki said...

Amazing! - you have a busy blog with over 300 followers and you took the time to visit me! I am so honored! Thank you for your visit and for your comments. I need to take lessons from you - obviously you are so loved by your followers!

You are entered in my little Vera Bradley give away - keep your fingers crossed!

Thanks again for your visit!

The Creative Hare said...

Okay first of all.. BUTT CRACKS DRIVE ME NUTSO!!! AND, PULL UP YOUR DARN BRITCHES youngin's!!! Oy. Okay now that that is Off my chest...

I've had a couple names. I am one who changes things often UNTIL I come upon something I love and then settle into it. My hubs actually thought of my blog name that I have now. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all things bunny and I create. He said, Why not The creative hare? I checked blogger and it was available. We went with it. But, I also have Prims & Pretties as well. I'm torn between both but have been posting on TCH so who knows.

I think men leave emotion out of a name (hence my hubbs choice for me ~ he was very pragmatic in his choice). I kept trying to be clever... not a good thing on a bad day eh? But, men tend to stick to the facts of a thing. We tend to be a bit more polite if you will. I found a blog called, "living with dogs" that I found funny. ALL ABOUT THE owners dogs and trips they take via pictues. Very fun.

For you: The Yellow Hair's of G'ma!!
love and hugs

Tracy Suzanne said...

Hey Maggie. I'm so sorry I've been away so much but I was awfully happy to hear from you. I think my MIL has just turned a corner and is on her way to getting better.

I love checking out blogs with neat, cute and funny names. As for me naming mine Cotton Pickin Cute, well I was a little timid about doing that. I was new to blogging and thought OMG what if somebody thought that I was talking about me. What if they think I'm that arrogant. Believe me I'm to old to pick that as a self describing name. LOL. Really I just wanted something that would depict my Southern roots and well I just love cute things so there you go. I came up with it pretty quick. I've seen so many cool names and there was one Southern name that I just loved but can you believe it, I forgot what it was. But dang I thought I want that.

Hope your not sore after your tractor race. hee-hee. Really I'm glad you didn't get seriously hurt.

Hugs and love, Tracy :)

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Good morning everyone hope you had a restful night. If Tinkerbell would learn what mornnings not to slap me awake at 3:30 I would have it made. Anyone need a alarm clock that you have to feed at 3:30 am...hahaha
I was thinking since we all hate those butt cracks and those teenagers with their pants around the knees that I think I should design clothes for older people that is very similar. After I start wearing pants that hang down past my butt and it catches on with the Third Age group and then we have them looking at us like we are totally out there and they stop doing it. Will it work...should we try it...should I start now designing. lol
I am off from the sheriffs dept but not out here on the ranch. Plus I have to check out the house in town and probably go into cardiac arrest when I see how they left it. Busy busy day
Love to all

My Grama's Soul said...

I so love stopping by I came up with my blog name.

I lost both my mom and my maternal grandmother very early in my life, so not many stories were shared. But, I always knew down deep I was of French descent. I, also, remember my grandmother and my mom having a great sense of style. My mom was a little garish in hers..or so I thought at the time, so I gravitated more toward my grandmother.

When it came blogtime, I wanted to dedicate it to my grandmother; who I believe passed on most of her genes to me.

That's about it...



Dan said...

I am a big Carpenter's fan and I like their song Yesterday Once More. I thought that would make a great name for my blog because I like the songs and I like old things.

If I could rename my blog, I would probably call it The Old Red Barn. I like my original title better!

I hope you have a wonderful week!



Speaking of cracks... I see them everywhere..especially on younger people, boys and girls. ugh!! One of these days I may just have to reach down and pull them up...oohh.. who knows what germs they carry, so never mind. I do think there are some funny names out here. I love how everyone is so different. Makes blogging great fun.

Julie Pishny said...

How is it that we women raise exibitionistic males? I swear no mother would ever to this, but then there is the butt crack thing...and unfortunately it isn't as rare as it should be. I just don't get it!!! Hugs - Julie

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to answer at least one question.....

I chose the name Prairie Thistle because I live on the prairie and the thistle in honor of Joan of Arc, from the order of the Thistle. So, not a very humorous or intriguing answer, but there you go!

PEA said...

Men showing their cracks....ICK! lol I've always found that so disgusting so if some men think it's sexy, they are SO wrong!!!

As to your question of how we got our blog title idea...well, I played on the POGO game site for many years and my name on there was sweetpea. People on there either called me Sweet or PEA. So, when I started my blog, I knew it had to contain the name PEA as I had gotten so used to being called that. I thought PEA's Corner was good, meaning I would blog about my little corner of the world:-) xoxo

Millie said...

I think your Blog title is one of the best in BloggieLand!! I loathe pretentiousness, so I love it when someone justs says it as it is & you do. That pic of all those Tradies Cracks is a classic!
Millie ^_^