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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Winner and My Great Winnings!

Thank you for participating in my latest giveaway. I so appreciate you! As always there could only be one winner even though of course you are all winners to me. I know you hate to hear just keep entering and you will win but it is true. Just ask this winner.

 Since finding the Random Generator site I have been using it to choose my winners.  My problem is trying to figure out how to copy and paste their winning number to my site. This time the number 36 came up which is Marydon at Blushing Rose!  Marydon I am so happy you won my giveaway and if you will send me your mailing address and phone number to I will get your information sent to our great sponsor Macaroni Grill. Hope you enjoy this gift.

Love having giveaways and now that the weather is cooling off I will have one for my candy any day now.  So stayed tuned. I also realized how many friends I have now following and looks like I am close to 500 which totally blows this ole grandmas mind so when that happens it will be a big giveaway. I have to figure out what to do for that one. lol

My girlfriend Max who stalks my blog and I am so glad she does. hahaha I wish we could talk her into doing one. She would just love it as we all do. Anyway Max wrote me this email yesterday about my talking in my sleep. It seems according to this email I have been doing it for ever and ever.

Here is what she sent me:

Hahahaha!  Do you remember coming home with me for the weekend from Blinn?  After we'd gone to bed and you were sound asleep, Mike E. called.  While I was talking to him, you joined in on the conversation -- while asleep.  I finally handed you the phone and you talked to Mike forever, never waking up.  You'd better be careful when you invite someone to sleep over!!  

Thanks Max for reminding me how dangerous my talking can be. What did Mike E and I talk about. He was probably prying answers out of me about you.

My mother use to tell me that my brother Doy and I use to carry on conversations during the night while we were sleeping and we were in two different bedrooms. Poor daddy had to get up every morning at 3:30 I bet he loved those nights.

I guess now Tinkerbell could write a book about me and my talking at night. Sometimes I wake myself up telling someone to put their hands behind their back so I can belt them up.

In September I won this beautiful necklace from Laura at White Spray Paint. I just love turquoise aything and this necklace is so much fun to wear. I just wish Laura knew how much I enjoyed wearing it to Round Top/Warrenton. Thank you Laura for drawing my name.

Another giveaway that I loved winning was from sweet Dulcy at Dulcys Doorstep. It is the greatest magazine about lovely hand designed purses and yes Dulcy is so gifted her purses and article are in the wonderful magazine. Thank you Dulcy for drawing my name love your purses in this magazine.

If you have not visited Laura or Dulcy please do. You will love them and their beautiful sites.

Hope all of you are having a wonderful peaceful week be sure and let me know how you are doing! Also I want to thank all my new friends that have joined my site. I so appreciate each and every friend that I have one here. Please know that I try my best to visit you when I can. Since my back injury in April I am limited on my computer usage but I do appreciate all of you and your comments. Keep them coming.

My part of Texas is suppose to get rain for today and tomorrow and boy how we do need some of that special water from the heavens.

Love to all


acorn hollow said...

My younger sister always talked in her sleep.
But she was always screaming and scaring the hell out of the whole family. One time my mom found her looking up the chimney of the fireplace screaming he's gettting away. Was she talking about santa???? I don't know if she still does it I haven't heard her kids say so.
Thanks for your visit as always

blueviolet said...

That is a lovely turquoise necklace, to be sure. I have a soft spot for that kind of thing!

I hope your back continues to heal and improve!

Darla said...

I haven't visited in a while, been busy, busy. Have missed your blog. Congrats to your winner and congrats on your husband says I talk about watering my flowers in my sleep...

Foxglove Spires said...

Congratulations to your winner.

I use to have wonderful conversions with my sister in the middle of the night when we were young! Sleep talking is very entertaining!

Have a lovely day enjoying the beautiful rain. xxxx

Nezzy said...

My mother could ask me questions in my sleep and I would answer, never remembering anything had happened the next morn'. If that wouldn't keep a teenage gal honest, I don't know what would!!! Heeeehehehe....DANGEROUS baby!!!

Congratulations on your wonderful wins girl, it couldn't happen to a nicer person.

Here's sendin' Miss 'Rose' a big old Woohoo for her great win. She is a sweetheart if there ever was one! :o)

God bless ya and if ya'll tire of the rain...please send some our way. We're dry...very dry!

Marydon said...

G'morn sweet Maggie ~ Harold & I are in awe of that exquisite capture of autumn picture ... He so paints this world with His brush to radiate His Heart so full of beauty & love as everything prepares to take a long winter's nap, to nourish with snow the seeds nestled beneath the leaves, to bring rebirth in the spring.

Address in your email sweetie. I am overwhelmed & so tickled to be your winner. THANK YOU for such a generous giveaway gift, Maggie.

Love ya! Out the door to go VOTE! to turn this nation around & put it back on track!

Hugs of love & have a beautiful day ~

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Maggie Sweetie...
Oh I am SO over the top thrilled that Marydon won. Yea SIS. She will love this win. I for one adore your giveaways, they are always fun to play.

Now these wins of yours, well aren't you Ms Fashion in that turquoise necklace? I love it, and I can just see you and Ms Pearl in it now. How pretty it is. I also love the magazine. What treasures. Lucky Ducky for you.

Talking in your sleep. Now I have never done that, but sure would be fun to listen in and ask a few questions to see what the answers might be. Oh yes, I can be a stinker sometimes.
Love it.

Have a gorgeous day Ms Maggie. Know that you are SO loved. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Arkansas Patti said...

My brother was a sleep talker and I learned about the birds and bees through his unconscious mind.
Condolences on the World Series. However it was certainly not a shabby ending for a long well played season.
I did have fun chanting "CO-D" however.

Garden of Egan said...

Congrats to the winner~ You are so sweet and generous!

I love that necklace that you won! I can see turquoise on your sassy little self!
Sorry about the pee'ing part! I love that little old lady!!

Sue said...


Sometimes I pee when I laugh, too. That is, if I don't take preventive measures.


Anonymous said...


Donna said...

Gee, sometimes just reading you, I feel like we have just had a conversation!! You are way too much fun! Marydon is such a pretty name...glad she won just to hear her name!
Sleep talking is hilarious, I have one that sleeps next to me. My hubby does it and it just makes me laugh.
Your necklace is gorgeous, I'd love to see what you wore with it! Neat!

yaya said...

I think it's so funny that I post right after my good buddy Donna! I think your friend would enjoy blogging. Most people think their lives are boring and they have nothing to write about. I tell them just write about the simple things and be surprised how not boring you are! Love the necklace and aren't you just the luckiest blogger around? Have a great week Maggie!

dulcy said...

Hi Maggie! I really need to check in more often and get in on some of your giveaways. And also, so sweet of you to send me a personal note. Much, much appreciated. You're a doll Maggie! I can't wait until you get your 500th follower. I'll be sure to try and get in on that giveaway for sure!

Brenda Kula said...

It's a-raining here! Has been much of the day.

Debby said...


sissie said...

Congrats to sweet Marydon!!!!


Lisalulu said...

500 followers, YOU are FAMOUS!! rightly so. the stories you tell, well I mean they really aren't stories are they! We are all your fans! and you deserve all your prizes! how's that ghost treating you??? and does the gang at the sheriff's office miss you?????

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Didn't you just love that rain that came through yesterday? It was really making a fuss during the middle of the night last night, but I was able to go right back to sleep after a quick wake up. I'm not surprised you have 500 followers--you are so much fun, girl!


Twyla and Lindsey said...

Congratulations on your winnings! You always make me smile when I visit your blog. Thank you! Have a nice day! Twyla

Collected Treasures...for the home, heart & soul said...

Hi Maggie.....thank you for "finding me" and becoming a follower.....I've got your name in the hat to win the altered sweater....keep your fingers crossed and I will too.
ps....where in Texas? I'm an Arlington girl myself!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Congrats, Maggie, on your winnings :-)) And what a gorgeous autumn photo!!!! When I saw it appear on my dashboard, I just had to stop by to say, "Hi!" Hope you are doing better and better! You've been in my thoughts...loved the sleep talking story, btw! LOL...Love, Janine XO

Together We Save said...

That picture at the beginning of this post is amazing!