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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Magnolia Plantation near Charleston!

Hope you don't mind more pic's of my trip last week. It has taken me all week to recover and to think that my landlady is still gone and enjoying herself in Florida. She so wanted me to go on to Tampa with her to the debate there but I had to get back to the North Forty.

One reason I had to return is tomorrow night I am going to Austin to take my grandbabies to the Harlem Globe Trotters Show. This was part of their Christmas from me. They are both excited and I am too.

Today I wanted to show you the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens near Charleston. While Barbara was doing a lunch with Newt I begged out so I could see this famous plantation.

This plantation is located on the Asley River and has been owned by the Drayton family since 1670's.
The home was so different looking from most southern plantations that I have seen.

This one had a huge basement that surrounds the home and you had to walk up a lot of stairs just to reach the veranda and entry into the home. Of course there were the huge porches surrounding the home.

It is famous for it's beautiful gardens and where the most ancient azaleas and camellia collections in America were developed. Also I found out that the garden is where azaleas were first planted out of doors in a landscape setting.

I only got to visit a very small part of the gardens because the tour bus left early to take us back to Charleston.

 Look at these pansies planted in a cross flowerbed with a gorgeous statue.

On the plantation four of the slave houses have been saved for tours.
I found these quarters sad and each house except the one shown here was divided with a fireplace in the middle to serve two living quarters for two families. Very small with only One small room for a family.
Look at the size of this Oak tree. I thought the ones out here on the North Forty are huge but I believe these in South Carolina have them beat.

The slaves on this plantation grew rice instead of cotton. Charleston is famous for it's Golden Rice.

I was quite surprised at the swamps all through out the land. The plantation was once 1500 acres but after the civil war the family had to sell 1000 acres in order to keep their land.
These are palemetto trees that are famous all in the Charleston area.

This is one of the many lakes that we rode across on the tram. If you look closely you can see a big ramp out in the lake built for the aligators to sun theirselves. We were told to be careful while touring the grounds because of the aligators. Take it from me with the luck I had been having on this trip I stayed close to the main house. lol I was bound and determined to try and get back to Texas with all my limbs.

Since this was winter time the azalea's and magnolia's were not in bloom but we did see some beautiful camelia's. Every time I tried to take a picture of a camelia bush the tram would move and my pic would be fuzzy.

I stood there that afternoon trying to picture this plantation back in the day when it was in it's full glory. I just can't imagine living like these people lived. If not for their slaves they never could of managed. Which of course this broke my heart thinking of their hardships.

While touring the grounds the tour guide showed us a man driving around the property and said he had lived there all his life and his family had lived in one of the slave houses. He now owns a piece of the land and still lives on it. I thought I heard he was 92.

Hope you have a nice weekend planned. I am looking forward to mine since I am seeing my family. I have not seen them since Christmas Day so you know how happy I am to be able to spend some time with them. I can't stay long because I am suppose to have renters moving in my home on the lst and I am still cleaning and painting over there. Also we had a tornado come through here last night and boy do I have a mess to clean up but it could be a lot worse. Just limbs thank goodness. So I have that waiting on me when I come home.

Thanks for coming by and visiting with me.

Love to all,


Julie Harward said...

Hi Maggie...I have seen the HG play, awesome entertainment! Lovely place this plantation, the slave cabins made me sad though. Hope all is well with you! :D

Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

Hi, Maggie: I'm so glad you weren't hurt in the tornado! How scary! I absolutely love your pictures of the plantation house -- so beautiful (except, of course, for the slave cabins). This tour was much better than lunch with Newt!

Rebecca @Time to Simplify said...

Those trees are amazing! Glad you made it safe and sound back home.

Anonymous said...

Oh My .... Makes me want to break out the Mint Julep. I have always loved to see the beautiful plantations. Especially the ones along the Mississippi as the property & main houses are beautiful... but ... the history is so sad.
Lovely photo tour!!

Darlene said...

My goodness but you did get around to see all the sights. I'm glad you posted more of the pictures you took. They were all so interesting. We saw a few of those plantations when we were in the South some years ago and it is quite an experience. The slave cabins really brought back an awareness of what had happened long ago.

Your pictures are great, Maggie. You are getting to be such a good photographer.

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Hi Maggie,
Would love to see more of your pics of Charleston. I could live there too. Thanks for sharing.
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

Sweet Tea said...

Those photos were beautiful!
I love to tour plantations and try to imagine myself living in that setting, just as you did.

Shirley said...

Hi Maggie, I wondered about you and the tornado. It could have been worse then just the tree limbs. I am enjoying your pictures tremendously. It makes me think I am on the trip with you. The plantation would be something when azaleas are blooming and your tour was more enjoyable then a lunch with Newt or any of the others. You are really going to enjoy the Harlem Globetrotters. I have seen them in person and also watch them on television every chance I get. We are going to a pinewood derby to watch my grandson. I don't know what else the weekend will bring. Take care. Hugs from your Missouri Friend.

Unknown said...

Oh, sweet Maggie, you captured this plantation so beautifully. We loved it there. One year I took Mother on a trip south & that is all we did was visit every mansion/plantation on the path to SC. Harold & I continue to do the same.
Takes one into another world of beauty & charm & the 'golden' times ... & the fabulous history.

One mansion on a plantation Mother & I went to had some of the most exquisite Flow Blue china ever. We were in a tour group. As the guide is jabbering away about history, I reached over to pick up a cup ... well! sugar!! That cup was GLUED to the saucer ... & the tour guide said, I quote as I about died, 'YOU are the reason we glue everything down.' Couldn't see the difference between my red hair & red face.

Now c'mon Maggie, tell me which was best ... lunch with Newt or touring the city?! We are both cracking up!!

I know the kid-lings are thrilled you are taking them to the HG. Hard to believe they were in our hometown when I was a kid-ling. Have a blast!

We are going to have Miss M tomorrow & Sat.

Talk to you next week ... enjoy your family, Maggie.

Love you!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Well you guys know me I will never hear the end of it if Newt is elected and I turned down lunch with him to see this plantation. It was a Bar-b-Que at a ranch in SC and I would of enjoyed seeing the ranch ....hahaha
I figure knowing my landlady the way I do that I figure my chances were better having another chance to lunch with Newt than to see beautiful plantations in SC.
No regrets I made the right decision

Tam said...

Hey Maggie
So glad your sharing your trip with us. I am waiting for your funny tales with the landlady because I know that you have them.
Hard decision lunch with Newt or tour the Plantation. My hubby is over here laughing at your choice but I told him not to laugh because I think you made the right choice myself.
Did you meet Senator Thompson while you were in Charleston. Wasn't he a speaker at one of the dinners.
Your photo's of the plantation turned out really good. I guess no photo's were allowed inside the mansion.
Great idea giving your grand babies tickets to see the globe trotters you guys will love their performance.
I wanted to see them too while they were here in Tx but will miss it.
Talk to you soon

NitWit1 said...

My husband is from SC and I have been to Charleston several times to see a family we met and loved while in the Navy. However, we have missed the Magnolia Plantation. Great photos.

Glad you missed the alligators and tornadoes and your family is OK. Enjoy the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Thank you sweet Maggie for sharing more of your beautiful pictures. I really enjoyed them. Sounds like you have a great and fun weekend ahead. I am so happy for you that you get to see your family. Maybe Tinkerbell will quickly forgive you for leaving her again so soon. At least you won't be gone as long this time. Glad to hear the little kitty seems to be some better. Will keep the prayers going for all of you from here. Have a super wonderful time! Love and hugs for you and nose kisses for the kitties

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

That is beautiful! I can see beautiful southern ladies wandering the plantation with their parasols and pretty dresses!

Have a blast with the grandsons hooping and hollering at the game.

A Tale of Two Cities said...

I've been enjoying your travel stories, Maggie. I made i to Charleston before, but not to the plantation. A good reason to go back someday! Have fun with the grandkids!

Arkansas Patti said...

Really nice shots, especially that reflection one. Love seeing the beautiful sights. So grateful there were none of Newt.
Enjoy those Globetrotters. They really put on a show.

Forty Pound Sack said...

What a lovely place! Thank you for sharing your photos, Maggie. Glad you're home and enjoy the Globetrotters. They always put on a great show ~

Jennifer Richardson said...

so much beauty and ugliness all weaved together in those southern
thankful for restoration in every way possible.
whoop it up with the grandkids
...happy happy joy joy:)

Olga said...

I am glad you went to the plantation so we get to see the pictures. Good thing you got rested up so you can be off and running once again. Enjoy the time with grand children--much better than spending time with politicians in my book.

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

What a magnificent place. Hon, I just want to pull up a chair and bask in that second photo. I can't imagine how beautiful that garden is in person.

Ya'll are feedin' my OCFD (Obsessive Compulsive Flower Disorder) Heeehehehe!!!

It does look like ya had an amazin' trip sweetie!

God bless ya and have a fabulous weekend my friend!!! :o)

Sharon said...

Enjoyed looking at all of your beautiful photos.
I was sadden by the slaves homes and to think how hard those times were.
Have fun with the grands and a safe trip.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

It looks like you had a fun trip!

It's always so nice to get away for a few days...

Lisalulu said...

thank you so much for the tour!!!

yaya said...

Enjoy your time with family. The best gifts are ones that create fun memories so I bet those Grandkiddos will really enjoy this! Isn't it amazing to see how simple the slaves had to live compared to the huge homes? I remember going down south on vacation as a kid and my Dad making sure we saw how slaves were treated compared to the land owners. He felt it was a piece of history we needed to understand and see for ourselves. I never forgot it. Have a great time Maggie!

Debby said...

My goodness glad that you are okay. Just when you get something done (house ready to rent) alongs comes something else for you that takes alot of time.
Beautiful plantations. Thinking of all that wealth while the slaves lived in those little shacks.
Have fun with the littles. That sounds like fun. I saw them once when I was little.

Sonny G said...

love these photos. If i ever win the lottery I would love to visit every plantion in the USA. No round the world trips for me. I want to see all of the USA and keep my dollars here..

Seeing this plantation is definately the choice I would have made... Heck if I had to make THAT choice I would have taken the OUT HOUSE tour..

see ya soon

Vicki/Jake said...

Just a quick stop as I'm trying to catch up again! Looks like you had a great trip, but are glad to be home. I love all the homes you shared and yes, I could be one of those 'Old Ladies' living in one of them:) Have fun with the HGT's!

Carolina said...

Hi Grandma! I love your blog, it's wonderful. Your photos, design theme and all in all... I love them. I like to walk these splendid gardens. Hugs.

CHERI said...

It's been awhile since I've been to Charleston but it sure is a beautiful place. Your pictures make me want to go back sooner than later. I'm off to check out more of your blog:)

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Beautiful photos, Maggie! I truly think I was born in the wrong era. I would soooo have loved to live back in the day on a gorgeous plantation like this!!

Connie said...

I've been looking through your posts. It sounds like a wonderful trip! You have some beautiful pictures. How scary to have a tornado go through your area! Glad all is well. Hope you're feeling better and you're getting some rest.

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog and enjoyed so much the pictures < new and old> < today and yesterday> love the mood I discovered on your blog also...peaceful and gentle...enjoyed my visit