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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Offended by the book Simple Times!

Hello to all of you. I hope you had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed all the leftovers from Thanksgiving. Myself if I see a Turkey anywhere near me in the next few weeks I will have to run the other way. Too much eating for me in the last few days. Now I have a inner tube look about me around the middle of my body and I am truly upset with myself.

Been wanting to do a post about a book I had bought to giveaway on here but after getting the book home and taking a closer look at it I have decided it would be in bad taste to give it as a gift to my friends.  The book is Simple Times by Amy Sedaris(crafts for poor people). I bought this book thinking it was a book about crafts and that you might enjoy it. I was offended by the contents of this book not only with the pictures but the writing.

Yes Amy Sedaris is a well known comdedian but this grandma did not recognize the name when I bought the book and if I could get my money back on it I would. One Chapter is about the craft of Making Love. The pictures are way tacky for a craft book and while reading this chapter and others I could not believe that I was holding a CRAFT book in my hands. Very misleading to someone not familar with Amy Sedaris.

Here is a small paragraph from the book. Please note it is offensive so you might want to pass on reading further.

Sexual Missteps:

A healthy sexual encounter can be a frezied affair, an unrestrained flurry of senseless depravity. In the moment, gripped by a chaotic orgiastic euphoria, it's easy to cross the line of good judgment. This includes playing too rough, screaming out past lovers' names, or attempting to lodge an appendage or toy in an orifice where you have not been thoroughly invited.

CAN you believe this is from a Craft book. I am still in shock that I bought it and was going to have a giveaway with this as the gift.

Also through out the book there are inserts by two other people Jean and Gene Woodchuck and the language these too use will make you want to wash their mouths out with lye soap. In one insert their talking about U.S. grade-A humping except not with each other they believe in an open marriage, wide open; the swinging door has come off the hinges open. They say we found it is that the best way for us to share is by sharing ourselves with strangers. Do you believe this? Yes this is part of a book I thought was for crafters.

Sure there are some pages devoted to crafting but their nothing you would want to make. One chapter I found also offensive was the Crafting for Jesus.

I googled reviews on this book and this is one I found. Wish I could remember who wrote it:

Do not be fooled. Amy Sedaris' latest book, Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People (out November 2) isn't about crafting with a twist. It's just twisted. Sedaris says it best in the introduction: "It's often been said that ugly people craft and attractive people have sex. This book is not going to dispel that ridiculous fact." Indeed, notable Sedaris do-it-yourself-at-home crafting ideas include a Cut-Rate Sandwich Bag Condom made from Saran Wrap and Franco's Clothespin Jesus, a crucifix made entirely of — duh — clothespins.

What is particularly damning about this parody is the fine line it walks, interspersing its madness with recipes and crafting ideas that might actually be plausible to that special sock monkey doll enthusiast in your life. Gift buyers could run the risk of offending an authentic craft hobbyist if its pages hit too close to home. But Sedaris fans familiar with her last book I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence and nostalgic for the "hand-woven bread, homespun rocking chairs, oven-baked slippers, butter-churned pillow shams, and embroidered patchwork crisps" of their childhoods will not be disappointed.s.

Sorry Amy but I found your book totally offending and beyond anything I have ever wasted my money on. Now what to do with this book! Let me know if you have read this book and what do you think.

Sweet Dreams


acorn hollow said...

Well now I have never heard of her either. I am no prude but who needs a whole book of that humor.

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Maggs:
Last week, at our weekly Books a Million gathering, I glanced at the cover of this book but never picked it up. Now, I'm soooo glad! It sounds like an insulting, filthy fraud of a book, and I'm grateful that you've given all of us a heads-up about it. If I were you, I might consider pulling out all the inside pages (and turning them into some cool wreath where you only see the typeset edges and not the content) and using the cover for a journal or something. I'd definitely cover up the author's name with something "crafty", though. I think there's a lesson to be learned about buying a book by its cover. I'll let you know when I figure out what it is. :-)

jojo said...

I was just reading about this book on another site...they didn't have anything good to say about it either.
I'm not familiar with her but I'm guessing she's no Marthat Stewart!
thanks for the heads up on this one..;j

Delena said...

Wow, that is interesting isn't it. I guess the old saying you can't judge a book by its cover" is true. Thanks for stopping by and yes we did have a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. We are Canadians and celebrated with our American friends here in Yuma. Thanksgiving is BIG in the US!

myletterstoemily said...

well, i'm glad you reviewed if for me, because it tired
me out just to read the review! ha ha!

your yellow hair is my obe won. thank you!

Tracy Suzanne said...

Hey Maggie, I was so glad to see you drop by tonight. I always love hearing from you. I guess from my blog you can tell what my OCD hobby has been lately. It's just so fun. I'm glad you reviewed this book too. I've seen many people having giveaways with it and haven't enter one yet. I'm glad I didn't waste my time. No prude here either, it just sounds ridiculous and yes offensive too. I definitely was expecting mostly crafts and would have been really disappointed. YEAH to YOU MAGGIE, for telling it just like it is!!!!

Hugs...Tracy :)

Susan said...

I've never read her books, but I saw her on Martha once and she acts like she's on speed.
Too bad people who write garbage like this get the attention. Apparently it sells.

acorn hollow said...

thanks for the visit and comment. I love the snow this time of year. I mean how can santa use his sleigh if there is no snow???? come Feb I have had it. That is when we take a trip to Florida for a week to warm our bones for the next 2 months.

blueviolet said...

I'm so glad you mentioned this. It doesn't sound even remotely appealing to me.

Kim said...

Thanks for the warning Maggie. It looks interesting on the cover but sounds revolting inside.

Sailing Simply said...

Whew! So glad you decided to read this book before you gave it out right? OMG! Thanks for the warning to the rest of us and the lesson in reveiwing written gifts a little closer. Gee!

Tracy said...

Boy, I was offended just reading an excerpt you posted...Definitely not something I'd be interested in so thanks for the head's up...

Glad you had a great Thanksgiving and I'm hoping no turkeys get in your way the next few days!

Arkansas Patti said...

Thanks to you, all I care to read of her's, I just read here. I do hate deception.

Marla @ Always Nesting said...

Can you imagine all the crafters that will accidentally be gifted this book. So sorry you wasted your money but thanks for the heads up.

Blue Creek Home said...

Howdy Ms. Maggie
It's too bad you can't get your money back!
what a shock to be ready for some good hands on crafts...and you got trash!
Thanks for the warning. I'm thinking a good old fashioned bon fire might be where it would be appreciated the most!

Tina Eudora said...

^5 Maggie, I am really tired also of humor being confused with poor taste and bad judgment!
I had heard of Amy before but thankfully don't stay up late enough to catch her on the "night-time" variety shows.
Because finances are tight around here I don't buy many books (the library is my friend) but I wouldn't want to even receive this as a gift...:(
Have a great week anyway Maggie!
Tina xo

My Grama's Soul said...

Hello sweet Maggie.....SO.......I guess my Glue Gun can't be considered as a "sex toy". LOL LOL LOL



Garden of Egan said...

Sorry about the icky book!
That is really sad what publishers will do for a well as the author.

Thanks for the review. I'll know to stay away.

Nezzy said...

Oh my goodness glory! I fear this book would more than shok my modesty and I truly am not a prude chick either. It just sounds like it was written in very poor taste.

It might make a great prop for an levelin' a stand or table! Heeehehehe!!! :o)

God bless ya and have a great week sweetie!!!

Marydon said...

G'day, sweet friend ~ I would never pick up a book with her name on it to begin with, but glad you warned us of the contents. Shame on people that do these kinds of things & the publishers that allow them to hit the shelves.

Now I know first hand you don't have a spare tire, sugar. You are just BEAUTIFUL & perfect in every way.

Miss you ...

Love & hugs, Marydon

Together We Save said...

It's ok... call me a prude, I find this shocking.

Sue said...

Gross. Maybe you should just chuck it rather than donate. Take it right out of circulation...


Lisalulu said...

bad book, but you sure do write a hilarious post! So not all bad. Maybe you can use the book to make (craft) one of those paperback wreath's or use it as kindling! ha

Brenda Kula said...

I don't know anything about the book. (Shows how often I get out!) But I know what you could do with it. Have you seen those blog posts where bloggers/crafters take pages from books and make things out of them like wreathes and shredded paper crafts? Well, you could do that!

Sissy said...

It appears you could return the book for it misrepresents itself. Can't you? Irritation no end! I too have encountered these situations; sick at spending hard earned for "nothing".
I hate this happened to you. Honesty is the best policy.

yaya said...

I'd mail it back to the publisher...or,even though I hate the thought of this, I'd burn it. It's trash. Sorry you lost your money on it, but thankful you told us about it!

Shelly said...

Maggie!!!! How are you?? Sorry I've been SO absent! Life has been FUN, Loving, Creative, but Hectic!

Lulu and I had a BALL meeting at Silver Bella in Omaha! Too fun!

Okay,,,,,,so, I'm going to throw a whole wrench into this conversation! Amy Sedaris writes to Shock. And, in her last book which I DO own because I laughed uncontrollingly, YOU CANNOT, DO NOT, SHOULD NOT take her ANY RESPECT- Crafting, Religiously or otherwise...That IS HER WHOLE POINT! I mean her last book had crafts with PANTY HOSE....Come on! And Food you would NEVER prepare......Kind of like the Spam Christmas Tree I made,,,,tongue in Cheek last year as an appetizer.....It is NOT to be taken Seriously......

I'm Truly sorry if you took the whole craft thing seriously,,,,,,It's a total "tongue in cheek hype." She writes, she publishes to SHOCK her audience into laughter....! As her Brother does as well on NPR Radio.

As a serious crafter, I bought her last book as a "coffee table novelty." And, again, I'm pretty sure that is her intent with this latest book.

Mags, you can send it to ME if you want to get rid of it! I don't mean to offend ANYONE in Any way,,,,,But yes, her humor is off the wall/insulting and bizarre........But, I confess, I still like her. She doesn't take herself seriously, and I personally, think it's funny.....

Hope you still love me if you disagree,,,,just my take on the book. It's a certain Humor that you appreciate or don't.

Hope you had a great Turkey Day!
Love you to Pieces!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Maggie,

Glad that you had a happy Thanksgiving day, don't you find you eat so much for special feasts like this.
Sorry you were mislead about the book, yes, you would think it would be a Craft book as that what it states on the cover. I would hope that the Book shop would refund your money.

Have a happy week

Darla said...

Perhaps it will make a good fire starter...I'm so glad you clued us in on this book..

Jo said...

Omigosh, that IS offensive. I can't imagine giving a book like that to anyone. I like what Darla says -- perhaps it would make a good fire starter. :-)

Maybe you can get your money back.

Julia said...

Maggie, I would just burn the book in the wood stove. This is winter and we could use a little heat. Sorry that you wasted your money on this sort of book. JB

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

Isnt it a good thing folks are doing so many great crafts with torn up books..:: tryin to see the bright side here:: :)

so sorry you wasted your money on this..
its ok- we dont need a giveaway from you. Your humor and writing and visits are gift enough..

Holiday Hugs

Karen Whittal said...

Catching up on your blogs, things have been so hectic, I cannot believe how much I miss you all, when I cannot go on line, it really is like my family being out of touch. It makes you wonder if this was not done deliberately, to trick people into buying the book. In suggest you email the publishing house and tell them you are going to put their deception out there in the blog world, unless they replace your book, it cannot hurt.