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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Adults Only!

Good morning! My brain is still not working so thought I would share some pictures today instead of my long stories.

Hope you are having a wonderful day! I promise my brain can not stay scrambled forever or could it?
Still thinking of all of you and hoping your not in a fog like me. You don't think the pain pills have finally damaged the ole brain do you?

Like this morning I was putting my make-up on and talking to Christi in the other room ...double tasking or anyway whatever...I was telling her about not sleeping last night and I went on a site where a woman was talking about having a birthday and was really really old so I kept reading it and then she says she just turned 40. Of course, Ms Pearl came out and thought this woman thinks she is OLD! How then would she relate to me. What would she call ME! A freaking dinosaur! So I tell Christi about this post and then I say, "Just wait til that woman is a grandma getting out of her grandsons lower bunk bed after reading him a bed time story and farts so loud and long the guys next door call to check on their neighbor!" Seriously thats when she can complain Right!

Love to all


Sharon said...

I guess that she would think that I am older that dirt.!!
I love it when those who are in their 40s think they are old. I just tell them< "You just wait"
Have a blessed Thanksgiving day

Susan said...

LOL! I remember when little old ladies farted in the store when they bent over and I would have to hide a smile...
I hear you walking, Maggie!

Sue said...

Thanks for the Thanksgiving fun, Maggie! Have a good one!!


My Grama's Soul said...

Oh sweet Maggie.....giggle....giggle. Happy Thanksgiving to you dear lady!!



Jennifer said...

I'm still cracking up - thanks for the laugh in an espeically busy high school health room today! Jennifer jennsthreegraces

Kim said...

Ahh Maggie, your posts never disappoint! I work with a 27 year old who moans about being old. I told her if she kept it up I would push her down the stairs! Oh yeah and she is almost 6 ft tall and a size zero and says she's fat! Should be illegal....
My Grandmother used to fart in a crowd of people and then walk away, leaving me there with the smell and people used to think it was ME! I would find her 2 aisles over in the store killing herself laughing.
Luv ya, Kim

Garden of Egan said...

Oh, Maggie, you are just a kid!

Loved the Thanksgiving cartoons! Hilarious!

Hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving!

blueviolet said...

You are so stinking funny! You may be a grandma who farts long and loud, but you've the spirit of a child! :)

Sybil said...

Granmayellowhair....even the name makes me smile and thank you so much for the thanksgiving smiles..I need them so much at the moment.
Have a very happy and wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.
Love Sybil xx

Diane at Crafty Passions said...

When my MIL is a fart machine,my kids when they were young use to giggle because I would tell them its not polite to do that and here is Gramma kids use to say one word
>Quack< cuz she sounded like a duck !It was the family joke Gramma quacked a lot !

Marla @ Always Nesting said...

Maggie, you are always so funny! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Hi Sweet Friend!

Thanks for the giggles! Yes, pain pills put your head in a fog and it makes me buy a $150.00 bra! Oh...yeah, you heard me right! The Italian is still shaking his head over that one. Trust me, I don't have money to burn and I'm just as happy with a Fruit of the Loom bra from Walmart for $7.99 Stinkin' pain pills made me do it!

Ummmmm....40 is not old! Oh just wait till this woman finds out what old is all about! LOL

Love you sweet friend...hope your hanging on.


Tracy said...

What a marvelous sense of humor you have...I laughed at the first picture posted and was howling by the end! Have a wonderful day !

June said...

Hi Maggie.
Love the turkey toons so much!!!
One thing for sure...we all reach (old) age sooner or later. I laugh when I hear my girls saying how old they are getting...then they look at me and say 'oh, sorry mom'LOL!!!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving friend.
hugs to you...

GerryART said...

I swear, Maggie, you are a hoot-and-a-half.
I didn't say toot-and-a-half, either.


Tam said...

Dang Maggie if your brain weren't scrambled today you could really do a funny post. hahaha
I was told by a friend of yours that if your kids did not read your site you would really get crazy. Now just send me their email addresses and I will request that they quit reading your site cause' if you can get crazier than you already are then I would love to see it.
Thank you for this post today because things are not good at home or work and I needed this so bad
You are invited to my house for Thanksgiving and Christmas...I know its not close but hey I have a chef...hahaha
to you dear friend

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

you are too funny...loved it...

happy to see you today and stopping by to wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving..

sending love,
kary and teddy

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Maggie Sweetie...
Oh I am laughing and rolling here, I rolled backwards and the wheel came off my chair. I really am getting old, "Help, I've fallen and I can't get up."

Love the cartoons, yes that little guy may be a little happy to see her. She is pretty tanned herself. So stinkin cute.

Now I have to tell you getting out of those bottom bunks are a killer aren't they? That first step does it every time. Did you wake him up at the same time? Oh darlin I love it.

Have a beautiful evening. Happy Thanksgiving sweetie from my home to yours. Love ya girl. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

yaya said...

You little Turkey...have a great Thanksgiving and thanks for the laughs! One of our docs was telling us how his sister dates really old guys..the one she's dating now is 55. I think that's the first time in a long time I really yelled at someone in the operating room!

stefanie said...

hahahahahahaha, this post is sooooo funny!!!
heres hoping you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and that its not foggy!!!!!

Julie Harward said...

I loved the last pic the funny! I hope you have a great day ans gobble as you wobble! LOL

Donna said...

Again, Maggie, you just make me laugh! From the first cartoon (wish you could be here and hear it!~) to the 40 story...thanks! I come here to get a smile on my face and you don't dissapoint, except when serious life gets in the way. We blogging buddies are there for each other!!

Auntie Cake said...

Hi Maggie,
Thanks for your sweet note. I have been missing you too. Can't wait until you come to visit...

Hope all is well with you and your family. I am still having computer problems, so it is hard to make the rounds. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, I am thinking of ya, even when I don't stop by as often as I would like!

acorn hollow said...

too funny Happy Thanksgiving.

Dragonfly Treasure said...

LOL Thanks so much for the laugh!! I needed that!
Hope you get your head out of the fog soon. It's no fun being there. At least you can blame it on the pain pills! LOL
Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!

jojo said...

not complaining here!!
Happy Thanksgiving you lots!

kasthurirajam said...

too funny

Tina Eudora said...

Wow a whole 40 huh? Too funny and kind of sad. In some cultures getting older is a great thing and you earn respect for the wisdom you have gained over the years.
I'm 59 and sure I get disappointed sometimes for all I wanted to do in life and didn't but hey at least now I am old enough to do what I want and tell all the nay sayers to take a hike and I like that! Have a great Thanksgiving Maggie!
Tina xo

Arkansas Patti said...

If that post is a product of foggy, I would scared of you when you are sharp. Too funny gal.
I guess you can be thankful this year you are not in the top bunk.
Have a great day Maggie and enjoy.

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

Maggie, you are a riot , rofl...
I love reading your posts- really I do..

Thanks for visiting me and Please have a wonderful Thanksgiving..

Sonny ~ 155 Dream Lane

Nezzy said...

Heeehehehe!!! Loved it!

I see I'm not the only chick who should be in the kitchen preparin' all for the clan (35-37) who's gonna show up tomorrow. Then after the turkey is gobbled and everyone vanishes. The grandkiddos stayin' for a sleepover. I'm I crazy or what!!!! :o)

God bless ya sweetie and have the best Thanksgiving Day ever filled with fun, laughter and pie baby...lots of pie!!!

Terry said...

Howdy Maggie
I'm with you sweetie , Ahhhh to be 40 again ,well no not in this life ! Been there done that and I have still have the battle scars :) As Reba says I'm a survivor .
I am trying my best to still keep up with full time parent needs ,part time work and my own family stuff so my blogland visits are pretty hit or miss random at best .Even my sanil mail has fallen behind but I had to let you know that I am still thinking of you and praying for much better days ahead for you .
By the way your amazing Maggie and don't you forget it !!!!!!!!
Have a very Happy Thanksgiving my blogging sister .
Until we meet again
Happy Trails

Cherrie said...

Did grandma have the walkin' farts! lol

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Andrea said...

And I came by just for a "long story!" You know I couldn't resist teasing you! What would you do without us crazies dropping in? Hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving!!

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Hi Maggie,

Hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season. I'm with you 40 looks pretty young from where I sit..

Thanks for stopping by. have a gift sweetie!

Debby said...

Once again you made me laugh. Did your grandson laugh, hah, so funny. You will be okay......I have weeks like that. Actually this week I was a bit husband said he was a little worried. Get some needed rest.