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Monday, August 2, 2010

Golly Jeezzz Am I Loosing It!

I am telling you it is a good thing I don't have to worry about this because the way my mind is working I would probably not know which room was the bedroom.
Yep if it's not one thing with me it's ten dozen others. Lately I can not remember whether I am coming or going.
I woke up hurting about 3:00 am this morning and crawled over Tinkerbell to get out of bed so I could take one of my pain pills. Low and Behold they were not on my coffee table in my bedroom where I usually keep them so I go to my purse and their not there and for the next 45 minutes I am tearing my house up looking for those darn pills.

Your going to think I am crazy but I looked in places that not even I would think to look but I have heard and read that sometimes when people are having memory problems they put things in some seriously weird places. I looked in my freezer, in the refrigerator, bathroom cabinets and even crawled on the floor in my bedroom thinking maybe they rolled under my furniture. Finally after almost not being able to get off the floor I decide to give it up and take another pill that was also for pain but not quite as effective as the one I have been taking.

So being the worrier that I am I laid in bed and replayed the day trying to think what in the world could I have done with those pills. I remember I finally washed that silly electric blanket and thought that maybe when I walked by the table with the pills on it somehow they jumped inside the blanket and I washed them. I know silly idea but I have washed my cell phone before so anything is possible. Right?

I checked the washing machine and no pills. So the hunt was on again when I got up this morning. It is very upsetting to know that you can loose something so easily. Good God this getting old is so for not me. What an ordeal! I could write a page telling you all the places I looked but you would really think I am crazy if I shared some of those spots with you. Finally gave up and about 5:30 this evening I am getting hungry and I open the little kitchen closet and yep up there with my canned goods are my pain pills. Who would of thought in with the canned goods.

Darling this is just one example of my memory problems. I just hope I don’t forget that I have a blog that needs some attention now and then. Lol
Hope everyone had a good relaxing weekend. I got lucky again and got a visit from my son Chad who lives in Dallas and my daughter Christi from Austin. Needless to say I enjoyed every minute they were both here. They took me to the movies to see Salt with Angelina Jolie and of course on the way home they both laughed because they had to explain the darn movie to me. Confusing to say the least. Give me a good ole comedy with Diane Keaton where I don’t have to think is about my speed now.

I do remember I am having a giveaway so if you have not entered please do so. It closes soon.

Sweet Dreams



Buttercup said...

I've done some very similar things. Spend fifteen minutes this morning looking for a letter that was right in front of me. How could I miss it! Lots of hugs and take good care of yourself.

Shirley said...

Hi Maggie, I am so glad that I am not the only one who can't remember where I put things at times. It has a lot to do with the medication that we are on.I had to chuckle when I read some of the places that you looked believe me, I can imagine some of the other places. It really makes you think that you are losing it. I know I am getting older but I just don't want to admit it.
We haven't gone to the movies for so very long, but I love comedies the best because they say laughter is good for you. You take care. Your Missouri Friend.

yaya said...

Did you find any other lost items while looking for the pills? I've put things away crazy too...your mind is just to full right now so don't worry...I have my fav forget story that happened many years ago when I was younger. My hubby and I were at a church function when a couple came up to us and started talking...I said.."gee, it's nice to meet you!". Hubby looked at me and so did they with the weirdest look on their faces. I had totally forgotten that we had spent a whole weekend together with them at a church event some months earlier. We even drove together in the same car! I still feel like a dope! So a few misplaced pills is nothin' darlin!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Hi Maggie! How funny! I do silly things, too, and sadly don't have to be sick or in pain to do 'em!

I'm with you ~ I just watched Something's Got to Give again last night with Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson! Giggled seriously!!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Libbie said...

It is not your age. My hubby & I are terrible at finding things! & I won't even tell you how many things I have left on top of my car & driven off with. WAyyyyy too many! :) But I am glad you found them! It is terrible being on the hunt for something! Drives one a little nuts!

I LOVe all your slumber party pictures! They make me smile! Hope you feel good tomorrow Maggie! I just love hearing of you up & about even if it was just chasing those pills :) Love ya! Good night!!!

The French Bear said...

Ha ha, Maggie you are so funny, I forgot where I put my divorce papers and so when the Dutchman and I got married I had to race to city hall and get another copy! When we got home from the wedding, I found it in my recipe book! Then when I needed my famous perogy recipe....I found it in my sewing room...go figure!
We have our moments!! I just wish you didn't have pain, that would make things so much easier for you!!!
Take care, maybe tie a string to your finger and the medicine bottle....

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Maggie!
Now, about your cartoon first. When I was in my late teens, I worked with a gal in her 50's (my age now). She told me that when I got to be her age I should NEVER, EVER "take top". She said,"if you put a mirror on the table and look down at it, you'll see that your face falls forward and you'll look like a hound dog. You only "take top" when you're young and your skin is nice and tight!" I've never forgotten those words. I tried the mirror thing after I turned 50. She was a WISE WOMAN!

Now, about finding your pills...Seems like we both had a little luck today! My midnight post is about finding what I'd lost! (You and I sure are on the same wavelength these days!)

Hope the pills put your pain on the run. I'm glad to read you got out, too! (Even if you didn't understand a bit of what you saw! lol) Wonderful for you to get out. We'll catch up again soon, my friend.

Mumsy said...

Good evening, sweet Maggie! Oh, I am glad to know that I am not alone about hiding things from myself. I put things away in a safe place all the time and turns out the place is so safe I cannot find it again. LOL

I have been thinking about you and wondering how you are doing. It is nice that Chad and Christi were able to come visit with you and take you to a movie.

Sorry the pain is still coming...I will pray harder that goes away. I want you to be all well and doing terrific and I know that you do too.

Sweet dreams! I am headed to bed.


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Maggie,

Oh I do things like that too, put things away carefully and then can't find them.
You are not alone with this.
Sorry to hear that you are still having pain and do hope that you are feeling better.

Happy week

Julie Harward said...

LOL...I think we all do things like that. I set something down..I'll get it in a minute...and then something else takes my mind in another direction and then...BLANK...same thing as you, and I'm not taking any pills! ;D

Sares said...

I think they could have been in a stranger place! I do stuff like this in the kitchen, like put the peanut butter in the fridge or the cheese in the cabinet. At least you have the excuse of being loopy from the pain pills!

Marilyn said...

Oh Yeah.... I misplaced a pair of embroidery sissors for several years. I looked everywhere... Eventually I figured I must have accidently thrown they away. Then one day I was going through a drawer & there was a pair of pillowcases that I had been embroidering & for some reason put away. Low & behold inside was the embroidery sissors!!
Why I quit doing the pillowcases is beyond me.... So-o-o-o-o now I have 2 pair!! I even put one pair on a cord & sometimes when I do embroidery I put the cord with the sissors attached around my neck!!
Have a Great Day!

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Note to Maggie: This is's all part of life. Now...hope you remember to read your comments now and then.


LOOTERS is my Tuesday blog. I do hope you can find time to drop by if given a chance. Have a great day.

Nezzy said...

Heeehehehe! This was me yesterday lookin' for my fly-swatter! I finally found it after spending oodles of time searching...of all places...on top of the 'frig. I still don't know when or how it hopped up there. Must be grimlens!

Take care of yourself and have a super day filled with warm summer blessings my friend!

Arkansas Patti said...

Welcome to the not so exclusive club. You are a bit young for admittance but we will make an exception in your case.
My theory is that this hiding of things is God's way of making sure we get enough exercise. That was quite a work out you went through.

Cherrie said...

Maybe it's not you who is putting your pills in strange places maybe it is your "house guest" lol

Garden of Egan said...

Oh mercy! I'm still laughing. I am sorry you couldn't find the pills but wow, your cartoon was heelarious!!!

I keeping thinking you are gonna be done with this pain business!

Love ya.

Karen Whittal said...

It is not that your memory is going, it is just because your head is filled with stories, memories, ideas, family, friends, laughter, joy , happiness, that there is just no space for the "little" things in life,

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Hi Maggie! Maybe the ghost moved your pills on you! : ) I believe you mentioned you want to do my swap and might need a hand with it, and I will be very happy to help you out with any questions or help you need. They are such fun and I think you will really enjoy it!

Kovas Palubinskas said...

My number one thing with my kids! Put everything away in its place and then it's easy to find. To no avail.

Marydon said...

LOL! sweet lady! I think we are related! Drives one mad to KNOW you had them, but where the heck are they now? Like they have little feetsie .....

Have a great summer's week ~
TTFN ~ Hugs of love, Marydon

a Vintage Cottage said...

You still have a fantastic sense of humor love! That's all that matters. And you look so young in that profile pic. I have trouble whenever I move stuff. i should never move anything.
I love all the old photos on your blog.

nancy huggins said...

Hi Maggie..I found you through Donnas blog and you had a long comment in there (nice to know I am not the only one that leaves long comments. I am also releived to know that I am not the only one that forgets things :)
I would also like to tell you that I have a very sweet Lab mixed pup (huge ow) and I named her maggie..Come visit my blog when you get a chance and you will see quite a few posts about my maggie (I have 4 dogs and 3 cats and love them all)
Your post did bring a smile to my face :)

artangel said...

Lol Maggie it's not just you - I misplace things all the time! And why do things always turn up only when you don't need them anymore??
Love the cartoon too!

NitWit1 said...

For I moment I forgot the blog I was reading was about the blogger. I thought I had written a post about myself on somebody's else's blog.

My favorite misplaced items are keys and glasses. As Arkansas Patti said I get a lot of exercise frantically hunting them when I need to drive. Sometimes both are misplaced at the same time. DOUBLE TIME EXERCISE TIME

Sissy said...

You can't have memory issues on top of everything else! I'm waiting for an order for gingko biloba. It's supposed to help these memory problems and mine are extremely critical. Do something; we are counting on you to keep us cheered.

What are you giving away this time? Asked you long ago: how much is a pound of that fudge?

Tam said...

I have been reading your blog for a while and have wanted to leave you a comment but I am I guess what you call a blog stalker.
Trying to get the courage to start my own.
Keeping up with you has been fun for me because you tell it like it is and do not hold back.

swamericana said...

Maggie, There is a piece by Maureen Dowd on romantic films these days. Doesn't like them as well as her co-writer. They prefer Diane Keaton as you do. You must read it. It's on The New York Times today.

BTW, I do the same with my glasses. On my pills, I have blue for morning, sunset brown for the evening. But I forget sometimes. You've visited my blog once.

Best regards -- Jack.

dulcy said...

Oh Maggie! I once found a quart of milk under the sink with the cleaning supplies (and I wasn't even old yet!). Loosing pain pills, and searching while in pain, just doesn't seem fair! If we lived near each other I would take you over some wool, a hoop, and a hook. We would draw you out a pattern and get you hooking. New things are good for the brain... it's just remembering how to do them that's difficult!

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Your blog is delightful and funny today--probably because I "resemble" the person you are describing with memory "issues." Thanks for the grins. Sorry you had trouble signing up with A Tale of Two Cities--hope you'll come back and try again. As for me, I'm jumping on board with your blog and look forward to reading much more.


A Tale of Two Cities said...

Hmmm......I had the same trouble trying to sign on as a follower to your blog. Maybe it's a Google issue today. I'll keep trying.


Sybil said...

Oh Maggie, what a case you are.. Thankfully you know by now that you are not alone in forgetting where you have put things...My daftest was when I lost my purse....much later I found it in the bread bin !!
Love always sybil

Cathy said...

Maggie, all I can think to say is, May God bless you with His Healing touch and comfort!!!

Sue said...

This experience resonates with me. My memory stinks these days!


Taos Sunflower said...

Oh, you're just fine, Maggie. One time I put the shoe polish in the freezer, and another time I opened the refrigerator and out walked my cat, Shithead. And these things happened when I was still young! XOXO

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Hi Sweet Maggie,
I see you are just as funny as ever!
Sad to see you are in so much pain though.
Hope that gets better real soon.

Lots of love,