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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Letter from My Son!

Kaci was chosen to be on a Invitation for Juvenile Diabetes Foundation for a Fundraiser!

Subject: Favor

I normally don't send out blanket messages like this, but I made a promise to my daughter and so hopefully no one gets upset about it and I just ask that everyone spend a few minutes to read this message as it would mean a lot to my daughter and myself. I will explain the reason for sending this at the end.

A year ago on July 28th our lives were changed forever. We took our daughter Kaci who was 7 at the time to her doctor as we were concerned about some items and her doctor sent us immediately to Dell Children's Hospital. Kaci spent several days in the hospital and was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. There are a lot of misconceptions about diabetes as many folks as get Type 2 diabetes at an older age when they may not be in the best of shape. Type 2 can be prevented and often kept under control with a good diet. Type 1 or more commonly know as Juvenile diabetes is an hereditary disease and cannot be prevented. A lot of people also think that diabetes just means not eating candy or sugar and that is absolutely not the case. Any Carbs taken into the body convert to sugar and so any carbs have to be monitored and given insulin for - this is fruits, breads, almost anything.

This is a lot for most adults to deal with, but for a 7 year old it is amazingly tough. Kaci has to take a minimum of four shots a day often more and has to poke her finger and draw blood on average of 7 times a day. Anyone that has kids and knows how hard it is to see your kids get shots it is amazing to think that Kaci has taken over 1500 shots in the last year and she has poked her finger over 3000 times. We have been to the emergency room when we can’t get her bloodsugar up. One day when she was sick we poked her fingers over 25 times to keep checking her bloodsugar. I can’t tell you how many times when her numbers are off that we have to wake her up at 2:00am to check her sugar.

I know there are guys out there that work with your hands and have callouses on them, but a pretty little girl should not have to have callouses all over her fingers from poking them everyday. By the time Kaci graduates highschool she will have take over 20,000 shots and poked her fingers over 30,000. Everywhere we have gone for the last year you have to bring her insulin, needles, test strips, blood sugar meter, and emergency sugar no matter where you go. And always taking her glycogen emergency needle in case she was to have a seizure. I hate that pen - I can’t tell you how many times in this year I have read the instructions so I will be prepared and know what to do if something was to happen. Just the thought of having to use it on my little girl makes me hate it as it always on the back of my mind.

With all those shots and pokes the actual worst part is watching an 8 year old go to beach and when all the other kids are getting ice cream pass as she knows if she has it she has to have an extra shot and as a kid you just don’t want to get more shots. To go to birthday parties and watch all other kids have cake and icecream and again will often pass as she is tired of the shots. It isn’t just sweets if she wants a banana, an orange, or strawberry after playing outside as a snack she has to take a shot. As a parent watching your child have to give up the little things of being a kid breaks your heart. To think she will have this to deal with the rest of her life unless we find a cure. She is only 8 now, but she is a shy girl already I think about will it be hard for her on her first date when she gets older to have to check her bloodsugar on her date to take a shot. I want her to be able to be a kid to grow up and not constantly think about this big weight that is always on her shoulders. I want her to go to a movie and be able to eat popcorn without having to measure it out, to go to a sleepover without worrying if the mom there can giver her a shot or else she can’t go. After a baseball game to be able to have an icecream cone with everyone else.

Diabetes leads to problems with your feet, often times blindness and just general health problems with shorter life expectancies. This disease gets the best of a lot of people, but Kaci has chosen not to just live with it. At 8 years old she has chosen to fight for a cure. I am so proud of my daughter - she takes on her own any money she gets from allowance, from her grandparents, anything she gets she puts half in a bank to raise money for JDRF. Instead of buying toys or dolls or any other things 8 year olds waste money on. She has donated books and toys to Dell Children’s Hospital because they took good care of her. She volunteers to stuff folders to give to schools that have fundraisers for Juvenile diabetes. She went on weekends to sit around and take pictures to be on invitations for diabetes fundraisers.

She has chosen to fight and thus my promise. I promised my daughter that as long as she fought this terrible disease I would always fight with her. I hate asking people for money, but if my daughter can raise money I can try as well. If you have $5, $10, $20 or anything you can spare please make a donation to my daughter’s Race for the Cure walk team. you can mail her a check made out to JDRF or you can go the tabs on my facebook page and click on donations and make a payment on my meter with a credit card.

My daughter is fighting for a cure and my promise is to always fight along beside her...

Needless to say when Clint sent this to me on my Facebook I cried like a baby sitting in front of this computer.

When I found out Kaci was diagnosed a year ago today I went into a deep well of depression and was not sure if I could climb back out. For this I am ashamed because I was little help to my son and DL with the grief they were having to deal with. It was around this time that I started writing on my blog hoping to release some of that hurt and never dreamed that it would lead to such wonderful friendships.

It was double hard having Kaci diagnosed because of her age and that I had went through this with my oldest son Chad when he was thirteen and it devastated me then all those years ago and then to have it come back to my only granddaughter well I know I don't have to say anymore.

Chad thank God has taken care of himself and does well with controlling his diabetes. I know some of you have this and I think of you too wondering how you are doing and feeling.

I shared this letter from my son because I knew that you would want to know about what kind of man I have for a son and what a brave young lady I have for a granddaughter. God has Blessed me over and over. So once again I am asking for prayers for a Cure of this disease Diabetes before another child is diagnosed with it.

Needless to say I am so very proud of both Kaci and her Dad.

Love to all

Kaci's site for her fundraiser!

Sorry Clint could not ever get yours to copy and paste for


Diane at Crafty Passions said...

Lovely post, diabetes is horrible esp for a young child.
Going to visit Kaci's site right now.

Julie Harward said...

And you should be so proud...what a beautiful little girl and what a dreadful thing it is to have this...makes everything so hard but she sounds like such a brave girl. Headed there now! :D


I can imagine how difficult it is for your daughter... I have diabetes too and know all about the food and the finger pokes. Thank God I don't need insulin at the moment. I am sure you are so very proud of her.
Blessings and hugs.

Shirley said...

Hi Maggie, I cried when I read this post because I can relate to it so very well. My husband is a diebetic as well as my daughter, her husband, and my oldest son. They are able to control theirs from being around their dad for so many years. Things have changed so much over the years and we have a very good diebetic doctor who isn;t afraid to try new things. We, also have had the emergency trips to the hospital. It is very stressful when they have other problems and you have to start checking to see what is wrong. As my doctor says I am getting my medical degree one year at a time. I know you are very proud of your granddaughter. Take care Your Missouri Friend.

Brynwood Needleworks said...

What a brave little girl, Maggie. I've gone to her site and have contributed to the cause. Because no child should have to suffer.
Love you, my friend.

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

will keep her in my prayers...thanks for sharing;)

Carol/Firecrackerkid said...

Aww, what a heartwarming tale. Your lil gal is very brave, I'm sure very happy to have such a loving momma as yourself. I've visited her site and made a small donation in hopes it makes a little difference:) Best wishes!

Sybil said...

How well I can understand you hurt at having to see your darling Granddaughter having this horrid disease.. How wonderful that she herself is taking positive action. How do I know how you feel ? My dear Great Niece Samantha was diagnosed with just the same at the age of 6 and to compound things even further she was also diagnosed as being a Celiac at the age of can only begin to inagine the horrendous dietery problems she has had to face... and her poor Mum Dad and brothers. However Samantha too has taken things in her own hands and copes fairly well. She recently had an automatic pump fitted which brought and end to many of the "pricks" she had to do. She is now 17 and looking towards going to Univ. despite many absences from School. God Bless you and all the family.
Love Sybil xx

Arkansas Patti said...

What an amazing child. She has turned a disease that would floor most children into a cause.
It is awful that Chad also has this but he can be a real role model for her to see that it can be done.
Clint's letter was achingly clear in what these children must go through, and the pain of parents who must watch.
You bet I will go to her site.

Mumsy said...

Sweet Maggie, this post brought lots of tears to me. What a beautiful and brave little girl your sweet Kaci is. I can feel so much love in Clint's letter. What a wonderful, loving, caring dad he is. Thank you so much for the link. Kaci will be in my prayers and I so hope they find a cure for this terrible disease. It breaks my heart to see Children sick. All of you are in my prayers sweet lady. Hugs

The French Bear said...

Maggie, what a beautiful letter and such a wonderful family you have.
I donate to this cause every year just for those reasons. I will go and visit her site....

Debby said...

Your son's letter sure brought out the tears. What a brave little girl and an awesome daddy she has.........hmmmmmmm, must be genetic that niceness.
It is obvious how much you love this little girl. Give her big gentle ((((HUGS)))) from us when you see her.
I will pray for a cure and pray for the three of you.

Linda said...

What an amazing little girl, and such a horrible disease.

Sue said...

I have diabetes, too, and always feel sorry for children who have to deal with it...and their parents, too.

Sounds like she is a great girl, and I will go check out her site.


Cherrie said...

A lovely post. My heart goes out for your beautiful grand daughter!

FairfieldHouse said...


My nephew was one of the youngest diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when he was still a baby. They thought he had a cold and the pediatrician told my sister to give him cough medicine (loaded with sugar) that put him in a coma. He was airlifted from a local hospital to another that specializes in diabetes. Thus, started his journey in and out of hospitals. He is now on dialysis and waiting for a kidney. I will keep Kaci in my prayers and gladly make a donation.


Rocky Mountain Woman said...

My sister has two daughters with diabetes, one was diagnosed at 8 mos! They are both adults now and one of them is married and planning on trying to have a baby soon. Both of them do really well and although it's been a long hard road getting there, they are happy and healthy.

I just thought I'd let you know that it is possible for little Kaci to live a fairly normal, fairly healthy life. She's in my heart and in my prayers.

Nezzy said...

What a strong little gal Kaci must be. We rarely think of the daily situations unless we are livin' it like a simple 'cream cone or a birthday party. Diabetes is such a horrible disease on the rise in today's word.

I'm off to check out the fundraiser.

Ya'll have a terrifically blessed Thursday sweetie!!!

yaya said...

There are strides being made every day to conquer this disease and I hopefully Kaci will have more help and advances in the future...will go check out the site now! Prayers will go out for you and your sweet family~

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Your son's letter brought tears to my eyes, Maggie! There really are such wonderful Dad's out there and he is obviously one of them. It is also obvious how proud he is of his daughter, not only for her bravery in facing this disease but in her quest to save money to help fight it.

Dan said...


What a beautiful letter! Thank you for sharing it with us. Your have such a loving son and beautiful granddaughter. Of course, I am not surprised...look at their mother and grandmother.

My aunt is a juvenile diabetic and I have seen how hard it has made her life. She is now 64 years old and is in excellent health. She has taken care of herself and God has certainly blessed her. I will join you in your prayer for a cure. Hopefully, one day they will find one.

All My Love,

sjmcdowell said...

Dear Maggie,

My heart goes out to Kaci, she is such a brave and beautiful little girl. I am so happy to see a picture of Kaci, and please post more pictures if you can I think we would love to see her and for that matter all your grandchildren!!
My prayers go out to your son Chad and his wife as well and the difficult time they are all going through. We never know why these things happen but especialy when a beautiful little child has to suffer it does not seem right. God has his reasons for the why and we have the responsibility in this life to make a difference in others lives to give all that we have, whether it be money or emotional support or a shoulder to cry on.

With Love and Gods Blessings to you and your family,


Melanie said...

Hello Maggie! You have been on my heart today, and am praying for you especially today.

Also praying for sweet Kaci.

with love,
~ ~

Jill said...

praying for your precious granddaughter!...and a cure someday...
Many Blessings!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

What a true blessing all of you are to me. Can not thank you enough for you taking the time to prayer for Kaci and sending sweet comments to us.
She truly has taught me a lot in this last year and every time I talk to her I ask her how she is doing and in the sweetest voice she always says, "Good" ....
Thank you thank you for just being you

Garden of Egan said...

She sounds like a total angel! Thanks for sharing that.
I think young kids are so amazing at their resiliency!
You are great to post it.

My Grama's Soul said...

Good morning Maggie.....what a moving post you shared with us today. I, too, have had family members touched by this disease....but with today's knowledge and self-discipline it can be controlled and a full life can be had. I admire anyone who has to fight this valiant fight!



Marydon said...

Oh, Maggie, what a wonderful story of a strong beautiful Kaci & precious son & dil. My husband has diabetes. Sherry (countrywingsinphoenix) has severe diabetes.

We raise funds for Diabetes Foundations by working with the organizations fund drives.

I will be happy to donate to this cause for Kaci.

Hope you are feeling better, sweetie. Your parcel is enroute to you, sweet friend ... let me know when it arrives, please.

Have a lovely PINK summer's weekend ~
TTFN ~ Marydon

Always Nesting said...

Oh, Maggie, when our little ones hurt we all hurt. So sad and yet so brave. What an awful disease for Kaci to be fighting at such a young age. She's strong like her grandma.

Marydon said...

Hi, sweetie ~ A donation for Kaci's cause was given last night. We can never do enough to help others.

Have a beautiful eve, Maggie ...
Have a lovely summer's eve ~
TTFN ~Hugs, Marydon

Annesphamily said...

My niece has Juvenile Diabetes and when diagnosed they also diagnosed her with Celiac. When it rains, it pours. But we have to prayer that there will be a cure soon. I worked for the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center and the Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes is one of the finest centers in the US. My thoughts and prayers are with your family. God Bless Kaci. Anne

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

What a wonderfully brave little girl!
Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Rebecca said...


Thank you for visiting me today my friend and for posting about my little giveaway on your sidebar. It means more than I can say.

I'm thinking about you today and your little grandgirl, Kaci. I do not know why God allows little children to suffer in any way at all...all part of our imperfect world...I suppose... Just don't know.

What I do know is that He is with Kaci and cares about her. I so appreciate you enlightening those of us who do not know much about diabetes. It sure does make me stop and THINK about things and what is truly important in this life.

Bless you friend. Your little sweetie is in my prayers.

Love to you~


Buttercup said...

I'm happy to support this tremendous cause. Will be stopping over. Hugs and prayers!

Pam said...

My heart goes out to you, your son and your granddaughter. My son was diagnosed with diabetes when he was 8 and started immediately checking his blood himself and giving himself shots. Thankfully, he is smart and learned how to deal with it. He's now 36, married with his first child on the way. Hopefully, there will be a cure soon for the many people who have it. Hugs to you!

sherry said...

Hi, I am a grandmother of a beautiful 6 year old girl, she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was 3. It has been the most heartbreaking thing to happen to this family. But she probably deals with it better than we adults do, children just seem to accept things in stride sometimes, but the problems the family has to deal with everyday are overwhelming. I pray for cure everyday for everyone with type 1.

The Strawberry Mallard said...

I have not been here in quite awhile but know very well the road you are going down......and am praying....and loving how you can continue to find humor in it all......better to laugh and not cry, right?
Hugz, Nancy & the menagerie

SharDon Exclusives said...

Dear Sweet Maggie Girl, one never knows from day to day what we will have to face. I am wanting to know if they accept PayPal? Ihave missed you during my month away and have to go now to check up on your past posts. Blessings to you, to your Chad and to Kaci,