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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Plants Can Be Deadly!

How are you tonight? Been trying my best to do a post tonight but seems like everything that can go wrong has gone wrong with this post. I guess sometimes you were meant to stay off of here. lol

Anyway I want to thank all of you for coming by and being so kind to Deb who did a fantastic post before this one as my Blogazine Guest. Deb sent me and email and said how fun it was meeting all of you. So thank you for going by Deb's site.

 Deb I also appreciate you taking the time to do this post for us. It is always a treat to have a guest  on here. Also I am so surprised by having so many new friends that have joined my little site. I really appreciate you for joining us here. We are just one big family and welcome. Please come often and get to know everyone. If you click on the comments or my list of followers you will meet my blogging family. Their all awesome and I appreciate each of you.

A few days ago I went to Lowe's and bought a few flowers to plant outdoors. I am getting Spring Fever already. Lowe's had some beautiful Hydrangea's so I had to have a few of them. For years I keep saying I am going to plant these in my yard. 

Then I saw some really pretty mixed colors of Poppy's and of course I wanted them too.

Something made me look the two plants up on Google and I found out their very poisonous to cats.

I had no idea that there are 140 various types of plants that are very poisonous to cats. Did you know this?

By the time I was through looking at all the different types of plants that will harm your pets I  was clueless as  what to plant now. I found out the Lily is the most dangerous followed by the Poinsettia and  then Hydrangeas. It mentioned if a cat just rubs up against a Lily it can kill them. Geezzz Louise.....does anyone 
know what I can plant that won't hurt my outside cats. 

There are also a lot of house plants that are dangerous to cats so with Tinkerbell inside I have to watch that too. How can I be this old and not know this information.

I am sick about the Hydrangeas because I was excited about having them in my yard. 

So all you animal lovers help me here. I sure don't want to go around hurting animals.
I see all of your pretty gardens and I miss having pretty flowers out here.  Any suggestions?

Today was the first day we had sunshine so I went out to mow in the back forty and would you believe there were two more huge Oak trees down. These two had fallen all the way over from the roots. I was shocked to see this. I have been out here five years and have never seen such damage to trees like this past month. Now there are four huge Oaks to be removed.

Well I need to get cleaned up and try to read a little before I turn in tonight. I am reading the book Unbroken. If  you get the chance read this book. It is incredible and so sad what our men went through in World War I or any war. I feel so ashamed of myself for complaining about little things when you read a book like this.

Have a wonderful week. Be good to everyone and Sweet Dreams....

Love to all


♥ Sonny ♥ said...

Gosh I didnt know that about hydrangeas. I dont have cats nor have I seen any around in years but still..

sorry you lost more oak trees. they are so magestic,,

sleep sweet

Pat said...

Maggie...I have a yard full of hydrangeas and have never had a problem with outdoor cats being attracted to them. I would think maybe if you bring the flowers in the house Tinkerbell may chew on them but they aren't like catnip. I'd say grown them out side and as she's an inside cat just keep the flowers out of the house.
Sleep tight...Pat

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I think ignorance really is my Mom and Dad's yard there were all kinds of plants that today are considered dangerous to animals...none of our cats, dogs, chickens what have you ever keeled over!

Sea Witch said...

Poppies and hydrangea's...can't think of two plants I like more. Hope all is well with you and those you love.

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

There are hydrangeas all over my neighborhood and everyone seems to have outdoor cats. Perhaps because these neighborhood cats are well fed and cared for they don't need to eat the plants.I'm just guessing here. I'm off to google to see if there is anything in my yard that is bad for my dog. Have a great rest of the week.

Ana said...

Oh no Maggie....I love Hydrangeas and never knew they were dangerous for cats...I guess it's a good thing I don't have any cats as pets. I'm sad you won't be able to grow them in your garden, they are just the best. Hope you are doing well my friend. Sending you a great big hug.

Much love,

Sush said...

I didn't know that about hydrangeas and I have cats that roam in and out and around mine but seem to be doing fine! My two dogs are all over them as well and no problems with them either. I hope you find some really pretty plants in place of them!

Arkansas Patti said...

Think Pat has a good answer. Maybe I should but I don't worry much about poisonous plants and my pets.
I loved Unbroken. What an amazing story and true to boot.

Janie said...

I as well, have never heard of hydrangeas being dangerous to cats. My mother and grandparents always had them and they also had cats, and no one that I know of ever had a problem.

I was curious so I googled it. It seems there is a compound that when it comes in contact with stomach acid releases cyanide.

BUT one article said it is the BUDS that are dangerous. But like I said, our family has always had hydrangeas and cats. and I never noticed a problem with it affecting them, or with the cats being drawn to them..
I have cats but they are inside cats right now, but we do have neighborhood cats in the I am not sure what I will do. Right now my hydrangea is potted (on the patio)and I am not even sure if it will survive this "mild" dry winter! I love too them...

jhopes70 said...


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Pat MacKenzie said...

Maybe cats have an instinct or sixth sense that warns them of plants that are dangerous to them. It could be that their keen sense of smell can detect noxious elements in the plants. I say go ahead and plant the flowers you love. There are things you can put in your garden to repel animals. Those might work at keeping the cats away, for their own good.

Nezzy said...

I too have had both cats and Hydrangeas, Lilies and the like and have never had a problem.

Maybe it's 'cause animals have instinct about the dangers of life.

I'd say plant whatever ya want outside, just be aware of your inside plants.

God bless ya sweetie and have an amazin' day!!! :o)

NitWit1 said...

I have never planted the plants you listed. But my attempts at flowers are outside of my backyard which is fenced. My dog is not allowed free run and I have no cats. However, feral and strays wander through my yard and I recognize them over and over again. Haven't heard of a single casualty.

I have discovered more in my house over the years that I did not know was harmful to dogs like grapes, certain sugar substitutes, chocolate. My dog is continually licking the floor and looking for crumbs. She is still kicking.

Sissy said...

Maggie, if the cat is an iside kitty, no need to worry about the outside. Hmm? Another solution: plant some catnip out there and I guarantee your kitty will pay 100% attention only to that plant.
Cats don't ordinarily go about taste testing plants outdoors anyway. Snowballs/hydrangeas and cats have been together in my family for several generations. I believe you may be overreacting/worried a bit. Don't worry. Be happy. I'm sure your beautiful cat will be fine. Also, I have many lilies and my kittens used to play tag through the fluorishing beds. Never tried taste testing them either. Plant your beauties and enjoy them.

Sue said...

I had no idea that these flowers were poisonous to cats. Absolutely none.

I wonder if, perhaps, their instincts warn them not to eat them...



Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I have no idea what to tell you to plant! I didn't know so many things were dangerous for kitties...

BYW, I just finished Unbroken and I loved it.

If you haven't read it, Seabiscuit, the author's first book is wonderful too...



Jennifer Richardson said...

Hi friend,
Don't you just love Spring fever!
I'm a professional gardener, you know, and have planned and planted
a gazillion hydrangeas for cat lovers! I'm gonna ask alot of questions tomorrow! Thanks for the tip:)
hope and more hope,

Julia said...

Toxic doesn't mean that it will kill the cat but perhaps make them sick enough to know better next time.
I've had all kind of lilies and hydrangeas and many different flowers in my yards for years and my three cats all lived to old age. I had a cat who ate a coleus in the house and vomited but didn't show any sign of being sick after the fact.

I When I had cats I grew catnip for them. They went crazy for catnip.

The list of toxic plant is enormous.

So sorry about your big oak trees Maggie. It must be heart breaking. I get sentimental about old trees. I even cried and felt so sorry when a big pine tree was cut down for safety reason in front of our place. It had been there for many generations that are long gone too.

Prayers for Clint. Hugs. JB

Shirley said...

Hi Maggie, I don't have cats, but I have given up on having flowers. I just don't have a green thumb like my mother did. I just admire everybody else flowers. Thank you for stopping by. I having been reading blogs tonight for a change of scenery. I have been stopping by just not always where I can leave a comment. Glad you got some much needed rain. We had 64 today, but I didn't get to enjoy much of it. Hope you have a great weekend. Your Missouri Friend.

Chatty Crone said...

I love hydrangeas! Those were gorgeous. So you are ready to plant already? sandie

Darlene said...

Not knowing much about plants, never have done my own gardening because I am so allergic to flowers and plants, I cannot advise you. But I have the feeling that Sue may be right about animals, (especially cats) instinctively know not to go near them. Good luck. I would just plant them anyway as I hate to waste anything. Also, I know how much you really wanted these, or you never would have bought them, and to me it would be a shame to have to just give them away.

yaya said...

I love my hydrangeas and my cat is still alive...maybe I need to plant more..oops, I really didn't mean that! (sort of). Anyway, I'd plant them and wouldn't worry. I'm just jealous you're planting flowers and mowing. It will be about 3mo. before I can even think of planting a flower that won't get frosted! Mowing usually happens around here in April sometime. Looking forward to it!

Arkansas Patti said...

Have you read about the author? She has an amazing story of her own. If you have some time, check out

What incredible Hell she has been through.

Sybil said...

I have had hydranges in pots in my wee yard and have even seen Amber Mary's cat lying unerneath the big ones..and no harm also had lovely poppies and tiger lillies with no harm coming to cats or dog !! so just go on and plant your hydranges etc although watch out that it is not to early to be planting out cause if we get a late frost you could loose them..
I am sorry to read about the oak trees such magestic trees. do you have someone that will come and cut them up for you..
love Sybil xx

A Tale of Two Cities said...

I love hydrangeas--hope you have luck with them. I've heard many good things about Unbroken--must put it on my list to read!