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Friday, April 16, 2010

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Hello everyone….I have missed all of you and wanted to try and do a post tonight. Thank you Shell for your story and I appreciate all of you leaving us the sweet comments. I have another great lady lined up and will post her story in a few days.
It has been one of those weeks where I wanted to run away and be somebody else but as it turns out I am too chicken so here I am still here still trying to figure it all out. You know in a good novel or movie the main character runs off starts their life over, meets the most beautiful person in the world their first day in the new town and so on and so on…if it were only that easy I would be in that new town tonight. Hahaha

My week started with me meeting my former renter at my home to inspect it and get my keys back. We all have some kind of sixth sense in us and know that this is not going to be a good meeting. I asked my sister-in-law Linda to ride with me to be my witness since I did not feel good about this meeting.

Turns out my house was so bad that since this meeting I have thought of a 101 ways to torture bad people. Lol…or should I say Ms Pearl has thought of all these ways. After my divorce I have to confess to you all that I wrote a pretty good short story about torturing the ex and the girlfriend….actually I have to admit I would still like to try some of them but will save that for another post

I don’t like people that are idiots…Sorry I know that’s tough words coming out of my mouth but geezzzzz Marie this freaking family have really did a number on me where I was so depressed all week that I let them keep me from being me. Does that make sense to you? I let them ruin my whole week….and sink me into deep depression and awful thoughts.

Now I have to get my big butt up and quit the pity party and get busy doing whatever it takes to get this house back to some kind of half way shape so I can sale it. I am to the point where I am going to ask almost nothing for it just to be away from the stress of dealing with it.
Yes Ms. Pearl came out during the meeting but thank God she had sense enough to let Maggie do most of the screaming… I had a good talking to her on the drive over telling her that if she ended up in jail for assault then I was giving them the name of Pearl and Maggie was going home…it worked and no one during the meeting was hurt other than me being devastated over the house. When I saw that the bathtub, commodes and sinks had not been cleaned in six months I did tell the idiot that I could not believe that people really live like this. Honestly it was like a bad nightmare and would I ever wake up. I have never seen anything so disgusting and dirtier in all my life. And believe me I have seen some filth working for the Sheriffs Dept. Pigs just pigs is all I can say and you know what that idiot woman said to me and Linda, “Excuse me Maggie but this is just how it was when we moved in.!” She even had the stupid gall to say I have pictures to prove it. OMG she is crazier than Ms. Pearl ever dreamed of being.

Honestly I wish that someone would have been filming this meeting because it is right up there on the top of the ten stupidest times of my life.

So my friends now you know why I have not been around most of the week. I have missed all of you and will do my best to catch up with all of you in the near future. That is if I don’t carry out some of my 101 ways to torture idiots.

Thanks for always being here for me and love to all



Susan said...

I'm so sorry to hear seems everyone with rental property has that problem.
Are you going to take them to court?
Are they finally out of there for good? Hope so!
You really kept your cool, Pearl, er, Maggie!

Always Nesting said...

Step away from the knife and nobody will get hurt! :)

Maggie, some people are just plain pigs. Sorry, there, I said it. I mean come on, a toilet that they use and don't clean???? Yuk!! That's why Pine Sol, Comet and toilet brushes were invented.

I hope next week is better for you. If I was there I would help you get the house back in order. I'm the master cleaner.

Hugs, Marla

Jane Jeffress Thomas said...

I knew it was bad when I saw that woman from a movie I saw where she broke that man's legs and tortured him. Can't think of the title, but it scared me half to death.

I need that knife and sledgehammer for Ms. Seawillow. Please send it posthaste. It must be in my hands by Tuesday by 2 PM. We have an excavation project going on here and you have to call 811 to keep from breaking a federal law and paying a $25,000 fine and that is the truth. Should you cross any utility line without the company marking it, bad things can happen to you.

The number was called on Monday by my husband who is 71 years old. He was talked to rudely and fussed at and told the contractor was the one to call. No one told us there was a protocol to have to follow to call that number.

The contractor called and the only people we have to really deal with are the gas people who once they are called are supposed to respond within 48 hours. Remember that was Monday. It is Friday and they have yet to come.

Said contractor called yesterday and the company said they had given him the wrong address. We live deep in a rural area. There are three houses facing our block. Ours is 8622 and they said the contractor said 8623. Liar, liar, pants on fire!!! They are so dumb they don't even realize they don't even have an address/customer with that address. It isn't like we are in a subdivision or row houses. Our village has one blinking light. They had better be careful or their tongues might just rot out from lying.

I fired off a complaint to the public service commissioner yesterday and didn't get a response. I sent another one today asking if he were out of the country and if so, where was his secretary. I got a response that repeated what the gas people said about my contractor giving a wrong address.

Being like a dog with a bone, I sent back a note stating that apparently he hadn't really read my note because I had already stated the gas company had said that and it was a bald face lie. I told him liars are one thing I cannot abide. I didn't get a return email.

You watch, it will start raining about the time they do show up and rain for 49 days and 40 nights and we will have to build an ark. When that man comes, he is going to show me where he went to 8623 so I can tell him to his eyes what a liar he is.

It occurred to me that I needed to email the gas company too. My fingers are down to the first knuckle with all of these emails. I am frustrated because there is no one I can call and no office I can go to to strangle someone.

I did tell my husband if a state trooper came into the driveway to pick me up, tell him he didn't know where I was or when I would be back. I just hope he can't search under my bed or he might find me. I think I will put your name on the list for mail call so at least I can have a snicker or two.

Well, Ms. Pearl. You got some steel toed boots? I have a feeling if we should ever meet, we might just have to find some a** to kick. You have a good weekend and may the plague sic those nasty piggy people. (and your ex)

jane1 at cp-tel dot net

Jane Jeffress Thomas said...

OOps!!! I forgot you were in law enforcement! Please don't tell them to look under the bed. Maybe I better find another place to hide. :-)


Patti said...

Bless your heart!! When I was a kid, my parents had a house they rented out and it was done the same way! Its just hard to find good renters. I was so glad when they got rid of the house. I hope you have a good weekend and a better week next week. Hang in there! Thanks for the kind comments on my blog tonight! :)

Delena said...

Everyone I know that rents out places have ended up selling them because it was just too much stress and hassle.

Mimi Sue said...

I know I would not be a good landlord. Too many crazy people out there. Sorry you had one living in your house! Mimi

Jana said...

That someone would have such utter disregard for others’ things is what gets me really mad. I try not to borrow anything from anyone and even if I have to I take care of it better than even my own stuff…sad to hear that something like this has happened to you and you now have to put a lot of work to make this right.

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

boy sounds like your renter is in some case of bad denial and is too embarrassed to admit she is a total 100% PIG!! so she blames you for the filth...disgusting I tell can folks live like that is beyond me...uuuuhhhh guess she won't be getting her deposit back..:) can't you charge her for the damage?...wish you could take her to jail..;)

Kelly said...

Oh no! That is just gross! I always wonder how people can live like that? Do they not notice their filth? And what a stupid comment 'it was like it when we moved in'? Erm well even if it was (which I'm sure it wasn't!) you have had a while to run a cloth round! Can you charge them for professional cleaning?

Midlife Mom said...

My jaw is clenching just reading about your renters! We rent to a lot of college students and you can't believe how they leave the apartments when they go home for the summer! They don't care that they don't get their deposit back as mummy and daddy are paying the bills! I could go on and on. The do leave good stuff though like tv's, laptops, sports equipment, clothes, dishes etc that we gather and sell! My heart goes out to you my friend!!!!

NitWit1 said...

My husband and I are probably the only renters (our early years of marriage we did not own a home) who left the property in better shape than when we moved in.

We've had to appcept some dumps to live in during our early military years.

Arkansas Patti said...

Boy, I hope you had a huge security deposit. In my younger days I once rented an apartment with a contract that a weekly housekeeper of their choosing was figured into the rent. I loved it. Only time in my life I had a housekeeper. Everyone was happy.

Debby said...

Love Miss Pearl's pictures, hah. I think you did good keeping your cool. But, sorry they ruined your week. Sending ((((((HUGS))))) to make you feel better.

Debby said...

To Jane,
Have your husband tell the police that you are at 8623.
This doesn't have much to do with your post but we live on Shady Lane but our address is Spruce Drive. When we order pizza we explain but every time we watch them drive by.
Funny story to read but sure it wasn't funny to live.

Melanie said...

I'm SO sorry to hear about this! Bless you heart. I would have done the same thing. Hoping that you'll have lots of help to fix it back up. Some people just have no idea what it takes to keep a house up, and I agree with you, HOW do they live in filth?!?!?

P.S. I look forward to the 'ways to torture the ex' post. That should be a hoot!!! :)


~ ~

Shelly said...

Oh my Maggie! I could write a book on some of the tennants I've dealt with! The last tennant in back before my son had a daughter doing crack while she worked nights,,Andrew and I had to clean it out,,,fortunately they weren't "cooking" the stuff, but let me tell you I wore some serious gloves! Accck!

I have a book for you to find and read,,,,even if you only read the first couple of chapters, but I think ya'll will love what that lady does to her husband! Sullivan's Island by Dorthea (Dot) Benton Frank. It's several years old, so you might have to hunt a bit. Promise you'll laugh and raise a fist to the sky, "Yes."

I went "Miss Pearl" on a man that I'd been with for about 4 years when he came home from a business trip and told me he was leaving me. I was SO in love with this guy!

Well, he left that night but the stuff was still there......let's just say he had to buy a new computer,,,which somehow ended up in the front lawn! OOps! (So much for someone commenting on my Blogazine about being "strong"-but then again I guess it would depend on your interpretation,,,,I had to be pretty "strong" to heft that thing off the porch~!

Have a better weekend my dear!
Hugs and Pieces,

Cherrie said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you! My mom once went through a renters nightmare! I hope that you sale your home quickly!

Kissed by an Angel said...

Hi Maggie, I am so sorry that you had to find this!! These people are scum!! they don't have anything themselves and certainly don't value other peoples possessions!!!! I really hope this works out ok for you!! Mabe with lots of cleaning products, elbow grease and large cans of paint!!!

Meghan said...

These people sound so inconsiderate. I am sorry a wonderful lady such as yourself has to deal with their BS. People just need to use their heads sometimes! Argh!!! Anyway, I am glad you said something to them!!!

Mumsy said...

Oh, sweet Maggie! I am so sorry those people did that to you. Like you needed more to have to do, huh? It sounds like you did a very good job keeping Ms. Pearl on her best behavior. I liked the conversation you had with her on the way over to the house.

I don't know how some live the way they do but I have seen a few of them like those renters. I think pigs are cleaner so I really wouldn't know what to call those who live in such filth.

I am glad you were able to keep Ms. Pearl at bay and neither of you are behind bars from her being like Kathy Bates in "Misery". Can't have you behind bars...not good.

I would help you clean up all that mess if I lived near enough to you. Again I am so sorry.

Big hugs!

Libbie said...

Oh Maggie...i wish so much that I lived closer...or that I had enough money to fly down there with a pair of yellow rubber gloves to pitch in & get that place cleaned up with you. That totally breaks my heart for you. People do that to my dad when he evicts them from an apartment but he has us all to help whip the place back into order. To do that to you just breaks my heart. I really don't understand people. But I do understand that you must be feeling terrible! Just take it easy & focus on one room at a time Mags. the pictures were pretty funny & even though I was pretty mad at that managed to make me smile :) Take Care Maggie!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Aw you sweet ladies are going to make me cry...I love you all so.
Thank you so much for all your too kind comments. I will pull myself up by my boot straps get me some good gloves and dig in. The utilities are off so have to get them turned on to start my work over there.
Having to mow today because the forcast is calling for rain for the next four or five days. Just came in for lunch break and had to check on all of you.
As always you ladies are more than anyone could ask for in a friend ship.
Take care and enjoy your families and weekend. I will go to church in the morning and give thanks for all of you. My brothers started going to a new church near me and I am enjoying it too.
Love and thanks to all

Auntie Cake said...

Poor Maggie,
It must be tough to see your beloved house in such a condition. My dad owns apartments, and it is unbelievable how some people can live. He had some tenants that never cooked at home because they couldn't get into the kitchen, and you couldn't find the stove because there was too much junk on it. They just skipped out and I forget how many dumpsters we filled!

Wish I could come down there and help you clean. I have learned to breathe through my mouth so as not to throw up and am actually quite good at it now! It really helps with bad renters...

Wishing you a big bottle of Lysol and some magic fairies to help you clean it up! Enjoy the south 40!

~ Regan said...

Oh my word. I have rented before, and I always try to leave the house looking immaculate. My last landlord said he didn't have to do anything to the house when we left! It's shameful that some people don't have any respect for anything. It can be fixed though, so try not to worry... Remember, "What goes around, comes around"!
Can you at least keep the deposit?

Gerry said...

Do read Dorothea Benton Franks books about the Low Country. If you can begin with her first and follow through.

LOVE, absolutely LOVE your graphics. They say it all.

Up to me posting this comment there were 25 before me. Never, I mean never in all the comments I've read have there been such lengthy commentary. You Must Have HIT A NERVE.

You've covered several points in this post so you know that one or more hit close to home with each of us.

Thanks for the up lifting thoughts flowing from your keyboard. ! ! ! ! ! !


Perhaps the Haz Mat Team could give you a hand.

The Lucy and Dick Show said...

Yes, we've also had a bad renter. It just changes how you look at a place, doesn't it? Just remember that whatever goes around, comes around and they will get theirs someday. I just hope you're on the street corner so you can see it!

Jan @ bobbypins boardwalk said...

It is very okay to get angry! Glad to hear you vent...It's healthier! Love the comparison pics above (haha)

bunny said...

We have dealt with the same thing Maggie...never again...we sold the house and never looked back...we did this of course without a gun or Hope you have a peaceful weekend and a enjoy your new church.


Always Nesting said...

Maggie, Maggie, Maggie

Of course you can Woo Hoo! You have so many wonderful stories that make us all laugh. We are celebrating (it would be even better if I could pass out a bit of wine)home and life. Yes, life and yours just happens to be one of the most interesting in bloggyville. Mrs. Pearl is the woman I want to be when I grow up, old, out, well you get it! :)

sissie said...

Hi Maggie,
Those people are just plain ignorant, stupid and dumb! Be glad that you are rid of them.
I just hope you can get your house back together.


Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Hello Sweet Friend!

I'm so sorry these icky people disrespected your property and you! I worked in property management for years and know how disgusting people can be. Karma my friend....Karma!

I'm glad Ms. Pearl didn't go to jail and I know it took everything you had not to deck these le pigs for destroying your house.

Something wonderful is right around the corner for you my friend...I just know, you will see.

Thanks for popping over my friend and for checking in. I'll shoot you over an email.

Love and hugs,

Jo said...

Oh, Maggie -- go ahead and unleash Mrs. Pearl and Annie Wilkes on those people. They've deserved it.

"Now the time has come. I put two bullets in my gun. One for me, and one for you. Oh darling, it will be so beautiful." ... Annie Wilkes, Misery


Ivanhoe said...

Oh no! That's just horrible. I hope you kept their deposit. There was a security deposit, right? I'm glad Ms. Pearl did not go to jail over this ;)

cindy said...

OOhhh NOooooo! Here's hoping for a better week.

TAke care-

do you still want me to write our story for you??

Sue said...

My solution to this is having my KIDS rent out the property we own. I've trained 'em myself, so I know they will keep things the way I like them!


PS. Hope your problems get resolved sooner than later.

Cozy Little House said...

Yuck! That bad? I might have hit them over the head with something for my trouble. Sometimes I dream of running away and starting over myself. Afraid I may be too old.

Whimsical Creations said...

Ewwww...they never cleaned the bathroom. YUCK!! What is wrong with people? That is awful! Sorry you have to deal with this now.