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Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Blogazine Guest Kathy!

This is a special day for me because I have a new blogazine guest. It has been way too long since my last Blogazine Guest and I am excited that Kathy agreed to do this post for me.  Kathy is a very gifted artist and you can see more of her art at  The Artist blog site.

I am so honored that you would have me as a guest. I have always love art and through the years it has always been a part of me. My husband of 33 years and I came from Kentucky to Tennessee 21 years ago. I had painted a few things and did a few murals,till we came here and my art took off. The first mural I ever did was on my moms bathroom wall. She thought it was beautiful. Well,as I remember, it was not that special.

I am self taught so the old adage the more you do the better you get can apply to me. At one point I was painting murals so much they had to put my arm in a cast.

Three years after we came to Tennessee my mom passed away. I stopped painting until my hubby told me either use it or loose it. I picked up my brushes and haven't stopped since. In 1998 I was the Guest Artist at the Tennessee Valley Fair and was asked to display some canvases. I still do murals but now I do a lot of canvas work,that can be shipped out.

Four years ago my sister in law had a client at her kennel to ask if I would go to Vieques Puerto Rico to paint murals in her home. Along with my sister in law and my niece,we went,and have become such good friends with the lady we have gone back every year. It is 10 miles off the coast of Puerto Rico and is only 53 square miles. Horses run free,no traffic lights,no fast food,just a paradise. I have my work in two gift shops on the island.

Last year we went back to KY on a visit and stopped in at a state park near our home town. I now have my work in their gift shop. I once was shy about talking to people about selling my work, but now I find it easy.

A few years ago I found out about blogging. Now I have met so may people from places I could only dream about. People that create amazing things,so thanks for letting me tell my little tale of a girl with a paintbrush and paint on her face. Thanks

Thank you Kathy for writing such a wonderful story for us to all enjoy. If you would like to be my next blogazine guest be sure and email me with your story. I think there were two sisters from MN who were going to do a story for me but geezz what were their names .....something like Lib or Libbie and Kate or was it Katy ...I don't know but when I remember I will go after them.

Hope you are all having a great weekend. I am catching up on some things that need to be done. Nothing big but it feels good just to finish even little things. Since my kids are coming on Thanksgiving Day this year I am thinking about making my MaMa's delicious cornbread dressing tomorrow and freezing it . I have found that if you let this dressing set in the freezer for about a week or more it soaks up those seasoning and after tasting it you reach over and slap the one next to you!  lol Seriously my Mama made holidays special just by being there but boy did we all enjoy her dressing.

I have so much to be thankful for this year and of course you are top on that list and my kids all coming to see me for Thanksgiving is such a treat for me that I am already counting the days.

Don't forget the giveaway coming this week.

Love to all


yaya said...

How fun to get to know another "Kathy"! She's very talented...I do so admire folks with artistic abilities and I often wish I had those traits. Well, atleast I get to enjoy the work of others. I'm super excited for you Maggie, you get to have your family over for turkey day! Have a great time. I wish I could be a fly on your wall, you Southern Gals sure know how to have fun!

Karen Whittal said...

You guys have much more things to celebrate that us, we don't do Halloween we don't do Thanksgiving, I think its time to move to America just for the extra holidays..... I think I'll do Thanksgiving this year, it is such a great idea, and I to have so much to be thankful for, What do I do???

Garden of Egan said...

That was fun to read about your guest blogger. Beautiful paintings.
You will have to share your recipe for stuffing.
I hope you have a good weekend. Tell Ms. Pearl hi for me.

blueviolet said...

She's so very talented!! I am in awe of her lovely work. :) Thank you for the feature, and I hope you're getting lots done this weekend!

HOOTIN' ANNI said... much as I love to dabble in paint and pencil sketching, I was totally impressed with her artwork!!! Awesome. What a great guest you had for us. And as for your sounds scrumptious. Even tho I'd prefer the dried bread dressing with my turkey, my mom used to make both kinds...the favorite for most of our family was the cornbread, me it was the bread dressing. But hey....I won't complain one long as the turkey gravy and mashed potatoes hold out for 2nd helpings, I'm happy as a hog in a mudhole!!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

What an interesting story! I'm glad to hear that once Kathy picked up her brushes again her business took off. How exciting it must be to have your work carried in different shops and I love how she got to go to Puerto Rico!

Arkansas Patti said...

Fun as always meeting your guest blogger. It is interesting to meet people who follow their passions instead of letting them atrophy. Beautiful work Kathy and Vieques Puerto Rico sounds perfect.
Maggie, I know you will have a great time Thanksgiving. Just hope they are bringing the food and will do the work however.

Linda said...

Beautiful paintings and a wonderful story. I wonder if she thinks her mom's bathroom wall is special now?

Share you recipe!

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

She is so talented! Fun post! :-)

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Donna said...

Fascinating! It's always fun to see art work!! Love the bicycle painting,...wish I could see your murals. Glad you posted Kathy!! glad you will be having a family Thanksgiving! I am doing that too and for that I am THANKFUL!! Will look forward to your posts about'll be here before we know it!!

Anonymous said...

I love cornbread dressing. Maggie, what time will you expect me? :)

My kids will also be here, minus one. That one is flying in Friday night for a weekend so I will see her for an early Thanksgiving. It's never the same when one is missing from the Thanksgiving table.

Marydon said...

What an interesting gal ... & beautiful artist. These writes of our 'friends' are so insightful & rewarding to see the talents they hold.

How wonderful the kids will be joining you, wish it was me instead! ... or you here! I know you all will have a grand time ... We will celebrate our Thanksgiving on Saturday after, we never make a fuss over the actual day.

I forgot to mention to you, if you sent that Macaroni Grill gift it never has arrived, Maggie.

We had the most AWESOME trip ... pop over & take a wee peek. I'll be posting all week tidbits here & there! Sure missed my daily 'dose' of you in the morn, my precious friend.

Have a beautiful week, my precious friend.
TTFN ~ Hugs of love, Marydon

Sue said...

What a good idea to make the dressing in advance and freeze it!


PS. I enjoyed Kathy's guest story. I've missed reading those!

Together We Save said...

Wonderful paintings from your guest, I am so glad your family will be in for Thanksgiving.

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

tinkerbell is adorable....

happy to see you at Farmhouse

wish you could make it for Thanksgiving..we have plenty

sending love today,
kary and teddy