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Monday, July 12, 2010

Welcome Karen as our next Blogazine Guest!

Life is like a book with many

different chapters

Some tell of tragedy

Some Chapters

are dull and ordinary

others intense and exciting

The Key to being

a success in life

is to never stop on a difficult page

to never quit on a touch chapter

Champions have the courage

to keep turning the pages

because they know better chapters lie ahead.

My life is like a book, some chapters I have had control of and some chapters have been written by others, and yet I had to go through each chapter to make me the person I am today, a person who when I look in the mirror......... I like........... Maggie asked me to do a blog and what better way to introduce myself............ but with a story this is my story.

Once upon a time a long, long time ago a little girl was born in a town in the middle of England and her name was Karen Elizabeth, when she was 8 years old her parents decided to go on an adventure to deepest, darkest Africa.......... her father had always been a restless spirit..... they arrived in the land of sunshine with three daughters , aged 4,8 and 12, five suit cases, five hundred pounds and a mountain of hope and dreams ......................

Karen Elizabeth was a very shy girl and spent most of her growing up years a bright red colour.....her parents send her to an all girls school, which did nothing about her ability to mix with the opposite sex..........

After school a stay in England forced her to get over her shyness and taught her how to communicate with people, but she had very few boyfriends so when Prince Charming arrived at the castle gates she fell madly in love............ did not think of the things that a union require, friendship, similar hobbies, the ability to communicate , they say that the chemical reaction called love lasts 2 years and then it is all about the foundation that was built, and it is sad that her union was built on the sand, which slowly washed away, grain by grain and although almost 30 years later they parted ways....... he was always her first and only love the problem was he was not prepared to be her knight in shining armour, he only wanted her to be his slave...............

During the union of these two people two beautiful daughters were born, both brought up by their mother to be independent free thinking girls, who could look after themselves, and who would stand up to anyone or anything that might come across their paths. Both completely different from one another Kira the sensible one, the artistic one, the sensitive one, and Kayla the people person, will try anything, will do anything, will speak to anyone, so different in nature and yet so alike in their values, their dislike of unfairness their dislike for people taking advantage, their constant support for the underdog .....................

God started worked in her life, and took her to places where she never thought possible, doing church services, organising woman's retreats and ladies tea's......... this from someone who was more at home in the boardroom, her nicknames, Iron Lady, the Ice princess, Cruelle de Villa..... someone who went back to work when her children were a few weeks old , who hated children's parties, who never had a conversation about nappies, or vomit or sleepless nights............all of this was to get her ready for the changes that were to come....... changes that would turn her world upside down, and yet the right way up............... .....

He brought into her life, an abundance of friends who cared about her, and for her, who took her into their hearts and into their lives, so that she could begin to build a new life for herself.

And as all fairy tales end, she will live happily ever after, there will be a knight who will ride up on his white horse, and look after her............... because she knows it is what she deserves, and because she knows she is worthy.................

I think the best thing about life, is that there is always a tomorrow, and it doesn't matter what a mess you make of today, tomorrow is there to try again........ and again ..... and again......

Thank you Karen for doing this wonderful story for all us. I know everyone would like to find Karen so please  go to her site at Life Is What You Make It...She is a sweetheart to get to know
I can not begin to thank all of you for your prayers. Sunday I stayed in bed all day due to pain I thought the all day thing was behind me but honestly I think I overdid it at the Pool Therapy. You can bet on Tuesday when I go again I will not do more than what I am suppose to do. hahaha Also I know I promised a post and pictures so that is coming but I wanted you to meet Karen since she has been waiting long enough for me to do her story.
Today is my c scan scheduled for 10:00am. I feel good about it because of all of your prayers. I know whatever happens God is still there for me along with all of you and my family.
But just in case the news is not what we want to hear you have all been promoted to Warden ... lol (see Warden post a few post back) Test results take a while so it may be Wednesday before I know anything. I also have to get busy after this scan and find a doctor to do my throart surgery. Isn't it crazy we have to do the searching for doctors under our insurance. I was surprised when the doctor gave me this task to do. Jeezz Marie what has our medical world come to. Next they will have us doing our on surgeries. Gripe gripe .......and gripe some more.

Remember if any of you want to be a Blogazine Guest be sure and send me your story.  Remember we all have a story to tell. If any of you have sent me a story and you have not been posted on here please please let me know. As crazy as my life has been the last few months I could of missed yours.

Love to all


Tina Eudora said...

Hi Maggie!
I just wanted you to know that you were marked on my calendar for this morning so I would remember to say an extra big prayer for you today! It will go well! 10am is 11am here and I will send much love and energy in your direction. I would love to be a Blogazine guest and I will write something for you soon...HUGS!
Tina xo

Linda said...

Interesting story! Thanks.
Did you lose mine?

I'm so glad your are feeling better.

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Mornin', Maggs! Thanks for sharing Karen's fairy tale with us. I'll have to check out her blog now.

Prayers lifted for your c scan today and you future surgery. I also pray that you back will continue to heal until you are fully restored.

Love always, my friend.

Marydon said...

G'morn sweet Maggie ~ Oh, how I hope all this passes quickly by so you an be UP & ATTUM again, my friend. You behave yourself & don't push harder than you need to ... sometimes that is worse than not enough. Enough 'mothering' ... love you article on Karen, will visit her now.

Prayers lifting at this moment, sweetie.
Hugs of love.
Have a beautiful week.
TTFN ~ Marydon

Andrea said...

Praying for you this morning.

Arkansas Patti said...

You do know the most interesting people Maggie. There goes one strong woman. I will check out Karen's site.
I agree with you and doctors. Pretty soon we will just receive a CD and sharp knife in the mail and be told to have at it.
Hope your test shows much progress.Only positive thoughts coming your way. Let us know.

Sue said...

I think it stinks when the doctor makes you be your own agent under circumstances when you already have enough to deal with! Feel better soon, Maggie. And I will pray for you.

I loved Karen's story and will be visiting her blog just after I post. Thanks for introducing her to us.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

great Story told by Karen..loved how she described it..I wish her all the best..and I hope you get some great news after your scan on wednesday..;) you are still in my prayers for a speedy painfree recovery.;)

Sharon said...

Thanks for sharing Karan's story. It was really interesting.
Prayers for your scan and that things will all be okay.

Writing Without Periods! said...

Karen has a great story. Thanks for sharing.
Happy week,

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Sorry you were "feeling it", Maggie! It was a lazy, blah weekend for me so I pretty much laid claim to the couch and tv this weekend! I did manage to do some cleaning and laundry, but only what I could get away with. ; ) Chin up! We'll see you back here soon!

Julie Harward said...

I've got my fingers crossed for Wednesday...keep us posted! :D

Queenie said...

Hey Maggie,
I hope that you will be feeling much better very soon. I am so sorry about all that you have been going through, and what a shame that your doctor put you in charge to find the other doctor that you'll need for your surgery. He should be able to refer you to a throat surgeon ya know? I can understand how you must feel. You will be in my prayers.

Thanks for sharing Karen's life story... it is amazing. It's true we never know what life has in store on the pages as we turn them... we just have to keep turning them, but we can rest assured as we turn those pages, that God's with us every step of the way, on this life's journey.
God Bless you dear friend, today and to you again soon.
Big Hugs,

Diane at Crafty Passions said...

I enjoyed your post another Blogzine guest to read about!
I hope your feeling well

Debby said...

Karen thanks for sharing your life with us. So glad you have your beautiful daughters and strong will.
You are in my prayers today Maggie. Hoping they find the source of the pain but not any new problems. You are too special to all of us and we want you around for a VERY long time. HUGS Dear Maggie.

Lisalulu said...

I love meeting new people, Thanks. and YOU better settle it down, DO NOT overdue it or you will pay!!! Goodluck today and someone with your attitude and humor... you WILL survive... (lets sing the song together!)

Sybil said...

I hope all has gone well today...Not sure of the time difference but I would think you will be through by now. Now is the hard part waiting for the news. My prayers are with you.
That was a great Blogzine...I have never hear dof that before. Karen is sure some string person now for sure.
God Bless love sybil x

yaya said...

I love Karen's blog! I've been a follower for a bit and I love that pic you posted of her. She's such a cutie! Please get better soon and I'm still praying for you!Thanks for the fun post and now I have to go to her blog and tell her how much I enjoyed her story!

Dan said...


I have been thinking of you a lot and praying that everything comes back okay. Please let us know as soon as you can. You are always in my thoughts.


Cherrie said...

What a great story! Thank You Maggie for sharing her story with us. I am going to hop on over and say HI to Karen!

Karen Whittal said...

Be praying for you tomorrow, but the outcome is in our Fathers hands and he is a God of love, it is life that hands us the curve balls..........

NitWit1 said...

I loved this guest story very much, and also hop Maggie alias MsPearl has good CT scan reports. Don't know how I would begin hunting for a throat surgeon. ENT maybe?????

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading the story and will go check out Karen's blog.

Still praying for you sweet Maggie.

I have not been around, my son is upgrading my computer and does not quite have it finished yet so if I am not back soon, know I am thinking of you and you are in every prayer.