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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Deb from Sweet Tea!

Hope you are having a lovely weekend! It is raining here and cool. The pond on the North Forty is actually running over which is a beautiful site after our dry summer.

Thanks for coming by again today. I have another Blogazine guest for you.
Deb writes the blog Sweet Tea and if you have not met her today is your lucky day.
(If you CLICK her site name in the sentence before this it will take you to her site.)

So here is Deb's Story.........

Some things I’ve learned along the way:
1.  No matter how much I love Garth Brooks, he is never going
      to marry me.

2.  Never try to “wax”  your nose hair.  Don’t ask me how I know.
3.  There are only two occasions worth getting up early for:
      to leave for vacation and/or to give birth.
4.  If you “step on a crack” your MaMa will still be OK.
5.  Blogging is not similar to jogging; it cannot be
     considered as a form of aerobic exercise. 
6.  All is fair in love, war, and hot flashes.

7.  Caution: Thongs are not for sissies.
8.  If you can find a man who gives foot massages - MARRY HIM!
9.  Margarita’s make everything better.
10. Margarita’s AND a good Friend make everything perfect!

“Banty Rooster”. 
That’s what my Dad called me during my teen years.  I never knew what that meant until recently. “They are called banty roosters after the bantam rooster both because of their size and because their behavior can "out-rooster" the more standard sized rooster
. “  I stood 5’ tall and had a bit of an attitude in those days.  I’m still 5’ tall but I’ve mellowed a lot along the way. 
Would I lie to you? Huh? Huh?

I met my husband in a typing class in high school.
We married soon after high school.

We always tell our kids, “Be careful who you type with!”.

We have an “Open Marriage”.  He is open to the fact that I have
a huge crush on Garth Brooks.  I am open to the way he yearns for Michelle Phfifer.  Fantasy works nicely for us. 

We have 4 children; a daughter age 41, a son age 38, another son age 35,
and another daughter age 17.  Yep 17!  Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humor?  We’re still raising a teenager!!  We also have 3 beautiful Granddolls, age 13, 11, 8 - a blonde, a brunette, and a red-head!

Life really is “about the journey”, don’t you think? 
I’m thankful for where the journey has brought me in this season of life.  I was born in Oklahoma and lived my entire life there until 8 years ago.  It was then that a job change for my husband brought us to Louisiana.  I never dreamed we would ever leave Oklahoma.  Our family and friends worried that I’d be miserable and homesick and have a terrible time making the adjustment.  Surprise!  I love it here! 

I have always loved the written word.
I once wanted to by a Lyricist.
I wrote some song lyrics and even had a couple that were recorded.  Does anyone remember LuLu Roman Smith from Hee Haw days?  She recorded one of my songs.  Another was recorded by a gospel singer.  I was once invited by a music company to visit Nashville - It was during that visit  when I realized I liked to write, but I didn’t like to negotiate contracts.  I backed away from it all at that point.  No regrets. “Heee Haaaw!”

I love my online Friends.
I have met a group of women who I’ve known now for 8 years.
We live all across the US and even into Canada.
Once a year we vacation together, then throughout the year
we stay connected via the internet.

Real Friendships blossom and grown in Blogland.
This is a wonderful opportunity to meet and
“do life” with people we’d never get to know
otherwise.  I hope you’ll stop by to visit me.
There’s always plenty of “SWEET TEA”

for everyone and all are invited.
I’d love to meet you!


Honey I appreciate you writing this awesome story for us. I enjoyed reading it very much and I would love to meet you too.

 I have told Deb several times how I laugh every time I open her site up and see her headboard. Too funny! Be sure and go by Deb's site Sweet Tea. It's always fun to make new friends out here in our amazing big world of blogging.

All of You are so kind for leaving me your comments about My Night In Prison post.  If you have not had a chance to read it I would love for you to. I think my next post of the prison will be about my first job there and how I got hired. It will include working side by side with a woman in the mail room who is now on Death Row here in Texas. Sad story about my co-worker.

Believe it or not I did update my Blogazine List at the top of my home page. I added the past guest that I have been so far behind in listing. Please check and see if your site is on there and if not let me know so I can add it. Of course, if you have neglected to do a story for me then you won't find your name. hahaha
Sorry trying to be funny tonight. You know though it is never to late to tell your story and be a guest so all you have to do is send me your story and pictures to Easy peasy......or something like that.

Been home this weekend because of the heavy rains we are having plus I my chest is making some kind of funny noise. I was laying in bed last night and I heard this noise both Tinkerbell and I raised up looking for something or someone else in the room and it was me. Yep I know I have lost it. lol

The last few days I have been sad over the news about our friend Dr. Kathy McCoy. She had a horrible accident at home and is now trying to rest and heal. I wish I could be there for her but of course I live so far away. Please add her to your prayer list. Dr. Kathy I am thinking of you dear friend.

 Also my middle son Clint has been going through a lot of test this month trying to find out why he has been feeling bad so I would love it if you could add Clint to your list of prayers too. He is the father of my two precious grand babies and I love him so much.

I love you too and enjoy your Sunday. I will be home watching Joel Olsteen instead of being in church.
We are having more rains tonight and tomorrow so I am not taking a chance of getting wet.
Well in the rain that is...I do take my baths. hahaha

Sweet Dreams

Geezzzz what are we going to do about this darn Word Verification at Google now for Blogs. I honestly can't see the words right and never have I been able to leave a comment on a site that uses it without trying three or four times. So is it just me?


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your post...prayers for all who are in special need! What's this about your chest making noise? Hmmmmm!

Marydon said...

Oh, sweetie, I hope you share good news for Clint. I'll be checking in this week coming. You'd better be taking care of YOURSELF, Maggie. I cannot have anything else go wrong with you.

Prayers are lifting daily for all our friends who are having quite a time in bloggyville. It has been a busy prayer time thus far this year ...

So enjoyed Sweet Tea's story. I haven't met her yet, will pop over now.
She has quite a sense of humor .. my kind of gal.

Have a beautiful Sunday ... I am! We are getting SNOW, yippy skippy!

Love you sweet Maggie, & miss you!
Have a lovely eve ~

Terra said...

I enjoyed this guest post; the writer has a cool sense of humor.
Now I will visit her blog which sounds great.
Yes, Maggie, thanks for the comment you left on my blog today and please do list my give away of the 3 books and soap here on your blog sidebar.
Thank you for thinking of that.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Maggie Sweetie...
Oh what a gorgeous share. I am so LOL over Sweet Tea's story. I have got to get over and give her a visit. She is so darn cute and her humor, well I can see why you two hit it right off.

Please take care of yourself Maggie. I know you are still trying to bounce back yourself. Hopefully you have an Ark or two just waiting around incase you float off that North Forty of yours. Wish we were having some of that rain here in the desert, no such luck.

I will be sending up some prayers for your sweet Clint. Guide those Dr.s in the right direction to help figure out what is slowing Clint down.

Stay warm sweetie. You don't need to be out in that rain. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

joanne said...

I will be scurrying over to mee Deb as soon as I leave here. Maybe I should do a blogazine post? Anyway, I will be keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers. I wish we had more time to visit with each several days! take care sweet lady.
I hate the new word ver. I can't see it and it's very frustrating. I haven't been leaving comments because of it. gah.

acorn hollow said...

I will have to visit Deb loved her post. I with you on the google word it takes me all night to get it right.
I will keep the Dr and your son Clint in my prayers for sure.
Hope you are sounding better soon.

Arkansas Patti said...

Deb's story was so very entertaining and I enjoyed her humor. I will check her out. Thanks for posting it.
Dr. Kathy is all ready in my prayers and I will add Clint.
Totally agree on the word vert. I am always a bit shocked when my comment actually gets accepted. It is pure guess work.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

How lovely to meet Deb! I have in common that we just moved from NY to Ohio at the end of September with a job transfer for my husband. As native New Yorker's it was a bit of a surprise to move out of state and something I never thought would happen.

I'm looking forward to reading more, Maggie. Wow, to go from working with someone and now she's in prison herself ~ that must have been weird to find out about. Have a lovely Sunday, Maggie!

Tina Eudora said...

Dear Maggie....oh how I have missed reading your posts and I want to thank you for writing me to check on my whereabouts. Some days are hard for me and lately it's been weeks. I promise I will be writing to you this week and it will be a good long one!
Deb sounds like one fun gal and can there ever be too many of those in this world? I think not!
I will check out your prison post also as I am sure it will be thought provoking!
Have a great Sunday Maggie!
Love ya a bunch.....Tina xo

Lisalulu said...

you are just THE BEST, my heart just lights up when I see you have a post, and such a fun Deb... I'm off to get to kno her better!!! prayers for Clint, and Kathy, poor thing.

Sue said...

I really dislike the new word verification...and I wish everyone would just do what I have done and get rid of it entirely.

Sending prayers to all who need them and enjoyed meeting your friend at Sweet Tea. Shocked, though, to learn that blogging is not aerobic exercise!


LuLu Kellogg said...

I hope there will be good news for Clint! I will keep you all in my prayers.

The new word verification stuff is really chapping my hide. It's so hard to read!!! *insert colorful language here*


Olga said...

That post just might convert this northerner to try some sweet tea.

You are not alone! I HATE the new two word verification with the black and white blobs. Way too hard on these old eyes.

Julia said...

Hi there sweet Maggie, I enjoyed Deb's story and her writing style. It made for a fun read.

Thanks for putting me amongst your other guests in your Blogazine. It's quite an honor.

I'm keeping Clint and all the family in my prayers. I hope that they will be able to help him.

Oh those nasty two verification words are the pits. There is a little question mark at the bottom of the words and if you click on it you can contact someone about word verification. I haven't contacted any one but I may be driven to soon.

When my tummy make funny noises, I feed it, hahaha. Hope that it's all it needs.

Hugs, JB

Sybil said...

Thank you for sharing Deb's story. I must pop round and visit..
I do hope that you don;t have anything nasty Maggie..please do take care and if no better see the Dr...
As I missed you rlast blog I am now going to read that one as well..
I have had a good sunday. Out to Bristol to the museum housing the world wildlife photography exibition it was brillaint also met Beth and Max and we all went to a nice old fashioned pup for lunch ( peter and Mary were with me as well. Peter drove as I don't like driving in Bristol !!)

Bobby said...

What they all said. Thanks for the story. Now to visit the blog.

Anonymous said...

its so so nice to meet you, I have travelled here from Sweet Tea, I will put your family on the prayer list and I have clicked as a follower, I'll be back.Best wishes from canada

Chatty Crone said...

Hello and I see a lot of my friends here too.

I didn't know Sweet Tea real name was Deb.

And blog verification ^%^&*$#!

Love, sandie

GerryART said...

Maggie, Maggie,
how you fit so much into one post is beyond me, gal.
Shared your Prison Post with Hubby.
Am keeping you all in my thoughts

Debby said...

I will add her to my prayers along with your son. I hope they have some answers soon.
I willalso stop by and visit Deb. She sounds like alot of fun.
Sounds like you have aasthma or something. Doctor visit????
Stop by and sign up for my giveway.

Debby said...

I just saw that you posted about my giveway. You are a sweetheart. I need to pay more attention. xo
I'll call soon.

Tracy said...

I loved meetin Deb...hah, I was so caught up in reading about her that I 'joined' your site again thinking I was in her now you have two of me! hah!

Garden of Egan said...

That was fun to read your guest.

You've had your share of trials my friend.
You are in my prayers.

Forty Pound Sack said...

Hi Maggie! Thanks for introducing Deb - enjoyed the post ~

Sissy said...

Google is sure trying my patience, Maggie. Maybe we should start a protest? I see no need for this complication in our lives!

Your Clint will surely be on my supplication list. I know about weakness and the No Doctor's solution. When one's doctor removes calcium entirely from one's nutritional needs, even though the patient has spongy bones, this in itself makes me question that doctor's intelligence.

I like your guest Deb. Now how do we find her website? Or did I overlook it on your page? I tried Googling but 15 million plus choices is a bit too much for me to navigate to find it.

Looking forward to your next "prison" post. You tell good stories, Lady!

Nezzy said...

This was a fantastic Blogazine guest. I for one love that Deb over at Sweet Tea. What a sweet gal that one is.

I'll be sure to pray for your Clint and am hoppin' over to the Good Dr.'s site as soon as I pop outta here.

You take care of yourself sweetie.

God bless and have a magnificent week!!! :o)

Dori said...

I really enjoyed the guest post and I always enjoy my visits here :) Thanks so much for visiting me at my blog! Hugs!

Richters Victory said...

Loved it! Just stumbled over your blog, I am your newest follower! Come visit me, and follow if you would. Have a great Monday!

sjmcdowell said...

Hi Maggie,

Prayers still being said for Clint and I will add the sweet Dr. to my list.

Always think of you...Mom's Birthday is today..92yrs. young!

Loved sweet Tea's story! She sounds like a sweetheart!

Hugs and smiles,


sjmcdowell said...

Hi Maggie,

Thank you for telling me about the word verification.
I stopped it..I did not even realize I had it!! Duh!!

Love and Blessings,


Julie Harward said...

Hi Maggie, nice to hear from you. Looks like a fun friend here, I will go say hi. You take care of yourself and stay healthy and happy! I do HATE this word verification!!! ;D

PEA said...

Such a delightful post that Deb wrote about herself, she sounds like a lot of fun and I will definitely go visit her after I'm done here:-)

I hope you went to see the doctor about the noise in your chest? Unless you've got Gremlins in there, you'd better make sure it's nothing serious!!

My prayers for your friend Kathy and your son Clint have been added to those of the others. I truly do believe in the power of prayer:-)

I have no idea what Google was thinking of when they changed the way they do the word verification...I always have to do it 3-4 times as well before I get it right! A lot of people will lose visitors if they don't remove it because it's way too frustrating.

Love you to bits, dear Maggie. xoxox

Sush said...

Hi...came over after Deb's suggestion. You seem to have a lot more of my blogging friends over here as well! Looking forward to following you, but I'm not sure what the bloggazine or whatever is? Prayers being said for your son and Dr Kathy!