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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Never Boring!

As you can see by these pictures lightening does strike in the same place twice. We have went from severe drought all summer to heavy rains all the month of January. Not complaining of the rain but gosh these thunder storms and tornadoes are enough to make me crawl under the beds with Tinkerbell.

These pictures are of two trees on the North Forty struck by lightening this past week. Guess who is going to be busy busy busy clearing away debris. Thank goodness I am going to get help with these because if I were doing it alone it would take me til next January.

Now the weeds are so high I am going to have to get the tractors out and shred. I tried mowing with just a John Deere the other day but the weeds were too high so now I have to get out the big one.

My new neighbors who moved into the pink house have a little dog. One of those that is real skinny smaller than a rat and barks all the time. Well he is so small he gets out of their picket fence and finds me and barks his fool head off. I love love dogs but I am use to peace and quiet out here not a dog following me around barking. He followed me into the barn just a yapping and I pretty much wanted to scream at him and chase him away but I pretty much kept my cool. I start taking the booster cables off the tractor and moving them and the charger to the back of the barn when he scared me and the cables touched and sparks flew. Scared me so bad I thought I was going to have an accident. Then I am thinking I have been shocked and my hair is probably standing up straight out on my head. About then his owner walks inside the barn and I jump back and scream like ET had just entered the barn. lol

She said," My mom always told me when a person is jumpy like that their a mean person.....I told her that her mom could be right."  hahaha

When I am on the North Forty I am not use to anyone being around.

I am sitting here eating a warm bowl of chili while watching Sleepless in Seattle. I feel like I am not an American for not watching a movie while the Super Bowl is  going on.

How about you are you watching the Super Bowl? I use to love football but not so much any more. Actually I hardly watch TV. Lately I have been enjoying my new Color Nook the kids gave me for Christmas. I was so proud of myself when I downloaded a book from my library. It only took me a couple of hours but I managed to finally figure it out. lol

I just finished the Hunger Games Trilogy so if any one has a Nook and wants to rend them I will try and figure out how to lend them.  I told my son Chad that I read faster with my Nook. Wish you could of seen the look on his face. Priceless!

Last weekend at Kaci's Basketball Game, I snapped this pic of Chad and Christi!

Good things seem to be happening for Christi. She started her new job this past week. I am excited for her.

Last Tuesday the day before my renters were to move in they backed out. I was really upset but God as always was watching over me and sent me the sweetest renter. She just moved here with her two small children and is recently divorced. I immediately liked her and she moved into today. So once again my prayers have been answered. Job for Christi and my house rented.

Now I must go but I am sending you the best wishes for a wonderful week. May all your prayers be answered.

Love to all


Buttercup said...

Yay for Christi's job and your renter. I'm listening to the game -- my Giants are playing -- but also on the computer. Read "The Hunger Games" Trilogy on my kindle and just really flew through all three. Wishes for a good week!

Debby said...

I don't care about the Super Bowl.
Hubby is watching so I will watch for the commercials if I stay awake.
I think you should call Cowboy in to help with the trees. That's a mess.
I scream like that all the time.
Silly dog. Start giving him treats.....
Yeah for Christi and for your renters.
Hope everything else is okay.
I am feeling better today. You know of others having the trigger finger surgery.....I guess it is common but haven't talked to anyone having the surgery.

yaya said...

I was watching Sleepless too then switched to Wedding Date then switched to computer....think I'm a little ADD??? Congrats to Christi and I'm so glad you rented your home. I would hate to have a yappy dog around the place too. In fact, I would probably tell the owners to keep it at home. Thus they would conclude that I'm a mean person too! Atleast I'm in good company! Have a great week Maggie!

Donna said...

Congrats to Christi!!
Sorry about the trees and lightening (< and weeds!). Mother Nature can be fearsome!
Hope you like the new renter as much as the good first impression.
So funny about the tractor and cables...hope your hair is be careful now, you hear?

Theanne said...

trees and neighbors and finally a renter...what a week! when I moved in to this villa (read apartment) I opted not to have a TV connection. Sometimes I use the TV for entertaining g'kids or playing Wii! I watch movies using my computer so no football for me...kind of lost interest after Don died!

I'd never heard that people who were jumpy were mean...that's a new one!

sissie said...

Hi Maggie,
Just stopping by to say hello and see how you are doing. Ooh, that tree looks like a real mess, glad it didn't fall on your roof or anything like that!
Don't feel bad about the super bowl. I'm not watching it either.
I'm not into football too much. I'd rather be over here in Blogland with my buddies.

Glad to hear your family is doing well and that you've got a nice renter.


♥ Sonny ♥ said...

Yep I'm watching the game with my daughter.
I'm so glad to hear all your good news about Christie and getting your home rented to someone nice. I know you're tickled about it all.

You be sure to let the help deal with those big ole trees so you dont hurt yourself.

see ya soon ..

Garden of Egan said...

I loved your description of shocking. Cute. Hopefully you won't have to set a rat trap.

Sorry about all the debris. That does look like a lot of work.

The superbowl is on, but I'm not watching it. I had to leave, the flashing lights of Madonna's halftime show gave me a migraine.

I love the picture of Christi and Chad. They are darling!

Have a wonderful week.

Sue said...

Glad your prayers were answered for Christi and for your apartment.

My whole family is watching the superbowl, but I am just hanging in the kitchen blogging. It's all good. I'll go check out Madonna at halftime.


shawkl said...

No football...keep dog biscuits in your pocket. Bribes work great for little doggies. Don't get too close though...he might bite until he gets used to you.

Loving the great news!


GerryART said...

Make room for one more under that bed. Really don't like those thunderstorms.

And, I don't care for a barking dog when I'm NOT in their territory.

Once again, Maggie, you crack me up.

We have the Super Bowl game on, however, I am knitting a new project so have to refer to the pattern so much that there is no time to keep up with each game play.

hugs 'n more hugs,

Shirley said...

Hi Maggie, I don't watch much football anymore unless their is someone I know. We do have one of my college alumni playing for the New York Giants. It makes it special knowing that they produce that kind of football players. I think I would have scream loud with a yapping little dog. I probably wouldn't have been as nice as you were. I am so glad that Christi found a job and you got your house rented. Just be careful when you go to clean up the trees. Did the Globetrotters have a girl playing with them when you saw them? In Kansas City they did. They show some clips, I wish they would have shown it all on television. Hubby is having good and bad days and it depends on how wheel chair assessable they are whether we can go or not. I am glad that I didn't get tickets for us for his birthday. We would have never made it and then we would have maybe had trouble getting our money back. He has had a better day today. Have a great day. Your Missouri Friend.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I watched the game, Maggie! I got into football when my son was young and started playing. He wound up playing up through high school so I really just wanted to know what the game was about originally, but then I got into it. I think I yell more than my husband and son during games! : )

I hope that dog backs off before Ms. Pearl comes a visiting! I love dogs, too, especially small ones, but that would try my patience.

Elaine said...

You certainly do have some wood to cut. storms are mother nature at work and we are not always happy with her choices. No I'm afraid I did not watch the sper bowl.. I did check to see the score so I can be up to speed. Warm wishes Elaine

jojo said...

Thats a lot of damage and a huge clean up ahead, wow. We had a lot of trees damaged during an ice storm a few weeks ago but lightening looks to do even worse. I hope you get someone to help you.
Love the pic of the kids. Christi is so darn beautiful, in and out, I can just see that she has a wonderful heart. Same for your son. You done good girlfriend.
I am not a football watcher anymore and like you I rarely watch the tele. I have a kindle but I know what you mean..I love it. Reading is fun again. Wow, we are getting old...oh my. Love you, take care and have a good week ahead.

Vicki/Jake said...

No super bowl for me either and I don't feel bad at all. You need to confirm to the neighbors that you're meaner than boiled owl turds when scared by a rat:)And you renting the house to a single mom may have been more help than you know. Hope it works out. Have a great week Maggie and keep the faith...

Marla and Steve said...

Never a dull moment in your world :) Love catching up on your life and glad to hear all is going well.

Julia said...

Maggie, I'm so glad about Christie getting a job. I hope that she'll be happy working there. I love the beautiful picture her and Chad together.

I never cared for football of sport for that matter.

I'm sad that you lost those beautiful trees. I had some big trees in my backyard that we had to cut down and it just broke my heart. I'm glad that you are getting help to clean up. Sorry about the tall weeds also. I wish I lived closer I would go give you a hand.

Now I'm a wee little farm girl with funny muscles but frigging with booster cables on batteries is way beyond my calling. You are amazing. Hugs and love. JB

cindy said...

What a mess! LIghtening would only strike twice with you!!!!
take care

Mumsy and Furkids said...

Wonderful news that things are getting better for sweet Christi. Love the picture of her and Chad two beautiful people.

I love dogs too but there is no excuse for one to bark all the time.

So sorry about all the trees but I am sure am glad to hear you will have help to clean all that up.

Happy, happy for you sweet Maggie about the renter. Sounds like that all turned out for the best.

Never heard that before...that people who are jumpy are mean...I can say that is not fact though because you are sweet as can be with now a mean bone in ya!

Love you and leave you lots of hugs sweet Maggie

Sybil said...

Maggie, what great news about the house getting rented and she seems as if she is in real need of a nice house and an extra nice person renting it to her !!
As always you had to give me a laugh and your recation to the wee dog etc..sure did that..You can hardly believe it but I woke in the middle of the night on Sat. and what was on teh radio..your Super what I know about any kind of football let alone American Super Bowl could be written on a postage stamp so I'm afraid it did not keep me awake for long !!
As Debby say's any chance getting that hansome cowboy to help clear all the tree mess ??
Love Sybil xx

Sharon said...

Glad to hear that your prayers were answered.
I am also glad to hear that good things are coming around for Christi.


Nezzy said...

Woohoo!!! Answered prayers...God is good! Christi looks good, I'm so happy she landed a great job.

Girl, maybe ya need to lasso you 'the cowboy' to help ya with the tree. Ya surly don't need to be tacklin' that with your back issues girl. 'Just sayin'.........

God bless ya and have a beautiful week my friend.

Be careful out there!

Julia said...

Hi sweet Maggie. I just wanted you to know that I'm praying for your intentions. Hugs.

Marydon said...

So thrilled about Cristi's job & your new renters. God always takes care o fus, sweetie. He knows when things need to be done & directs it our way at the right time ... never be down, always look up.

Great pics of the kid-ligns & Chad & Cristi.

Been sick so not doing or talking ... just snuggling quiet.

Will call you later this week. Need to catchup ... miss you so.

Have a beautiful day ~
Hugs & love,

Forty Pound Sack said...

Way to go, Christi! I'm not sure I would be too thrilled with a little ankle biter running around my yard and an ankle biter's owner making a comment like that. You have more patience that I, my friend!

Jennifer Richardson said...

amazing the sights and sounds
of that storm must've been!
beautiful wood for recycling;
to everything there is a season.
So glad for the sweetness
coming Christi's way:)
love and big joy to you,

NitWit1 said...

Those little dogs are the yappiest in my opinion, but I can just see the kid telling you what his Mother said. HA HA

Boy you have really had the weather. I am hearing about lots of rain in certain parts of Texas.

My hometown and nearby lake received some rain, but not near enough to help the lake level which supplies water to several communities.

Darlene said...

I'm not so sure you are going to enjoy the renter of the pink house. I just can't stand dogs that bark all the time and I love dogs a lot. That one would just drive me totally crazy. I feel for you. Maybe one day she will stop. Let's hope so, if she is to follow you around wherever you go.

I worry about you overdoing on that place. There is too much physical labor for a person with a bad back. That's all you need. Please do take care and don't strain your back.

Happy indeed that Christy has a job and that you rented your home. Sounds like things are picking up around there. Hope that your good luck continues.

PEA said...

Oh dear, glad no one was hurt when that tree was struck by lightning! I can imagine the work trying to get it all cleared up, though!!

I would have probably wanted to trample all over that little yippy dog! LOL I love dogs but not when they keep barking like that.

Such wonderful news that Christi got that job, good for her:-) Also great news that you got a renter for your house!!

I've never watched a football game, never has interested me...well except for the "tight ends"! hehe xoxo

Libbie said...

Hi Maggie! It HAS been way too long since I have been on here...I got a kindle for Ghristmas,,,got obsessed with the hunger games too!...& have been reading & chasing Roo. It was nice to take a little break but it felt good to post today too :)

I have been praying for Clint still! I will continue!

It sure sounds different with your new neighbors...I hope you get used to it...I hope they turn into good friends :)

We had a superbowl party like every year...I have most every party here because I don't trust my boys any where else :)

Thinking of ya!!!