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Thursday, August 26, 2010


Look at these twin antique beds!
Headboard with woman's face!
Foot board with same design!

As most of you know I live in a farm house that is over a 100 years old. The lady that owns this ranch lives in Nevada and I have worked for her and the Sheriff's Dept for the last four years.
What does this have to do with these beds? Well on this ranch there is another old house that she used when she came to Texas. It had these beds in it along with some other beautiful pieces.  She decided she wanted me to find a renter for the place and for the last month I have been dealing with taking rental applications. We finally decided on a very beautiful young lady that is a writer looking for a place to live and write. Can't wait til I can do a post about her. You will love her.
So guess who gets most of the furniture in the other house moved into her house. Yep that would be me.
My house was already full of my furniture and antiques so now I am looking like a hoarder.
These two twin beds are made with special long mattresses so the beds are huge. I had to give up my sitting room in my master bedroom in order to find a place for these beauties.
In my sitting room was a wicker sofa, chairs, and several different wicker tables. The guys are moving this all around trying to find room for everything and since I can not lift I am getting really bewildered befuddled flustered confused and lost.
After they leave I call my friend Alan thinking he can calm me down because I know longer have the house that I have worked hard to make a warm inviting home
. He answers the phone and I can tell right away that this is not the funny crazy Alan that can cheer up even an Old mean junk yard dog.
We have not talked in weeks so I asked what was wrong! He said, "Maggie I'm so discombobulated today that I don't know what to do!"
I am on the other end thinking what the sam thunder does he mean by discombobulated! He then starts explaining to me that his son and DL are seperating and son has moved in with him.
Oh Maggie you just would not believe what it is like to have your home completely messed up with someone elses furniture and things all over the place.
I then laugh and of course he wants to know whats so funny because you have to know that Alan is a very very neat person and to the point that he and his girlfriend have not married because she can not keep her place tidy.
I said, "Well honey that's why I called you today because I'm so discombobulated!"
What are the chances we were both dealing with the same problem except thank goodness my furniture does not come with a live in and I learned a new word today DISCOMBOBULATED!
Now Dan has tweaked my kitchen who is going to tweak the rest of the house!
I will take pictures of the mess and see if we all can figure out how I can get my house back!
Here's hoping your not Discombobulated today!
Sweet Dreams


Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

AW! Hope you both get un-discombobulated! :o)

The beds are gorgeous!!!!!! Hm...if there is just not enough room for 'em...I would love to "make room" at our place! haha

Just trying to catch up on some blog reading!

Blessings & Aloha!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh I grew up with that word, it is an old southern phrase. My mom use to say it all the time. So hope you get everything put into place. Hugs, Marty

Sue said...

That does sound stressful, and I hope you get things put to rights soon.


Sailing Simply said...

Oh yeah, I know all about discombobulated! Used that term for years and yep, I'm right there right now too, but it's very temoporary! I've been painting a bedroom upstairs and have moved everything out of that room and into the other rooms up there. So the upstairs is totally discombobulated! LOL!

yaya said...

I grew up with that term too only up north we called it :discomboobulated (one more O changes the whole thing don't you think??)I sure feel for you Maggie. When I redid my kitchen I wanted to run for cover. But when it was done it was all worth it. Maybe you need to really choose what you love and store the rest. But if I see you on one of those "hoarders" shows atleast I can say: "Hey, I know her! She seemed so normal on her blog"...

Anonymous said...

Oh, I hear you. Too much stuff in one room makes me very anxious and unable to relax. Maybe you could store the beds in the barn? If you get in a big pinch, I think you have about 429 Followers that would love that bed :)

Email me your address, I'll fly in from Oregon, rent a truck, break in. No're a police officer. Yikes! I'll see if Marty (A Stroll Thru Life) is willing to help. No. She looks teeny tiny. I know, I'll borrow some of your prisoners - you know, the big guys and they already know how to break in. By myself I'd be in that learning curve. I haven't a clue how to break in and the beds look like they weigh 500 pounds each.

I'll get back to you. :)

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Mags!
You can just have the boys pack up those beds and ship 'em to my house, girlfriend! They gor-jus!

The last time we were in Wisconsin to visit our kids/grands, we went through Milwaukee airport security before being able to board the plane. Of course, you have to damn-near undress before they'll believe you're not a shoe bomber, so they have an area outside security, with chairs so that you can sit down to put your shoes back on - along with half of your clothes and jewelry. There's a sign above this area that says "Discombobulation Area". No kidding!

You have my deepest sympathy. Perhaps your landlady needs a flippin' storage building, eh?


Garden of Egan said...

That's very trippy! What are the chances?

I love the bedspreads too!
I hope you can find a place for these.
Shall I call CBS and have them do a movie on you as "The Bed Hoarder"?

Kim said...

Poor Maggie. The last thing you need right now is more chaos! The beds are beautiful but I would be discombobulated with someone elses stuff in my space. (gee, can ya tell I am an only child?). We like our own space. Lol

A Tale of Two Cities said...

I sort of know how you feel--my son and daughter in law, with their 2 year old have been living in my house for 3 months between houses, with a lot of their stuff blended in with mine. They're moving soon, so will I be happy to get my house back in order??? Yes, but it's at a price, because I'm really going to miss their sweet presence around, especially my granddaughter!

The beds are beautiful!

dulcy said...

Well Maggie... those beds are way cool... but you have every right to feel discombobulated with all the extra stuff. I think it would be fun to look at pics. of your place and try to figure it all out. Just when downsizing is so in!!


Shirley said...

Hi Maggie, I have been sitting here chuckling as I read your blog and the comments. I needed a laugh and I really chuckle on the one that was going to break in. It was funny. The beds are so pretty. Aren't the rental applications fun? You have an inside track to do a check on them. I had a boss that had rental property and some of the renters were different. Have a great day and try to relax if you can. Your Missouri Friend.

jojo said...

I knew you before any of the other commentors did so I say...if you need to make some room for some things I'll be happy to take them off your hands. I would love a trip to Texas and to meet you would be the best.
I hate feeling discombobulated...;p

My Grama's Soul said...

Hello dear friend.....We have been on a short trip and have not been able to be on the computer I have missed your posts. As usual....they are incredibly funny!!! I've been discombobulated for years.......I think it is in my genes along with disinherited, disenfranchised and just dissed period!!!!! (O:(O:

You'll get this all sorted you always do!!



nancy huggins said...

LOL..Yes I am also DISCOMBOBULATED! and have been for a while and will be for a while. Once this move is over with and we find a house to move to (5 weeks from tomorrow) but I am sure in my mind that everything will work out :)
I am sure you will get it all fixed and it will look beautiful real soon :)

Anonymous said...

I had not heard that word in many years. I sure hope that you both can find a solution soon and get your homes back to the way you like them. Hope you are feeling and doing better and better sweet Maggie. Hugs

janet said...

Please get un-discombobulated soon!!!

Janet xox

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

They are gorgeous beds, Maggie. I guess she doesn't have some place she can store these things? Or would she consider renting at a storage facility?

JANN said...

gorgeous beds, love the carved heads in the wood

Nancy's Notes said...

Oh Maggie, those beds are gorgeous! Oh goodness, I have to admit that I have known that word a long time, we go together! Funny that your friend was discombobulated too! Please get un-discombobulated, I know it's not a very good feeling at all!


HOOTIN' ANNI said...

I'd tear 'em apart and store them somewhere. But I do like the woodwork on them.

My link for you... WIZARD OF OZ
Do come by to say hello if you have time!

Arkansas Patti said...

How funny that Alan's example of "discombobulated," just happened to be your actual problem.
Those beds are so special, I would find room. Always nice to have bed space available for tall dudes.

Lisalulu said...

hoarder, I think not, ANTIQUE lover!! are you! and funny that your friend and you are in the same upset mood. I know you'll figure it all out and then have a beautiful MUSEUM of a house, oh you lucky girl.. NOW get to exercising and swimming and BACK TO your old self. MS Pearl has been asleep too long!

Daydream Living said...

Hi Maggie,
I loved reading this post! What a funny word! I love the beds, so I hope they are worth, you moving around things.
Have a good weekend!

Debby said...

Don't you dare move any of that stuff around, you hear me.
I hate when that happens. When we sold our little cottage, I had to be out of state tending to family illness. My husband just moved everything and dumped it in the garage or the family room. It took me three years to go through it and get it in new places. What a mess.
You will find peacefulness again, might not be tomorrow. Let Dan help. ((((HUGS))))

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Maggie, I would have to say that I was totally discombobulated last nite and I thought of you after I fell down a flight of stairs. Tomorrow's post will be about the fall. Thankfully, I only have minor injuries -- nothing like what you sustained. Disconcerting to say the least, but I tried to keep my humor about it all. I don't know how I jammed my finger, when so much else could have gone wrong -- bumps and chafing and bruises but I'm okay and that's what counts. Hope you continue to heal and be well.

Everytime I try to organize and rearrange, I feel very overwhelmed and discombobulated. Good luck! Tammy :)

Nezzy said...

Now girl, it's no good for ya to stay in that discombobulated state! I sure hope ya'll figure out some great creative solution to your overabundance in furniture! You go Dan!!!

God bless ya and have fantastic Friday sweetie!!!

Kerrie said...

The beds are awesome! I love them! K

Pat said...

Just love the word "Discombobulated". It's right up there with "BASSACKWARDS" My Grandmother Elsie used both of these words from time to time! Maybe I should put the D word on a sign.
Have a great weekend!

Brenda@Cozy Little House said...

Too late. I'm already there. It's 3 p.m. My husband is off work today and in my way.

Mrs.B said...

Love those beds!
I've been "Discombobulated" all week long....but next week WILL be better!

Dan said...

There is nothing worse than being discombobulated! Hopefully you both will get combobulated soon. I do like the beds though.

I hope you are feeling better. I think of you daily even though I have not been around much lately. I hope you have a great weekend!


Cherie said...

Those beds are beautiful - I love furniture like that with so much character.

Well I am glad that during the stress you had a friend to call and that you could console each other!


My mother often used the word discombobulated. I always thought it was just some crazy word she made up. I'll have to start using it around my grandkids so I can pass on the family tradition. Thanks for jogging my memory. ~Ron

BTW, thanks for your recent comment on my
blog :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! Well I guess if you and Alan both have to be discombobulated, at least you can be discombobulated together. :) I don't envy you the trouble of having a house full of extra furniture you've no room for, BUT I do envy those beautiful beds. :) Thanks for coming and visiting my blog - I love yours, too!! :) ~Stephanie from Buttermilk Hill

NitWit1 said...

Isn't discomboulated a normal condition???

Meghan said...

You are always such a busy lady!!! Those beds are marvelous, Maggie! And I cannot wait to hear about the new renter!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Maggie...I have the PERFECT SOLUTION for can give me ALL your wicker furniture...and that way you will have room for the other lovely antiques you have "inherited" !!! You and I do not live very far from each how about that for a deal ???
Only kidding of course, if you are like me you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your wicker furniture..and would not part with it for anything ...until the day you die.
I wish I had an answer for you except maybe a storage unit...I have not read the other this may have been suggested already.
You new renter does not want to use them ???? Did you ask her ? She sounds delightful...I hope it turns into a wonderful friendship for each of you.
I am familiar with that word "Discombobulated"....I think it comes from the movie that used the word "SUPERCALAFRAGALISTICEXPIALADOSHUS"...not sure tho. ( Laughing )

Hope you find a solution that works for both you and your landlady.

Are you still not working ? Hope you are feeling better.
I had a time with my knee/leg for the past 3 months having slammed my shin into an iron kettle at " Leftovers Anituqes" in Brenham. I ended walking with a walker for a good while...I still do around the house.

Take care of yourself. Rose

Sissy said...

Mom, when I was quite small used the word dicombobulated. Hoarding - just did a post on it. Check it out. You could send me one bed. Mine's had it! Poor Alan...poor you. Hang on, Maggie, it will all work out for you. I hope.

Marydon said...

Hold up there, girl friend! Those beds will fit nicely on my truck! WOWZER! They are awesome ... I'd take a discombobulated house for those beauties.

How are you doing sweet friend? I do hope at least a couple emails made you smile ...

We are truly bogged with the new house being worked on & the construction in our own home so I'll be back up shortly with you. Just wanted to pop by & say ~

Love ya! TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

cindy said...

Discomboulated - that is the worst!!
Been there many times-

glad you are feeling good!!
take care-

The Chateau of Remnants said...

Wow... what a great bed set! I love them!! I would make them fit some where some how!! lol Good luck :)

Renee ♥

*B* said...

Dearest Maggie,
I absolutely love you. (without ever meeting you, yes!) hahah =) You are so entertaining & pleasant! Your blog is as refreshing as an ice cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day. I'm so happy to have discovered your blog & looking forward to the blog entries to come! Thank you for taking the time to visit my new little blog & even more for leaving me a comment!
As for being discombobulated... I am currently living in employee housing, which smells like a burnt buffet of the Nations! &The apartment is a studio apartment without the "dio" - it's claustrophobic! *sigh* But I suppose it's better than a cardboard box, right? =) I'm okay with the situation knowing that soon the season will end & I will be out of here! &Your season will end, too.. your house will be warm & inviting once more, but it will have that refreshing lemonade feel to it. =)
Take care & God Bless!

Jo said...

Maggie, discombobulated is one of my favorite words, and I use it all the time. What a hoot...!

Those beds are lovely, but I think I would lie awake all night, imaginging those faces looking at me. :-)

Your blog is always so much fun...!